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Kevin D
Kevin D 2 months ago

This is so sad as a child without the very basics to grow up, a bed of ones in a their own gender room etc etc --- the possibility of resulting life long problems such unsuitable conditions can cause -- means a person may not have the chance of a normal life.

I P 2 months ago

Vulnerable adults living alone are the worst off! At least children have access to support. I am a long suffering, vulnerable, lone living, in debt, medically neglected woman with no quality of life. Each GP that I have turned to has viciously dismissed, mocked and neglected me.
I am in my late 20s and I have been suffering increasingly since early teens!
I have a widespread chronic skin disease, a widespread chronic pain disease, and chronic fatigue.
I am suffering mentally and physically, as well as financially, socially, and personally.
I am a chronically ill, long suffering, extremely uncomfortable individual, under a lot of pressure, without any support!
What more can I try?

ibo beko
ibo beko 2 months ago

9 of 10 poorest regions in Northern Europe are in the UK.

frank x
frank x 2 months ago

The casualties of deliberate class warfare bear much in common with those of conventional war: hunger, deprivation, misery and degradation. Right now, fighters rather than simperers with bandaids are needed.

Sumi Kamal
Sumi Kamal 2 months ago

Bring back the workhouses.

Jeremiah Dollente
Jeremiah Dollente 2 months ago

This is what I am saying to Filipinos wanting to be citizens in rich countries. Prices of their goods are higher than in the Philippines. Just be thankful where God place us in that country and just help our country.

Dont believe too much that those who go abroad had better life.

beefcakepoo118 2 months ago

Sounds like Charlie and the chocolate Factory 😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 everyone sharing beds. All they need is a life time supply of chocolate.

Dyn y Jawa
Dyn y Jawa 2 months ago

The system ENCOURAGES poor people to have kids. Try getting a council house if you're childless.

B G 2 months ago

Where was your concern and sadness when you were killing children all over the world through poverty and starvation your empire created? Your only sorrow is that your empire is gone and you can’t live the good life on blood sweat and labor of enslaved exploited and subjugated people and their starving children. No sympathy for your selective, racist sorrow.

Glynnis PITCHER 2 months ago


Ben Davis
Ben Davis 2 months ago

I want to see everyone’s viewpoint on this , If a student is in university getting £200 a month pocket money for everyday costs is that student living in poverty?

New Car Smell
New Car Smell 2 months ago

Bet they regret brexit. Arrogant pricks.

Keyboard Dancers
Keyboard Dancers 2 months ago

None of this news. British media has been doing reports exactly like this for decades. I find it astonishing that with such appalling publicity (the internet is obviously an international platform) anybody would want to come to Britain without any money to try to make a life for themselves.

M CC 2 months ago

Poverty ???? Ask these people how much they get on benefits you will be shocked

zager 2 months ago


A. B
A. B 2 months ago

Gaddafi's Libya
1. Free healthcare
2. Free electricity (!)
3. newly wed couple get $50k
4. Even more financial benefits on the birth of a child. of the highest unemployment benefits of any country.!

the west is poor cos it invested in wars more than anything. Doesn't a bunch of nuclear weapons suffice ? Whats the need of spending billions in crackers and not a penny on their citizens.

Lil Git
Lil Git 2 months ago

The UK likes to kid itself it's a 1st world reality it's not. You're not even in the top 10.

Steve Rahimi
Steve Rahimi 2 months ago

A country that has a queen and princess system in 21st century and yet more than half of its population live in poverty. I guess the queen is so busy with her grandchildren ‌or princess getting orgasm.😂😜😒

Sarah Strong
Sarah Strong 2 months ago

As a teenager I had to wash my one school uniform on a Wednesday night, wring it & iron it dry as best I could & walk to school usually with it very damp the next morning. I was grateful when it rained as it meant my dampness stood out less.

