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Christmas in Killarney

Christmas in Killarney

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Teodora Marković
Teodora Marković 2 months ago

My English teacher showed us this video in class and every now and then I have to play it again

PeteTV 2 months ago

Love this song! Check out my version

Grumpy Old Man Chris
Grumpy Old Man Chris 2 months ago

F*** Covid! It's Christmas in Killarney! And here as well. So here we go! Merry Christmas everyone and everywhere, Slainte!

Jeffrey Lyons
Jeffrey Lyons 2 months ago

One of my favorite YouTube videos ever. I think I've watched it every year since it was first released.

Philanthrop Chic
Philanthrop Chic 2 months ago

Well done boi's! *<= D <3

Mike and Mom
Mike and Mom 2 months ago

This put us in the Christmas spirit!

Harv Potts
Harv Potts 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to all

Karen Daniel
Karen Daniel 2 months ago

I have to play your Christmas songs each year, or it's not Christmas

cassandra 2 months ago

And all folks at home.....

LaSonicSupreme 2 months ago

i love watching these guys every christmas since 12 years :D

Ian McNeill
Ian McNeill 2 months ago

Who's here in 2020? This still brings a smile to my face, especially need it now in 2020. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays

Pablo Raoul Cacciani
Pablo Raoul Cacciani 2 months ago

This is the best version of this song guys, thank you for making me happier everyday every year. I hope to see you and meet you here in Italy someday 🇮🇹🇮🇹. Greetings from me and my family 🤟🤟👍👍

Woodberry Academy
Woodberry Academy 2 months ago

So...I’m a homeschool mom and also a book collector. I just ordered a fancy copy of Good King Wencleslas and decided to look up the song on YouTube. Hearing it sung with an Irish twist seemed like a good choice. I went down the rabbit hole watching your videos. We are doing an Geography unit using picture books and we are studying Britain, Ireland, and Scotland in December. Your songs will be a lovely addition 😂


Hahahaha, I love how you all stumbled at "I'm handing you no blarney."

Peter Rhodes
Peter Rhodes 2 months ago

The gormless look at 2:10 is amusing!

MrDenverbroncos91 2 months ago

@2:27 homeboy on left commits huge party foul 😔

WhimsicalCyn 2 months ago

Love you guys! Merry Christmas!

Jeffrey Lyons
Jeffrey Lyons 2 months ago

I pull this up every Christmas Eve. It is so much fun .

Lisa Hamlett
Lisa Hamlett 2 months ago

I saw this video in college the first year it came out and I come back to it every year.

V P 2 months ago

Great performance, lads!!! :-) I like it so much! Every Year at Christmas time I watch this video :-)

Lila Luna
Lila Luna 2 months ago

Make my christmas green ;))) 2019 again and again

Cindy Snow
Cindy Snow 2 months ago

Omg you guys are prolly grandpa's now!
Well maybe not but 11 years. Merry Christmas everyone.

Pablo Raoul Cacciani
Pablo Raoul Cacciani 2 months ago

2019, I will be forever here listening to this song. Much love from me and my family, thank you for making me smile every time. I hope to see you soon here in Italy 😁🙂😁🙂

Harv Potts
Harv Potts 2 months ago

Now a Christmas Tradition for this Irishman. Just one question, how did you fellers feel next day? Thanks lads and a very Merry Christmas to y'all.

Yeet That Wheat
Yeet That Wheat 2 months ago

2019 and im still here

Kelly P
Kelly P 2 months ago

Love it - So much fun!! Thank you!!

Jesus Magas
Jesus Magas 2 months ago

Good video killarney by the Irish rovers irish people song cool

joao vitor
joao vitor 2 months ago

Almost forgot to watch it today.

Syukran Zafran
Syukran Zafran 2 months ago

UM HELLO? why this song not popular?????

Jean Burk
Jean Burk 2 months ago

It's comin' on March, and all of a sudden this song pops into my head and I can't get it out. Very nice version. Will save it for next year. Love from Canada.

Jacob Kusnerik
Jacob Kusnerik 2 months ago

GREAT lip-syncing guys :-).

steverabb 2 months ago

So well done! Enjoy this one every year! An annual favorite!!

