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Steve Earle: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Steve Earle: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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freek musbach
freek musbach 2 months ago

jesus H christ I learned all my country style guitar from this guy god bless wow!

Carl Scannell
Carl Scannell 2 months ago

Steve Earle ... I walked in to you at lockn ... 2014 ... And it blew my my mind ... My kid was 4 hes 7 now ... No one knew who you you were but I did and Ive never been happier in my life

Michelle sutton
Michelle sutton 2 months ago

Wish he would come down under

Rebecca Dolashewich
Rebecca Dolashewich 2 months ago

Steve Earle, YOU never have to apologize!! YOU ROCK!!

randywatchingbush 2 months ago

Wait till his son's passing has time to marinate in this master song writers heart .. He has already begun to write about Justin but I gotta a hunch there is more to come .. my condolences Steve and RIP Justin

Jason Berezowski
Jason Berezowski 2 months ago

Everything he says and does is captivating.

Matt Zimmerman
Matt Zimmerman 2 months ago

Love😉❤️ this is Matt’s wife

Maria L. Pena
Maria L. Pena 2 months ago

A life well lived

joe 2 months ago

i still remember it was "leaves of grass" with edward norton that introduced me to Mr Earle. the song was called lonely are the free and i was an instant fan.

WeAreRealityCreators 2 months ago

Sorry about your boy❤️🙏✨

Angela Jackson
Angela Jackson 2 months ago


Shanachie 2 months ago

Looks like a Martin M-36 Grand Auditorium.

Christopher Branham
Christopher Branham 2 months ago


Santos L Halper
Santos L Halper 2 months ago

No, thank you!

Andreas Lasser
Andreas Lasser 2 months ago

This music goes straight into your heart

Clay Chandler
Clay Chandler 2 months ago

Great songwriter he0 need to quit talking so much and just play

Azhar Kamal
Azhar Kamal 2 months ago

I love Steve Earle....

Bluelight Music
Bluelight Music 2 months ago

His son is better =)

SolamenteVees 2 months ago

As real as his music.. Thank you Steve.

David Anton Huba
David Anton Huba 2 months ago

Steve being alive, still here and vital will always feel like God blessed him and in turn all of us. Let us give thanks... he’s a treasure and God is merciful. Steve is proof.

MintberryCrunch 2 months ago

This French guy discovered Steve Earle with his Wire's performance (and his song they play at the end of season 2 GOD it fits so well with the final scene... without connecting both at the time), love the man!

Lisa Sez
Lisa Sez 2 months ago

Cobb salad side effects..🥗😎

Jp Whiteside
Jp Whiteside 2 months ago

A guitar,a voice, S. Earle, Great NPR Sound! What else can one ask for! Stay Safe Everyone!

chloé d
chloé d 2 months ago

I wanted after mardi gras so bad :( but its good enough, what a great artist

Tom O'Reilly
Tom O'Reilly 2 months ago

Yes Larry Americas Poet Laureate

KK SINGS 2 months ago

Great! Thx

jc6594 2 months ago

Happy 65th Birthday Steve Earle <3

anthonypepitoneVideo 2 months ago

If this guy has any talent it's not in song-writing, singing, or playing the guitar!!

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton 2 months ago


G B 2 months ago


Domingos Silva
Domingos Silva 2 months ago

Steve Earl: G E N I U S

Sek war
Sek war 2 months ago

From his pallor and demeanor I'd say Steve has an opioid problem.

Equality and Peace
Equality and Peace 2 months ago

Smoke another blunt

But Who Cares What I Think

Don't use Grammarly.

Richard Keep
Richard Keep 2 months ago

This City is too beautiful for the terrible events that New Orleans suffered

HobertC83 2 months ago

Nothing like some Steve Earle, he was on Austin City Limits and Bluegrass Underground last weekend on PBS here...

David W6
David W6 2 months ago

If I should get a other chance........

