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GRWM | Look Fantastic Haul

GRWM | Look Fantastic Haul

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Vulgar Beauty
Vulgar Beauty 2 months ago

Will you do a what’s in my bag🥰💖thanks


Again, classically simple,...but you have a real knack of making your look edgy, put together and just beautiful. I love the casual everyday background noises and little interuptions 🥰. This is real life Shaz, and little Bertie loves to be involved too 👌👌! All of this means you are on our wavelength completely, that's why your videos are great to watch girl..... oh and that's not a make-up's make-up that's worn, loved and shared with us, to create beautiful looks and give us inspiration, without any fussiness or drama 💃💄.
Makes my day seeing you have a new video...... YES, a chatty video would be FAB!! LOVE it xx

Jodi M.
Jodi M. 2 months ago

Recreating this today! So pretty!

Tammy Roy
Tammy Roy 2 months ago

Enjoying my morning coffee with you is just the BEST! And you always have the most awesome mugs☺️.
Living Proof Dry Shampoo is my fav- my hair feels actually clean when I use it! And this look is what I love for every day:)
Xo from across the pond 🇨🇦

Lee VIBROUGE 2 months ago

Loved the look Shaz. I laughed so loudly when you were looking out the window asking what was going on! You just make laugh bc we are so much alike in our mannerisms and personality. I could feel your frustration at being interrupted constantly and I could totally relate to filling up on petrol. I DESPISE it. In fact I always try to get it my son to come do it for me but if he can’t well then I have no choice. And girl all our makeup tables look like that! Have a fantastic week my friend!❤️

Karen Crocker
Karen Crocker 2 months ago

Hey Shaz, You are such a joy to watch! Thank you for taking us along with you today. I loved the thick eye liner. I’m going to start doing that again. I don’t know why I stopped? I’m one of those people that when my gas tank gets to the half mark - I head to the gas station! Haha
Have a great rest of the week. I look forward to your next video.

Ruth Harris
Ruth Harris 2 months ago

Hi Shaz! Bummer about the eye cream, maybe best to return if you don’t like it. Your makeup came out great. I totally understand all the interruptions- I have a 2 year and never fails when I want to get work done she’ll come along 😆 also, yes, easily will lose stuff when I set them down 🤦🏽‍♀️. Can’t wait for your next video!

Amy Garard
Amy Garard 2 months ago

I do enjoy your chatty GRWM videos! Which perfumes are you considering?

M S 2 months ago

As always your makeup looks beautiful:) I totally get what you mean by forgetting stuff and interruptions! Maybe you can buy perfumes in sample sizes and then you can decide which ones you like to purchase, the perfumed court website is where l order samples and you can order different sample sizes Love your videos as always. Enjoy the rest of your week 😊 xx- Mariam

Amanda Cater
Amanda Cater 2 months ago

Completely with you on this! Getting lots of interruptions & distractions, losing things as soon as I’ve put things down, things in a mess - you had me well & truly chuckling. Thanks for the fab video, really cheered me up & the NYX primer defo on my list.

simplylunar 2 months ago

Nice everyday look and I enjoyed how you kept the video candid. I also hate driving with low gas but dh has no problem with it, often waiting till the gas light turns on. So annoying to have to go to a gas station first thing, like what if there was an emergency and I needed to get somewhere fast?

bxgal347 2 months ago

Girl u don’t have a mess on your makeup table!! It’s just products you use and haven’t put back lol I started to get into the habit of just putting g everything back so it doesn’t get to b a bigger mess plus I don’t have much room to lay stuff at on my dresser, your makeup looks amazing like it always does!!!!!!!!!!

bxgal347 2 months ago

Beautiful look!! Tfs xoxo

TheLaLa0825 2 months ago

Pretty, sweet friend! Lord if this video isn't me with a toddler I don't know what is. I can't do anything these days in peace. haha!!! Xo

barnes4031 2 months ago

I saw a new Living Proof dry shampoo called extreme clean, or something like that, and so I have to try it. I like a dry shampoo with some hold/texture.

Milica Marsha Stefanovich

I love how quick and easy this was, yet polished for the day. As for perfume, I no longer blind buy without smelling them. Too many times I’ve loved all the notes and then when I smell it, I’m utterly disappointed. Have a wonderful week 💖

Jenn Samuelson
Jenn Samuelson 2 months ago

I've been obsessing about new perfumes too

Jenn Samuelson
Jenn Samuelson 2 months ago

Day off and a new video 🤯🤩