Strasbourg, France Christmas Market 2019


Kickin Ash, Naturally.

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Title : Strasbourg, France Christmas Market 2019

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Strasbourg, France Christmas Market 2019

Strasbourg, France Christmas Market 2019

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cheb bouaalem
cheb bouaalem 2 months ago

Great ,nice and beautifull places !!!

JesusIsComingSoon 2 months ago

Do you know what the building is with the clock on it at 4:06 into the video? Thank you.

Emilio Taylor
Emilio Taylor 2 months ago

Nice channel, just subbed. You could use SMZeus to grow your channel!

bezerkO 2 months ago

What is ur favorite Christmas market?

socalraie 2 months ago

Hi Ash 👋

ArmAd Spengler
ArmAd Spengler 2 months ago

Once again a very nice video! I hope it will inspire many others to do such trips as well and visit and experience this region as well!

0:09 - Well there are not many other christmas markets in France at all. Most of them, especially the really traditional ones, are all in the towns of the border regions to Germany. Especially the Alsace region, where Straßburg is the capital of, has a pretty rich history of German traditions. It was a part of the Holy Roman Empire (aka Holy Roman Empire of the German nation) with a German speaking population, important university etc., until in the 16-17th century France rose to power on the European continent and especially when it got rid of its monarchy, formed a Nation state with a powerful army, the culturally German region of Alsace was one of the first regions that they conquered. From then on it was conquered and re-coquered in the following military conflicts between France and 'Germany' by both sides multiple times. Even though Alsace is now a part of France and most of the population does not speak German anymore, they have kept some of their typical German traditions alive, which are very distinctive to other parts in France. One of those is the christmas markets.