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Felipe Kennedy
Felipe Kennedy 2 months ago

and while they go on babbling the curse of ISAIAH24 and PSALMs 91 will continue until the return of the the WORD OF GOD.

Fred de Pauw
Fred de Pauw 2 months ago

If this so called deadly virus is so dangerous, why are there no bio-hazard bins for masks and gloves? Why is it that the actual mortality rate so low when TB is also a airborne "virus" and more deadly and nobody is wearing masks? Why is washing hands so important, then the rest of the clothing and body is then virus free? STOP FEEDING LIES TO THE PUBLIC...

The404Studios 2 months ago

Just buy air humidifiers, college studies show it works on all Viruses.

Arcanum 2 months ago

This is why you need to be wearing a real respirator when entering a public building. You can buy a half mask respirator with P100 filter (HEPA) cartridges online. About $30 to $50 bucks. North and 3M are both well known brands but there are others. If fitted properly and there is no beard growth, and a good face seal, they can provide 100% filtration of virus particles. The next best is a N95 or P95. They provide up to 95% filtration down to 0.3 microns (individual virus particles 0.15 microns are rare, they are usually stuck to other particles or water so they are larger). If you have questions check out the NIOSH website. They approve respirators for OSHA (the agency that protects workers who work in hazardous jobs such as asbestos). Make sure the respirator you wear is NIOSH approved. They have a posted a useful table of international testing on various brands of N95s. Face coverings won't protect you because they do not filter the air you breathe.

Mike Duggan
Mike Duggan 2 months ago

Massive murderous incompetence by the WHO.

EdiKani Pikir Tembang Coretan

My think said the Logic 3 month before WHO

alfred Hocs
alfred Hocs 2 months ago

If you are the right country. You have to take responsibility. Not running away or looking for excuses .. Don't justify any means for your Chinese ambitions

el malan malan
el malan malan 2 months ago

If covid19 is airborne why people don't wear mask inside the house? 🤔 We open our doors and windows
Total BS air is everywhere

Paninii 2 months ago

cough at respiratory mentioned

Antonio Raphael
Antonio Raphael 2 months ago

The solution to Covid-19 and all other airbourne viruses is here

Angela Kempsey
Angela Kempsey 2 months ago

The hands of an essential worker ( Please watch this )

Orce Tata
Orce Tata 2 months ago

almost half of the planet without school is increasingly missing a hospital and more...

A Human
A Human 2 months ago

Never a straight up answer, is it ?
Q.) Is coronavirus airborne ?
A.) Djifkskwloxoxkdkkwkalwllelelemndbcnckflmdmsmmakwnwbwbbdndkckdkmsnwnxjckfoodkfjgntneldlkwkwmskkxkcjfjensmlapalwkwkwnndjcjcjdjsnnamsksksm.

Just say - YES OR NO ?!!??

W.T. Flux
W.T. Flux 2 months ago

More ignorant fear mongering and useless propaganda. Meanwhile there is ZERO REAL SCIENCE based evidence that covid can be airborne transmitted at all. NONE.

Sudipta Basu
Sudipta Basu 2 months ago

Why you people not wearing masks 😡

rundoetx 2 months ago

There is overwhelming evidence that the virus is spreading through airborne transmission. The WHO has had the data since April. They are dragging their feet comfirming data that has been already comfirmed by dozens of studies. The virus can survive much longer than originally thought. And can be recirculated through enclosed air conditioning and heating systems.

AL Dor for shore
AL Dor for shore 2 months ago

Do we have to wear masks in our Graves to keep from spreading to the other dead people?🤔

AL Dor for shore
AL Dor for shore 2 months ago

Mr. News Channel this coronavirus is spreading so fast it has now spread to other planets even in the summertime how long before we all die?😱😢

Triicia Manuel
Triicia Manuel 2 months ago


kyunhwoarang 2 months ago

Every country that had worse cases of Covid19 is either not taking the virus seriously (namely USA and Brazil) or doesn't have experience dealing with this scale of infection rate..

Read history, there had been many pandemic all over the world and were deadly. Back then fields of medicine was not advanced and death numbers were sky high.

I am sad to know that irresponsible politicians made WHO as scapegoat will only make matters worse for their own country. They have been advised to take measures comprehensively instead they are only worry about their money.

You can recover your economy, but you can never bring back the dead.


It's because of China
China has been a major threat for whole globe

Patricia Cardiff
Patricia Cardiff 2 months ago

agapa89 2 months ago

That is very right. I seen a plains on very high altitude making cloud like lines. I have no doubt where this covid coming from. . This all expert paid by DS should go to hell along with doctors who manipulating us with false data.

