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Information 5 DIY Temporary Christmas Sweaters - HGTV Handmade

Title : 5 DIY Temporary Christmas Sweaters - HGTV Handmade

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Frames 5 DIY Temporary Christmas Sweaters - HGTV Handmade

Description 5 DIY Temporary Christmas Sweaters - HGTV Handmade

5 DIY Temporary Christmas Sweaters - HGTV Handmade

5 DIY Temporary Christmas Sweaters - HGTV Handmade

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HGTV Handmade
HGTV Handmade 2 months ago

Which of these temporary Christmas sweaters would you wear?

Katarina Mrkela
Katarina Mrkela 2 months ago


Oralis Icelo
Oralis Icelo 2 months ago

The snowman !!! So cute

Sidney Alcorn
Sidney Alcorn 2 months ago

The snowman one because it was so cute and adorable and so beautiful

Deacon Dave Larrabee
Deacon Dave Larrabee 2 months ago


Jennifer McKitrick
Jennifer McKitrick 2 months ago

I like the tinsel sweater the best.

Kori Elaine
Kori Elaine 2 months ago

The tassels are my favourite 😍

Oonagh72 2 months ago

I actually liked all of them a lot.

Craft Bazaar
Craft Bazaar 2 months ago

Great ideas! Aaaaaand if you put the snowman elements onto a slightly yellowish sweater it takes the meaning of "Ugly" sweater to a whole new level ;))))

Like Me Or Don’t
Like Me Or Don’t 2 months ago

OMG! Love them all!!!

Anouk Ketelaars
Anouk Ketelaars 2 months ago

I think the snow man is the cutest.
I sewed some white rick-rack and colored buttons to a brown hoodie to give it a gingerbread-look!

Kristen Bozard
Kristen Bozard 2 months ago

So cute! I love the Christmas tree elbows!!

nicola wine
nicola wine 2 months ago

The snowman

Marilyn Hernandez
Marilyn Hernandez 2 months ago

Love them all. Going to save this video for next year’s ugly Christmas sweater decoration party. Thank you!🎄

Beatrice LaManna
Beatrice LaManna 2 months ago

Love all of these ideas!

Stacey Boling
Stacey Boling 2 months ago

I like them all

jules p
jules p 2 months ago

Oh they are all so cute. But I love the tinsel

madhurima 2 months ago

Ho ho ho 🎅

Paige Mull
Paige Mull 2 months ago

Oh Karen they are all such cute sweaters!!! Idk which one I like best as I really like them all!! I love the tinsel, the tassels, the trees on the sleeves ( that’s fun to say!)well, like I said, all of them!!! Thanks for such a good and fun idea! ❤️💜💚 MERRY CHRISTMAS KAREN!

stephanie owens
stephanie owens 2 months ago

These are awesome ideas!! Will be using these for next week's ugly Christmas sweater party!

Jahmal Wright
Jahmal Wright 2 months ago

Great ideas. Loved the Ho Ho Ho and the snowman. Samantha

Olivia Coxon
Olivia Coxon 2 months ago

I think these are all great ideas, I think my fave is the snowman but this video totally panicked me as I freaked out about how I'd seen this before even though this is a new video. I was freaking out I'd dreamed it exactly like this or it was deja vu or something. Turns out I saw it on Facebook a week ago 😂

Janet Nieves
Janet Nieves 2 months ago

Cute idea

Sunshine In Denver
Sunshine In Denver 2 months ago

I love them all. I want to combine all of them. Elbow patches, ho ho ho, tinsel, and tassels would be the ultimate ugly sweater!

Pattie Dannewitz
Pattie Dannewitz 2 months ago

Very good ideas. All of them was my favorite.

Jagoda Piątek
Jagoda Piątek 2 months ago

Omg I love that! I will do the christmas tree

Nicole Brown
Nicole Brown 2 months ago

So fun! My favorites are the elbow patches & Ho Ho Ho. 😊

Morpha Ahprom
Morpha Ahprom 2 months ago

what a great idea! the last one is very festive :D

Lyndi Olinger
Lyndi Olinger 2 months ago

Cute ideas and u get to keep your sweater in good shape too! If its cold enuf to wear the sweater on other holidays, u can accessorize it accordingly, so thanks, good idea!

kimmie drummer
kimmie drummer 2 months ago

Snowman ☃️

CouzCat 2 months ago

Such fun ideas. I vote for the tinsel sweater, a girl's Gotta glitter :)

Pam Preast
Pam Preast 2 months ago

Love the snowman face....TFS

Shelby JM
Shelby JM 2 months ago

Snowman was fav!

Eman 2 months ago

Last one is the best!

Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez 2 months ago

Super cute ideas for ugly sweaters. Big Tx hugs from South Tx.

nelly G
nelly G 2 months ago


Karen Kavett DIY
Karen Kavett DIY 2 months ago

I'm so happy that this video is up! I love how all of these sweaters turned out!