A Royal Christmas 2019 Based On A True Story. New Hallmark Christmas Movies 2019


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Information A Royal Christmas 2019 Based On A True Story. New Hallmark Christmas Movies 2019

Title : A Royal Christmas 2019 Based On A True Story. New Hallmark Christmas Movies 2019

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Frames A Royal Christmas 2019 Based On A True Story. New Hallmark Christmas Movies 2019

Description A Royal Christmas 2019 Based On A True Story. New Hallmark Christmas Movies 2019

A Royal Christmas 2019 Based On A True Story. New Hallmark Christmas Movies 2019

A Royal Christmas 2019 Based On A True Story. New Hallmark Christmas Movies 2019

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Cal-monne Joei
Cal-monne Joei 2 months ago

Very deceptive title.I thought it was a good clean movie.But it is a stupid one,wasting my 54 mins waiting for a Royal Christmas.It sure was Royal but Royally Stupid Psycho schitzopreniac movie.👎👎👎👎👎

TheRjfamily 2 months ago

Its a horror story and a totally misleading heading

gmagospal Fry
gmagospal Fry 2 months ago

This Movie Has Nothing to Do With Christmas. This Is Completely Evil.
😇Jesus Is Not Evil!

kamara freckleton
kamara freckleton 2 months ago

The flash

ilcu4p 2 months ago

She is crazy. What the hell happened to her for her to be so demented.

Bonnie Hoke-Scedrov
Bonnie Hoke-Scedrov 2 months ago

This was the most awful movie I have seen in ages. It was the last thing I needed to see at the end of a terrible year in the middle of a pandemic. My mistake was in believing your title: “ A Royal Christmas 2019, based on a true story, new Hallmark Christmas movies 2019.“ The only thing that was true about your title is that it is, indeed, a Hallmark movie; it’s incredible to see how far Hallmark has sunk down in its quality! No more feel-good movies for a beleaguered populace, I guess.

Instead, this deceptively advertised movie had no Christmas, no royalty, nothing nice at all. Instead, we were treated to (God forbid!) a story based on true life events about a self-mutilating, under-age serial killer who preys on teenage boys. Yuck! Everything was dark, awful, and despairing—not exactly holiday fare. There ought to be a law against labeling such a movie so falsely. My mistake was in expecting it to improve and not just clicking away.

I hope everybody’s 2021 is better than their 2020. I guess I can chalk up this movie as a fitting end to a terrible year. I don’t recommend your channel and I suggest you be less deceptive in the future. Happy New Year…

Mustangsally 2 months ago

I usually read the comments before I start watching a movie. All the comments are negative. So...... I will not waste my time. Thanks for all the comments.

Sandy Nagy
Sandy Nagy 2 months ago

I have an added comment.
Though horrible, twisted things happen in this world...to watch such a movie has left me with a negative feeling in me. A reminder that what we take in affects us. What we read, what we watch, what we listen to, who we hang with. If this movie was classified at the forefront as..inside the wrenched heart...then I would have chosen not to watch it. I was perplexed that this was a so called Hallmark movie..which it isn't.
I chose to keep watching. Lesson learned.

Sandy Nagy
Sandy Nagy 2 months ago

A movie..that does NOT leave a good feeling. Not entertainment.
Definitely opposite of Hallmark.
A set up.

In Tsik
In Tsik 2 months ago

This should be re-titled as Horror Movie!

Anastasya Lion
Anastasya Lion 2 months ago


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NiNi 071
NiNi 071 2 months ago

Poor guy that girls awful

Marcia Newell
Marcia Newell 2 months ago

I was just thinking the same thing,

Sanjana 2 months ago

Honestly I really appreciate the lullaby it's really calming

Simon Hutagalung
Simon Hutagalung 2 months ago

The woman is so agresive att all.

Anie Love
Anie Love 2 months ago

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Jerirose Agangaya
Jerirose Agangaya 2 months ago

i hate this
realy true to life story? ???????
this girl should be in jail forever

Sarvinoz Alisherovna
Sarvinoz Alisherovna 2 months ago

I can't say its title is chosen appropriately

Zulfa Kholila
Zulfa Kholila 2 months ago

Dumbest movie I've ever seen

A Julian
A Julian 2 months ago

this is a pathetic movie ...came here to watch some romantic thing to feel happy and this movie just 20 minutes into this movie made me depressed a bit scared a bit sad

Silvia Sarah Steinmetz

What kind of psycho uploads a movie like that and titles it "Christmas movie". You're flagged.

Emmanuella Akpamu-Peters

The title is misleading and the movie is not appropriate for teenagers, I haven't finished the movie yet but........... Please no offence but this movie is highly restrictable and bad for eyes to I'm not watching this again I'm just 22 mins of the movie and it is so not cool

Cobi Klingsporn
Cobi Klingsporn 2 months ago

It’s preacher as a coach 😍😍😍😍😍 love virgin river and hallmark has so many of their actors and actresses in their stuff

Malakai Navatu
Malakai Navatu 2 months ago

Hate that girl

Molly Harris
Molly Harris 2 months ago

the offspring

Anahi Medina
Anahi Medina 2 months ago

lifetime movies

sofia simeonidou
sofia simeonidou 2 months ago


Candi Brown
Candi Brown 2 months ago

Very misleading title not a hallmark movie

Anousha Saleem
Anousha Saleem 2 months ago

Grant Gustin is in this movie.
It is nice?

Rachel Maria
Rachel Maria 2 months ago

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Charlotte Parker
Charlotte Parker 2 months ago

Yep! Wrong title. Very misleading !!

Rebecca Rebecca
Rebecca Rebecca 2 months ago

This story title is misleading, it looks more like a thriller suspense movie rather Wat the title says here. 👎👎👎

Maille Laplante
Maille Laplante 2 months ago

It's a lifetime movie " A mother's nightmare "

J W 2 months ago

Thanks for the comments. They help me to decide if I want to watch the movie or not. This time I won't even bother. There is not one single comment that motivates me to do it

Alan J Lamando
Alan J Lamando 2 months ago

Wrong movie!

Davinder Jeet Bawa
Davinder Jeet Bawa 2 months ago

Movie name ples

fenne merckens
fenne merckens 2 months ago

wait this is called a mothers worst nightmare.....

MarcosCleofe Ramirez
MarcosCleofe Ramirez 2 months ago

not a good movie for teenagers.

celticgirl88 2 months ago