Best Amazon Boxing Day 2017 Deals (Amazing AFTER Christmas Sales!)


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Information Best Amazon Boxing Day 2017 Deals (Amazing AFTER Christmas Sales!)

Title : Best Amazon Boxing Day 2017 Deals (Amazing AFTER Christmas Sales!)

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Frames Best Amazon Boxing Day 2017 Deals (Amazing AFTER Christmas Sales!)

Description Best Amazon Boxing Day 2017 Deals (Amazing AFTER Christmas Sales!)

Best Amazon Boxing Day 2017 Deals (Amazing AFTER Christmas Sales!)

Best Amazon Boxing Day 2017 Deals (Amazing AFTER Christmas Sales!)

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MUSTAFA HASAN 2 months ago

Get the best vpn discounts of the year. Get ivacy vpn at 0.99/month.

Comeback Z
Comeback Z 2 months ago

How does this have Siri

Gary Hidalgo
Gary Hidalgo 2 months ago

Love the Energy everyday... Smart Home and Memo router info...

Stephani Sawyer
Stephani Sawyer 2 months ago

Fun and helpful as always!

Edgar Flores
Edgar Flores 2 months ago

Hi Matt

LowEnd57 2 months ago

Hey Matt,
I love the deals, but I also value your advice on what to buy...Thanks xoxo

pas69 2 months ago

As always thanks matt you the man of 2017

Nathan Edwards
Nathan Edwards 2 months ago


Mitch Babey
Mitch Babey 2 months ago

great video

Ron Rosero
Ron Rosero 2 months ago

Looking forward to the gadgets of 2018!

Cindy Sinatra
Cindy Sinatra 2 months ago

Boxing day

Benas P
Benas P 2 months ago


Natalie Borek
Natalie Borek 2 months ago


USKING1823 2 months ago


John Pumpernickle
John Pumpernickle 2 months ago


Ruth Villa
Ruth Villa 2 months ago


Salty_ Soup_Can
Salty_ Soup_Can 2 months ago

I want something:(

rodknock77 2 months ago

Nice deals

swinggaits 2 months ago

You have the greatest deals AND you are entertaining! Thank you!

joshua pesta
joshua pesta 2 months ago

Very helpful!

UniquelyLuLou 2 months ago

I have missed watching you! Thank you for so much great deals!!!

Work Hard Play Hard
Work Hard Play Hard 2 months ago


Allysen Martinez
Allysen Martinez 2 months ago


swtcndy 2 months ago

the tripod I need so bad

Khaled Eid
Khaled Eid 2 months ago

After?!?!? I

spongebrick81 2 months ago

Hunting for a good space heater for the master bedroom. Keep it up!

Karen Klavoon
Karen Klavoon 2 months ago

Hi !!!!!!

Renee Campbell
Renee Campbell 2 months ago

Congrats Alexis! Happy New Matt!

Lindsay Emerson
Lindsay Emerson 2 months ago

You should look up betabrand! They have yoga dress pants (and guys stuff too) and I got them on sale for Boxing Day! Can’t wait to get them in the mail!

Richie Chlopecki
Richie Chlopecki 2 months ago

When are you giving away that MacBook Pro???!

Richie Chlopecki
Richie Chlopecki 2 months ago

Great deals as usual! Hope you had a great christmas!

cornell 749
cornell 749 2 months ago

awesome deals Matt!  Thank you for all your hard work this year on finding us deals!!!

The Santamarias
The Santamarias 2 months ago

Congrats Alexia

mickilas 2 months ago

Wish I'd discovered your videos sooner! :-D

hey j
hey j 2 months ago

great earbuds

Ray_aka_TheGoat 2 months ago


Tyson Wirth
Tyson Wirth 2 months ago

My day is coming, Matt, I can feel it... :) God bless

Debbie Esker
Debbie Esker 2 months ago

I'm new to The Deal Guy! I love him!!!!!

Sad Hei
Sad Hei 2 months ago

I'm excited to see your CES videos.

Yogic Space
Yogic Space 2 months ago

I like ur hosting way, and when u pick me up for giveaway?

Chau Dang
Chau Dang 2 months ago

Looking for a win in 2018!!

Cung Nguyen
Cung Nguyen 2 months ago

Thank you. I am interested in finding some savings for an iPhone SE which I am getting because of it's small size.

Shubham khivanasara
Shubham khivanasara 2 months ago


dan egher
dan egher 2 months ago

Nice selfie stick and charging block

Shawn M
Shawn M 2 months ago

Congrats Alexis N!

Kyle Jurek
Kyle Jurek 2 months ago


Donna Kabel
Donna Kabel 2 months ago


Jose 2 months ago

Power bank

REYES, Alfred Gian C.

Boxing Day awesome hahhahahah Merry Christmas man

Michael Grinshtat
Michael Grinshtat 2 months ago

Solar power

Beth Wade
Beth Wade 2 months ago

Love the videos!