Curiosity Guru
Curiosity Guru 2 months ago

Research has shown Airborne transmission instances occurring since Jan/Feb. There's no way it could spread at this rate. Entire apartment complexes getting infected and the only thing the various units and families had in common was the same air system. Chinese researchers reported fecal viability and transmission into the air via fecal fumes months ago. We've also found instances of animals being infected apparently from humans. But regardless of the debate and denial, it's pretty evident NOW that there are many conditions in which airborne transmission occurs, and 6 feet is a sufficient recommendation only if droplets are the only concern… And under what condition would that be?Outside? Yes it's a lot to figure out. Maybe even impossible to figure out. And yes they don't want to spark mass panic. But look at the United States. Avoiding the issue and not sparking panic and denying science hasn't helped the situation, now has it? So Whyyyyyyyyy is the one organization that supposed to notify the world and be an example in a room without masks on?! How can you give others a directive to wear masks and you don't wear one. Even cognitive dissonance isn't helping me pretend I can reconcile this one

Ramakant Soni
Ramakant Soni 2 months ago

Most useless thing in whole world : WHO .....

Global Science TV
Global Science TV 2 months ago

Updated advice:

IX VIII 2 months ago

I just wonder (seriously wonder) about what's WHO has done for reducing Covid-19 infection

FlyBee 2 months ago

wHo named it covi-19?!

Vishal Gomes
Vishal Gomes 2 months ago

Why dont u all share the vaccine which u all took from china as i can see very well u all aint taking and protection neither wearing mask.

trackrunner11 2 months ago

Question: is it possible to spread the virus via drones or through agricultural type sprayers from aircraft ?

lizdeep56 2 months ago

Useless organization!!!

Bibhuti Mohanty
Bibhuti Mohanty 2 months ago

Worst health organisation

Dillan 2 months ago

WHO has turned into an f'ing clown,... They are supposed to be a group of professionals but instead we see clowns

spacy 2 months ago

I want to know exactly how long does it stay in air....Indoors? Can you take an empty elevator occupied by infected person 1 min ago and get infected?

Sachin Chaudhari
Sachin Chaudhari 2 months ago

why all they not wore maks while this meeting?

Les jumelles
Les jumelles 2 months ago

so masks r useless!!! 2 months ago

Well i want this is zombie virus

Guru Bangsa
Guru Bangsa 2 months ago

COVID TRANSMISSION - 19 BY AIR Because it is light, blown by air, that's the logic! March 22, I have already revealed that

DI AKO SI emperor-18
DI AKO SI emperor-18 2 months ago

hula hula

Lionel Barry
Lionel Barry 2 months ago

Members of W H O think again about your membership,W H O is not in the interest of the people of this world,I believe that Tedros works directly for China.

Timothy Carter
Timothy Carter 2 months ago

If this is airborne, and I'm pretty sure it is, we are seeing the beginning or the end of the virus! Think about it, the invisible monster, slowly taking people out, it's unseen and people don't know when it's next to them or not! Just keep a positive outlook, and mentally be strong, because the covid19 also attacks mental illnesses as well as the pulmonary function of the body.

antyhingforeverything New

2:29 😬😬😬

Achamyeleh Kassie
Achamyeleh Kassie 2 months ago

Dr 'adhanom'....Amhara Genocide in ETHIOPIA |!!!|!|! Please world listen
!!! No mass media has told you. All our girls and women are injected by
forceful sterilizing injection not to breed. He denied two major
cholera outbreaks as an Ethiopian health minister. Why do you think he
is put as a WHO director ??? He is a good candidate for depopulation
|!|!|! I am responsible for any question you may ask. He is a murderer
and TPLF genocidal member and sellout for Chinese government !!!

The Stark Knight Returns

If WHO and Tedros in particular weren't China sell-outs, we wouldn't have reached to the point we are right now.

S T 2 months ago

Who is “They”... the networks she calls them, who are bringing forth this new information? It is absolutely wrong how vague they are being on such a horrible new line of evidence that will only stir up more chaos and fear.

EdiKani Pikir Tembang Coretan

What WHO RESPONSIBILITY that CoViD-19 transmitted in AC room/cabin?

TruthHasSpoken 2 months ago

WHO is a disaster. Evidence of airborne transmission was there months ago. I'm not a trump fan but he was exactly right to pull funding. Let China fund it 100%.

Harimau Malay
Harimau Malay 2 months ago

don't trust who

00 7
00 7 2 months ago

Sit down in your fancy office and do nothing who is a joke
.... What have you really done?

Jimmy a.k.a Jimbo
Jimmy a.k.a Jimbo 2 months ago

If covid19 is airborne, then why she is mask-less?

