10 Easy Christmas Nail Art Ideas - Nail Design Compilation


Natasha Lee

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Information 10 Easy Christmas Nail Art Ideas - Nail Design Compilation

Title : 10 Easy Christmas Nail Art Ideas - Nail Design Compilation

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Frames 10 Easy Christmas Nail Art Ideas - Nail Design Compilation

Description 10 Easy Christmas Nail Art Ideas - Nail Design Compilation

10 Easy Christmas Nail Art Ideas - Nail Design Compilation

10 Easy Christmas Nail Art Ideas - Nail Design Compilation

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Shellbug 2 months ago

I just love your channel! I always look so forward to new videos. You never let me down, plus I ALWAYS learn something new. What more could one want from a channel?! 😍❤😎🎄🎁

Jayne Griffiths
Jayne Griffiths 2 months ago

I love how you say these are easy I am one of those people who can only paint one hand really nice the other hand looks like I painted it int he dark 🤣 thank you I will try some of these on false nails merry Christmas 🎄

Rini playz roblox
Rini playz roblox 2 months ago

You deserve more subs

Anna Shaw
Anna Shaw 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 🎄

Colour Harmony - Nailartist

The Snowmen turned out really great - i love it ;-)

Arianna Patino
Arianna Patino 2 months ago


Naomy Danae López Flores

I love you😘

Alan Vaughan
Alan Vaughan 2 months ago


Alan Vaughan
Alan Vaughan 2 months ago

I was going to do something easy but that's. So good I don't know (FYI I'm a girl my brother did something and I don't know how to fix it)

Xavier Sierra
Xavier Sierra 2 months ago

Fea feafeafea

Ivy S
Ivy S 2 months ago


Nails 4 My
Nails 4 My 2 months ago

Hola hermosas les comparto mi nuevo video de uñas para navidad 🎄✨

Leslie melany Castro
Leslie melany Castro 2 months ago

i love it , thanks for this tutorial. just please let me know with king of painting you used, i used normal nail polish but it all take so long to dry, and when a put the clear nail polish, all the colours mixed

Roberta Vert
Roberta Vert 2 months ago


Minh Huyền - Nhật Ký Cuộc Sống

10 Easy Christmas Nail Art Ideas.. bạn vẽ nhanh và đẹp lắm, thanks love you

jaideep yadav
jaideep yadav 2 months ago


Heer Kataria
Heer Kataria 2 months ago

Thanks 😊☺️

Cassandra Harper
Cassandra Harper 2 months ago

These are very beautiful and you make it look easy.

Lop Hun
Lop Hun 2 months ago

I love this movie.

adolfo4817 2 months ago

Hello in the happy in this nail

Samimua Mentalhealth
Samimua Mentalhealth 2 months ago

What about adding glitter to the snowman top coat an adding the other thing after?

Paula Koncki
Paula Koncki 2 months ago

They are all too sweet! You just gave me the Christmas feeling!! and made me forget all about Covid!! Stay safe!! 💖💅

Blossom Lils
Blossom Lils 2 months ago

I am going to try these amazing nail ideas! Love them💘thanks so much💞you do have a talent❤️

Emily Jung Park
Emily Jung Park 2 months ago

What do you have the Nails on?

Valentina Dìaz
Valentina Dìaz 2 months ago

El mejor tutorial!!! Gracias, saludos desde Uruguay

Wiava 2 months ago

Your good at that

Billie rae Corbett
Billie rae Corbett 2 months ago

I love the way you have took your time to do it. All the ideas look fabulous

lana ?!
lana ?! 2 months ago

Where’s my “I’m watching this but no nail squad/ bite my nails”

Jana van den Berg
Jana van den Berg 2 months ago

until you try it yourself lol

Shenara Fernando
Shenara Fernando 2 months ago

I love your nail arts

Evie 2 months ago

I need a white nail varnishhhh 😭

Eveie Ramsey
Eveie Ramsey 2 months ago

Thank you so much ! I didn’t have time to go to the nail salon this year I was really upset because there was some that I loveddd. YOU SAVED CHRISTMAS!