Jose T
Jose T 2 months ago

I need to replace my old charger. Great video. Too much energy. Love it!

amir riddle
amir riddle 2 months ago

Update: I've recived the wireless headphones and they work great. It took me some time to get used to the style of these headphones. They sound amazing and actually reach a pretty good distance. I have an android phone and an ipad and they paired just fine. No complaints so far

Brenda Yankoski
Brenda Yankoski 2 months ago

Your ideas are so so great. Thanks.

Kyle Clorite
Kyle Clorite 2 months ago

Really want a Bluetooth headphone set!

marian schnell
marian schnell 2 months ago


Armyoft 2 months ago

Congratulations to the winners

A Reid
A Reid 2 months ago

Awesome reviews and suggestions for all of 2017 .

Annie Miller
Annie Miller 2 months ago

Looking for the best color printer for the budding photographer.... thanks!

Osama Style
Osama Style 2 months ago

Nice vid!!!

Rica Tabucal
Rica Tabucal 2 months ago

Nice deal matt

drea & jess
drea & jess 2 months ago

Would you have a recommendation on screen protectors for the galaxy s8+. I have purchased 3 different kinds and none stay on for long. One fell of as soon as I put my case on and another didn't even have enough adhesive to keep it stuck for a day. The part that makes it hard is the curved screen I even tried to get a 2 piece case that included the protector and that wasn't great either it wasn't so bad but only lasted about a week and fell off. Wasn't a full case was just a sticky screen. I do prefer the tempered glass screen protectors but at this point I'm willing to try anything that's going to keep my screen from being scratched. And thank you for the reviews I love watching them I even have coworkers watching you. It's always useful to see items that we can save on especially when I'm trying to buy things to use at work. Have a Happy New Year again thank you

Hemanth D. Khandavilli

Matt - Do you have any upcoming deals on Kitchen Cookware, etc.

Sarah Kate
Sarah Kate 2 months ago

Love this frugal family!!!!!

Edie Smith
Edie Smith 2 months ago

Great deals

nickchokshi 2 months ago

Charger looks nice.

RC Carthen
RC Carthen 2 months ago

great gloves. I never win anything

Thomas V
Thomas V 2 months ago


Janis Chu
Janis Chu 2 months ago


charles davis
charles davis 2 months ago

Hey deal guy could you can you find a waterproof Bluetooth speaker on Amazon for under $30

SierraBreez Home
SierraBreez Home 2 months ago

solar charging is something I have been looking for

Qiwen Xu
Qiwen Xu 2 months ago

That selfie tripod stick is very clever

Ben Yoder
Ben Yoder 2 months ago

I’d like a power bank for my phone.

Mile RR
Mile RR 2 months ago

Somebody got a good deal on spray tanning.

Katie Johnson
Katie Johnson 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Matt and Jacque. 🤗🤗! Happy New Year! ❤❤

Dragonwing007 2 months ago

Love the enthusiasm, Matt! Boxing Day, eh?
Cheers! ~Mike

Eusy B
Eusy B 2 months ago

The solar power bank is a great value. I compared it to others of the same capacity on amazon and best buy and this was definitely the best priced of them all. So purchased it for someone and I know they'll love it bc it a very practical gift.

Andy Wright
Andy Wright 2 months ago

Thanks for all the deals in 2017!

Atharv Khandelwal
Atharv Khandelwal 2 months ago

A video on surface book 2 plz

Kyle Schroeder
Kyle Schroeder 2 months ago

Boxing day, prime day, cyber Monday, Green Day, more days to take my money

Rick Clements
Rick Clements 2 months ago

Unblocking day? Sounds fun!

Peter Mui
Peter Mui 2 months ago

Thx for the vids.

Huffie Huff
Huffie Huff 2 months ago

Love a good deal

April Holly Smith - The Frugal Home

Pick me Pick me!

Misty Heaton
Misty Heaton 2 months ago

I love huge deals!!!! Boxing day is great!!!!

Edward Lopez
Edward Lopez 2 months ago

Canada eh?

robin thomas
robin thomas 2 months ago

Love your videos

Waztee 2 months ago

I like giveaways

Waztee 2 months ago

I like giveaways

Waztee 2 months ago

I like giveaways

Riley Critchelow
Riley Critchelow 2 months ago

Did not know about boxing day until now and that's why I love your channel always finding out new stuff.

Khan Gulnawaz
Khan Gulnawaz 2 months ago

Keep it up. .deal guy

stephanie saldana
stephanie saldana 2 months ago

Thanks for the deals

Ari Kari
Ari Kari 2 months ago

So that charger allows 3 things to be charged but does it "fast" charge them?

Herbert Bellock
Herbert Bellock 2 months ago

This deal is unbelievable

Peggy Crain
Peggy Crain 2 months ago

Love the external battery chargers!!

Raquel J
Raquel J 2 months ago


Sam Heiland
Sam Heiland 2 months ago

Where is my ps4 ? Ha ha only joking Matt. Keep up the good work .

Kush Patel
Kush Patel 2 months ago