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Joe Rogan - Santa Claus Was a Mushroom!

Joe Rogan - Santa Claus Was a Mushroom!

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cagtorres 2 months ago

Nobody: ...

Joe Rogan: Santa 🎅 is a mushroom 🍄

Monica Georgson
Monica Georgson 2 months ago

Santa was a forager, not the actual mushroom. He showed up at your door with a big sack, sometime in December. His visit set off the midwinter festivities


This is idiotic. People will believe anything except the truth.
Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, the Son of God.
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.

Boats N. Hoes
Boats N. Hoes 2 months ago

Joe "let's do Mushrooms" Rogan

Oqsy 2 months ago

The huts had snow over the door but the chimney was a safe entrance because who would build a fire during a blizzard, right?


chris d'elia got fat

Matt Schultz
Matt Schultz 2 months ago

Santa also has “elves” same thing you see on high doses of mushrooms

pbhello 2 months ago

There is no parallel between Santa Claus/secular "christmas" and Christianity. Jesus has nothing to do with Santa Claus.

Jehad Mak
Jehad Mak 2 months ago

Jesus is DMT for sure!

I like big boost
I like big boost 2 months ago

Can someone tell me that guy instagram?

iibrahimself 2 months ago

That’s why he’s a fun guy

3dgun 2 months ago

So, when it rains for days, you know God is extremely happy.

conor cavanagh beatz
conor cavanagh beatz 2 months ago

st nick was originally green until coca cola made him red

kitty-Corn Sisters
kitty-Corn Sisters 2 months ago

Drink your own piss to get higher! Omg! This is hilarious

kitty-Corn Sisters
kitty-Corn Sisters 2 months ago

😂😂 Jesus = Semen on a mushroom 😂😂😂.

Not Cosmo
Not Cosmo 2 months ago

So your saying every mom and dad is a mushroom?

Joshua Taft
Joshua Taft 2 months ago

I love joe.who woulda thought when he was on an early sitcom he was this love to meet and hang with him..I dnt dare to trip .I tried once and didn't eat enough to get high cousin scarfed em all then I was a babysitter for him and his wife fun huh. Wonder why we dont hang out anymore....wait no I dnt lol

DerekinthePH 2 months ago

I love Christmas even more now

Ahmed I.M. Ali
Ahmed I.M. Ali 2 months ago

This guy looks like if Chris D’elia and ari Shaffir had a child

James Moriarty
James Moriarty 2 months ago

Amanita Muscaria can be processed and won't be toxic and provides an elated experience like a viking berserker. Or you can drink elk piss after they eat it in the good old fashioned way and get the same effects. Or one person eats it and gets the high with the vomiting and you drink their piss. I vote processing it.

____________ 2 months ago

just skip through the part that rain is god cumming on earth

theFLCLguy 2 months ago

Gods just standing above Earth jerking off to us. He got pissed at Adam and Eve for putting clothes on.

Austin Hall
Austin Hall 2 months ago

The more you look into mushrooms the more terrifying they become (maybe unsettling would be a better word)

Robin Ablouh
Robin Ablouh 2 months ago

The Sámi
indigenous peoples tribe have been told to drink the urine of reindeer who ate mushrooms: the drug in the fungus is excreted in the urine in large quantities, but the concentration of toxic substances is still low. According to the tradition of the Inari reindeer Sámi, Lapinnoids and drumsticks used fly fungi. The Soma ritual drink mentioned in the ancient Indian scriptures of Rigveda is suspected to have been made from red fly agaric. Fly fungus has also been used as a fly and lute venom by dissolving it in milk.

riley avery
riley avery 2 months ago

What’s the movie he’s talking about at the very beginning??

Mugen 2 months ago

Am I a mushroom?

Sleeping Lion
Sleeping Lion 2 months ago

This is just twisting the truth

OneBillionTacos 2 months ago

3:49 Reindeer are not Caribou.... but they are related.

X.S. Bleeding
X.S. Bleeding 2 months ago

Ancient Mexican and Ethiopian Ritual Rites Referred to Majik Mushrooms as "The Sperm of the Sun".

