Christmas is CANCELLED in London! | Vlogmas Day 20 | LoseitlikeLauren



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Information Christmas is CANCELLED in London! | Vlogmas Day 20 | LoseitlikeLauren

Title : Christmas is CANCELLED in London! | Vlogmas Day 20 | LoseitlikeLauren

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Frames Christmas is CANCELLED in London! | Vlogmas Day 20 | LoseitlikeLauren

Description Christmas is CANCELLED in London! | Vlogmas Day 20 | LoseitlikeLauren

Christmas is CANCELLED in London! | Vlogmas Day 20 | LoseitlikeLauren

Christmas is CANCELLED in London! | Vlogmas Day 20 | LoseitlikeLauren

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LiveitlikeLauren 2 months ago

Thank you for watching 😍

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Missy Boiseau
Missy Boiseau 2 months ago

I'll be alone for Christmas for the first time too. My family lives on the other side of the country - haven't seen them since last Christmas and I canceled my trip because I don't want to put anyone at risk. I'm going to go for a big walk in the morning and then zoom with some family and friends later - make myself a nice meal and probably watch The Sound of Music - lol. What else can we do? Just know you're not alone. "Someday soon we all will be together, if the fates allow...until then we'll have to muddle through somehow." xo

LetsMindCast X
LetsMindCast X 2 months ago

'If Christmas is cancelled, let's have a breakdown' 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Annie Dunlop
Annie Dunlop 2 months ago

aw, I love your wee "greenery" spot and Stig looks great. It is crap that xmas is cancelled, here in Northern Ireland our 6 week lockdown begins on Boxing Day, so at least we get xmas day with limited family. Your hoodie looks so comfortable and cosy, I'm sure your lovely Mammie is going to love it. keep safe and stay well x

Angie G
Angie G 2 months ago

Sorry to hear about Tier 4. You have the power of facetime & zoom calling for Christmas Day. You will be able to celebrate with your lovely family & friends again soon. You got this my girl,. Stay strong ❤️👍

Lol Fulls
Lol Fulls 2 months ago

Stig looks wonderful, you did a really great job decorating him

m grace
m grace 2 months ago

I instantly thought of you when I heard about the lockdown. Hang in there dear 💙💙

abenteuerTansania 2 months ago

I'm so sorry that your Christmas was cancelled. I'm also a single woman living by myself and so glad that here in Germany, although we're in lockdown, they're easing restrictions a little bit for Christmas. So I can spend Christmas with my parents and my brother. I'm sure I would've felt just like you not being able to celebrate Christmas with my family. This year is the first year that I have a Christmas tree at my apartment..I'm glad I do. Thank you for your videos! <3

Tehreem Muhammad Aziz

Your smile is contagious 😌💕

ann hammond
ann hammond 2 months ago

I am in tier 4, as I am in Essex. it sucks, and especially cancelling it at the last min. Not happy xx

Niknak 2 months ago

So sorry to hear about the lockdown. Going live on xmas eve or xmas would be lovely. Have lots of facetime chats with your family, that’ll help.
Our xmas tree is lopsided and a slight mess and it’s perfect!

Annie 2 months ago

So sorry Lauren. You won’t be alone at Christmas, you have all of us to keep you company ♥️ (not the same as being with family but wanted you to know you are getting a collective hug from everyone).

Eiko 2 months ago

The "bubble-friend"! Lol, I finally got it! I've thought your friend's actual name was Bubble :D

Nichole Bird
Nichole Bird 2 months ago

Just because you know it is the right thing doesn’t mean you can’t be upset, angry, or sad! Your feelings are valid and heard. Hugs from Oklahoma!

Julie Tyler
Julie Tyler 2 months ago

Sending much love to you, stay safe Lauren. Thank you for continuing to do vlogmas esp as things get more challenging, every single video is appreciated, it remains a highlight & you always elevate my mood. I'm currently in a tier 2 area, but choosing to remain mainly at home with my partner & puppy Bella. We can both work from home thankfully. we aren't seeing friends/family but are arranging lots of things via zoom like Christmas dinners, cocktail making sessions, cooking meals together & catch ups instead, so that hopefully next Christmas, we'll be able to celebrate it all together 🤗 ❤️. Take care everyone xx. Ps great bum Lauren 🙌😉

