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Coronavirus: Trudeau says Canada will get 500K Pfizer vaccines in January | FULL

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Information Coronavirus: Trudeau says Canada will get 500K Pfizer vaccines in January | FULL

Title :  Coronavirus: Trudeau says Canada will get 500K Pfizer vaccines in January | FULL
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Frames Coronavirus: Trudeau says Canada will get 500K Pfizer vaccines in January | FULL

Description Coronavirus: Trudeau says Canada will get 500K Pfizer vaccines in January | FULL

Comments Coronavirus: Trudeau says Canada will get 500K Pfizer vaccines in January | FULL

pao nob
Comment from : pao nob

V Intuitive
Dear Canada, do not take the Pfizer vaccine no matter what! It has adverse side effects and allergic reactions. Not to mention potential death and you will most likely get the covid anyway. Be warned!
Comment from : V Intuitive

Joe E
With these vaccines, I can finally talk moistly at anybody I want to. It's not a terrible image.
Comment from : Joe E

peter djeric
More covid is spread on domestic flights than international
So should domestic flight passengers be quarantined . ????

Comment from : peter djeric

Tony Soprano
No to the experimental "vaccine"💉☠️
Comment from : Tony Soprano

PM Trudeau should get vaccinated himself asap. I see US leaders getting vaccinated. Canada should have ours do so as well asap.
Comment from : Zodtheimmortal

It was strange to see elected officials taking part and taking knees during riots while they fight for house arrest and actual arrest for opening a small bussiness "during a pandemic"
Comment from : Timmy2Fingerz

Can't think of a more pathetic leader to be stuck with during a "pandemic".
Comment from : Timmy2Fingerz

Tommy Mai
Many good doctors across the country are being censored and here we have a puppet reading out scripts....
Comment from : Tommy Mai

steve leblanc
He's getting that 9 Billion Dollars from the IMF. As a prerequisite of receiving these monies every country MUST do as they are told. The IMF control ,financially, the world now. Welcome to the world financial reset, as described by the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM's conference. READ IT FOR YOURSELF.
Comment from : steve leblanc

steve leblanc
Covid deaths are going up? Many diseases miraculously seem to be going down.
Comment from : steve leblanc

Nazanin t
This boy has sold out his soul and became their puppet, how sad and embarrassing...
Comment from : Nazanin t

A vaccine thats 90% "safe". But the recovery rate is 99% plus. O_o
Why would I take a vaccine thats not safe, over my own immune system thats ALOT SAFER, and has a better recovery rate? Odd.

Comment from : Tekknowlogy

star star
Do as they tell you if you could think for yourself maybe we would not be where we are today. Don't blame others for things you ' do yourself. Don't believe a word you say.
Comment from : star star

why translate the french part if he just repeat the english one?
Comment from : NERDRAGE

I don't want to get it until the Pfizer CEO aggress to...He's old enough to be at risk, so why is he refusing and "waiting". I can't believe its for noble purposes like he claims.

I also want to see all heads of state and politicians get it.

Comment from : Dummerbrella987

Life doesn’t even feel real anymore
Comment from : Anthony

Yvon Denis
No words to express my disdains for that ???.
Comment from : Yvon Denis

Julian S
Goofed out
Comment from : Julian S

Rob V
Looking forward to paying 38 cents a litre more for gas by 2030 thanks to your carbon tax because that'll definitely save the earth, if i can even afford food and a roof over my head to live that long tbh, thanks.
Comment from : Rob V

Matthew Montague
You first mp what a waste of time and money
Comment from : Matthew Montague

Sky Kai
The vaccine may reduce male sperm count by 60%.
Comment from : Sky Kai

jim hen
For all the tax money we give them, and all the money we dump into the medical system; they did nothing to prevent it, had no treatment protocols, no PPE, no plan, locked up the oldsters and hid the dreadful circumstances of those death camps, as the military noted, big giveaway to the corporations -peanuts for the poor- oh, and we are all going to inject fishy drugs rushed thru...big pharma makes large....
Comment from : jim hen

Pre much Stalin Not hitler
Mmmm yes smells like poop
Comment from : Pre much Stalin Not hitler

Peek A Boo Pikachu
I refuse to put this vaccine in my body I’d rather fight what’s in me. I heard that it doesn’t always end well.
Comment from : Peek A Boo Pikachu

Trudeau.. Stfu please
Comment from : Amin

Joe Xu
What a clown ...
Comment from : Joe Xu

Tired of hearing about covid from him as though there is no other issues in the world anymore
Comment from : Samira

Ethan Sauvé
Shut up Trudeau, your talking mostly.
Comment from : Ethan Sauvé

Barry Patel
Worst PM since Chretien
Comment from : Barry Patel

Edgar _
He still hasn't taken one of those vaccines.
Comment from : Edgar _

Jordan Keith
Let Trudeau and all his country leaders and Mayors of all provinces take the vaccine to show the lead. Let them take the whole family on videos showing us they are taking it. We are free to take natural cures like lemon and all.
Comment from : Jordan Keith

