CHRISTMAS APARTMENT MAKEOVER + DIY Christmas Decor + Ornaments ❄️


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Information CHRISTMAS APARTMENT MAKEOVER + DIY Christmas Decor + Ornaments ❄️

Title : CHRISTMAS APARTMENT MAKEOVER + DIY Christmas Decor + Ornaments ❄️

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Frames CHRISTMAS APARTMENT MAKEOVER + DIY Christmas Decor + Ornaments ❄️

Description CHRISTMAS APARTMENT MAKEOVER + DIY Christmas Decor + Ornaments ❄️

CHRISTMAS APARTMENT MAKEOVER + DIY Christmas Decor + Ornaments ❄️

CHRISTMAS APARTMENT MAKEOVER + DIY Christmas Decor + Ornaments ❄️

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Nora Armenta
Nora Armenta 2 months ago

So beautiful! I love all this decor. ❤️😍🥺

Leah S
Leah S 2 months ago

Beautiful! You gave me great arts and crafts ideas-thanks & happy holidays.

jay hulrs
jay hulrs 2 months ago

Love it!

meangurl1985 2 months ago

Was looking for inspo to decorate my small apartment this year and so glad I found this video! This is the exact vibe im looking for.

Dee Strange
Dee Strange 2 months ago

love the baby stocking garland too cute!

Pabla Rodriguez
Pabla Rodriguez 2 months ago

Maravilloso y simple encanto❤👍❤❤

Jennifer Abele
Jennifer Abele 2 months ago

The snowy forest ornament would be cute as a two tiered serving tray

Brenda Krause
Brenda Krause 2 months ago

Not able to give thumbs up nothing happens when pressed

Marlo S
Marlo S 2 months ago

I’m obsessed with that tree skirt. Where did you get it? Love!!

Dump Trump
Dump Trump 2 months ago

When you said you couldn't believe it is already December, I seriously freaked out. 2020 has been a trip *nervous laugh. Thanks for the early XMAS ideas. This rocks!

Madhuri Gupta
Madhuri Gupta 2 months ago

trees off a tree! how fun:D

Ana Quevedo
Ana Quevedo 2 months ago

Me gusta como decoras,tienes mucho estilo ,pero me gusta mas cuando creas tu propias ideas desde cero ; un beso😘 sigue sorprendiéndonos👍💫💝

Lyndi Olinger
Lyndi Olinger 2 months ago

Drew, where did u get that tree skirt? And the metal looking tray on your coffee table, did u diy that? Love your sign, love the garland , love your 🌲! I loved it all!

Natalie Russ
Natalie Russ 2 months ago

Can’t wait to see your Christmas decorating in your new home

Ursula Melia
Ursula Melia 2 months ago

So lovely! Watching this nearly a year later and thought: oh, I need to start decorating and then realised it’s only Start November!!! Never mind, December soon! Love your Christmas decorations!!!!💕💕💕

Verena Stephan
Verena Stephan 2 months ago

don't mind me watching this Nov 2020 bc I am done with this year and starting christmas early.

Rachael Jones
Rachael Jones 2 months ago

i can't wait to decorate , just until the end of november after my birthday

Avelina Sanchezby the

Absolutely love the ornaments that you made and the rest of the apartment

whoasusie 2 months ago

I'm watching this on 11/5/2020 and was shocked at 6:07 when you weren't wearing a mask 😷 #justcovidthings but anyways I love your contents and look forward to videos like this coming soon!

Serendipity 2 months ago

Election Day/Middle of the Night - just sitting here watching your ChrisTmas video and smiling - thank you for beautiful moments.

Sabrina Rankin
Sabrina Rankin 2 months ago

I've been binging your channel for the past month and just want to say that I truly love your personality! You make me laugh with the way you get so excited, then suddenly pull back the reins! 😂 It shows that you're proud of your accomplishments, yet remain humble, and I personally find it freaking adorable! Please don't ever change! Oh, and I Love Love Love everything you DIY!!! Ur style is amazing!

The Wealth Vibe - Shana Green

Would you recommend changing the rug for holiday decor? I have a jute rug layered with faux cowhide and I’m not sure how it will look with Christmas decor. Can you do a video about this?

Aarav Patel
Aarav Patel 2 months ago

I want it to be Christmas already!!!