Lucie Aidart
Lucie Aidart 2 months ago

Hi Lauren! I'm in Scotland, so we are having one day allowed for Christmas (but not recommended) and then 3 weeks of almost-lockdown/tier 4 (which already existed in our systems, so BJ might have stolen the idea from us, sorry!). Spending Christmas Day alone, but not really bothered about it and quite looking forward to the quiet and being with myself. I've done loads of Christmas alone because I was travelling, and it's always been great without putting any expectations on it. Some nice music, some nice food, going for a long walk or hike, having a dance by yourself. Alone can also be magic. Sending lots of love to you and all that are struggling right now. I know it's not easy, but it's gonna be ok. Trust yourself and what you feel like doing in that moment and the next, it's the most important. All the best to you and everyone.

lisa flaus
lisa flaus 2 months ago

Very sad to hear about lockdown 😢 You are doing the right thing, hard, difficult but right - keeping your lovely parents safe (and yourself). We will be here Christmas Day (cheesy smile). Talk to us! Let’s keep each other strong. Our motto here in New Zealand is “be kind” - look after yourself and others. Give yourself a hug Lauren (and eat lots of chocolate) xxx PS Stig 🎄 looks great 😀

Aprilsfool 2 months ago

I feel so sad for my UK friends, I follow so many of you. I used to live in Croydon and I really miss London a lot but right now I'm quite happy I'm not there.
I'm in Finland and thankfully we don't have any new restrictions for the holidays so I'm spending christmas with my family. I'm very grateful but also sad for so many people around the world that are alone at this time. I just hope this pandemic crap is over soon.

Patricia Graziadei
Patricia Graziadei 2 months ago

Looking forward to watching your latest two vlogs when I go home. I also subbed to ems channel. I really like them. Ciao Cara 🤗🤗🤗🤗💖💖

xpinkyperkyx 2 months ago

Sending lots of love to you gorgeous lady, I dot really understand the tiers as I'm a cleaner and even in tier 4 I still have to work in people's houses (even if they're home) yet I cannot go and visit my mum or sister. I want to hunker down with my kids and stay home but can't and like you my anxiety had been through the roof each day brings new challenges and worries. But I have 12 days at home without pay now which was my choice and I'm hoping to heal a little and just 'be'. I really really love your vlogs Lauren I look forward to then each day 😍 love lots xxxx

Natalie Hodnett
Natalie Hodnett 2 months ago

The tree was Worth the wait, it’s so pretty and cute x

Alex Marshall
Alex Marshall 2 months ago

Buying some of those masks!

Sal Hooper
Sal Hooper 2 months ago

I hope you’re okay, Lauren 💜 I’m in tier 4 as well. It’s just such sudden news and as somebody who also has anxiety it can be difficult to cope with change. I think this year has just taught me to make the most out of/ appreciate what I have. Stig is a representation of that as he DOES brush up good. Just wake up on Christmas Day and say ‘good morning handsome 😉’ and try to think of 3 things you’re grateful for🎉

KeLlY kAT88
KeLlY kAT88 2 months ago

Where I live in Canada we are going back into lock down as of Christmas Eve and it could be from 14 to 28 days ughhhh just wish it was all over already !

Katja Težak
Katja Težak 2 months ago

Stig is a superstar!!! :D

Shannon Wilcox
Shannon Wilcox 2 months ago

So sorry about tier 4! Are you able to move home temporarily with your parents for a week or two? So sad , wishing you a lovely Christmas regardless of what you end up doing.

Caroline Crawford
Caroline Crawford 2 months ago

Short shorts lol xx

Tracey Korol
Tracey Korol 2 months ago

That's what she said..🤣🤣🤣

Kim Emons
Kim Emons 2 months ago

Sorry Christmas is cancelled Lauren. In the meantime, I have become addicted to the daily vlogs and so look forward to them daily. Don't care if it's "short" or a long one, just absolutely love them. Thank you for all that you do, and I wish you and your loved ones...Bubble Friend too....Merry Christmas, even with it being cancelled.

