Alicia Keys \u0026 John Mayer - If I ain't got you - Gravity (Better audio quality)


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Information Alicia Keys \u0026 John Mayer - If I ain't got you - Gravity (Better audio quality)

Title : Alicia Keys \u0026 John Mayer - If I ain't got you - Gravity (Better audio quality)

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Frames Alicia Keys \u0026 John Mayer - If I ain't got you - Gravity (Better audio quality)

Description Alicia Keys \u0026 John Mayer - If I ain't got you - Gravity (Better audio quality)

Alicia Keys \u0026 John Mayer - If I ain't got you - Gravity (Better audio quality)

Alicia Keys \u0026 John Mayer - If I ain't got you - Gravity (Better audio quality)

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Panha Ham
Panha Ham 2 months ago

Man I'm living in Melbourne, this is a vibe

Emerson Areglo
Emerson Areglo 2 months ago

danggg son

daniel miao
daniel miao 2 months ago

Feel like they are making love with music. Great vibe

Ryan Kiser
Ryan Kiser 2 months ago

This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen

haru ina
haru ina 2 months ago

gooood vibes!

Desmond Ngeno
Desmond Ngeno 2 months ago

What a brilliant guitarist..!!!

Drey Fitness
Drey Fitness 2 months ago

one of my all time fav. gives me chills every time I watch/hear it

Baymax 2 months ago

I dont know how many times I play this through the years

Enzo cutri
Enzo cutri 2 months ago

No words...!!!

bobby boy
bobby boy 2 months ago

We can all get is the key... "alicia key" 😉

MrR3d1 2 months ago

ok the song is great and all the performances are great and all that but can we take a moment to appreciate John's guitar skills?

mrmachine82 2 months ago

Stay Strong NY!!!

SplitZoul 2 months ago

What is wrong with the people thumbing this down?

Jason Chui
Jason Chui 2 months ago

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Lora Liming
Lora Liming 2 months ago

The most talent on stage I’ve seen in forever! Alicia. John. Questlove.

Kasra 2 months ago

that night was one of the best nights of my life

Nicholas Bishop
Nicholas Bishop 2 months ago

Can't believe I haven't seen this until today!! WTF I been doin?!

Clipse D
Clipse D 2 months ago

imagine a commercial mid song

Popcorn Bioskop
Popcorn Bioskop 2 months ago

“Take ya time, we just up here vibing” is just about the coolest phrase I’ve ever heard

Maya Collins
Maya Collins 2 months ago

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Tesalonika Edalinta Pinem


maelgaldino 2 months ago

Dafit eu te odeio por atrapalhar minha música. Nunca vou comprar nada de você!

Claudio Solon
Claudio Solon 2 months ago


Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez 2 months ago

Really beautiful

Donna Hagopian
Donna Hagopian 2 months ago

You don't need gravity when you have a bunch of Lowe ballet corrupt jerks bringing you down

Angela Vanesa Robles
Angela Vanesa Robles 2 months ago

Me encanta

Jane Lacambra-Batitis

Who is the drummer?

Asma Angel
Asma Angel 2 months ago

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Pisces 2 months ago

You can check out anytime but you can never leave

MizzouPatriot 88
MizzouPatriot 88 2 months ago

Alicia Keys is gorgeous. Almost not a drop of makeup on her face and she still glows like a diamond. Great performance!!

Deni Ivanov
Deni Ivanov 2 months ago

I honestly believe Alicia Keys is a much better singer than Beyonce. Not sure if it's even been debated, but it is definitely true. The way she hits every single note is amazing. I've only seen Ne-yo do this live, singing his songs as if you're listening to the original recording.

Darielle Maputol BSHM 1

I can die in peace. I saw the Alicia keys on keys. (that rhymes)

Lisa Taylor
Lisa Taylor 2 months ago

LOVE HER, in aw. Love her voice, her vibe, her talen love her cheers Alicia thanks for the love and passion you share through your music!! Thank you

jdlackey2 2 months ago

Alicia Keys is probably the prettiest female musician alive. It would have appeared much classier if she would have led in with his song. Kinda solidified the idea that John is a douche.



Yan Purnomo Safaa
Yan Purnomo Safaa 2 months ago

Kalau saya sich yesss

Franco R. Sigwald
Franco R. Sigwald 2 months ago

1:28 <3

Captain Verde
Captain Verde 2 months ago

Half of the 50 million views are me.

_Skillfullgods _
_Skillfullgods _ 2 months ago

I think Alicia keys is my favorite crush now. Like look at her BEAUTIFUL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FUK

Troy Barnes
Troy Barnes 2 months ago


Jacob Orozco
Jacob Orozco 2 months ago

Why does she look 20 years old…. Like, BRUH. HOW

Wolverich 2 months ago

This is one of those videos you come back to every now and then to remind yourself that real music still exists.

Gabrielly Lisboa
Gabrielly Lisboa 2 months ago

menina essa alicia keys é tudo na minha vida ohhh

Rafael Ramos
Rafael Ramos 2 months ago

oh my god...speechless

JD BYD 2 months ago

I do love her

Brenda de la Cruz
Brenda de la Cruz 2 months ago

The best son my boo could give me for our 1st month 💜

R Gomes
R Gomes 2 months ago

Amazing! Watching in 2021!