Boar Hog
If he stays in power you can mark my words Canada will be 2 trillion in debt 2-3 yrs from now. He loves to blow our tax dollars on anything and everything. Can't stand the prick
Comment from : Boar Hog

Lord Fogg
Sad state of affairs. If a politician were to tell the truth the whole system would collapse. How much is Pfizer making? I live in an area with zero cases. The government going to show up to my door and tell me I have to take a dose for a virus that doesn't exist where I live? Your out of your mind...do I get a star of David to sew onto my clothes too? This guy right here is either a brilliant illusionist ( focus on the chaos while they change the book of law and manipulate your right to assembly ) or he's a puppet. I say that because the rich are the major problem in this country, the saddest part of all is the ultra rich, aren't even Canadian. It's all foreign money and as "Canadians" "we are too nice" to have a leader that says NO. Our PM is a "yes" man. Our government gave the country away a long time ago and continues to do so. Shame on society for having no backbone.
Comment from : Lord Fogg

Metalworks Boilers
Trudeau is a corrupt politician! Don’t trust anything he says ever!!!!
Comment from : Metalworks Boilers

William Short
your doing an ok job not great especially slow to control virus entering Canada by Air travel..big mistake...that Some countries didnt make...its silly but lose the beard, for a formally handsome guy its a heavy burden
Comment from : William Short

Well I’m sure some will get them yes. No chance in hell for me.
Comment from : Martin

Jason Campbell
Yes go take it i want too see you do it
Comment from : Jason Campbell

oliv6001 oliv6001
Comment from : oliv6001 oliv6001

becca turf
It’s called money laundering people! Just like WE charity, he is making sure all the Corp are getting all the money and making sure small business are out.
Comment from : becca turf

sword slayer
I am going to spend christmas like this guy spent easter, nothing but lies roll out of this guys mouth.There is no second wave we are still in the first wave its just winter time, he shouts off about 400k vaccine when there is over 35 million what a poor excuse for a leader
Comment from : sword slayer

It is what it is
Comment from : GiveMeTruth

Tim Woodard
Take that beard off ... your not a man
Comment from : Tim Woodard

Dylon Bastien
it takes years and years to perfect an injection and I'm not too shur I will be taking this shot....
Comment from : Dylon Bastien

Michael Hutton
Power in numbers people..
Stop snitching and unite with your neighbors.
By the way, do your m even know their name? Start there.
Be a good human

Comment from : Michael Hutton

Shaun Haley
ahead of schedule
early doses
operation warpspeed lol

Comment from : Shaun Haley

Arun A
Traitor Trudeau
Comment from : Arun A

Trevis McKeegan
Thanks Trump
Comment from : Trevis McKeegan

It looks like Conservatives are the ones that watch these videos.
Comment from : sandwichtube

500,000 is only 1.4% of the Canadian population so any claim that Turdo has done a good job procuring vaccine is weak. Given that vaccine testing was rushed, Turdo and his extended family should all get the vaccine first.
Comment from : snoman671

Krystalle Fox
Thank-you Justin....As always you are the best Prime Minister Canada has ever had and ever will have....
Comment from : Krystalle Fox

Thanks so much for the carbon tax. It's exactly what I needed to put me over. Over the edge. Cheers!
Comment from : DVantage

Jason Meadows
Hey Justin. Common law courts are coming for you filth. Get ready to appear before a trial jury of the people with no lawyers. And we know about your dad’s trespass against a the people’s bank of Canada too. AWARRIORCALLS DOT COM
Comment from : Jason Meadows

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Oh yea baby, let's import more refugees, let the tax payers get the bill, let's tax the middle class some more, the more hours they work the more taxes they get! oh yea baby, let's spend some more of the tax payer's money!
Comment from : Conqwiztadore22

Tyler McPherson
Trudeau needs to go on camera and get the vaccine before anyone else. Actually show that there is something in the syringe and show it go into his arm. PERIOD. End of discussion.
Comment from : Tyler McPherson

D&T dW
Blackout coming to further there agenda be ready with supplies
Comment from : D&T dW

D&T dW
January 6th corruption will start to fall, go Patriot's and Freedom
Comment from : D&T dW

d tremblett
ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS but the problem is who will do it since the whole systems stinks to high heaven
Comment from : d tremblett

Daniel Perry
Hello fascists who call Trudeau an evil communist! 👋

He may not be the best prime minister, but we could do a lot worse. His protocols saved thousands of lives. He did well handling the pandemic, and should be praised for his accomplishments, and not bullied for his faults.

