Clash Of Clans | "NEW!" HOW TO SPAWN A X-MAS TREE! CoC Christmas Tree FAST \u0026 EASY! NEW Update 2016


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Information Clash Of Clans | "NEW!" HOW TO SPAWN A X-MAS TREE! CoC Christmas Tree FAST \u0026 EASY! NEW Update 2016

Title : Clash Of Clans | "NEW!" HOW TO SPAWN A X-MAS TREE! CoC Christmas Tree FAST \u0026 EASY! NEW Update 2016

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Frames Clash Of Clans | "NEW!" HOW TO SPAWN A X-MAS TREE! CoC Christmas Tree FAST \u0026 EASY! NEW Update 2016

Description Clash Of Clans | "NEW!" HOW TO SPAWN A X-MAS TREE! CoC Christmas Tree FAST \u0026 EASY! NEW Update 2016

Clash Of Clans | "NEW!" HOW TO SPAWN A X-MAS TREE! CoC Christmas Tree FAST \u0026 EASY! NEW Update 2016

Clash Of Clans | "NEW!" HOW TO SPAWN A X-MAS TREE! CoC Christmas Tree FAST \u0026 EASY! NEW Update 2016

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GAMING WITH GABO FF 2 months ago


ApplePie 2 months ago

Give me link pls if you still active

ReliableBoy2 2 months ago

Need the new th14 layout but not making is easier for attackers to attack

ed Coates
ed Coates 2 months ago


Mhmd Ba
Mhmd Ba 2 months ago

What the fuck why is your base fucked up

Lum 2 months ago

It’s not spawning for me 😡

so basically
so basically 2 months ago


Blank Blank
Blank Blank 2 months ago

Thought u was sayin "tunnel"

Maxim Tarovik
Maxim Tarovik 2 months ago

When he says "if you're a th9 you can buy decorations to help ya", and you are a th9 wich already has literally all the decoration possible😎

shacodah bynum
shacodah bynum 2 months ago

I did it with town hall level 6

Freikorps11/11 2 months ago

I missed the bit where he spawned an Xmas tree?

Zackary Miller
Zackary Miller 2 months ago

U are so good at this game

Vann Yu
Vann Yu 2 months ago


NiteFoxy 2 months ago

cool vids but I need gems I'm only bronze league 1

Alanna Cooney
Alanna Cooney 2 months ago

I was able to do it at TH6. You can leave walls 2 spaces apart.

Hanoi Tsugo
Hanoi Tsugo 2 months ago

why do i want trees to spawn again?

Lord Fardeen
Lord Fardeen 2 months ago

I got 9 xmas trees don't believe me...check out my clan slayer brigade and look for chief Fardeen B and visit my base you will see

Viper Mv
Viper Mv 2 months ago

YES YOU CAN WI... THO.. 7 BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Sutherland
Daniel Sutherland 2 months ago

havoc do u have any other accounts i have ocd and coc frustrates me because my base isn't good

Daniel Sutherland
Daniel Sutherland 2 months ago

anyone one have a good coc i could have

Logan Bell
Logan Bell 2 months ago

I got 3 on the outside of my normal base without changing it I am th 8

Melina Doty
Melina Doty 2 months ago


Devontay Esera
Devontay Esera 2 months ago

didnt even show how to spawn

Madhav Hans
Madhav Hans 2 months ago

Can I get ur an other account pls.

Rehan Mahmood
Rehan Mahmood 2 months ago

You are the best youtube

chris cormack
chris cormack 2 months ago

How can I join your clan

Sh 2 months ago

It didn't know making a spawn base would be useful. But since the dumb trees and cauldrons block everything, I can't build a new base

Sh 2 months ago

I got 2in 1 day now I have 5

McB _
McB _ 2 months ago

You can for th7

ItsFreakinSteve 2 months ago

Forgot to mention to remove all of that other junk you have on the ring around your base, prob gonna be less likely to spawn because of those logs/etc.

Rob 2 months ago


Gurwinder S.
Gurwinder S. 2 months ago

fuck this shit

Didn't Ask
Didn't Ask 2 months ago

townhall 7 clan make that aswell i have it and im townhall 7

Ricky Lareau
Ricky Lareau 2 months ago

What's the max number of trees spawning for this Christmas event? I have three now, placed perfectly for me, I'm just hoping I could get a couple more before this event is over.

GWEN Reprise
GWEN Reprise 2 months ago

I'm a fairly new th8, only lvl 69, and I already have 4 xmas trees

Dampfnase 2 months ago

You cant SPAWN a tree -Misleading Vieotitle -> Reportet

Rafael Gonzalez
Rafael Gonzalez 2 months ago

and put my defences all together and still had left over walls

Rafael Gonzalez
Rafael Gonzalez 2 months ago

you can do it for th7

chxrlesjorden 2 months ago

You can do it for TH7! Check my base!
Clan: Essence
Name: DefyInstinct

Ira Jed
Ira Jed 2 months ago

actually I got 3 X-mas tree with out watching this

ميدو / medo
ميدو / medo 2 months ago

الي سعودي لايك😂😂

Chris DeNileon
Chris DeNileon 2 months ago

I just watched your video on never ending builders on cauldrons and trees. so here is my question. can you do it with other building? such as wizards towers & archers towers & if so how long will it last?