Doston Jabbori
Doston Jabbori 2 months ago

Joe”check out this book” rogan

elling eidbo
elling eidbo 2 months ago

The amanita muscaria contains muscamol which is the drug that all benzodiazepines (xanax) are patterned after. It doesn't work like other magic mushrooms and can be deadly if not processed correctly.
The confusion between psilocybin mushrooms and amanita kills people. Be careful and do your research.

The reason the amanita is associated with Santa clause is becuase of the Saami. They're the oldest indigenous tribe in Europe and they're related to Siberian indigenous tribes. Thier winter solstice practice includes the wealthiest member putting on thier brightest red and blue fancy clothes and hitching up the reindeer to take them around handing out presents.
That practice is ten thousand years old. Even the curly toed shoes and belled hats santas elves have come from Saami tradition.

They would also brew a tea out of the amanita for the solstice. The tea creates a feeling of being drunk without the hangover of alcohol. Thats why being drunk about it is such a big part of yule and subsequently Christmas traditions.

LuckyBoyCash 2 months ago

" Rudolph with your nose so bright, won't you guide my slegh tonight?" RUDOLPH WAS A MUSHROOM FEIND and his nose is red from always eating and finding shrooms!! Holy $#%T!

lil heechy
lil heechy 2 months ago

It’s 9 am I’m 3 dabs In, my mind is fucking blown

ShareenLaughlin 2 months ago

Hey Joe, Santa’s son is a real slacker!

Melanie Berthelo
Melanie Berthelo 2 months ago

I live in Toronto. Going to find me some park mushrooms now.

Coupage 2 months ago

You have discovered the catholic religion, and the predominance of pagan influence. They are NOT followers of the Truth, the Life and the WAY.

R.D. Wilbanks
R.D. Wilbanks 2 months ago

I stopped listening after the dude called it Ore-@-gone. Go back to Ar-kansas. For fucksake

Chris A
Chris A 2 months ago

Religion is looking more and more like bullshit every day

Gary Hynes
Gary Hynes 2 months ago

Santa claus is a mushroom.

Joe Conklin
Joe Conklin 2 months ago

Who’s here in Christmas?

Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic 2 months ago

Joe "James" rogan 😁

Phil Campbell
Phil Campbell 2 months ago

God Cumming on the earth. What in the fuck Joe. You're out of your fkn mind 😂😂

Sunsets horizon newclear orange

I'm Santa claus ok... I see you when you sleeping I know when your shitting you better double look cuz that water looks bloody hey! It's ok to cry that is blood in your stool

postlove 2 months ago

1:40 is where the Santa Claus part starts

PhotoSmith Photography

The guest isnt buying, feeling or syncing with the jolly ol’SantaNic mushroom tales. curious how the claws and slayings tie into the rest of the overwhelming correlations between chimneys, amanita mushrooms, reindeer, red nosed reindeer flying (Deer leaning down nose in the red shrooms), Amanita growing neath pine trees aka christmas trees, north pole aka Siberia where they are found, also north pole is an opening to the inner earth and much more, reindeer aka caribou are amanita mushroom fiends and will suck you off docking with your cock to get that sweet treat that cant be beat out or off, liquid gold pre processed the living things digestive potency power multiplying magnifying process. The more you recycle it through then capture fracture and imbue amazment each time better than the last. who knew? the who down in who ville be who.

Guillermo Fernandez
Guillermo Fernandez 2 months ago

Somewhere, Joe mentioned that Reindeers have been known to kick people to get to their urine when they smell the psychedelic present, could it be that that's what "Grandma got ran over by a reindeer" is all about ? Could it be that this "Grandma" (Maybe a shaman?) Had this psychedelic(forgot the name of it) in her urine, and when the reindeer sniffed it out, he "ran over" grandma to get to the urine, which has the psychedelic present...

Dan Chris
Dan Chris 2 months ago

Get Billy Carson on JRE!! Please

TheTaralovesmakeup 2 months ago

Here in Northern BC, hippies and naturalists often go on these mushroom foraging trips and then end up selling the mushrooms to fancy restaurants. The best ones make a lot of money and all the good foraging spots are highly regarded secrets.

