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Boston Jackson
Boston Jackson 2 months ago

He really gets this stuff. All the doctors are amazed. Every one of these doctors said, "how do you know so much about this?". Maybe he has a natural ability? Maybe he should have done this instead of run for president? The reality is that he is a 2-time, self-proclaimed Very Stable Genius that truly knows more than the experts.

Lazy Kat
Lazy Kat 2 months ago

He doesn't know what inevitable means. He said he don't think it's inevitable. Then, he said it possibly will, probably will, a smaller level, a larger level.

Tommy Gregory
Tommy Gregory 2 months ago

He should have been a doctor, not the president

Nunur Biznus
Nunur Biznus 2 months ago

People need to look into their presidential candidates. It was obvious from the beginning this guy was a moron.

margaret gill
margaret gill 2 months ago

Why??? Does he know something we don't!!?

IVANA BROZ 2 months ago

Harry do you wana be Canadien priminister