Sale Em
Sale Em 2 months ago

I don't think the base has to be that tight. It seems obstacles cannot spawn adjacent to buildings or on the territory where troops CANNOT be deployed (same thing). I created a TH8 base with up to 3x3 free thick spaces between buildings, but with only up to 1x1 thick spaces that are not adjacent to buildings (or where troops CAN be deployed), and none of the obstacles spawned between the buildings. All of them spawned on the outside including both of the X-mas trees for now.
The downside is the fact that troops can be spawned almost everywhere (where they can be deployed), and people can easily steal all or most of the loot especially from the 1 gem boosted collectors.

NoIDontMind TheRain
NoIDontMind TheRain 2 months ago

i creates one for th6 and ive gotten 2 xmas trees on outside

alextheromanian 2 months ago

Had this layout for 5 days now... It's Xmas and no god damn tree yet

Другие Фантом

one spawned for me as well.what's the significance of it again?

Jim Miller
Jim Miller 2 months ago

I got my tree in the top corner

AirDiamond 2 months ago


Magic With Dan
Magic With Dan 2 months ago

Ever heard of walls that actually protect your walls dumbass

Viper 2 months ago

Mine spon by it self

BeastEstCat 2 months ago

WOW! howd you get so many gems?!??!

Ash 2 months ago

I have used that base for about a year now wtf

Evan Anderson
Evan Anderson 2 months ago

Can u get it more than once.

Gogsley 2 months ago

Click bait -flagged -reported -blocked

ItsJaBoi 2 months ago

What is it better to spawn the tree on the outside?

ItsJaBoi 2 months ago

HaVoC dont do the click bait tīties pls.

Cody Stowell
Cody Stowell 2 months ago

also th6

Scorchen 2 months ago

I noticed trees spawn less often when you do this. I've had my x-mas tree base set for nearly two days, and I still haven't received an x-mas tree. Does the spawn rate decrease when you limit spawning location?

Jim Davis
Jim Davis 2 months ago

havo is a trator he steeal men from my clain

Jim Davis
Jim Davis 2 months ago

u ban the best man in world 600 members clain wars pick u team i got mine

DJ Twee
DJ Twee 2 months ago

I did it with th6!

J. K.
J. K. 2 months ago

havoc can you do a video on getting the tree in the center?

Cole Creigh
Cole Creigh 2 months ago

If you have last years xmas tree does it still spawn?

Andre Deosaran
Andre Deosaran 2 months ago

i aint getting none

Childish HitMan
Childish HitMan 2 months ago

What I did for my spread base was just copy my trophy base then get rid of the walls and replace them around the base

WoShiBeckhamNg Gaming Channel


Simratpal Singh Saggu

So, can we do something like- "Use that base only when under shield and put your other base out for defense?"

P.S. I made a th9 base myself with no 2x2 spots but there wasnt even a single obstacle on borders overnight!

Nano 2 months ago

Lmao I bought all my decorations. XD

ClashPro with ZBOT
ClashPro with ZBOT 2 months ago

great vid : D but stop with the clickbait titles :)

Anja M
Anja M 2 months ago

upload th8 base today pleaseee :)

pexu 2 months ago


Shikha. Dh
Shikha. Dh 2 months ago

What's the outro song?

Senor Deadpool
Senor Deadpool 2 months ago

yeah your base for the cauldrons was good and I got about 12 from it.

Rami Rantanen
Rami Rantanen 2 months ago

Why in my base there grows normal trees no x mas trees

J Hawths
J Hawths 2 months ago

By the gain bomb at bottom right lol

JM98 2 months ago

the fuck is this title

William Choochootrain

There's two 2×2 openings on top of the X-Bow at the bottom.

RoboBoomByYahh 2 months ago

What happen to your TH10 Cauldron Base video you had?

Michael Cajes
Michael Cajes 2 months ago

are you going to modify the th8

Brian C
Brian C 2 months ago

u need esl

MLG ProVisionS
MLG ProVisionS 2 months ago

two already spawned for me and im 7

Random Kid
Random Kid 2 months ago

Can you make a th9 base about this please

Mikkel Olesen
Mikkel Olesen 2 months ago

Please make a new TH9 Christmas tree spawning base, the map has expanded so there is more space

Finn Hackett
Finn Hackett 2 months ago

Is this update up right now?

Ryan Swindlehurst
Ryan Swindlehurst 2 months ago

Made mine for TH9
Didn't need any decorations

-rk- 2 months ago

You can't actually SPAWN it in. Click bait title. Blocked, Reported, -rep.

Henri 2 months ago

But we can Spawn a Christmas tree whit th 8 sorry i speak french and i dont understand all of this video

Venus 2 months ago

The tree looks ugly :/ anyone agree?

7F solo
7F solo 2 months ago

Just saying you can do for th7

Squidward And His Big Ass Nose.

Anti-Wallbreakers 2015! lol

rohan 2 months ago

Hey havoc where's th8 road to max??

Bernardo Uhart
Bernardo Uhart 2 months ago

havoc soy xXNaChOxX Steve me rechazo me quise unir en tu clan y el me rechazo

NewKingBrandon 2 months ago

will come back with a picture of a modified version of your th9 spawner base

BloodMoonFT 2 months ago

My trees always spawn on the outside without the bases like those

Sean Cains
Sean Cains 2 months ago

No one has loot after the update anyway? bots take a few weeks to update for the changes

soskul 2 months ago

why is the tree fucking metal? I swear next year it's gonna be legit a block of steel

Riley Gillespie
Riley Gillespie 2 months ago

luv ur vids man.

Raul Budi
Raul Budi 2 months ago

Well thats bs with the bloody no th snipe thing

mamamamamama eu
mamamamamama eu 2 months ago

Do that on Th8 plz (:

Shrektacular 2 months ago

Still haven't got one............... COUGH COUGH SC