Planner38 2 months ago

What are the parents and guardians doing in these situations? It is meaningless to say children and families are poor without identifying the reasons for the poverty. Is the poverty due to circumstances beyond people's control (e.g., health, family breakdown), or is due to circumstances under people's control (e.g. education, criminality, substance abuse, laziness)? What about the men that have children with several women being forced to fulfill their parental responsibilities? The goal of any government program should not be keep people in poverty and dependent on government handouts, but rather to cause the change required in people's lives so that they can be self-sufficient.

josweet love
josweet love 2 months ago

No more British Empire to exploit and keep Britain rich.

Aldara Beare
Aldara Beare 2 months ago

What a shame,in a country considered advanced

Helen 2 months ago

Why do people living in poverty have children? Blaming the government and past government's for child poverty is pointless. Child poverty Will never be eradicated, the human species is too selfish and stupid. Throwing money into poverty only produces more children living in poverty. Amazing work from the charities involved. Heart breaking to see.

Stella Mcnab
Stella Mcnab 2 months ago


Dr syeda Kiran ume farwa Bukhari

British red cross bed and breakfast

Dr syeda Kiran ume farwa Bukhari

Best children innocent people angels

MyPoint ofView
MyPoint ofView 2 months ago

The simplest solution would be to give parents £500 per month every month per child to help with the cost of living. In August/ September parents should also receive an additional £350 to help with the cost of providing a school uniform and other equipment children need to attend school. These simple acts would immediately lift every child out of poverty. Every child.

No child should have to live in poverty in the 21st century

John Peter
John Peter 2 months ago

But immigrants get millions , fk this country I hate it

Manxie Feathermoon
Manxie Feathermoon 2 months ago

And I bet those people voted for those cuts are the British version of Republicans. The far right doesn't care about children

Ray Clam
Ray Clam 2 months ago

High rent prices make are the main reason for poverty in the west. Why aren't more people advocating for rent control and a ban on foreign realestate speculation?

Jenan Rees
Jenan Rees 2 months ago

We desperately need a labour government. Also a bonfire to chuck tories on.

ItsJoshlol 2 months ago

5th richest country in the world btw…

erma 2 months ago

This level of suffering is a logistical error, a systemic issue caused by a lack of co ordination to distribute what is needed. The level of suffering caused by not having access to stuff and food, that is being thrown out, daily ! The societal and personal consequences of this, is maddening.

Veronica Jimenez
Veronica Jimenez 2 months ago

They don’t have money, and for one thing that is for free they don’t use them: contraceptives!

Enfys 2 months ago

Stop producing children when you have no job, no money and no father around. These people are incapable of taking care of their children and no one wants to hold them accountable when they have child after child after child when they can't take care of those they have. Stop blaming a government that provides free contraception for women. Oddly enough, sales of cigarettes and mobile phones aren't affected in these communities.

clairobscur 2 months ago

In what world could anyone genuinely tell you that this is fair...

martin manifold
martin manifold 2 months ago

Good parenting poverty ...

FinallyShof 2 months ago

We had a real socialist to help us, Jeremy Corbyn, but he was tarnished unjustly by the media and the British public gave in to it - clearly we don’t learn and are too stubborn in our ways. We chose a privatising-happy government, Tories, and Boris Johnson 🤦🏽‍♂️ and here we are.

Yim Veerasak
Yim Veerasak 2 months ago

Poor people, please attend to them

B Gray
B Gray 2 months ago

Without revealing too much, I grew up in a similar condition to what has been described in this video. Now that I am older, I realise that this tory government is f*cking disgusting. Where is their humanity?

Lou Winters
Lou Winters 2 months ago

How do you think people used to wash the sheets before washing machines.

Don't make ne laugh. It's the sheer laziness of the parents. You can be poor and still wash and have a clean home.

Lemon Grabloids
Lemon Grabloids 2 months ago

Tory Britain

Walking and Adventures

What are their fathers doing as plenty of work available…

Carley Patrick
Carley Patrick 2 months ago

And what about the 1000+ families that still got ruined ? There's no redemption for those people those lives are ruined you can't change some things,It's a discrace to see.

