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Oumaima Laari
Oumaima Laari 2 months ago

I'm coming from the future 🤣2020 It's a crazy year 😂😂💔

y e
y e 2 months ago

Only thing that I can do is to enjoy your vids!You can't explain how amazing is it!

Renato Mehmetaj
Renato Mehmetaj 2 months ago

Funny momements

Dedo Ti
Dedo Ti 2 months ago

Did you just record a video drunk? Cool. Cheers from Sydney Australia. Awesome Bulgaria! Have a good adventure

Not a tourist, not a local

So how did you make it to Sofia in the end? Hitchhiked from Kratovo?

Bolg RR
Bolg RR 2 months ago

it’s a good place