Christmas DIY Crafts 2015! ♡ PART 2 ♡ Pink Christmas Decorations


Lauryn Gardner

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Information Christmas DIY Crafts 2015! ♡ PART 2 ♡ Pink Christmas Decorations

Title : Christmas DIY Crafts 2015! ♡ PART 2 ♡ Pink Christmas Decorations

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Frames Christmas DIY Crafts 2015! ♡ PART 2 ♡ Pink Christmas Decorations

Description Christmas DIY Crafts 2015! ♡ PART 2 ♡ Pink Christmas Decorations

Christmas DIY Crafts 2015! ♡ PART 2 ♡ Pink Christmas Decorations

Christmas DIY Crafts 2015! ♡ PART 2 ♡ Pink Christmas Decorations

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Diane Bejarano
Diane Bejarano 2 months ago

I Love the nativity!!! And the tutu lights. I would find like a kleenex box cover or something square at the 1$ store and make the gift boxes. Although i love wood. I need a house and then I would go all out! It is fun catching up with you in grim 2020. I broke my cells 4 times this year. Now I got you on my computer.

Libia Lema
Libia Lema 2 months ago

Wooooowww que ojos tan espectaculares. Son de verdad o sin lentes de contacto ? Amazing

graciela ayon
graciela ayon 2 months ago

Love your work!!
You have such an adorable vibe blessings!!

Amanda Perez
Amanda Perez 2 months ago

This nativity scene is PERFECT!!! Even years later!

luz cruz
luz cruz 2 months ago

beautiful I love pink too

Pink PaperDoll
Pink PaperDoll 2 months ago

I'm a pink lover as well looking for pink friends 🌸

Beatriz Jimenez
Beatriz Jimenez 2 months ago

Ur eyes are beautiful, like my grandma. God bless them and bless you.....

Linda Walters
Linda Walters 2 months ago

Wow I just love the nativity scene, I have a big 1 I might try , love love love pink , from Linda in Australia 🇦🇺

Punky ReggaeParty
Punky ReggaeParty 2 months ago

Love this. And your personality is absolutely infectious! Lovely! New subie! 🎄😁🎄😁🎄😁🎄

Jozlynn Summers
Jozlynn Summers 2 months ago

Where did you find the wooden boxes? That you painted pink with the gold. I’m obsessed 🎀💗💖

Cheryl Marks
Cheryl Marks 2 months ago

My tree is white with pink lights and pink gold and silver ornaments. Love the pink nativity set.

Krysta Blue
Krysta Blue 2 months ago

I had to zoom forward to watch this video as she talked so fast I felt like I had to take a breath for her lol. Perhaps they only have a certain amount of time they can be on YouTube to do videos, I am not sure. Her crafts were really pretty though.

Dorothy Stewart
Dorothy Stewart 2 months ago

I just stumbled upon your channel!! So glad I did. Your creations are so amazing and very beautiful!!! Your eyes are stunningly gorgeous!

Hopes Heavenly Creations

Hola Bonita😉I absolutely LOVE ALL ur videos❤Our Decor Styles are Exact!! You rock beautiful😉TYFS HAPPY HOLIDAYS⛄GOD BLESS

massive hisokatitties

Hello! I am from 2019 luv ur vid

carole prisk
carole prisk 2 months ago

Wow, those eyes!

Saundra Lopez
Saundra Lopez 2 months ago

Wow!!!! Your eyes are so blue and sparkles so much!!! Beautiful woman, with beautiful eyes!!!

sweetdkinkycurls 2 months ago

2019 and yes her eyes are goregous! I have hazel eyes and I get this all the time but OMG 😍

Ruby Beltran
Ruby Beltran 2 months ago

Your hair looks great 😍😍

Stephanie Lamoral
Stephanie Lamoral 2 months ago

you have the most beautiful eyes!!!

MommyMatters 2 months ago

All of these are beautiful! I’m Lauren and I’m watching this in 2019. My whole house is pink and silver which of course means my Christmas tree is decorated pink. I will definitely be trying out these ideas!

Ce Ce
Ce Ce 2 months ago

Lauryn, I have never seen a pink nativity and I LOVE it! I'll just bet Jesus does too! Merry Christmas! :)

sugar magic candy
sugar magic candy 2 months ago

Love it

Sandra Rivera
Sandra Rivera 2 months ago

Very nice! I love them. My son asked me why your always laughing. I said "I don't know!" Lol

Helen Anderson
Helen Anderson 2 months ago

Just found this- Super Cute ideas!