Matthew Payne
Matthew Payne 2 months ago

When UNICEF had to step in and deliver food to kids in parts of London it just shows how bad a job the government is doing.

Dead_or_Alive 2 months ago

These governments spend a ridiculous amount of money on immigration. Yet their own citizens are living without the basic items that they provide for free to a newly arriving individuals whom are breaking the law on day one! When are the citizens going to stand up and say no more?!?!

R L 2 months ago

Elite and politicians swimming kn their money and luxus what should i say our system is bad..sexualisatuon no fun lifestyle propaganda with no sense in life result whrn fun is missing..alcohol brings freedom prooaganda ..drug abuse..etc etc etc..the rooot is broken ....

R L 2 months ago

Sooo many spend their money they have for alcohol and cigarettes cause of problem many parents start drug addiction...Allah may help every child and baby ..amen

Marie Hewett
Marie Hewett 2 months ago

Our government here in the UK chucks millions (even billions) in foreign aid but neglects its own people In the Uk elderly people are having the choose between putting their heating on and buying food. Pensions remain unchanged but prices are rising at n alarming rate. Not enough cash injected into the NHS or Adult Social Care and Mental Health Care. Yet allowing the population to increase at an alarming rate. Everyone here is suffering because there are not enough resources to cater for the masses that are now here on our tiny island. The government, as everyone knows, uses tax payers money to pay for their comforts, house repairs/decorations (including their second homes!) when so many people are homeless and destitute. The cuts cover many services and the government distributes available funds from taxes inappropriately and irresponsibly.

Peggy Taylor
Peggy Taylor 2 months ago

I grew up in an orphanage, when I turned 18 I was sent out to a city I had never been to before, and taken to a YWCA. I was told where I had to go to work, and to ask someone to show me where the place was the following day. I had 2 of each dresses, panties, bra pyjamas and 1 pair of shoes. My first months rent was paid, but had no money, knew no one. I opened an account for my meals, had to wash my clothes by hand every evening when I got home, so that they were clean to wear. There was no such thing as handouts, it was a case of you have to work for everything you wanted. I am sorry but saying children going to school dirty and smelling because they can’t afford a washing machine is outrageous, pure laziness! there are many countries where people are poor, but wash by hand and make sure their children are clean and not embarrassed at school.

Cathy Abrahamse
Cathy Abrahamse 2 months ago

Half the world complain about the amount of clothes get thrown away and its consuming the space,you have rich people that throw out appliances every other month,big shopping centres throwing food out that you can still eat,how did the world get so stuffed up.

Christian Diemond
Christian Diemond 2 months ago

These things should not be happening regardless of the country..USA, UK,wherever..

Lilian Anderson Mayne

The UK country is going backwards it's like Victorian times The one's that are incharge of our country understand when it comes to spending on them self's but not to combat the staving

RayofNyla 2 months ago

As a black woman this is why I don’t believe in white privilege, Unlike other slave minded people. Unfortunately wealth, pain, death, suffering and hurt does not favour any race. This is what SOME people need to realise.

The Urban Crystal Healer

Thanks to these kind of charities my baby has clothes, toys, a cot and a pushchair. I could not afford it. They helped me so much and I am truly grateful.

k c
k c 2 months ago

yet the local council got a grant for £ 1 million in the area of the first lady, they didn't want to publicise it , so not to be over subscribed and thus ended up sending 3/4 of the money back to central govt. because they didn't spend it by the end of the year, and consequently reducing the amount of grant in future could not make it up !

Luminya M
Luminya M 2 months ago

I imagine that this situation has gotten worse instead of better.

00 00
00 00 2 months ago

I grew up like this and it's because my mother had problems with alcohol. My complacent father gave her money and she would just go and spend it up the pub. My father had problems, too. He didn't really want to help beyond handing my mother money every month knowing exactly how she would spend it.