Shoals Grove Dog Pack

Idk why Nd I love him but he seems like extremely socially awkward

Raven 2 months ago

There are countless stories of celebrities, musicians such as Steve Earle, sports figures, politicians, etc. who basically made a concerted effort to throw their success, wealth and health away with both hands only to make some manner of comeback. Then we are supposed to stand up and cheer. But, I have zero sympathy, empathy or interest in such people. (I did like Steve Earle and cannot ever get enough of Copperhead Road.) If I or anyone else had done what Steve Earle did to himself, I'd be living under a bridge or broken down car, or something - begging on a street corner. But, Mr. Earle can do NPR. There are all kinds of talent that each person has. Its unfortunate that singing and writing tunes - or catching, hitting or throwing a ball will, if done well enough, buy you more second acts than most people will ever get.

msspi764 2 months ago

Frenchman is Amsterdam? I wish. Clubs are still great but its getting more touristy every day. Love NOLA.

Per fritz
Per fritz 2 months ago

Great Singer! Great sound! What microphone did you use!

Brian Wood
Brian Wood 2 months ago

I bought steve and dwights first records when they came out back in the 80s. It was important for me to hear new country music from 2 guys that actually knew what the hell it was, is and will always be in it's truest form: honest.

big toe little finger

Er u are now

Paul Shriver
Paul Shriver 2 months ago

Those mid-song ads make me want to lose my shit.

NorthWestCustoms666 2 months ago

Steve Earle will always be one of my absolute favorite artists, seen him 3 times in
Thunder Bay Ontario.
Hope to see him in the states soon. Love his talent one of the very best ever.

Liars Lose All
Liars Lose All 2 months ago

Talented, "liberal", lost balladeer.

THUNDERWORX 2 months ago

Anyone know what kind of mic Steve is using? Picks up good.

Corina G.E.
Corina G.E. 2 months ago

The best!!!

Hiram Rosenkreuz
Hiram Rosenkreuz 2 months ago

Talk about distracted. Good lawd.

Eugene Krabs
Eugene Krabs 2 months ago

I bet steve would instantly look 20 yrs younger if he would cut his beard and hear

Grant Hutcherson
Grant Hutcherson 2 months ago

Yet another great Texas musician

Corina G.E.
Corina G.E. 2 months ago

I love this song, mi cantante favorito.

SlideQuest 2 months ago

At the end of "This City" on this vid, at the fade-out, you can just hear Steve Earle say "That's pretty, right?"
Yeah it is.

Wayne Simpson
Wayne Simpson 2 months ago

That'll be the last time he does a show on a full belly. ;-)

Steve Trivago
Steve Trivago 2 months ago

Awesome from start to finish.. A polished musician ✊🏼

Larry Goodwin
Larry Goodwin 2 months ago

I am that nerd, revisiting Earle's genius. I vote our nation's Poet Laureate.

Love One
Love One 2 months ago

A real man!!!! I like him in the tv show "The Wire"

George Brown
George Brown 2 months ago

Wonderful man, wonderful music so authentic.

Rachel C
Rachel C 2 months ago

Steve Earle thinks he's a poser... Lmao

Jérémie KØ
Jérémie KØ 2 months ago

i remember him in "the wire" and "treme" <3

Shay H
Shay H 2 months ago

Steve's mistakes are just as beautiful as his masterpieces. This man has taught me so much.

Noman Dodson
Noman Dodson 2 months ago

Not my favorite tiny desk segment

joni dunbar
joni dunbar 2 months ago

Marry me Steve? I would listen to you every night.

Preston Computers
Preston Computers 2 months ago

Steve could narrate while he strums and it would sound awesome!

Johnathan Utahzio
Johnathan Utahzio 2 months ago

Steve Earl looks like he still smells like beer farts.

Zoltan the Texan
Zoltan the Texan 2 months ago

Love it! I remember when this first posted, great then and great now!