ReSizedBite 2 months ago

Sending hugs~ 💛🙏🏼

Madd Doll
Madd Doll 2 months ago

Those masks look amazing! Sidenote to anyone who may care: I recently ordered some leggins & tanks from "Yvette sports" cause some influencer had a discount code. Ugh. Beware; definitely straight from China and their XL looks like a svelte medium. Dunno how I'm gonna squeeze myself in there.
P.S: so sorry for your Christmas sadness :( I saw the articles today about the new strain our of the UK. Everyone is so tired, depleted and sad this year. I hope we can all manage to have a decent "fun" virtual xmas with loved ones. I chose not to go home for the holidays and it's breaking my heart but I honestly feel so relieved that I didn't have to travel/fly/worry and stress the entire time if I had chanced it and went. HUGS

Love Sender
Love Sender 2 months ago

I wanted to go to Poland to spend Christmas with my parents. I can't as all borders are closed and its not possible to get out from England 😢

Wafa Almohanna
Wafa Almohanna 2 months ago

I’m sorry you’re upset about the lockdown, but if you’d like to go live on Christmas we’ll spend it online with you ❤️🎄

Autumn Rose
Autumn Rose 2 months ago

Gorgeous gift wrapping 🎁
Gorgeous Stig the 🎄
Gorgeous Lauren
And gorgeous 🍑 (I swear I’m not the creepy pool guy lol)

laineybugger 2 months ago

I’m so sorry! We are doing Christmas by video with family this year.

2702foxy 2 months ago

Thank you for your vlogs, keeping my spirits from crashing down. I am so upset 😭, not seen my daddy for nearly a year now and my January flight to see him and mummy has been cancelled. I am just devastated. I dont think I will be celebrating this year

Live It Like Elin
Live It Like Elin 2 months ago

So sorry your Christmas as it was intended was cancelled. I think it is healthy to be disappointed and a bit sad about that for a bit. However like someone else said here don’t just pass Christmas like it is just another day or time, celebrate by making it cozy, calm, reflective, indulgent, beautiful and happy. We will celebrate with our families again. This is temporary, shit but temporary. Thank you so much for keeping up your vlogs. Can’t wait to see Stig go full glam. Sending you a big hug ❤️ and Vera is too

Jane j
Jane j 2 months ago

" I feel like a vagina in this" 🤣🤣🤣 only you Lauren would say that.xx

Carey Barrett
Carey Barrett 2 months ago

Soooo I burst out laughing 4 times during this Vlog. When you did the tree going up in flames sound, 16.09 with the hoodie, the short shorts "have a breakdown" and "it's all I've got". You are the funniest. Also you have an arse like a peach. Well done

Tina Harrison
Tina Harrison 2 months ago

Every time I put on my mask, I imagine my ‘last year self’ being horrified. WTF?? 😱

Eliza Wood
Eliza Wood 2 months ago

Thumb holes in a hoodie.....mind officially blown. Sending good vibes your way and a coffee sent to hopefully make you smile.

Nina 123
Nina 123 2 months ago

I'm in tier 4 lauren, in Kent. Being able to see my daughter was keeping me going, now i just feel empty.😪 im so gutted too xxx

Holly 2 months ago

Hi Lauren, this is such sad news for you all in London. I just want you to know though; that although Christmas was a bright spot for you after all that’s happened this year, your videos and your wonderful self were a bright spot for me this year. And probably for a lot of other people as well. Sending you a HUGE hug 🥰

Molly Faye
Molly Faye 2 months ago

I'm so sorry! 😩 Sending you love and Christmas spirit despite the shit cancellation.

Claire Gilbey
Claire Gilbey 2 months ago

Just curious, what are you listening to in the car? Is it an audiobook? Would you recommend?

Nikki Johnston
Nikki Johnston 2 months ago

I am literally a mile away from the Peterborough border for tier 4 so in tier 2 but my children (grown up) are in tier 4 no family Xmas for us :( I empathise with you! X
Stig doesn't scrub up too bad ya know, perhaps it was meant to be lol x

Kimberley Kimberley
Kimberley Kimberley 2 months ago

You could maybe go live on Christmas Eve and have a party with all your viewers that are alone for the holidays. Just a thought.

jeanne_guitton 2 months ago

I once had a Christmas alone, for a variety of reasons that kept me from my family that year. I was sooo afraid I'd spiral into anxiety. When it came though, it was actually oddly nice. I didn't go the "It's just another day" route, because I knew I wouldn't believe myself. So I celebrated. I made up my little place, made myself a roast chicken of which I ate an indecent amount, watched movies, read a book, cheesily danced to Christmas music (yeah, that looks more fun in the movies than it acutally is), spent quite some time in the bath, and chatted with my family on the phone. Felt so empowered afterwards. Don't be scared. You might actually have a lovely time.