There is no excuse for a child to be sleeping on the floor without proper bedding. You can buy bedding in charity shops and from eBay. You can buy second hand beds and couches from places like Emmaus for £20. You prioritize this before you pay the water bill or any credit card bill etc. The parents must be buying alcohol and cigarettes or spending money on pets. I have seen it all before. Mom or dad has 5 cats or dogs and they have to smoke and drink. The kids get neglected. Living in the UK is expensive, but you can get by if you avoid certain expenses and don't buy things new when you can get them pre owned.

The UK also has a tremendous problem with taking too many children into care. Many of the children are already adequately looked after. Their hands are in the pockets of the adoption industry. It's a public scandal. There is also little to no therapeutic help for parents who are struggling so families can be preserved. This news clip is sickening. It doesn't tell the whole truth.

Margherita Cardelli
Margherita Cardelli 2 months ago

Start by kicking out the RF and the public resources they absorb can be redistributed. The glorious Queen and her family are scum.

Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas 2 months ago

This Government Robs the Poor to make the Rich, Richer, get the Torys out of the Government,

Zina Shepherd
Zina Shepherd 2 months ago

They live in tents on sidewalks in America

Haroon Nawaz
Haroon Nawaz 2 months ago


Nostalgia 2 months ago

The British are angels. They pay millions of pounds to the Queen, her two birthday parties a year, Kate’s massive wardrobe, and Andrews court cases.. but they have nothing themselves

J T 2 months ago

Shocking.... kids without bedrooms.... but you got a room just for crying... that's unfair!

Natalie Regine Howie
Natalie Regine Howie 2 months ago

Shame on our Government!! How will people survive now we have rising inflation! There are so many cracks in our society the safety net needs repairing it's more hole than net, people don't realise because it's behind closed doors!

Always Hangry Girl
Always Hangry Girl 2 months ago

It's not like stop having children if you have no money. Children are expensive

Jack King
Jack King 2 months ago

Wow UK is a 3rd world country

Samantha Howse
Samantha Howse 2 months ago

Why do they keep having babies. To get more money so the parents spend it on drink, drugs, themselves while kids get nothing.

R P 2 months ago

Time to bring in Chinese house builders. They can build quality houses at less than half the time taken today and at less than 75% of the cost. That way house prices will come down and give poorer families a chance to buy their own home rather than live at the mercy of local government.

yesterday 2 months ago

Capitalism is fucked.

ameliaweights 2 months ago

My perception of the UK is not improved by this video. All the videos I see it just seems like everybody is on the dole and sitting around making babies and waiting for there handouts

Tanya biggs
Tanya biggs 2 months ago

The British government messing up the British people. And the British people are still having to pick up the slack and help others.

Andrew Fox
Andrew Fox 2 months ago

All poverty is self inflicted, don’t bring children into the world you afford and most of these females have mobile phones I bet !

Joanne Joyce
Joanne Joyce 2 months ago

Where does a parent allow THEIR OWN CHILD to live like this???

Ridenar 2 months ago

If you are that poor why have you got 6 kids? White families tend to have 1 or 2 children they can properly look after. 6 kids based of foreign cultural norms isn't the tax payers problem.

Ms Nick
Ms Nick 2 months ago


Mart Mofo
Mart Mofo 2 months ago


Andi H
Andi H 2 months ago

We weren't well off at all growing up. There was 4kids in one house. But my mum worked one job my dad worked two. My eldest brother shared shoes with our neighbours and I never had correct uniform for my school. But we did have a fantastic community in early 90s. If u needed childcare u would get help from neighbours and if they needed sugar u would help them. We were fortunatly never unhappy. I feel awful for these poor souls.

johnnyboyvan 2 months ago

Don't have so many children. Why do so many poor parents have so many kids? My parents had practically nothing, but made sure their kids had the basics.

Finley Hunter
Finley Hunter 2 months ago

I grew up poor and that's why I'm not breeding. Break the cycle.

Sandra Radhay
Sandra Radhay 2 months ago


Per Einar Olsson
Per Einar Olsson 2 months ago

A society that is not a society anymore - just greed from the already rich.