Michael Beach
Michael Beach 2 months ago

Just saw this genius last Thursday. 30th anniversary of the Copperhead Road album. They played the entire album from beginning to end and then some exit zero and guitar town and more. Glad I was able to see him.

restlessinamsterdam 2 months ago

Bryan Frasher
Bryan Frasher 2 months ago

You know what? Fuck this guy. He was a hero of mine for a minute, and now my first thought is "fuck you, you pretentious fuck." :)


Way too short.

sarah campbell
sarah campbell 2 months ago

Got into Steve earle after the twin towers. I had heard him through my dad but never really appreciated it. This man is amazing and the messages through his music is truly amazing.

Valerie Griner
Valerie Griner 2 months ago

Wow! That was wonderful! Jackson Browne sounds as GOOD as ever(in my opinion). I LOVE these songs...especially the last one.

2003DYNAWIDEGLIDE 2 months ago

"We used to make records for girls and now we make em for nerds".

Claudia 2 months ago

Is there anybody who has not done tiny desk concerts?

whitebluesky 2 months ago

"This is the cussing and tuning part." ????

Steve Edwards
Steve Edwards 2 months ago

This City just brings the hurt.

Chas N.
Chas N. 2 months ago

shut up and sing Steve

Rollercoaster1972 2 months ago

Great stuff! :-) Invite genius David Munyon from Dothan/AL to your beautiful Tiny Desk Concert Series ...

Mobjack calling
Mobjack calling 2 months ago


Timbo1d 2 months ago

Take of captions they are not even accurate. Most of the videos. Doing injustice to these artists

Charles Sterba
Charles Sterba 2 months ago

He's still hammering hits ! Love you Steve

Simon Ashton
Simon Ashton 2 months ago

What a lovely straight up guy Steve is.

Smitty Jones
Smitty Jones 2 months ago

The poser deck was completely full....... nice one.

John Artois
John Artois 2 months ago

Stop talking and play

simone frendo
simone frendo 2 months ago

A real genius

Nenad Ptic
Nenad Ptic 2 months ago

an original!

Wolf Blut
Wolf Blut 2 months ago

This filthy commie sux !

Dick Gozinia
Dick Gozinia 2 months ago

Used to make records for girls ,now we make records for accurate statement of America society at large ,thanks Mr. Lucas

Rob Adams
Rob Adams 2 months ago

It's pretty dire straits in the music world today; And if it's real' music, in today's world of everything but, i don't care I love it or can learn to love it. because of the connection between the writer, singer, and song and what emotions that ensues.

'billyhillbilly13' 2 months ago


Mike Clifford
Mike Clifford 2 months ago

So talented, so underrated in the mainstream. But so are all the real true musical geniuses. Never here them on the radio. Yes I will confess he is my favorite liberal. I have very different political idea's than him but I love this man. Peace be with you my brother.

Leave Mealone
Leave Mealone 2 months ago

pronounce would be helpful

Steve Kendra
Steve Kendra 2 months ago

Has anyone else noticed that people who bitch and moan usually disguise their names. Steve Earle is ace.

alta pape
alta pape 2 months ago


Jordan Robert Kirk
Jordan Robert Kirk 2 months ago

can't remember his own songs

Sherene Clifford-Crager

Mr. Earle, you surely do take my breath, bring a tear, & leave a warmth in my soul

Hey Guy
Hey Guy 2 months ago

Fuckin love Steve. I wish there was a segmented comment section for likes and dislikes. Just to make it easier to weed out the idiots and appreciate them at the same time

Hunter Saint Germain
Hunter Saint Germain 2 months ago


Jay Harvey
Jay Harvey 2 months ago

Impressive how he goes into an alt. tuning, changing the tuning all his strings before his final song. Not very many professional players do this, most would just have a 2nd guitar all tuned up and ready to go...

Tristen New
Tristen New 2 months ago

why does listening to him talk make me out of breath??