Samantha Recollet
Samantha Recollet 2 months ago

I wonder if the nail polish is in the description down below ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Niola's Wolf Pack
Niola's Wolf Pack 2 months ago

u guys were suppose to tell the people what kind of tools u using how can we know how to do it without knowing what tools !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ChelseaLife T
ChelseaLife T 2 months ago


Marysia Furmanek
Marysia Furmanek 2 months ago


dharc dharcourt
dharc dharcourt 2 months ago

Thank you so much

Heather Hindman
Heather Hindman 2 months ago

I like Santa Claus and snowman

Clarissa Jackson
Clarissa Jackson 2 months ago

I think squiggly eyes would be cute with the ones with eyes!!!!

Christine Samaan
Christine Samaan 2 months ago

First time I have seen your video! Love that you explained slowly how you do each now. Was wondering if you could do a easy" Buffalo plaid" . Happy holidays!🎅🌐🎄

Renay Graham
Renay Graham 2 months ago

What do you affix the nail to before you paint it?

Susi Sonne
Susi Sonne 2 months ago

😍😍😍❤ Wow

Tere Briseno
Tere Briseno 2 months ago

Everytime I use a generous amount of top coat it peels off 🤦🏻‍♀️

Alliyah Radick
Alliyah Radick 2 months ago

Who's watching in 2019

Boo-Boo's Glitter Glory

Each one of these are so adorable! Thank you for sharing

Seren Barnsley
Seren Barnsley 2 months ago

I love all of these nail art idias

Sunshine Jenkins
Sunshine Jenkins 2 months ago

I enjoyed each nail

Jessica Ducat
Jessica Ducat 2 months ago

I cant even do the beginners

sasha johnson
sasha johnson 2 months ago

You are one freaking awesome teacher! Shout out all the way from The Bahamas😙

MizzRivera86 2 months ago

Lovely designs..I will try..tfs💖

Janelle Balesiefen
Janelle Balesiefen 2 months ago

I love all of them

Rebecca Dennis
Rebecca Dennis 2 months ago

I love them all! I did a Christmas nail art compilation on my channel too!

Shaddai Garzon
Shaddai Garzon 2 months ago

0:20 umm

chasetaylor0000 2 months ago

Santa, snowman face, reindeer, penguin, present, lights are all my favorites!

Lora Miller
Lora Miller 2 months ago

I truly dont understand how anyone could give a thumbs down on this cute video

MUGOLOGY: Discipline of Drinkware

absolutely love them all <3 tried the reindeer and the present and my hands look so beautiful in my video! thank you so much ^^

Judy Hoffmann
Judy Hoffmann 2 months ago

Beauties 😍😍

doodleartlover 2 months ago

Beautiful designs! This is the first time in a long time that my nails are short which kind of takes the fun out of nail art for me, but I appreciate the way these designs will work for short nails, too...thank you! Merry Christmas! 😊✌👍🎅🎄

Michelle Byrd
Michelle Byrd 2 months ago

Oh my goodness, I love this video!!! (I say that for almost every video of yours 😁) I especially love your blue “Nativity” nail!! 🙏💙✨

Gloriana Aguilar Sojo

These christmas ideas are so cute! You are amazing, thank you for sharing them!

LilMoneyWhat 2 months ago

Low-key have been recreating the holiday manis you posted last year, so this is SO nice to have as a quick reference!