Red 2 months ago

Can you decorate my ugly apartment??? lol

Diana Flegal
Diana Flegal 2 months ago

Loved this ❤️

Nicola Bremner
Nicola Bremner 2 months ago

Gorgeous! I am loving your DIY decor....soo good!
...but that tree skirt is to die for, totally obsessing over it ❤️

Klink bros
Klink bros 2 months ago

Awsome tree your house looks awsome good jon👍

Linda Foyle
Linda Foyle 2 months ago

Thank You, Love your Channel...Linda from OC

Cat Carter
Cat Carter 2 months ago

The tree skirt is killer. Where did you get it????

Cat Carter
Cat Carter 2 months ago

My ex and I used to decorate the top of the tree with a bow tied around the tip so it was still lower than the typical tree-toppers, but still left the top looking like the cherry on top.

Tia 2 months ago

idk why you don’t have 1 million subs! you’re so so talented!!!

Jacq C
Jacq C 2 months ago

1:30 in and I'm already screaming THAT SKIRT! THAT TREE!

So prettyyyyyy!

Jasmin Rojas
Jasmin Rojas 2 months ago


Antonina Semenenko
Antonina Semenenko 2 months ago


Elba Cristina Montes
Elba Cristina Montes 2 months ago

Saludos desde Barcelona, feliz navidad todo esta ideal y precioso eres el mejor. Un beso🤣

Leeanne Batchelor
Leeanne Batchelor 2 months ago

I💗 your mantle white branches,,, Happy Christmas 🎅☃🎅

Alžběta Hradecká
Alžběta Hradecká 2 months ago

You are so good

Anne Gomis
Anne Gomis 2 months ago

Fantastic !!!!

Becca L
Becca L 2 months ago

This video was so relaxing!

Debby Wilson
Debby Wilson 2 months ago

So what’s up with the pugs and French bulldogs this Year?

Debby Wilson
Debby Wilson 2 months ago

Hello from Dallas. The mini tree ornament turned out soo cute.

Michael Stanley
Michael Stanley 2 months ago

(MaryJo Stanley) You are amazingly talented!!! My style is completely different then yours, but I love how you go about putting things together!!! I always enjoy your videos! New subscriber!!! Looking forward to watching all your future videos!!!!!!!

TheMelrose1961 2 months ago

I just absolutely love your style..You seem to grab all the items I like too.. Your merch is cute, best wishes & continued success...Your choice of tree is gorgeous, it’s the nicest I’ve seen so far.. thank you for sharing.. happy holidays🌲🦊

Franchette Micaela Bas

more people need to see your channel srsly. I just discovered yours a couple days ago and Im like recommending your channel to my friends and fam. I have a grandma who loves interior design and decorating. I think your channel is perfect for her <3

Jorge Alvarado
Jorge Alvarado 2 months ago

Reason #1 for liking you: 🦊
Reason # 2: personality
Reason #3: aesthetics

Can we be friends now? 🤔

Ana Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez 2 months ago

Okay so this video just made me want to go to target and get creative! 😊

Cherry's Life
Cherry's Life 2 months ago

I love it!

Andrea B
Andrea B 2 months ago

So so soooo good Drew!!!

Kamalpreet Singhania
Kamalpreet Singhania 2 months ago

im dying to buy your merch, but they are just a tad over my comfort price point. i feel like so many business make this mistake of "slight" overprice that stops hundreds of buyers from making the final purchase. please consider this point in the future. finding the right price is'd be sold out within hours with those gorgeous products...hugs. I badly wanted the blue for my special needs son, and the black one for myself, and at least one tote...but didnt have the fund :'(

Faith Matini
Faith Matini 2 months ago

Ooooo the fake mantle gives me an idea for creating something similar in my apartment since I don’t have a fireplace! 👌🏾

Faith Matini
Faith Matini 2 months ago

Yaaayyy DIY projects! So many cute ornaments! Love the coasters! ❣️❣️

Ronda Bruce
Ronda Bruce 2 months ago

Your couch x a million! What brand is it and where can I get one?

Marija Dobrosavljevic

Wonderful 👏🏻

Anna 2 months ago

Drew,how do you store all your diy supplies...and all the stuff that you used in your previous projects?

Natasha Freeman
Natasha Freeman 2 months ago

Love everything u do

Azrych Calukovic
Azrych Calukovic 2 months ago

This is so beautiful, amazing decor and diys! 😍

Renon Barlow
Renon Barlow 2 months ago

You should make merch that says “just watch what I do”

Stephanie 2 months ago

FIY the 9 foot tree is on sale today for $350.

