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anshu garg
anshu garg 2 months ago

Perfect option for anyone on a budget.

ROYGAMEBOY 2 months ago

Wow great vid! Love the Hero 3 style and your chill vibes footage

Erdem Çelik
Erdem Çelik 2 months ago

go pro hero 3 is still precious

romulo souza
romulo souza 2 months ago

Esses videos foram gravados na gopro hero 3 black ?

Americo Hagim
Americo Hagim 2 months ago

Will this be good for airsoft?

Diego Flores
Diego Flores 2 months ago

Fuck Quarantine. I'm going crazy :(

Natalie Norberg
Natalie Norberg 2 months ago

Is this white silver or black edition?

ninja 95
ninja 95 2 months ago

How many literes do u have your backpack?

JPZ 2 months ago

12/30/2019. Back to experience life without stabilizing technology

Corrin 2 months ago

if anyone wants this gopro its now super cheap on amazon!!!

ألم `
ألم ` 2 months ago

Looks like an iphone 7 camera, damn bro

Abderrahim Bouchareb
Abderrahim Bouchareb 2 months ago

لي حيرني عندك 591 مشترك ،وفيديو شافوه 800 الف !!! واوو

Scuffed Al Capone
Scuffed Al Capone 2 months ago


Γιώργος Κουρουπακης

Ωραίο τατουάζ!!

Zildjian Beats
Zildjian Beats 2 months ago

Holy hell, those boys need to lift! My wrist is bigger than their arms! Sheet son!

Ethan Duke
Ethan Duke 2 months ago

Why does my hero 3 quality suck?? Anyone know?

john carambat
john carambat 2 months ago

How did you get such good slow mo I thought the Hero 3 only did 60 frames a second

Allotmental 2 months ago

Am I the only go Go Pro user that doesn't swim, ski, bike, run or fly? 🙄

Freshomativ 2 months ago

1:16 the name of the effect pls and wich settings do u have for the go pro

The Thailand 101
The Thailand 101 2 months ago

1080p x 60fps ?

Kleins 2 months ago

I have that one camera gopro hero 3 black edition

S.A. 2 months ago

Man, you compressed the hell out of that video and music.

The music is way tooo loud, amk, I think I'm gonna start listening to vinyls only :))

Matthew Proffitt
Matthew Proffitt 2 months ago

Help me out and go check out my latest video!

ae4xo 2 months ago


Rachel Clauser
Rachel Clauser 2 months ago

Love this video. Wish I had great editing skills!

Thamires Queiroz
Thamires Queiroz 2 months ago

que vontade de ter uma pena que não tenho dinheiro

Marlon Belden
Marlon Belden 2 months ago

Hey everyone! I am a young filmmaker who makes action based mini movies with my hero 5 black , I would appreciate it if you checked them out :D. Have a good day !

thaihour seng
thaihour seng 2 months ago

How to edit the video

cristoph Columbus
cristoph Columbus 2 months ago

what is the difference between white and Silver edition

Jonathan Lassen
Jonathan Lassen 2 months ago

Subscribe here for a new GoPro channel. Going to be coming out with new productions soon.

GatheredParty 2 months ago

You are the Best!!!!!

Aureelvisuals 2 months ago

Awesome video ! please check my new video aventura <3

Timotej Hofbauer
Timotej Hofbauer 2 months ago

Nice edit ;) Check my channel aswell..just subbed you

Nessa Javier
Nessa Javier 2 months ago

Which Hero 3 is this? White or silver? :)

Javier Calatrava
Javier Calatrava 2 months ago

I want to go there so bad, another SUB from me, plus congrats on the huge hit of this video! I also upload Gopro adventure videos and edits on my channel. I just uploaded a GoPro edit of one of my adventures skiing in Colorado, it would be awesome if you could check it out and subscribe if you like it!

Vojtěch Leitkep
Vojtěch Leitkep 2 months ago

ty jsi cech ?

Lets Go Pro TM
Lets Go Pro TM 2 months ago


Michael570xm 2 months ago

What camera resolution was this in ? Thanks

Jason Beeton
Jason Beeton 2 months ago

Can you post the destination list in order on the video??

Odysseas Turner
Odysseas Turner 2 months ago

Αλήθεια...Ελλαδαρα ρε!!

Ken Ztopolovky
Ken Ztopolovky 2 months ago

How do I achieve the slow motion effect ? Is there a camera video speed setting or does the camera come with a free video editing software? Thanks

Tolis Iliopoulos
Tolis Iliopoulos 2 months ago

silver or black edition?

Alcertrax 2 months ago

Song name? :D

CYBORG 2 months ago

Hey michael where exactly on kauai is it on 04:12? I really need to know

sebastian.wkm 2 months ago

Love this video :)

Nattapat Saleepol
Nattapat Saleepol 2 months ago

how you setting color ??? flat or gopro color ???

rachel feldberg
rachel feldberg 2 months ago

This is so sick!! Check my hawaii vid out :)

Andrew Feng
Andrew Feng 2 months ago

hey, what are your gopro hero 3 settings?