Light Bright
Light Bright 2 months ago

Take a piece of cardboard and cut it 6 inches. Then all you will need to do is flip the tulle over the cardboard and cut the ends where it folds.


Im doing the pink presents right now. but with cardboard boxes cuz I dont have wood blocks lmao They're coming out so cute

Lutricia Lumaine
Lutricia Lumaine 2 months ago

Love it

Идеи сероглазки.

Интересные идеи! Заходите в гости!

Susan Taylor
Susan Taylor 2 months ago

I like the nativity scene I have a white one

Ксения Выхристюк

Wow!!!You sooo beautiful and pretty!😍

D M 2 months ago

Just found your YouTube page. You're such a sweetie!! Loving these crafts and dland vlogs!!💟

annette perez
annette perez 2 months ago

Where did you find the boxes? this is gorgous I love it❤️

texasgal 2 months ago

Beautiful nativity!!

Rhonda Beirne
Rhonda Beirne 2 months ago

The lights garland would look great on a white tree as garland . of course you would have to start doing it in the beginning of July to have it done by Christmas

Donna Lockliear
Donna Lockliear 2 months ago

I like them all the manger is my favorite

Roux Vazquez
Roux Vazquez 2 months ago

Hello beautiful eyes

Margie Apodaca
Margie Apodaca 2 months ago

Give the tulle job to the grandkids. Lol. Oh my I love the idea of using tulle around the light strings! I will have to remember for next year! I’m glad I stumbled upon your videos, but ....slow down a little, lol. This is suppose to be relaxing girl. You can be spunky with out fast talk. 🤪😉😇

Margie Apodaca
Margie Apodaca 2 months ago

That ornament is the cutest idea. Wow! Being a grandma, I would make one for each grandchild and include it on the gift rather a bow on their present.

Sonia Davis
Sonia Davis 2 months ago

I love your pink crafts... but plz curb all those laughs... haha.. no!

Myrta Vega
Myrta Vega 2 months ago

Luv it,

Fandom Movies
Fandom Movies 2 months ago

Your nails are on fleek!

Fandom Movies
Fandom Movies 2 months ago

I have a pink Room and I HATE it. I figured that until I paint it white I might as well work with the pink. This helped me soooooo much. Thank you I really appreciate it.😚

jean george
jean george 2 months ago

Love pink

bb rae
bb rae 2 months ago

2018 watching this and i love you and your personality omg

Ygcazares 2 months ago

You killen it thanks

cindy127 2 months ago

I love pink! plus u made my morning. it was rough.

Peggy Schaechter
Peggy Schaechter 2 months ago

Just found your site “loved it”. Subscribing and will be watching all your ideas, thank you so much for sharing. Enjoyed your sweet personality.

x0x0BRANDYYBABYYx0x0 2 months ago

What film were you cast in?

Charlene Santos
Charlene Santos 2 months ago

Watching my playlist of Christmas DIY and I still love your creativity and of course your beautiful mesmerizing eyes! You're a creative person!

Hopes Heavenly Creations


Leanne SounsovannaMaacha Angelinaa Kim-Trump Yakuza

i like your diy very much

Renee Kight
Renee Kight 2 months ago

Omgosh you have so much energy!

Moon Flower Faerie
Moon Flower Faerie 2 months ago

Love these diys :) <3

grammyn2 2 months ago

I love these crafts, thanks for sharing and being your own person!!

Sussie’s So Cute
Sussie’s So Cute 2 months ago

Wow, what a brilliant idea, looks amazing too. Always great to have something different to everyone else ,This is something I’m going to try in pink & silver. Thanks for showing, sue storton Swansea uk 🇬🇧

Susy Camacho
Susy Camacho 2 months ago

Que hermoso te quedo el nacimiento

Margaret Machinena
Margaret Machinena 2 months ago

OMG! Don't know which one to make first! Love all of them! ❤

Typisch Hieke
Typisch Hieke 2 months ago

Omg I love this 💕

Lina Becker
Lina Becker 2 months ago

love it especialyy our eyes woww they are like sky !

Ellie Keenan
Ellie Keenan 2 months ago

Love your crafts 💕

Melba Bowen
Melba Bowen 2 months ago

You are so pretty. Tell us about your eye makeup products, please.

MissChamby 2 months ago

Totally loved it!!😍

kav 2 months ago

I love when you crack yourself up and laugh when doing the voice over. 😂 Thanks for unique ideas, love the video!

