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Alliygator 2 months ago

I’m so jealous :( I only have 2 older brothers, and they know nothing about trendy, aesthetic stuff 🙄

Broskini tortellini
Broskini tortellini 2 months ago

Imagine having a sibling like this, couldn't be one of mine lol-

Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan 2 months ago

Happy birthday to you 🎈🎈

Lucia Chrenkova
Lucia Chrenkova 2 months ago

Hi can I ask? Where did you buy that brown sweatshirt? She's very pretty.

my music leeks
my music leeks 2 months ago

Hi, I just turned 13 on July 24th too!

o c
o c 2 months ago

ahh i love this. i hope she had a good day, this is actually perfect as my sisters birthdays in a week and i had no ideas. i’m SO doing this now 💕

Fidget_games_andmore 12

Who else thinks Rayleigh should make her own yt channel?

tilda 2 months ago

i loved this video!! raylee you are so creative:)))

iman 2 months ago

VIDEO IDEA! ages ago you guys did a challenge where you raylee had to say yes to everything ruby said, soooo you guys should reverse it now. pleaseeee i would love to watch that😻❤️❤️

youtube red
youtube red 2 months ago

I cant believe u only have 315k subs u need much moreee

Sirena 2 months ago

Why does it say in the card you’re finally 12 but she’s turning 13! I saw when she said but i’m a bit confused why she did that 😂😂😂

Hollie Brennan
Hollie Brennan 2 months ago

you should make your own channel raylee

Oyin and FJ
Oyin and FJ 2 months ago

Your so kind! Ruby’s birthday is on my Auntie’s birthday and exactly 1 week after my birthday. Happy 13th birthday Ruby!

Chloe Or Zoe✓
Chloe Or Zoe✓ 2 months ago

it was my birthday on 24th of july OMG

ema :T
ema :T 2 months ago

raylee looks like a pinterest girl youre so prettyyyy also happy late bday ruby

Linnea Frangipane
Linnea Frangipane 2 months ago

Where is the green top from that raylee is wearing while packing the gift? its so pretty

Artistic M
Artistic M 2 months ago

It’s my birthday tomorrow!

Rose Summmers
Rose Summmers 2 months ago

Happy late birthday 🥳 🎉🎂

Foxy- Loxy
Foxy- Loxy 2 months ago

hey the feather on that quartz bracelet matches the feather on that anklet ruby got you in one of you’re shopping videos!

chicken soup
chicken soup 2 months ago

i hope ruby had a good day yesterday :)

laura Gonzalez
laura Gonzalez 2 months ago

Happy Birthday Ruby

Rolbox fan Mackenzie Turner

By the way no hate what you done with the white part of the daisy is called back stitch we learnt it at my school

maria 2 months ago

This gives me so many ideas for gifts! The gift is such a vibe, I know she is going to love it❤️

Isra Hussain
Isra Hussain 2 months ago

Happy birthdays lol

Lia Potzas
Lia Potzas 2 months ago

Happy birthday

Clara Ashley
Clara Ashley 2 months ago

Happy birthday Ruby 🥳 and I wish I had such a thoughtful and nice sister like Raylee😍

Lellie's Life!
Lellie's Life! 2 months ago

happy birthday Ruby ♡
i hope you have had a good day today♥︎
you deserve everything you get ✮

The Royalty Edits
The Royalty Edits 2 months ago

Happy birthday ruby! Hope you have a great and fun birthday out with friends and family!

Sofia’s Craft Corner


Raikay H
Raikay H 2 months ago

Happy birthday ruby x



Ruby Mack
Ruby Mack 2 months ago

Happy birthday <3

Angi Shiny
Angi Shiny 2 months ago

Happy Birthday Ruby and me also after 2 months it's my 13th birthday 🎉🎊

Olive Tinker
Olive Tinker 2 months ago

She should do a slytherin logo in black on the green tote bag. That would be so cool

Zainab Sheikh
Zainab Sheikh 2 months ago

Gifts are so great

Mariah Khan
Mariah Khan 2 months ago

Happy birthday Ruby

Nethuni Thehana
Nethuni Thehana 2 months ago

Happy birthday Ruby ! Raylee you are so amazing I hope Ruby gives presents the same 🎂🎉😊🤩

Eidas Yates
Eidas Yates 2 months ago

Here to say happy birthday!!!

Pavleen Madhan
Pavleen Madhan 2 months ago

you are really talented and those birthday presents are really nice and cute so you did a great job

Nora N
Nora N 2 months ago

Can we see Ruby’s reaction??

Ti Bhandari
Ti Bhandari 2 months ago

Happy birthday ruby

Aamori Doodles
Aamori Doodles 2 months ago

Happy birthday for tomorrow :D

Suzie Alfie
Suzie Alfie 2 months ago

I thought they was twins

kadie 2 months ago


Shaelyn Wein
Shaelyn Wein 2 months ago

I refuse to believe ruby is turning 13 like she looks older then that and she is very pretty. Also happy birthday Ruby and I hope you have an awesome birrhday

Isabelle 2 months ago

Hey, I love the vid how did the gym clothes come so early because it said it would come near the end of July to August

edit vcid
edit vcid 2 months ago

what’s the shop that you got the gifts from it look so cool <3

Ryanielly N
Ryanielly N 2 months ago

Ruby's birthday is one day before mine and I just turned 13 aswell. #TWINSIES

Khushi Sodha
Khushi Sodha 2 months ago

I love all of your videosss!!! Yay Ruby's birthday tomorrow...I hope you all have a fabulous day.🥰🥳