SahirGaming 2 months ago

What is used to edit this video?

Jacob Lopez
Jacob Lopez 2 months ago

Go pro settings?

Vanjo-Cee 2 months ago

these guys are cool, adventurous and sporty looking... AWESOME video guys! I love it..

Desiree Renee
Desiree Renee 2 months ago

What camera stick did you use?

PNYprepper 2 months ago

awesome video!

xoxlovejacqueline 2 months ago

legit so cool I'm crying

Grant Kammeyer
Grant Kammeyer 2 months ago

what editing program did you use for this?

madison bailey
madison bailey 2 months ago

Does anyone know which island this is?

Apo Ked
Apo Ked 2 months ago

Is any of these guys Greek because I think the one holding the camera stick at the start has a tattoo spelling "αλήθεια" which means truth in greek? 
@Michael Jezak

Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald 2 months ago

А че уродлевее девок не было?

Andrés Arévalo
Andrés Arévalo 2 months ago

4:00 that guy looks like a young Jarno from The Dudesons

Zen Anderson
Zen Anderson 2 months ago

Hey man I'm headed to Hawaii in about a week or so.. Its my first time and I'm really into filming and photography, what did you mostly use on your trip? Thanks for your time and what an awesome shot you put together!! Props man

Mao Salpheapboth
Mao Salpheapboth 2 months ago

would you mind telling me the song

Mike Garfum
Mike Garfum 2 months ago

Enter your exciting videos at Garfum online video contest website. We offer 10 cash prizes each month for the top rated videos. Stop by and check it out. This would be perfect for our adventure category.

Albano Prifti
Albano Prifti 2 months ago

what kind of slow mo is in 1:23 ?

Anthony Hemp
Anthony Hemp 2 months ago

Awesome work, very well put together, music goes perfect. #Respect   #hempirestudios  

BeautyByIsi13 2 months ago

so dope

Real Life Action TV
Real Life Action TV 2 months ago

I like it great video fell free to subscribe to my channel there I have a lot of GoPro videos thank you great video.

Noah Camaj
Noah Camaj 2 months ago

Michael... if i may ask, how much did this trip cost you per person?

Kris91 2 months ago

See my go pro videos ;)

jim nicholson
jim nicholson 2 months ago

ahhh i love my gopro. got a awesome cheap deal on amazon

Jared Sharp
Jared Sharp 2 months ago

should have used the 720p60fps for the slow mo, would have looked way cooler!

Unholy 2 months ago

Its kind of scary what about if you cant float shit I know the got a rock to stay underwater cool

ocular ocular
ocular ocular 2 months ago

Nice video, I want ask you whick mode you used 1080 wide or 4,4 k and have do modifid by studio hero program or not ?,
thanks friends

nucibus 2 months ago

what were your settings..

King_Dapperr 2 months ago


Andreas Kezelis
Andreas Kezelis 2 months ago

amazing but whats the name of the pole you used?

shannon piele
shannon piele 2 months ago


Gazla Studio
Gazla Studio 2 months ago

Great video bro. Check out my party gopro videos ;)

Jack Rodgers
Jack Rodgers 2 months ago

+Michael Jezak Great video man, Can I ask one Question though. What editing software did you use?

Caden G
Caden G 2 months ago

what islands is it ?

Luca Tsang
Luca Tsang 2 months ago


bien mendoza
bien mendoza 2 months ago

What program did you use to edit this?

Charlotte R.B
Charlotte R.B 2 months ago


andrutexx 2 months ago

That movie's awesome! i have 18 years old and in this year i will ending school. After exams i gonna start travel around the world and movies like this make me excite! Thx guys for that!!!! 😊

Charmie Lo
Charmie Lo 2 months ago

Great video. Next thing on my wishlist.

Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing 2 months ago

Love this!!

JP Dee
JP Dee 2 months ago


arizonadeux 2 months ago

Nice video! I appreciate your cutting in post..what program did you use? And which song is it?

Buk Bet
Buk Bet 2 months ago

Guys, what song is this?

Sutton Kredt
Sutton Kredt 2 months ago

What beaches did you guys go to in Hawaii?!

Diana A
Diana A 2 months ago

Now I wanna get one for sure

Diana A
Diana A 2 months ago


GoLeo 2 months ago

Just posted my first gopro video last night let me know what you guys think:-)

ASVideo 2 months ago

Nice video but your Twixtor effect is not perfect... :/

I'm Here to Say
I'm Here to Say 2 months ago

I just bought my GoPro Hero 3+. I LOVE it! I can't wait to start filming everything and edit some great videos :D

Devan1204 2 months ago

I luv the vid but the slo mo part with the cliff was bad

M Schmieder
M Schmieder 2 months ago

incredibel Pictures awesome!!

Veve Σigma
Veve Σigma 2 months ago

song name is wicked game instrumental edition, thanks shazam lol

Veve Σigma
Veve Σigma 2 months ago

music pls ?

John Anning
John Anning 2 months ago

Does anyone know what this songs called?