Denny Johnson
Denny Johnson 2 months ago

Why did the mushroom like the toodstool? Cus he was a fun guy!

Cam Boyer
Cam Boyer 2 months ago


SuzyMoon 2 months ago

Are you familiar with The Stoned Ape theory of Terrance McKenna ...

Mr. Divine
Mr. Divine 2 months ago

What about the elves joe.... the elves.

Avenue X
Avenue X 2 months ago

Pretty sure the red and white Santa was created in the Coca-Cola marketing department. No shit. Look it up.

Michael Liu
Michael Liu 2 months ago

The guest wasn't trying to touch this topic with a 10 foot stick.

spareparts1 2 months ago

The origins of the fruit of the tree has roots in a tribe of Hebrews that moved into Mesopotamia. Very common was the tail of, the Epic of Gilgamesh. A tale about a king that wanted to live for ever after having a very full life. He went on a journey to find the fruit of the tree. Once he did find it at the base of apple trees he picked it and fell asleep. Wolves came and stole the fruit and he had none.
The fruit of the tree allowed you to, see what gods could see, and do what gods could do.
The heads of the Hebrew tribe used this story in part to keep there tribesman in line with a similar story. A store about the first two humans arriving in gods garden. And what was his rule? Do not eat the fruit of the tree?
And there we have the first anti drug program to keep people in line. Why because the tribe was exiled and landed and welcomed there. Folks took on some of the local custom and started drifting away from the tribe. So what every good religion dose is scare away there flock from those others bad dealings. And back to the flock.

And in India it is common the priest would eat the mushrooms and pee into a container. And passed around to others to experience the now cleaned and filtered Muscaria.

I am in no way experienced or saying to try any of the mushroom world. Not my thing and too dam dangerous for me.

Micah Perrego
Micah Perrego 2 months ago

Which podcast is this from?

Kristian Đaković
Kristian Đaković 2 months ago

okej rogane al ja više volim kristalni meth

Chains 2 months ago

This is hella hella interesting

pessimistic optimist
pessimistic optimist 2 months ago

Jamaica Plantains
Jamaica Plantains 2 months ago

Jesus was an a elf shaped cunt dildo

Ryan Panagiotopoulos
Ryan Panagiotopoulos 2 months ago

Reindeer high asf, aka flying reindeer

Matthew Zuroweste
Matthew Zuroweste 2 months ago

What episode is this

bo boa
bo boa 2 months ago question: If they couldn't come inside the house through the door because of the snow, it would mean it was very cold outside so they would light a fire. So how would they go down the chimney?!

Jesse Wells
Jesse Wells 2 months ago

joe wtf where is the rest of this video

WAFFAHOUSE 2 months ago

Joe Rogan: Everything is a mushroom 🍄

Albertsons 2 months ago

You know what I’ve always wanted to do feed a priest some lsd or mushrooms and see what forts stuff he would say

Josh LaPine
Josh LaPine 2 months ago

Santa cause isn’t really Christianity

GOLDEN music
GOLDEN music 2 months ago

What podcast is this I cannot find it?

Team Hyrule
Team Hyrule 2 months ago

Its hard for me to take anyone who says OreGONE seriously 🤦‍♀️

retroassassin42o `
retroassassin42o ` 2 months ago


JS288 JS288
JS288 JS288 2 months ago

Joe “God was cumming on the earth” Rogan.

TIMR4W 2 months ago

God doesn’t cum on the world foo

Percival Coondalini
Percival Coondalini 2 months ago

S.C & J.C.

Sawce Lion
Sawce Lion 2 months ago

So when God jizzed on the earth lmao!!

Joe Loop
Joe Loop 2 months ago

So you’re telling me that about 1800 years ago people climbed up those mountains to hide scrolls in its caves..

Matthew W
Matthew W 2 months ago

So if I eat Santa......

Shane Seagrim
Shane Seagrim 2 months ago

I want that hat.