Kitty Hedley
Kitty Hedley 2 months ago

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Ruby

Olivia Mckenna
Olivia Mckenna 2 months ago

I wish I could have seen Ruby’s reaction 😢

anelma 2 months ago

How is she younger than me I wanna look like that😂

lily_its_ture 2 months ago

I really want raylee to make her own Chanel

Olivia Mckenna
Olivia Mckenna 2 months ago

Who else thought ruby was way older like 15

AVA QUEEN 2 months ago

Raylee needs a YouTube channel please do one

Scoobydooshrimp 2 months ago

I hope Ruby likes the presents you made for her 💕Btw Rayleigh where did you get your shirt is really pretty

_.em. _
_.em. _ 2 months ago

I hope Ruby has an amazing birthday and camping trip and gets everything she hoped for Mwah

Jammie 2 months ago


Mizissi 2 months ago

Awesome video such great gifts hope ruby enjoys them

ryan ciani
ryan ciani 2 months ago

can we just give Raylee the sister of the year award RIGHT NOW? seriously she so lucky to have an excellent sister. i'm so jealous of her. lucky Ruby

ayr b
ayr b 2 months ago

oh my god, i didnt know she was turning 13. She is so mature!

Charlie 2 months ago

Wooow she's turning 13? She looks really good for her age. Like she looks her age.

Karsyn Zurawski
Karsyn Zurawski 2 months ago

My birthday is the 24th too! Birthday twins 🎉

retro_vibes 2 months ago

Happy birthday Ruby <3!! Also Raylee I love ur nails!

maddie 2 months ago

the beginning was funny 😆

Ali. Drawz09
Ali. Drawz09 2 months ago

happy birthday ruby!! x

Abigail price
Abigail price 2 months ago

Omg my birthday is tommorow the 24th of July and I'm turning 13 😳

valivy 2 months ago

we need raylee to have her own channel omg!!! also happy early birthday ruby 🥳🥳❤🎂

Kayleigh Kerr
Kayleigh Kerr 2 months ago

I would have loved to see ruby opening them 🥰

Millie Monico
Millie Monico 2 months ago

Hiiiii really liked the video but i am a bit confused as in the birthday card it said happy 12th birthday but i thought she was turning 13 ??

Margrete Halgunset
Margrete Halgunset 2 months ago

Is ruby born in 2007?

Karmen Grünbaum
Karmen Grünbaum 2 months ago

Your sister looks so much older, i thought she was 15 or something😂

Scarlett Sweetmore
Scarlett Sweetmore 2 months ago

Is it just me who thought Ruby was a lot older than she is? X

Art of Jami
Art of Jami 2 months ago

My birthday is tomorrow 🤪 🤗

Hannah 2 months ago

Are you kidding me she’s younger then me and that good at art 😀✨

Tamzyñ Holahañ
Tamzyñ Holahañ 2 months ago

Ruby and I have the same birthday 🎉

Sree Kumar
Sree Kumar 2 months ago

No way my birthday is the same day as ruby's and I am turning 13 as well!!

Gracie Isabella Mae White

Wait I thought it was Ruby's 13th birthday like it says in the title and description below, but in her birthday card from Raylee, it says happy 12th birthday (almost a teen) ??
Edit: Oh wait Raylee just explained it, was it just me that was confused before?

Charlotte Bayfield
Charlotte Bayfield 2 months ago

Omg my birthday is tomorrow (Friday)

Aoife Lynch
Aoife Lynch 2 months ago

Raylee should have her own channel

Shiloh Huxtable
Shiloh Huxtable 2 months ago

599th like love your channel

Yeya 2 months ago

I loved the embroidery bag! Such talent. And happy birthday to Ruby!

BwOcIli Whispa
BwOcIli Whispa 2 months ago

Yous guys are so funny 😆

Cora & Maisie
Cora & Maisie 2 months ago

You 100% need to have your own channel!! Your such a natural and your videos are always good to watch!

Nasfa Mohamed
Nasfa Mohamed 2 months ago

She’s 13!!!!!

Hello Guy
Hello Guy 2 months ago

She’s so grown thought she was older

Libby C
Libby C 2 months ago

My sister doesn’t even know when my birthday is

Ashley ‼️
Ashley ‼️ 2 months ago

I wish my sister was like this 😭😭

katha_shr 2 months ago

The present is really nice! I don’t know why but Raylee gives me Rory Gilmore (from Gilmore Girls) vibes. Anyway the video is great <3

matilda 2 months ago


Gary Kerrigan
Gary Kerrigan 2 months ago

You are so amazing at crafts and painting 💜💜 I hope ruby has a great birthday 🥳 you are such an amazing sister

2 months ago

My birthday is on the same day !!!! But I’m turning 14 with my BFF Hannah who’s also go the same B-day lolll

Ruby Mack
Ruby Mack 2 months ago

Tf my names ruby and I’ve just had my 13th birthday 2 days before hers

hawawho 2 months ago

literally the sweetest thing to do for a sister! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY RUBY! <3

Sahasra Gadepalli
Sahasra Gadepalli 2 months ago

Hey Ruby and Raylee u guys are SOOOOO talented my 13 birthday is next week! Eeek

Juliet lucas
Juliet lucas 2 months ago


Siennaae 123
Siennaae 123 2 months ago

Love this Idea!

Alexis Shelstrom
Alexis Shelstrom 2 months ago

10 days till my birthday!! <3

madison 2 months ago

ahh! sorry i’m late but i love how it can be a channel for both of you but only one person can be in it and it still relates to the channel and your content :) happy birthday ruby! hope u have a great one <3

Lily-Rae 2 months ago

Hii guys! I'm a huge fan. I thought of a video where you could pick 3 colours of paint and you use them but once you put the brush onto the canvas you can only use it once so basically once you take the brush of the canvas that's it you cant use that color again. Love your videos 💕👑