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Deleima Gutierrez
Deleima Gutierrez 2 months ago

What are the wooden posts called? Specific name? Or is it just wooden posts haha.

123Bria321 2 months ago

Why not just do the same thing but with a bigger tub? You can use a decorative basin or tub and keep the concrete in it, or just use a larger tub with penetrating oil again to take the concrete out, and use a thicker piece of wood, more like a proper post. We’ll be putting them straight in the ground here 🤷🏻‍♀️

Sheila Larson
Sheila Larson 2 months ago

I was looking for a way to hang strings of lights in my patio - but in our community you are not allowed to use nails or anything that would damage the wall or fence posts. This is a good idea, but I would keep it in the pot.

S Kate
S Kate 2 months ago

CAD49 or lower price of Zanflare 50Ft string lights on Canada Amazon, easy to hang patio lights outdoor, good for deck lighting as well.

Alexandra Bisson
Alexandra Bisson 2 months ago

I would've buried the concrete base to make sure it wouldn't tip over in the first storm...

Ship Our Wedding
Ship Our Wedding 2 months ago

OMG I am so glad I came across your video! Backyard string lights are perfect for weddings! Our company provides DIY cafe light rentals nationwide so that couples don't have to buy equipment or hire an expensive vendor. PS, I'm going to share this with our clients. Thanks again 🤗

S Kate
S Kate 2 months ago

50Ft string lights IP65 waterproof available, Limited Deal Price $31 after apply the coupon. ​@t​

JYOTHI sreemadhavam
JYOTHI sreemadhavam 2 months ago

What is the name of that kind of light

Tooti Frooti
Tooti Frooti 2 months ago

you wasted a perfectly working pail my dear.

Charmaine Gallon
Charmaine Gallon 2 months ago

Looking at my next diy🥰

Trex Robinson
Trex Robinson 2 months ago

Wind is like.. challenge excepted 😂

Good news all the time O yes

Add concrete color red blue yellow green make more beautiful

Red Hot Chili Peppers man

Cool idea but not a fan of that base. It looks kind of ghetto and someone could easily trip over it. I'd just buy a real flat weight with a hole.

2old4allthis 2 months ago

But . . . I don’t eat oatmeal

Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia 2 months ago

La idea mas culera que e visto


I recommend the product on the link. I have been using it for a long time and am very pleased.

Jesus Paid It All
Jesus Paid It All 2 months ago

The concrete looks tacky. Leave them in the pot or put them in a bigger one and then put plants on top for a better look.

Doug Barrey
Doug Barrey 2 months ago

just getting them positioned in the ground so they will stay if windy would be better then they wont tip over

N G 2 months ago

You should seal the wood before pitting it in the concrete with out it it will rot quickly specially if water sits on the top because it will drain towards the middle

No it’s Not ok, Ok
No it’s Not ok, Ok 2 months ago

Or you could’ve put fake plants or flowers inside of the black pot

Kris Simon
Kris Simon 2 months ago

Base needs to upside down to be stable

Review Daily Life
Review Daily Life 2 months ago

Thats an easy little project to offer more light!

S K 2 months ago

I enjoyed the background score so much!

Francis Hape
Francis Hape 2 months ago

I dont think the small concrete bottom will hold the lights the beginning was a big white bucket....thats what i tnought you were going to use.....

Ed Rupp
Ed Rupp 2 months ago

Where can I buy 7 foot or 8 foot dowel rods? I can't find them at Home Depot, Menards or Lowes - What do you suggest

Terrie Johnston
Terrie Johnston 2 months ago

Now " T'HAT's" what im talking about.! I think i will use couple cool fallen limbs from the woods near my apt. Altho the dow rods are great, too. MAIN HELP WAS HOW TO ANCHOR THEM. Thanks SO much!!

Zap Aerial productions

Those will blow over in the first storm

Josh L
Josh L 2 months ago

Omg considering the problem, this is one of the lamest solutions. Far better solutions for patio lighting on YouTube.

An Anny
An Anny 2 months ago…/17788904.html
BIG DEALS on cafe string lights

xizhida 2 months ago

Eady Outdoor Dimmer for String Lights

Juliette Williams
Juliette Williams 2 months ago

I thought this was going to be about making LIGHTS, not making a pole to hang lights. The concrete thing - not liking it. I like what moochmoodnoom said, filling a planter with rocks and plants with the dowel in the center.

Hiew Yu
Hiew Yu 2 months ago

2:18 is that a person’s leg ? LOL

Sincerely Eccentric
Sincerely Eccentric 2 months ago

How do they stay up? Won’t wind or rain blow them over

andrej iesalnieks
andrej iesalnieks 2 months ago

Tripping hazard. Would have looked better if staple gunned to perimeter fencing.

Lauren Hiles
Lauren Hiles 2 months ago

Wow I'm so early and this is Stupid

Tanvi Rao
Tanvi Rao 2 months ago


The_Blue_ j
The_Blue_ j 2 months ago

Or you can buy string lights... I mean they are cute but do you think anybody is going to do this? Eh sorry I'm just a party Pooper v

Natural Gal Nichol
Natural Gal Nichol 2 months ago

Too cool. I would like to have the base a bit larger to stand up to winds. However, overall I love it.

Captain Cornetto
Captain Cornetto 2 months ago

Or we can fills that planter with rocks, then place dowel in the midle of it, then add soil so we can actually grow something.

okashi10 2 months ago

Is that safe? The rounded bottoms make it seem easy to knock down.

Daria K
Daria K 2 months ago

you could have just left them in plastic pots

Klaudia Books
Klaudia Books 2 months ago

2.031st! ;)

Aishwarya Mudgal
Aishwarya Mudgal 2 months ago

yo yup yuppa !

Bianca Bella
Bianca Bella 2 months ago


Kazi Yusha
Kazi Yusha 2 months ago


Baby Doll Clothes DIY

Interesting hacks with lights! Who agrees?

Ilana Virginia
Ilana Virginia 2 months ago


Teanna Walker
Teanna Walker 2 months ago

Early squad!!

kang's world
kang's world 2 months ago

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I subscribed
And you should too

Spicer E
Spicer E 2 months ago


edwin alok
edwin alok 2 months ago

It looks beautiful!

Hanfa Rahmani
Hanfa Rahmani 2 months ago


James Bond
James Bond 2 months ago


Gracie Lee
Gracie Lee 2 months ago


Mavinchi Se
Mavinchi Se 2 months ago

So cute!

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