Phillip Rickard
Phillip Rickard 2 months ago

Fucking Tories

Fiona Nicholson
Fiona Nicholson 2 months ago

Keep taking in boatloads of illegal immigrants and ignore the existing poverty, English families face. Well done.

Susan Sherlock
Susan Sherlock 2 months ago

The government are getting another pay rise of £2,000 each in 2022...and remember the money spent on propoganda fear adverts?

No Thanks123
No Thanks123 2 months ago

I'm someone who grew up in poverty, and my experience was that it is doable to get by on the benefits. Most families who couldn't get by, were usually spending their benefits on booze, drugs, cigarettes, etc... and those were the families who went hungry. Or were sleeping on the floor.
Being in poverty sucks. But, the worse one's are the parents with a terrible upbringing and bad mental health. And their problems are never addressed until they are mistreating their kids or breaking the law.

There really needs to be more in place to break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

Esor Liversage
Esor Liversage 2 months ago

Meanwhile, Zimbabweans are streaming to the (hated, despised, colonialist) UK because their democratically ekected democracy is a failure.

AutobotProwler 2 months ago

Yet you're supposed to love your country

AthynVixen 2 months ago

The thing is this government and TBH most politicians will never be able to understand what it is like to live on a low income. The level of priviliege they come from is sky high..

Grace Claire
Grace Claire 2 months ago

The parents need to take responsibility. There is so much help in the UK it's ridiculous how much they give.. this is a load of rubbish, parents are most likely paying off debt, taking drugs, drinking or smoking that they have gotten themselves and unfortunately the kids are a second thought to them.

EmpressKajal 2 months ago

I worked for most of my life and now on universal credit, pregnant with ny 2nd child and have a small child to care for, plus husband that's self employed. But we managed really well. Tbh I don't feel poor. We have everything we need. Granted we don't smoke, so probably save a lot on that and no alcohol and pubs... probably a massive saving there, not a shopaholic, we were clothes and buy proper clothes that will last at least 6 months to a couple years... we shop for veg, meat fruits, pasta, rice etc to cook healthy meals and I can multitasking ans do them super fast... so rarely get take out... cheapest car abd cheapest insurance. Cheap 1 bed flat, a bit cramped but we have beds to sleep on. Heating always nice and cosy. Thank God we have no problems. We bought 2nd hand furniture wven the mattress... there's nothing wrong with doing that, plus the washing machine. Thr fridge freezer was new though from argos. Somwtimes it comes down to money management and financial knowledge budgeting and life skills...etc

Davinia Robbins
Davinia Robbins 2 months ago

I bet most of these people would not be in poverty if they weren't spending all their money on drugs, booze and cigarettes.

Carole Wynn
Carole Wynn 2 months ago

Furlough fraud 4.2 BILLION written off, over 39 BILLION wasted on track and trace, millions wasted on PPE, 30 million plus a week on refugees/asylum seekers, no money for British citizens. No govt party to fight for it, all in it for greed and power.

Laura 55
Laura 55 2 months ago

Stop giving AID abroad, look after our own first.

Curlew -
Curlew - 2 months ago

And another reality is, which no one will address, is how many people just keep having children without giving any thought about how they will give those children a good, balanced, loving and structured upbringing. A lot of these children will be from chaotic and unstable backgrounds to begin with. We have been living in an ‘anything’s acceptable’ period and this is the result.

Patricia Treslove
Patricia Treslove 2 months ago

Children living below the poverty line, but the British taxpayer is still having to pay for ANOTHER jubilee for the queen. It is morally wrong, I don't see anything to celebrate.

Christopher Allen
Christopher Allen 2 months ago

Hooray for the UK. What a disgusting situation.

Deni A
Deni A 2 months ago

I think a long term solution is preventing the pregnancies by educating youth on contraception and making it readily available. I see too many far too young moms...

Chiara Scura
Chiara Scura 2 months ago

Cheese and wine anyone ?

joe 90
joe 90 2 months ago

Our Governments wastes 100 Billion on Fraud Trac and Trac illegal immigration the list goes on and on