AR 2 months ago

So you guys have failed us once again

Lexyvil 2 months ago

We're doing well because we're following the WHO guidelines, which the U.S and Brazil should strictly do as well. The most important protocols are listed in the "Advice for the Public" page of their site, only a click a away.

Rajeev Sharma
Rajeev Sharma 2 months ago

April 1, what the hell..u should have know the second it started..what were u doing before that..was WHO holding back to spread this virus?

parvin eblagh
parvin eblagh 2 months ago

Help video.

Joy 2 months ago

CORONA VIRUS IS AIRBORNE , question it's how it's spread all over the world because it's actually airborne !!

Joy 2 months ago


rajesh siva
rajesh siva 2 months ago

If Covid-19 virus is air borne whether still it's required to place asymptomatic individual on quarantine on reaching a New location after a long travel or guidelines on precautions to be adhered needs to be revised

Haram Cat
Haram Cat 2 months ago

The End is near Trust The Lord Jesus Repent Of ur Sin
Im warning U

Surya Rana
Surya Rana 2 months ago

WHO mistake will cost world billion of life and all this will happen because they just care for there image and China image more then life of billions of peaple

21 kishor patil
21 kishor patil 2 months ago

We have bring new WHO after this corona virus

Garfield 2 months ago

why would US need WHO if since november been warned by CIA about this plauge? because US need WHO to say negative about someone.

Ikhlasul Amal Abdal
Ikhlasul Amal Abdal 2 months ago

Edede ku kana ja. Mana sempat? Keburu pandemi

Farida Soemawidjaja
Farida Soemawidjaja 2 months ago

WHO is slow alright.

Souneek Chakraborty
Souneek Chakraborty 2 months ago

The problem with WHO that they never tell anything concrete 1st WHO failed to inform countries about the virus 2nd they themselves are confused in every matter 3rd WHO first said vaccine may never come but not there are promising results in short WHO cannot be trusted and worst organization trying to cover up china

Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh 2 months ago

These two technical leads remind me of software developers who knows they screw up badly somewhere in software development process and now trying to explain away the issue!!!

rons4620 2 months ago

Too late what a joke

italiav100 2 months ago

WHO fraud

DNTV 2 months ago

I’m not one of those conspiracy theorists that thinks this is a hoax. I’m taking this seriously. However, if airborne transmission was really that prevalent then why aren’t the crowded beaches in New Jersey getting tons of new cases? Why aren’t thousands and thousands of doctors getting sick? Why aren’t people taking public transportation getting sick? I know people in these categories are getting sick but if airborne transmission were really as bad as what they now say, after changing their mind for the 10th time, wouldn’t the numbers be astronomical? Wouldn’t every single person riding on the subway get sick if just 1 sick person rode it that day? There’s even been cases of multiple covid positive patients in the same room as other people and only a few of those other people caught it.

Shubham Kansara
Shubham Kansara 2 months ago

These peoples are really stupid, They are saying that Covid - 19 is airborne. Where is their masks????
Now, this is the China's plan to busy the world in these Covid - 19 that it is a Airborne disease so they can boost their economy by downgrading others..... Nonsense!!!!

linh nguyen
linh nguyen 2 months ago

14th, January: well, no clear evidence of human to human transmission
February: well, the virus is on the surface
March: well, masks don't help much but let’s call it a pandemic
Nearly 12 millions cases later:
7, July: well it could be airborne. We are looking into that
lmao =>>>

Iris Gudrun
Iris Gudrun 2 months ago


Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh 2 months ago

I was angry when three months ago, the USA announced withdrawal from WHO!!!
Now I understand and support it myself and think other countries should follow as well!!!

rosenwyn walford
rosenwyn walford 2 months ago

Who are corrupt you just are making crap up, if it's airborne wheres your masks.

Sparky 2 months ago

For DECADES, Japanese people have been wearing masks when they're sick. It is not to protect themselves, but to protect others. As sneezing, coughing etc etc can increase the chance to spread their sickness. I'm not saying COVID-19 is the common cold, nor am I saying I'm an expert about this. However, it seems like a very logical thing to deduce that wearing a mask will, in part, help to prevent the spread of the disease, considering it's a respiratory virus.
It sucks wearing a mask, even in the summer. However, symptoms of COVID-19 are reported to be various across people, some very light and some very extreme. You could actually be carrying it without even knowing and spreading it by your cough or sneeze which distributes it into the air, and on to surfaces, that other people will touch, etc.
It is simply just common sense to do what you can to protect yourself and others around you by wearing a mask when going out in public places.
Wear a mask, carry around in a portable container alcohol sanitizer (70%+) and disinfect everything you're about to touch.
Seems extreme, but small price to ask to save yourself and others.

