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Norma Littin
Norma Littin 2 months ago


Debra Krause
Debra Krause 2 months ago


Mary Dee's crafting channel

I have a question, how much would you sell your wreath for??

Mary Dee's crafting channel

I'm so loving it

Gina Birch
Gina Birch 2 months ago

Gorgeous! I love Halloween wreaths and yours is exquisite!

Brenda Long
Brenda Long 2 months ago

Looks wonderful.....luv u videos....thank u....

T Crafty
T Crafty 2 months ago

On the door is that a hat or pumpkin? Can you show that please?

donna cook
donna cook 2 months ago

I adore the wreath on the door! Is there a tutorial on that? Thank you for sharing your amazing talents!

JK Vance
JK Vance 2 months ago

Love all your wreaths! Do you have a tutorial for the one behind you? The one hanging on your cabinet by the clock? Thanks!

Sandra Thomas
Sandra Thomas 2 months ago

Cliffside, NC. Love this, first time here.

Lori Wimbrow
Lori Wimbrow 2 months ago


Marialena Nichols
Marialena Nichols 2 months ago


Kathy Whitlock
Kathy Whitlock 2 months ago

G orgeous as usual.

Griselda Vazquez
Griselda Vazquez 2 months ago

All you work is so beautiful ❤️

Carol Reilly
Carol Reilly 2 months ago

Hello from the First State Delaware

Terrie Lainhart
Terrie Lainhart 2 months ago

Hello Terrie from Kentucky

Patricia Lowery
Patricia Lowery 2 months ago

Love your wreath

Patricia Lowery
Patricia Lowery 2 months ago

I saw where they used a long plastic needle to run the wire through the mesh forgot who's site I was watching but it look like a good idea

Margaret Rose Hernandez Gonzales

Beautiful Kat

Hope your feeling BETTER

Nice to have you back. I've missed you

Best wishes to you & your family 👪

Patricia Lowery
Patricia Lowery 2 months ago

Watching late From Tennessee

Dill Mon
Dill Mon 2 months ago

I love it. It looks amazing.

Paula Thessen
Paula Thessen 2 months ago

Hi all, watching the replay, thank you for sharing your talent 💕

Wright Crafty Creations

Absolutely beautiful! Love your designs :) Tina

Lori Shockey
Lori Shockey 2 months ago

👍love your designs! ❤️

Tammy Jackson
Tammy Jackson 2 months ago

Very nice! Love the color combos.

Aileen Nichols
Aileen Nichols 2 months ago

So very pretty!!

Tammy Dahlke
Tammy Dahlke 2 months ago

I think the sign is from michaels. Beautiful

Kathy Perticarini
Kathy Perticarini 2 months ago

Hi from Jacobsburg, Ohio

Gloria Koch
Gloria Koch 2 months ago

6 Halloween wreaths?

Sabrina Smiley
Sabrina Smiley 2 months ago

Hi from Sanford Fl

Terri Araujo
Terri Araujo 2 months ago

Hi from highlands Texas

Mary Poole
Mary Poole 2 months ago

That’s different and I love it. Another fantastic job! ⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️

Jeanette Sarbacker
Jeanette Sarbacker 2 months ago

Hi from Ft Worth , Texas

Kim White
Kim White 2 months ago

Hi. From Missouri