Onsatko 2 months ago

I somehow managed to forget to wish you Merry Christmas last year, sorry for that :) Not today, though! Enjoy, drink, celebrate, Merry Christmas and may the next year be at least as great as you wish it to be!

Neon Wolf
Neon Wolf 2 months ago


shredder 2 months ago

First class boys !

Maggie Walls
Maggie Walls 2 months ago

Well, it's that time of year again! Time for my favorite Christmas video ever! Oh who am I kidding? I watch this in July too! Thank you so much for the laughs, even all the years later.

onichat 2 months ago

No Christmas Season goes by without watching this video at least once. It is now tradition! XD

Ted Williamson
Ted Williamson 2 months ago

Why didn't you guys "kiss your beau while cuddling under the mistletoe"?

robert armstrong
robert armstrong 2 months ago

Absolutely perfect. This completes my Christmas preparations!

Noefixx 2 months ago

Wir singen es in der schule

Teighan Koch
Teighan Koch 2 months ago

You guys did a really great job at lip syncing.

patrick Mc Fadden
patrick Mc Fadden 2 months ago

Part of my Christmas tradition is to watch these two videos. Many thanks.

Annie 2 months ago

Love this! So Irish Rover's Christmas album is definitely going to be on constant repeat this year :D Irish people, why you so cool?
Greetings from Poland (and very early merry Christmas :D)

KiwiTheWolfy 2 months ago

When Irish Spirit Starts Kicking in

LinkyChu 2 months ago

i heard this when jacksepticeye was doing an irish dance in cringemas

Kenny B Goode
Kenny B Goode 2 months ago

I love this so much, it's January 6 and I still can't stop watching and listening! Well, January 6 is Epiphany, so technically...oh, heck - I don't need an excuse to watch this joyous and funny video any time I want! I kind of wish you guys were the real Irish Rovers, because now I can't picture anyone else singing this song!

Levon Kershis
Levon Kershis 2 months ago

better than rumjacks

melabrina melabrina
melabrina melabrina 2 months ago

i.m italian one time a did it in killarney........i.d like to repeat

Kevin Carney
Kevin Carney 2 months ago

I'm confused. Who are these guys? Great fun video, anyway.

Samuel Felice
Samuel Felice 2 months ago

Merry Christmas!

Onsatko 2 months ago

I hope you didn't expect me not to comment this year! :-D Once again I wish you guys Merry Christmas! Now let me enjoy this piece of pure awesomness.See you lot next year!

Jamie O' Doherty
Jamie O' Doherty 2 months ago

Great video guys! Cheers from this Killarney man!

human person
human person 2 months ago

they are 3 times as drunk as i have ever been. incredible. what a commitment to form. 10/10 would spill drinks all over the living room again

pat anderson
pat anderson 2 months ago

bahhahahaha I love you guys - so great to watch while I'm feeling Christmas "whippie" - dancing with the dogs ya know that kind of thing...this is when it sucks to be home alone!

_Lxrs_ 2 months ago

Like als je nederlands bent

Trey Green
Trey Green 2 months ago

Christmas with the Irish Rovers ! We love em in the USA too!

Alceo Rodio
Alceo Rodio 2 months ago

The prettiest picture I've ever seen is this video!!! I can't stop watching it!!!

Loredana Oli
Loredana Oli 2 months ago


tijmenvanderlaan 2 months ago


Ava Seward
Ava Seward 2 months ago

<3 this song

Arjan van der Laan
Arjan van der Laan 2 months ago


susan esquer
susan esquer 2 months ago

it looks like my husband and his brothers

Jonathan Carter
Jonathan Carter 2 months ago

we want more!!!!!!!

Strings 1043
Strings 1043 2 months ago

It's Seth Rogan with a mustache.

Freak-Out 2 months ago

ahahahahah so cooooool!!!!!

Anita Beer
Anita Beer 2 months ago


Anita Beer
Anita Beer 2 months ago

is that the kid from The Sixth Sense all grown up?