Comment from : Daniel Perry



Comment from : EZBENDPURPLE

Jesus is coming soooooon!!! This vaccine is the mark of the beast, if a bunch of people just disappear, it is NOT an alien invasion but the rapture of the church, DONT TAKE THE NEEDLE, YOU WILL BE DOOMED TO HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY. THESE ELECTS ARE SATANIC.
Comment from : loveforjesus

otineb neo
So I’m guessing will be paying for this vaccine with more taxes
Comment from : otineb neo

brenda perez
This man looks like metro man lol
Comment from : brenda perez

Ryker Ironside
so less than one per 60 people.. and im sure they wont all be going to this crony govt. The trudeau admin has done more damage to Canada than this virus could have dreamed.
Comment from : Ryker Ironside

Hans Morales
Traudeau looking like Retired Metroman from Megamind lol
Comment from : Hans Morales

JMary W
Trudeau the traitor,just like he said(there's no other way to put it)
Comment from : JMary W

Cory Canada
Take the shot Trudope!
Comment from : Cory Canada

tara Biscope
Im currently in ponokas hospital i feel that group home should close down as well as old age homes i dont get my asih well im in here is there other programs that i would recieve..they've been looking for placement.. They say i have a public gaurdain however theres no judge imprint seal i feel its fraud i would ask the groverment to look in to the scam that these people in ponoka are trying to pull
Comment from : tara Biscope

Brian C Graupner
Comment from : Brian C Graupner

I do not consent. Not taking the killshot
Comment from : Tom

Jordan Smith
Tam is a Chinese spy
Comment from : Jordan Smith

Gavin Micheal
Comment from : Gavin Micheal

JF Kindered
Mainstream media is like eating at Mcdonald's: it's fast, available everywhere and will make you fat and stupid. The real news is like eating high quality steak: it's rare, expensive, hard to find and once you get a taste for it, everything else tastes like crap.
Comment from : JF Kindered

Crazy. People still wanna take the vaccine after that nurse passed out
Comment from : KNX

R Evans
What a huge P0S
Comment from : R Evans

Comment from : SOLDIER OF CHRIST

Jeff Robinson
This guy is creepy
Comment from : Jeff Robinson

Alice Faye
a million thumbs down to this globalist puppet who is hell bent on pushing forward the nwo
Comment from : Alice Faye

Lance Martel
Why doesn't he go skiing in an avalanche area like his dead brother???
Comment from : Lance Martel

Doru Barbu
Din you get your Pfizer vaccine, M. TRUDEAU??? Did you get yours??? I want to see you...IN A REAL VIDEO, WITH A REAL SHOT IN YOUR HAND...NOT A FAKE ONE...OK??? Please...:)
Comment from : Doru Barbu

Sasa Novak
Thank you Justin for the vaccine ! Your the best PM ever!
Comment from : Sasa Novak

Come out of your luxury cottage that we paid for while we all suffer you evil man! Karma will get you.
Comment from : Michelle

Jeremie Soueidi
Comment from : Jeremie Soueidi

Bill Cuming
Really? 500K in January? We have 35M+ people in Canada! Fail Fail Fail! I will count the people who will die because of your incompetence, and just pray I am not one of them.
Comment from : Bill Cuming

Trudeau is also training Chinese military so that they can handle our conditions and says he wants Canada to be a communist country like China...but anyway
Comment from : Bodhi

Daisy K
Mr. Trudeau, you keep upsetting me when I had a big crush on you. 😥
Comment from : Daisy K

Duncan White
Make the Trudeau family take the vaccines first
Comment from : Duncan White

Ska Sc
Canadian arrested for playing hockey, but going to the malls is ok?
Comment from : Ska Sc

Maxwell Memme
Happy Friday everyone. 0:03
Comment from : Maxwell Memme

Appropriated Productions
There is the covid virus and then there's what this creature gets up to.

I will have it charged with treason by the end of 2022

Comment from : Appropriated Productions

Dan Grather
So stupid how he comes out that door like he’s so important. It makes me laugh.
Comment from : Dan Grather

rolando lamotta
Another kind of VIRUS is talking, this time wearing suit & tie.
Comment from : rolando lamotta

Dipping into our savings to dig yourself out of the whole you put us in
Comment from : Soarpasta

Wow the conspiracy theorist facebook group is coordinating their reactions in the comment section again 🙄
Comment from : ciaoAJ

Dream on never I will I put that poison ☠️ in me .
Comment from : LiveToPlayGuitar

Brad Doering
Maybe time to see what is going on in the usa .and how it affects canada .seriously priminister!!!!!!!how much is hidden here at home
Comment from : Brad Doering

Dre Day
Welcome to communism Canada, you can thank China for this and there wont be nothing nice no more.
Comment from : Dre Day

Daisy K
You want us to stay safe, why don't stop spraying our skies with your deadly chemicals. 🤮🤮
Comment from : Daisy K

The Russian Biker
Vaccine against flu was created more, than 70 years ago, but flu still with us.
Comment from : The Russian Biker

I have no faith in our government. You never answer questions, you dodge them, change the topic, or answer in a nonsensical way that makes us feel like you are either a really obvious liar, or suffering from dementia.
I feel sick when I listen to you. That someone can blatantly lie to our faces and we have to roll with it otherwise there are legal consequences.
Also -
If you and Doug Ford can make an exception and go on vacation and visit family, we can too.
I'll just apologise after like you both.
You are not above the rest of us.
Sorry, not sorry.

Comment from : Maiden

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