Hairolnizam Basiron
Hairolnizam Basiron 2 months ago

Okay we will be keep on fighting until covid19 over, do the job until you done keep on contact tracing until covid19 is clearly over around the world, understand understood

s shareef
s shareef 2 months ago

WHO is not yet disclosing its as a pandemic and moreover after a very long time not yet confirming corona virus as a airborne transmitted virus even after huge loss to the entire world.. Something is definitely fishy at WHO

Brutally Honest
Brutally Honest 2 months ago

Tedros is a criminal, he has China's money in his pocket.

Merule Is
Merule Is 2 months ago

*attach big oof meme

Prepe Lica
Prepe Lica 2 months ago


angus d
angus d 2 months ago

I think they have been sitting in their rooms just relaxing all these years, churning out numbers on the basis of what was fed to them by the national authorities of a country suffering an epidemic. The first real test and they were shown up for what the were.

Peter Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick

Useless bunch of Muppets..

angus d
angus d 2 months ago

USA did the right thing by cutting off financing to this inefficient Organisation.

DD 2 months ago

WHO is a joke. Totally lost control on the pandemic. China lied people died.

brock chipchura
brock chipchura 2 months ago

When this whole thing broke out and places started closing joe rogan podcast had a doctor on that was explaining this. Why did they take so long for people to report on? I work in construction and everyone kept saying just wash your hands... How many people died because of this advice? We are adults here just be honest if you actually care I should be hearing this from mainstream media not a damn podcast. I really wish there was honest journalism still. The kind they had back in the 60's and 70's. My generation only gets this bias bs these days.

Thesilverthunder777 2 months ago


Eugene L
Eugene L 2 months ago

Incompetent WHO officials should all be tried for crime against humanity.

roscoe Car
roscoe Car 2 months ago

2.27 This is a respatory pathogen.. (cough) 😰😳😬

Chris KC
Chris KC 2 months ago

They finally learned it’s contagious

Paul F
Paul F 2 months ago

Emerging evidence? How about WHO protecting the WORLD, rather than protecting CHI-NAH!! They are a JOKE!!

Ether Secure
Ether Secure 2 months ago

lol, I guess they assumed infections up to this point have all been from people French-kissing each other.

Acg blah
Acg blah 2 months ago

Do as told.
Hush, the Teleprompter gods are speaking.
Take in there non stop driving in of the Plandemic.
"Breaking! Spike in leaves falling somewhere on earth due to [insert a covid narrative]."

"Cases spike" "cases surge" cases cases cases.  Illness and mortality is too low, in response to pump the Plandemic is all about the "cases".

I will summerize news for this year.  Ahhhhh! COVID-19!  A group here... covid "cases" spike.  A group there... covid "cases" surge.  The goal in this phase of the Plandemic is "cases".  News will not assert that those that showed freedom became sick or tested positive.  News will just plant that seed into mind.  End of summary.

Ignore decades of CDC statistics.
Worship your covid stricken celebrities.
Worry not of the insanely large number of cancer cases nor the large number of nuke test that will leave fallout for ages.
Pay your income tax, state tax, sales tax, gas tax, property tax, hoa fees, car registration, parking fines.
Look into the flashy light thing now.

Back to sleep you go. But before you do try viewing these videos.

Juan Corona
Juan Corona 2 months ago

I suggest going to LBRY.TV and watch all the banned/censored videos from Immunologists who speak the TRUTH about this HOAX.

Joseph D'Angelo
Joseph D'Angelo 2 months ago

Biomedical field has barley a 50% replication rate. Not even an 18% triangulation rate. Its not a science at all and no one in the feild is an expert on anything until it reaches 95% or higher.

like the rest of the fake science fields that can't replicate anything but always claim their pseudoscience means oppression for everyone.

Ryan Montgomery
Ryan Montgomery 2 months ago

Uh, not again. Always news about Covid. Stay safe. Free workouts to get in shape on my YouTube if you're interested...

Drone256 2 months ago

We’ve known since February there is airborne transmission. Does WHO really require 3 minutes to say, “we’re still looking into that.”

Octos Alias
Octos Alias 2 months ago

WHO is a dumpster fire. Wouldn't even call it a pandemic when it was clearly the definition of a pandemic.

My journey
My journey 2 months ago

Too late. Damaged had done

Syed Jafar
Syed Jafar 2 months ago

What is the new guidelines all over the world locked r not ?

BoSS Clan
BoSS Clan 2 months ago

Not surprising since airlines say that having the middle seat empty doesn’t make any difference and is only for show

Saiyan MGTOW
Saiyan MGTOW 2 months ago