Gabriela Espinoza
Gabriela Espinoza 2 months ago

Hi Lauryn , is beautiful good decorations l want a present the ornaments

Sophia Lopez
Sophia Lopez 2 months ago

Where did you buy your wood blocks at

Frank Jones
Frank Jones 2 months ago

you're awesome lauryn!! love your positive attitude

shortpatty717 2 months ago

You are soo cool and smart!

Wendy Covarrubias
Wendy Covarrubias 2 months ago

😍🙌🏻💖👌🏻✨love them

Angel Dillion
Angel Dillion 2 months ago

Your eyes!! 😍😍😍

Sharon Funnell
Sharon Funnell 2 months ago

Love your videos watch them every single year
Like if you are watching this in 2017 October

Planted By The Rivers

I love it.

The Mermaid's Tale
The Mermaid's Tale 2 months ago

If you ever need mass pieces of tulle again, cut a piece of cardboard to the length you need for your project and wider than you tulle and the wrap, wrap, wrap and then cut through the layers at both ends. For your light string project, which I adored, you would have to wrap and cut several times to get the amount of pieces needed. And you are so right about the glitter fall-out! I learned this tip on Trendy Tree''s channel.

A S 2 months ago

I like your decorations, so magical and sweet.

Tor's Asmr
Tor's Asmr 2 months ago

Is the tulle and lights a fire hazard? I want to put this in my dorm but I don't want to catch the place on fire

Adore Ivette
Adore Ivette 2 months ago

Lol @ pink baby Jesus 👘but if Jesus has to come back he's definitely coming back pink...lolol. Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it
I'm looking for a metallic pink spray paint not a rose gold but a pink. Such thing?

Rhonda Sihocky
Rhonda Sihocky 2 months ago

Not sure if this tip would work but if you put the nativity set in the freezer, the figurines might pop right off after you freeze them.

Judy Tax
Judy Tax 2 months ago

You have the prettiest blue eyes!!!!

Ffion Gray
Ffion Gray 2 months ago


Southern Sass
Southern Sass 2 months ago

Love these ideas! 💟

S.B.J keeping it real

I know this is late i was just dropping by nice ps ate those your real eyes if so amazing! !beautiful

S Martinez
S Martinez 2 months ago

I'm doing the nativity scene for sure!!

Karyn Haines
Karyn Haines 2 months ago

Love all these ideas! I need to get busy!!!

Dyeanna Eliza
Dyeanna Eliza 2 months ago


pam strunk
pam strunk 2 months ago

I love you to pieces! Happy New Year!!!

The Front Porch Crafter

Love the nativity! I think it's beautiful!

Michele Conley Eckert

It's December 18th 2016. Great video! TY for not saying Umm, And, Ahhh ect. It's my pet peeve : D

Kaliposwife 2 months ago

I love these diys...I liked them all, but if I were to pick one to do, it would be the present boxes...thanks. If I do it, I will tag you....

Bethjim 33
Bethjim 33 2 months ago

I love your laugh its definitely so cute and im in love with that pink Christmas decoration which is so original

Debbie Baker
Debbie Baker 2 months ago

Wow love your videos but wow you talk fast

Gloria Desousa
Gloria Desousa 2 months ago

what an amazing job I would love to have that God bless you for sharing merry Christmas

Esmèe Lou
Esmèe Lou 2 months ago

I love your channel

Carolyn Fernandez
Carolyn Fernandez 2 months ago

I just realized that these crafts are last years crafts that I did not get to see. Lauren I love all of your ideas and I plan on implementing them this years in my decor as well. Very pretty.

P.S. XOXO... Life and Style

Great DIY'S!! Loved them all!!

sue sousa
sue sousa 2 months ago

Love the things you make

Gianina Espinosa
Gianina Espinosa 2 months ago

You had me at pink gold and white lover, my fave color combo 😍

BARBIE DOLL 2 months ago

im in love wow

Cécile Valensi
Cécile Valensi 2 months ago

You're beautiful ! and I really enjoy your make up (sorry for my english I'm french).This christmas decorations are very beautiful! Kisses !!!

Venessa Talbert
Venessa Talbert 2 months ago

OMG! You are amazingly beautiful and so creative! How do you come up with these INGENIOUS crafts? Girl, you can start a business with all of the wonderful things you create. You should think about it. I sure would be a buyer. But, for now, I am definitely a Subbie! You rock sugargirl!

Linda Curtis
Linda Curtis 2 months ago

Lauryn, you are the craftiest and sweetest for sharing! I love all three!!! Thank you for sharing! 💕🎀💝