Steven Honey
Steven Honey 2 months ago

What episode was this

Harry Ball Zach
Harry Ball Zach 2 months ago

I've always had a theory about how people in history had possibly used psychadelics and how all religions were started by people losing their minds. Knowing that I'm not the only one is such a relief 🤣🤣

MIG BM 2 months ago

Dry the hats and make tee on it. Take 4 or 5 big ones and let them simmer in water fore an hour. Eat the hats thats left too for maximum effect. Its real nice and relaxing! A bit psychedelic. You feel great. And the effects last for hours! You will feel normal in a few days usually... try it! Its harmless! 🤤👍

Russell Kirby LaFarlette

So Odin hung in a tree for 9 days, right?
Think about this: acacia tree stain- gets struck by lightning
He sits under it until its done burning

End killer
End killer 2 months ago

I think I’m trippin off mushrooms

Bender Rodriguez
Bender Rodriguez 2 months ago

The only thing linking humans to the plant world is fungi.

Jaey Dannx
Jaey Dannx 2 months ago

But the presents originated from st Nicholas who was a real person who brought gifts to the poor and needy

вσlѕнσι вσσzє

Joe, I personally think those santa and reindeer is not part of the original teachings of Christianity/Jesus and were added later by some of its followers in certain region who likes mushrooms and get high. they incorporate the stories when they were high into the religion and over time/generations, people just accept it as part of Christianity.

also, I personally feel like none of the 3 major Abrahamic faith have anything to do with psychedelics experience. Only pagan religion and polytheist uses psychedelics as their source of "revelations".

safsa awe
safsa awe 2 months ago

Santa Claus is a representation of the All-father or Odin/Zeus.

Sandra Devine
Sandra Devine 2 months ago

But Christianity has zero to do with Santa Claus or a tree or presents under it

David Jr
David Jr 2 months ago

bruh u want us to believe that everybody was eating fucking mushrooms and created a whole religion while trippin out?? okay my guy

Isaac S
Isaac S 2 months ago

“He was an ordained minister” as if that adds any validity i paid $5 to become an ordained minister online it took like 2 minutes and I’m agnostic

Caroline Merejo MUA
Caroline Merejo MUA 2 months ago

This is fascinating! I wish joe spoke more on it or...had a guest who knew more. Let’s debunk all of these holidays.

Angel Rosales
Angel Rosales 2 months ago

Rain is gods cum wow we learn something new everyday thanks to joe

keith lua foster
keith lua foster 2 months ago

Yo and the mushrooms would seem like presents from Santa underneath the tree bruh my whole child hood was a lie

dloxolb69 2 months ago

It s fake news as many idea joe rogan like to speak about. Santa claus was green before coca-cola depicted him red.
The name of Jesus coming from a mushroom.from before agriculture. Only 8000 years before.
What a piece of none sense...

David Ryan
David Ryan 2 months ago

I don't mean to disparage anyone trying to teach their kids about the origins of their food. I think every kid should be taken to a farm at some point, should be like a mandatory 2nd grade field trip. But I remember being a little kid and I definitely knew food came from sources other than the grocery store.

tony curtis
tony curtis 2 months ago

Didn’t they feed the mushrooms to reindeer and then drink the reindeer piss? Hence the red coat and the reindeer’s......hell geah!

Juan Angeles
Juan Angeles 2 months ago

I think I just found a chicken of the woods. I need someone to help me know if it actually is it. Please ASAP

Susan Hamilton
Susan Hamilton 2 months ago

Y'all might want to read Graham Hancock's book about Fairies. There's a lot of this info in there.

gaatje nin gdfgfgh
gaatje nin gdfgfgh 2 months ago

santa claus used to be green,coca cola turned him red and white. 6:27

King Zay
King Zay 2 months ago

Dimethyltryptamine is the tree of life

Macks Power
Macks Power 2 months ago

LOL, Joe, christmas has basically nothing to do with christianity. It is a new addition where christianity adopted the customs and rituals of conquered territories to make it easier to indoctrinate the conquered (theologically conquered).