Christine Ann Molloy
Christine Ann Molloy 2 months ago

Magnificent 💯💕🦋☘️💯💕🦋🦋💯👐👐

OLA 2 months ago

Fuckin Prince.

basti 2 months ago

musical orgasm

Kenneth Barnhart
Kenneth Barnhart 2 months ago

Wow! This makes one jealous of their tremendous talent and poetic messages.

Shebat Mohamed
Shebat Mohamed 2 months ago

Let us be the judge of the audio quality. Plzzz.

Jack Liu
Jack Liu 2 months ago

miss the time that world dont have covid..

Rayane Amorim
Rayane Amorim 2 months ago

Uma vez eu estava completamente cansada do dia então passei na casa do meu namorado, chegando lá ficamos sentados, caladinhos no sofá enquanto essa música tocava bem baixinho na TV. Nesse momento eu senti uma paz tão grande, essa é uma das minhas lembranças preferidas.

T J 2 months ago

When you grabbin me ?

Mary Allen Antonio
Mary Allen Antonio 2 months ago

Regine velasques

exADD Brother
exADD Brother 2 months ago

Soul singer

The Menzo Team
The Menzo Team 2 months ago

Great meets Great! Glad to be alive with true artists who’s performance is quality for a lifetime! This is 3 years later & shining like gold still! Just 🎧 listen!

Ronnie Cruz
Ronnie Cruz 2 months ago

Smooooooth transition ....

diego polo
diego polo 2 months ago


Classic Car Gianni
Classic Car Gianni 2 months ago

Meltdown here.....Please show this to the Aliens when we are going down!

Wirley Santos
Wirley Santos 2 months ago

Jhon estragou a música, não tem voz pra cantar com Alicia. Podia ter ficado só na guitarra que dava pro gasto

MaccaGod Mcdowall
MaccaGod Mcdowall 2 months ago

This deserves more than 51 m views in 3 years! People need to listen till the end ffs!!!

Peiying Chin
Peiying Chin 2 months ago

that transition into gravity is smooooooooooooth af awwwwwwww <3

Husni Arifin
Husni Arifin 2 months ago

thank's god

Rainard Zulfan P
Rainard Zulfan P 2 months ago

A legendary performance

blue crane
blue crane 2 months ago

I love this so much! So much joy and talent on that stage.

Michael Mansouri
Michael Mansouri 2 months ago

This is an incredible video and I’ll keep watching but again, really confused why John and questlove don’t get the admiration they deserve by y’all. It’s what makes this move. Bring it on Alicia keys die hards. I love her too but she doesn’t make this what it is without them

Ono Licious
Ono Licious 2 months ago

Mayer’s voice is great in his songs. Not a good voice for an AK song.

Weezer Titus
Weezer Titus 2 months ago

I love this duet... they are just captivating!

Craig F
Craig F 2 months ago

I wish I could express myself like this - it's like showing someone your heart. Music really is a language

wonderlust 2 months ago

Omg ..smooth

Jason Chui
Jason Chui 2 months ago

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Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby 2 months ago

Reach out to fight poverty....

Betty Thomas
Betty Thomas 2 months ago

This fills me up.

ValeRio Pugliese
ValeRio Pugliese 2 months ago

A great moment of music.
Thank you for sharing.

Lola Amores Olea
Lola Amores Olea 2 months ago

Maravillosa. ..Always AMAZINGG!
Thanks for so beautiful music!!!

The Video Agent
The Video Agent 2 months ago

Out of tune.

No0 Geijsberts
No0 Geijsberts 2 months ago

Alicia was shining here

H Lee
H Lee 2 months ago

She's has such a beautiful voice .. old style singing

Max Gill
Max Gill 2 months ago

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Joshua Belleza
Joshua Belleza 2 months ago

Is it just me? Alicia Keys is the Whitney Houston of today?

El Jefe
El Jefe 2 months ago

Alicia keys is so fine 🥰 that voice on top of how beautiful She is, it gets me every time.


Lord she's got a fake black people accent like commie Obama or Bitch Hillary Clinton. Or that fake country accent Carrie Underwood uses.

monaliza5555 2 months ago


Marj Tomas
Marj Tomas 2 months ago

Alicia is not only a great singer but very beautiful too!

Aaron Michael
Aaron Michael 2 months ago

Quest built like an auntie in the back

Shelly Vinita
Shelly Vinita 2 months ago

If I ain't Got guy I got nobody 💯💯✌️💕💕💕🙏❣️❣️🙏🙏

L. Wolfe
L. Wolfe 2 months ago

i love how her band is just in awe of her performance

alett hernandez
alett hernandez 2 months ago

Wow gravity killed, that was pretty bad

PIERO SANTI 2 months ago


Linda Scott
Linda Scott 2 months ago

Alicia. Privillaged bitch. I see you

Daniel Feittosa
Daniel Feittosa 2 months ago

I shipp

Peggy 2 months ago


Black_Phantom 2 months ago

This is 3 of the most talented, longevity-filled, creative artists of the last generation all on one stage. Amazing

Luis Felipe De la Barra

Simply amazing, awesome, no words.

John Ramirez
John Ramirez 2 months ago

I miss this time in America

Nicole Olila
Nicole Olila 2 months ago

Her voice her energy her vibe her graciousness her invitations her delicate piano trills her spirit her philosophy her brilliant beauty inside and out....I am a huge JM fan but I am sorry he pales in comparison to the 🐐 AK 🔥🔥🔥and yeah Questlove🥁🔥🔥

bag12 2 months ago

questlove got the best booty in drums