Lisa Kennedy Take what you want and leave the rest

Lauren I feel you ... it’s so incredibly hard on everyone. We are all going on 9 months with no end in site ... I feel like we are all keeping our chins up over and over again and then bam - more shit news. I am not seeing any of my sons and it’s just so hard! Thank you for doing such a great job at Vlogmas - and how long has it been since you got 9 🤣🤣😂

Arel Dia
Arel Dia 2 months ago

Lauren what are your weight goals for 2021

Collette Bell
Collette Bell 2 months ago

We’re do you but the miso soup sachets from please lovely xxx

MissXX94 2 months ago

The tree is precious! 🥺🤍

Irene Campinotti
Irene Campinotti 2 months ago

I buy all my sportswear at decathlon... Cheap, durable enough... 3xl I think will fit you comfortably!
BTW... Covid-wise I agree with every single word you said. Same in Italy. ❤️

Mrs Sadie C
Mrs Sadie C 2 months ago

it is depressing. This should have been announced weeks ago instead of building up people's hopes and watching the virus spread around a bit more. My daughter has been in high school since Sept, and each week sections of pupils have had to go home to quarantine due to someone having the virus. Last week 60% of her year were off school
We're in Suffolk, things are on the rise here so it's just a matter of time before we're in a higher tier.
Stig is gorgeous by the way. Love it. x

Kylie Weatherman
Kylie Weatherman 2 months ago

Oh Lauren, I am so sorry your Christmas has been canceled! I really enjoyed hearing about your family's Christmas traditions a few videos back, and I know it means nothing at this upsetting moment in time, but those lovely things will still be there next Christmas- with a newfound love and appreciation for them, no doubt! Love and hugs from me to you. <3

Cecelia_Slade 2 months ago

I’m very sorry to hear that your Christmas has been cancelled. I do want to add that the comment about you wearing short shorts and you didn’t know why and “Christmas is cancelled, let’s have a breakdown” did make me chuckle a tiny little bit. But in all seriousness, I hope you take care of your mental health over the next few days (and always!) 💕💕

Valeria P
Valeria P 2 months ago

Xmas being cancelled is a bit like your tree. It is far from ideal but you made the most out of it. We will get through this :)

Sanghamitra Chaudhuri

no amount of "lockdowns" can improve this covid situation.... a sad decision by the UK!

Karen Simpson
Karen Simpson 2 months ago

We arnt all in the same boat, but we are alltrying to get through the same stormy sea. Some are in a sturdy cruise ship, some in a wavering trawler and some in a life boat. Keep sailing, check in and make sure no-one is drowning, keep being kind to one another and hopefully we will have blue sky's and calm waters soon.

Annie 2 months ago

Lauren, I’m really disappointed in you. “It’s Miso time. I’m so excited.” — you missed the opportunity to say “miso excited” ☹️ this is so unlike you.

Glenda M
Glenda M 2 months ago

Love you to death, as far as I can without you knowing me. You will hate me for this, I really hurts me that you have pain inside somewhere that certain thing won't resolve. But that's just like me, so I relate on so many levels. I hope you have a nice Christmas no matter what the restrictions are. Sending you lots of love from Pennsylvania!

Hannah Hannaamy
Hannah Hannaamy 2 months ago

🎄Stig looked lovely all lit up😍 Glad bubble friend managed to find him for you! I'll be glad when 2020 is over! But you're Vlogmas is keeping me company, you always manages to make me smile even on the crappiest days xHx

flessy 2 months ago

I do enjoy a good grey sweat pants 😉
Sorry to hear about covid in your area Australia is doing pretty well and I shouldn't take that for granted

LJB 2 months ago

Hi, new to your channel, from across the pond in Canada & am happy to have found you👋. The cold water/looking in the mirror example is wonderful for anxiety. You may also find it useful when spiralling to look around & name 5 things you see, feel 4 things in your environment, smell 3 things, taste 2 things and listen to the most predominant sound around you. Using all your senses brings you back to the present as people generally spiral from anticipating the worst ‘what if/why didn’t I’ etc. We are also in lockdown so nobody allowed for Xmas/New Years that doesn’t live in the home. Sad as it is, there’s really no choice ..... SURVIVAL IT IS👏. Be blessed 🙏