Maxwell 2 months ago

Roing Roing again BOYS:)

Bill Wiseman
Bill Wiseman 2 months ago

Christmas In Kilarney. You can easily learn/play this tune by numbers on your diatonic button accordion. Vol.19, "Timeless Christmas Classics".

Kate Millett
Kate Millett 2 months ago


Hayley H
Hayley H 2 months ago

The grade 4s at my school had to sing this song I sang along with them,well lip sang

Shanice Williams
Shanice Williams 2 months ago

Because of this Video the song became my favourite Christmas all did a great Job..i just love it...thank you  so much for sharing...greetings from germany

reygato 2 months ago

Best Christmas Video EVER !

Lilienthal 2 months ago

This makes me wanna dance around the Christmas Tree with my cats.

Skaal 13
Skaal 13 2 months ago

Exactly how it should be sung.

Paul Bear
Paul Bear 2 months ago

Great job. It's making for a fine Christmas season in this Irish family in America

drh kleinert
drh kleinert 2 months ago

Seems that only the irish music can bring this kind of life-loving sound.

Cynthia Gianturco
Cynthia Gianturco 2 months ago

Here I am again!  Watching my favorite Christmas video of all time.  I still want to hang out with you guys...

Onsatko 2 months ago

And yet another year has gone by. I can't imagine a Christmas without you anymore. And I don't want to! :) Once again, thank you for this marvelous performance. Merry Christmas!!

Boomska316 2 months ago

More of these please.

Christopher McDonald
Christopher McDonald 2 months ago

Gentlemen, you're quite mad, well done! 

Grumpy Old Man Chris
Grumpy Old Man Chris 2 months ago

Oh, I love this video. I share it every year to mark the beginning of the festive season! I can't go a year without it! And it is not only funny, but extremely well done!

Judith Glacken
Judith Glacken 2 months ago

I have been looking for this song. This is the best version i have found. Love it! Merry Christmas!

Jeffrey Lyons
Jeffrey Lyons 2 months ago

One of the best videos on YouTube!  I look for it every year about this time of year.

Chris P
Chris P 2 months ago

I watched the other one so I had to watch this one!! LOVE IT!!

Onsatko 2 months ago

Another year with you guys.. an excellent song and video :) Merry Christmas

captacoustic 2 months ago

2:15...the brother's face looking up!

WhimsicalCyn 2 months ago

Watch and share this every year.  It's my favorite christmas video on youtube.. hands down.  I just want to hang out with you guys.  You got the right idea!

MegaTomAwesome 2 months ago

Videos like this are what make me love youtube.

Richard Long
Richard Long 2 months ago

Great job, guys! You look like you're having so much fun! Wish I was there!

BrothersCharles 2 months ago

that's so cool! i don't think anybody from Killarney has ever commented on this video. I do hope you enjoy it and don't take it as an insult. we were really just having fun in our dorm the day before we all left for the winter break

djden1 2 months ago

im soo proud to live in killarney and be irish :)

Will Boyd
Will Boyd 2 months ago

I am also irish even tho my last name is scottish and well it is true we don't all drink but it is being stereo typical and I mean i don't minf either it is funny to see how you guys incorporated that into the video and it is funny

BrothersCharles 2 months ago

thank you so much! i'm very happy that you enjoyed it. we certainly had a blast making it.

Rickard Persson
Rickard Persson 2 months ago

i played your video every day during christmas time:)

glickle 2 months ago

Is that Seth Rogan in the middle?

dpearceproductions 2 months ago

merry christmas from canada

mike L
mike L 2 months ago

I heard (and saw) this for the first time today and absolutely loved it!! We played it all over again immediately. But I wish people would get off thier high horse when they suggest this harmless light hearted video is somehow racist. Nobody is suggesting that all irish people get drunk (certainly no more than in my native north east of England!) People drink the world over it's not a trait exclusive to the Irish. Lightnen up -enjoy the song and the video for what it is - mood lifting!

StimpyJK 2 months ago

I lLOVE THESE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruno Bunčić
Bruno Bunčić 2 months ago

I agree, I'm from Croatia, we do love to drink :D, and I've laughed my rear end off, I watch this video every year around Christmas time, it cheers me up.