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Global COVID-19 cases could be 12 times higher than reported

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Information Global COVID-19 cases could be 12 times higher than reported

Title :  Global COVID-19 cases could be 12 times higher than reported
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Frames Global COVID-19 cases could be 12 times higher than reported

Description Global COVID-19 cases could be 12 times higher than reported

Comments Global COVID-19 cases could be 12 times higher than reported

David Billspl
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Comment from : David Billspl

James Gray
94% of deaths had a co-morbidity rate of almost THREE ASSOCIATED RISK FACTORS according to the CDC...meaning only 6% of deaths were actually from COVID ALONE and who knows how many of those numbers were falsified/inflated...why isn't that all over the news?
Comment from : James Gray

Derek Adams
I figured out this is all so fake
Comment from : Derek Adams

Richard Rodriguez
All lies.
Comment from : Richard Rodriguez

Alpha Helix
it does not spread . it comes punctually from bird droppings and makes no manifestable illness
It also has no distiguishable characteristics. Result: it is all and nothing in imagination

Comment from : Alpha Helix

Gordon MacWilliam
Why is Al Jazeera reporting MIT data? Where are the American news sources?
Comment from : Gordon MacWilliam

jinny wazen
aljazeera always spreads negative vibes!
Comment from : jinny wazen

The more you test, the more you find and the death rate drops as a consequence. High testing countries like Singapore and Qatar have a very low death rate.
Comment from : peet1250

About 1% of the world population die every year on average pandemic or not (around 75 million.) If this number doubles to 150 million at the end of the 2020 than I would be alarmed. My bet is I will not.
Comment from : CUMBICA1970

Bholu Sengar
Comment from : Bholu Sengar

This is only the beginning, wait until September that's when things will get ugly and we will have 300K deaths by the end of the year here in the United States.
Comment from : MannyScoots

no worries, the world evolved 🤘
Comment from : DCLXVI

Farhan Maleq
Minta maaflah, Al Jazeera! 👎
Comment from : Farhan Maleq

nadz yea
I figured out the corona virus spreads quicker in dumber countries
Comment from : nadz yea

Sam Manning
The death toll or the number of cases? Cause that’s not the same thing.
Comment from : Sam Manning

M A Hasham
Suppositions only.
Comment from : M A Hasham

Lockon Stratos
Europe is hiding their real number so they can try to look good against the US, failed
Comment from : Lockon Stratos

Pickle Rick
in which case the mortality rate/lethality would drop significantly - why is this not the story?
Comment from : Pickle Rick

Space Shuttle Door Gunner
surprise surprise.
Comment from : Space Shuttle Door Gunner

C. Lincoln
Fake news.
Comment from : C. Lincoln

Cosmin Contra
1.5 million die from tuberculosis each year but nobody ever freaks out over that. Let natural selection and evolution work
Comment from : Cosmin Contra

Nazhif Afieq
Apologize to malaysia
Comment from : Nazhif Afieq

Encik Abang
Naah.. This youtube is racist.. I will report this yt
Comment from : Encik Abang

Ben Atticus M
Qatar has been hiding many dirty affairs from the foreign workers ailing living,unpaid work and highest infected in the world.. but AlJazeera seems to be blinded by the factual and reality in Qatar.Shame on you!
Comment from : Ben Atticus M

Lord Sir. Prince Khan
Then, it's not uncommon that COVID-19 will be the next 'Spanish flu'
Comment from : Lord Sir. Prince Khan

Lam Lam
Focus on the culprits and make them pay
Comment from : Lam Lam

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