Denise Shelton
Denise Shelton 2 months ago

Yay day 20 I'm not loosing it ! Am I 🤣😂😁 you make my day xxx

Kater Tots
Kater Tots 2 months ago

Hopefully this will be for the best. I know it’s really crummy to have to cancel Christmas though. Fingers crossed 🤞 this will be the last holiday negatively impacted by quarantine, etc. Thank you for doing your part in following the rules and social distancing and masks and all that. 💛

Michelle Bowen
Michelle Bowen 2 months ago

Hey Lauren, I'm in Tier 4 too & spending Christmas alone not by choice. Please carry on Vlogmas, don't give up - we need you more than ever. Crumpets for Christmas breakfast 🤣

Jo B
Jo B 2 months ago

Sending lots of love.
It’s poop times x

Kel C
Kel C 2 months ago

Can I ask, is Miso soup hot as in spicy hot? I can't do hot but it does look good

Catherine Booth
Catherine Booth 2 months ago

I’m sorry you’re affected by the new restrictions...I have so much to say about how strongly I disagree with these new measures but I don’t want to bring anyone down.
Go and enjoy your Christmas with your family...turn off the news and keep your vibrations and energy high 💫
They can try and restrict us but they can’t take our spirit ❤️

louise kaye
louise kaye 2 months ago

Can people that live on their own still bubble with 1 household? It is shit, I'm waiting for a test result. My daughter's school is rife with it as are all the local schools to me. In fact when she returned in September I said we're going to get this, we're just sitting ducks. I'm sending you a virtual hug. It's still all like a bloody movie that I wish I'd stopped watching a long time ago. Stay strong 💛 Xxx

Clare Edwards
Clare Edwards 2 months ago

Been crying too, Tier 4 for us here in Woking as well. Tree looks lovely & yup the hair nest is real xx

Mummy Hayz
Mummy Hayz 2 months ago

Sending hugs 🤗 keep smiling xxx

Tessa Squire
Tessa Squire 2 months ago

Google ‘mammalian dive reflex and anxiety’ it’s helpful but you need to submerge your whole face. Works though

Tina Strode
Tina Strode 2 months ago

I love stig!!!!

Kim Ghoss
Kim Ghoss 2 months ago

Hi Lauren thanks for making me smile 😀 lot’s of love xx

Yobobo W
Yobobo W 2 months ago

I had to pause when you showed the short shorts cause this is why I love you so much!! 😘

Karen Simpson
Karen Simpson 2 months ago

I'm in Scotland and we go Into tier 4 on boxing day, so I'm going to stay up till midnight Christmas day and see inthe new tier. "merry Christmas, and happy new tier"

CosyChairReads 14
CosyChairReads 14 2 months ago

I'm in a tier 4 area too and like you spent most of yesterday crying. It's rubbish, but like you said it is what it is. Stay safe and thankyou for doing vlogmas, I look forward to your videos every day 🥰

cAsSiE SaDz
cAsSiE SaDz 2 months ago

On my own too all xmas cos cant see bf or son and ive no bubble friend , shit int it xxx

I AM CARA 2 months ago

Hope you are doing ok hun x

cAsSiE SaDz
cAsSiE SaDz 2 months ago

Trying to think whilst i was watching u cook ... what did u say u put paprika on/ with the other vlog when u were making something to eat? 🤔i remember thinking i wanted to try it and now ive forgot what it was when im ready to do my food shopping xx

MistyLaVae 2 months ago

Yay! The nest in the hair is real 😣
Edit: Stig is beautiful 😍

שרהBella&Sarah 2 months ago

Stay safe up there in tier 4 ❤❤

Tracey Forth
Tracey Forth 2 months ago

Aww just seen you crying. I know, Carrie (my Daughter) is in London, she can,t come home for my birthday and Xmas and I've been crying but we,re all in this together but it sucks. You are keeping me going atm. Thank you.

Shelley K
Shelley K 2 months ago

Stig is looking so handsome 😘

Tracey Forth
Tracey Forth 2 months ago

Hhiiiyyyaaa. ❤

Danielle 2 months ago

Nothing could make today better than this notification ❤️🥳

Witchy Business
Witchy Business 2 months ago

It’s up! Yey.