MadxMikey 2 months ago

Am I crazy or are some of these repeats from last year? There are definitely some new ones but pretty sure the holy berry ones were from last year

Daisilayne’s Nails
Daisilayne’s Nails 2 months ago

Love your channel !! 🥰. Rarely comment here....love all the Christmas nails swatch !! You’re Awesome ! TYFS ! 💕💕

Terri-Anne Elverd
Terri-Anne Elverd 2 months ago

Thankyou for sharing...I absolutely love watching your video's Natasha Lee 💜💅💜

Gabrielle Ivie
Gabrielle Ivie 2 months ago

Seeing this thumb nail reminds me so much of hair school 🏫 omg we use to do holiday nails for competition this Brazilian girl was so talented she could paint anything on a nail so she would win all the time lol 😂

Santie de Waal Malan
Santie de Waal Malan 2 months ago

Pretty 🎊⛄🎉🎄

Lori 2 months ago

Thank you! These are such fun designs!

Chibihugs 2 months ago

Gonna try a few of these out. Love the snowmen, the gift and tree

Berni Womack
Berni Womack 2 months ago

Love,love this..thku so much for even the easiest art,i so appreciate this.. I'm not an artist or have I ever been. And it's hard when my clients bring their friends or somebody that has way crazy nail art I'm always like I'm sorry I don't do nail art. But with this I believe I could. Thank you thank you

Tamara Moomjian
Tamara Moomjian 2 months ago

They are all adorable! But I have always been rather partial to SNOWMAN☃️❄️⛄🌨️

Rande Thorman
Rande Thorman 2 months ago

Its so hard to pick just 1. Love them all.

Taylor R.S
Taylor R.S 2 months ago

Your attention to detail is amazing! I can't wait to try some of these.

Lucy Rickard
Lucy Rickard 2 months ago

Oh, they are all so festive and gorgeous!!! I think my favorite, though it's very hard to pick, is top, second from the right, star. I would honestly wear any one of them. Every one of them is fantastic!!

brens_ nailz
brens_ nailz 2 months ago

Natasha very cute TFS!!

Lydia Johnson
Lydia Johnson 2 months ago

It's hard to pick favorites. I like all of them.

Paulie Jo Mama
Paulie Jo Mama 2 months ago

I love that you don't get crazy about things being perfect, straight, or even like other nail artists I've seen 😊

Veronika Öström
Veronika Öström 2 months ago


Heather Leigh
Heather Leigh 2 months ago

I adore all of these but I am way to observant and on the Christmas lights you forgot to do 1 of the red bulbs with the white line on the side lol but its still amazing. Love your work :) your voice keeps me addicted as well lol I would have loved to have u as my mother growing up haha. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOUR AMAZING FAMILY

angela pavao
angela pavao 2 months ago

These are so cute and some even look easy enough for me to try!

Nails by Sarah Burchett

I do love your work! plus, your voice is literally as smooth as velvet and completely relaxes me!

Mercedes 2 months ago

The santa one was hands down my favorite! 😍 Definitely going to recreate that one 💛

Lynne Erasmus
Lynne Erasmus 2 months ago

Thank you for this tutorial, it helps

Aisha Zahir
Aisha Zahir 2 months ago

I love the red one made to look like a wrapped up gift but seems super hard to do tho

bex thompson
bex thompson 2 months ago

I've done some christmas nail art ( taken some helpful tips from you)...all beautiful designs Natasha x

Anneli Jordaan
Anneli Jordaan 2 months ago

Totally love your turotials. I tried your Raindeer posted on my Instagram @nails_com_potch. Please have a look. I am very proud of it 🎄

femketjeNL 2 months ago

They're all so cute :D

Julie Froehlich
Julie Froehlich 2 months ago

Who is the one person that dislikes this??

Tracy Ambler
Tracy Ambler 2 months ago

Do pple really have this on their nails. Eww no thanks

Dusk Dawns
Dusk Dawns 2 months ago

I didn't get a notification for the live 😞

Haanila 2 months ago

Didn't you do these last year?

Tina Holm
Tina Holm 2 months ago


Lexi Sirona
Lexi Sirona 2 months ago

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Sug 2 months ago


Montse Lepe
Montse Lepe 2 months ago

5th like #EARLYSQUAD ilysm❤🧡💖