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Tiffany Trimm
Tiffany Trimm 2 months ago

These dinners look delicious!!!

Lisa 2 months ago

Mmmmmmm those tequilas look bomb

Jennifer Schmidt
Jennifer Schmidt 2 months ago

Where are the recipes posted?

Jamie Schroeder
Jamie Schroeder 2 months ago

Girl! Looks good!! My fiancee and I use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and cannot tell the difference! Give it a try+


I’m not on WW but I’m on a weight loss journey and your recipes look so good and are healthier.

Angela Marcinkevich
Angela Marcinkevich 2 months ago

Hi where is your cutting board from

Tammy Decker
Tammy Decker 2 months ago

I think your chicken chili looks delicious

Andrew Deyo
Andrew Deyo 2 months ago

Where is the link for the ingredients and recipes ?

Netta W
Netta W 2 months ago

I had to like and subscribe. Everything looks so damn delicious. You gave me some really good ideas thank you so much for sharing

karenejg58 2 months ago


steff B.
steff B. 2 months ago

Great video and recipes, thanks!

Momma C
Momma C 2 months ago

Try a spoon when opening a can with a lid it works well i have short nails too. great recipes thanks for sharing

kwifruit43 2 months ago

FYI, the lipton beefy onion soup mix makes ground turkey really flavorful and yum and has zero WW points so if you wanted to use turkey for less points and get better flavor, this is an option. Great recipes, thanks!

Laurie Damrose
Laurie Damrose 2 months ago

I love these ideas,thank you.

Teri Morris
Teri Morris 2 months ago

love that you both work together and loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the peppers

Amy Brevard
Amy Brevard 2 months ago

Great video! I am on blue plan ten pounds left to hit goal!

Ten Lamps
Ten Lamps 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing.

Sue Moran
Sue Moran 2 months ago

When he kept talking bout the wrinkly peppers...I could only think about when I roast potatoes and when they're wrinkly they're done hahah

maria jacomino
maria jacomino 2 months ago

Thank you for your recipe, I did some changes but it was really good. Thank you for your videos

Lori M
Lori M 2 months ago

Love all these meals!
Just found your channel.
Love the cheetah shirt and leggings, where did you purchase that outfit?

Mz Young
Mz Young 2 months ago

Omg it all looks so good!!! Can you deep fry the Taquitos....Or would that be more WW points?

Stephanie Tibbetts
Stephanie Tibbetts 2 months ago

I love using the fat free plain greek yogurt to replace sour cream. Tastes very similar and is 0 points!

Mimi's MEGA LIFE 2 months ago

New Subscriber 🙋

Lasonja T
Lasonja T 2 months ago

I loved all your recipes! Dinner is where I struggle the most. Patrick seems to have some questioning combos of Like these are great go-to WW meals! Thank you!!!!

Tiffan Clark
Tiffan Clark 2 months ago

Made the peppers tonight and we LOVED it! Added a little Fage ff Greek yogurt and it is definitely a keeper! Thanks!!

Emily Radzinski
Emily Radzinski 2 months ago

the peppers blister! thats the word!

Sheila B
Sheila B 2 months ago

OMG your chili is gonna light a fire 😂

Sheila B
Sheila B 2 months ago

We're having your air fried shrimp and rice bowl and skinnyish dish crockpot chicken chili this week..haha. I'm new to WW and these videos are lifesavers. I need to establish my WW go to meals :)

Sheree Dean
Sheree Dean 2 months ago

Everything looks great. The refried beans aren’t zero if you used oil to cook them in. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Jennie Dahlen
Jennie Dahlen 2 months ago

All your recipes look so good and really easy!

Jenna Recipe Diaries
Jenna Recipe Diaries 2 months ago

Thanks for trying my recipe!

Watermelon Gal
Watermelon Gal 2 months ago

Everything looks good! 🤤

Suzy Buie
Suzy Buie 2 months ago

Everything looked delish

Ww Sarah Louise
Ww Sarah Louise 2 months ago

Great job xx

Lianne Lamonte
Lianne Lamonte 2 months ago

Yum!!! You all are too cute!! Great healthy recipes!

Lyra Perez
Lyra Perez 2 months ago

😋 everything looks so yummy!!! Was the word “they get shriveled”?! Lol 😆

Amanda Silvis
Amanda Silvis 2 months ago

I'm keto and SO making those buffalo chicken burritos tomorrow with my kids. super low carb and yummy. thanks

Jamie McCune
Jamie McCune 2 months ago

Please tell me the word he’s searching for is shrivel (if not I sound crazy yelling at my tv) 😂

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