GrandFather's House
GrandFather's House 2 months ago

great tree, gostei...!!!!

hmcc08901_MissHelen 2 months ago

I love it !!!!!

Emily Malcolm
Emily Malcolm 2 months ago

You got me at the tree skirt, gorgeous.

Ashley Maria
Ashley Maria 2 months ago

Those personalized ornaments/name tags are the CUTEST!!
You have such great diys all the time. I’m glad you share them with us all!!

Pame Salinas
Pame Salinas 2 months ago

Where did you get the christmas tree embroidered base???? is so cute!!


Maria Wingren
Maria Wingren 2 months ago

absolutely obsessed!

소소코지sosocozy 2 months ago

My favorite channel🥰

nikki yozzi
nikki yozzi 2 months ago

That treeskirt is friggan insane i lovvve it

Linda Russ
Linda Russ 2 months ago

I have seen pretty much every single one of your vids. This is my fave vid ever. So classy festive.

sammy knows
sammy knows 2 months ago

Drew you are truly amazing at what you do that was so beautiful and elegantly done even watching the finishing touches threw the video just wow.. looks so special well done. You should be so proud of yourself.😊👌🥰✌🎄👀🤗

YourFangirlSelina 2 months ago

i love ur videos smmm <3

Poppy T
Poppy T 2 months ago

Those lights with the little trees are adorable! No target in the UK though 😫

Naree Patnoe
Naree Patnoe 2 months ago

It look so frikkin cozy❤🎄⛄❄
I want to come over everyday😍

Sheila Sheila Ford
Sheila Sheila Ford 2 months ago

wow you have a wonderful sense of style - intuitive and natural, and the total effect is delightfully pleasing. Happy Christmas.

Mykaela R
Mykaela R 2 months ago

LOVE!! Your tree is beautiful - I love seeing different Christmas decor styles

T Can
T Can 2 months ago

Merriest of Christmas to you and your family

Anya 2 months ago

my mom still hangs up ornaments I made when I was 12 years old....I'm 29 now lol I told her she could just throw them away but she wants to keep them because according to her DIY ornaments are cozier than bought ^^''

Brenda Joy
Brenda Joy 2 months ago

I would LOVE it if your LoneFox house & fox logo (on hoodie) would also be available on a black ball cap.....I'll ask Santa. ;)

Pepu 2 months ago

I’ve never seen a Christmas tree that can be assembled like that 😲
Also, that ram ornament in the intro is hella cute!

LadyY2U 2 months ago

Your tree is beautiful! Nice video! Love your channel! Happy Holidays! Mawh

karinlau3 2 months ago

You have incredible taste and such creative talent!!! You really stick out from all the generic DIYs around Christmas! ...and not only around Christmas, love your style and the substance of your DIYs!!!!! 👍

Judi Foster
Judi Foster 2 months ago


Lorraine Kempton
Lorraine Kempton 2 months ago

So cute Drew!!!

Isaac Lee
Isaac Lee 2 months ago

Omg drew I absolutely love your channel and don’t understand how you don’t have 1 million subs. I look up to you and I dream of having such a beautiful apartment like you one day. Congrats on such a successful year, the lone fox fan has grown so much.
Merry Christmas.

Blah la Lovely
Blah la Lovely 2 months ago


Megan Hall
Megan Hall 2 months ago

The music that played in the background while setting up the tree/decorating the tree before 3 minutes into the video sounded familiar... what was it? 😊

kim 2 months ago

nice...I can go to bed now...done😌

Brenda Williams
Brenda Williams 2 months ago

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I’ve been waiting for this video....perfection! Love it 😊

Desiray Mershani
Desiray Mershani 2 months ago

So peaceful!! heads to target

jb06dec 2 months ago

Here is a positive video algorithmic boosting comment. Also a Christmas song I l hope you'll like.

Joana Lopes
Joana Lopes 2 months ago

i love it!!!

GraciesGrammaVlogs 2 months ago

Drew!! I am stealing all these ideas!! My theme is woodland/buffalo check/farmhouse. Everyone of these DIY's are perfect!! You are so stinkin' cute! I want to take you home and sit you an a shelf!! Merry! Merry!

Charlothe Wulch
Charlothe Wulch 2 months ago

Love it !

Sandra Organization Seeking

LOVE this video. I would love to see you deck out someone else's space using what the own; no spend/low spend. I bet you'd be great at that!

Denise Fazio
Denise Fazio 2 months ago

Love everything! I even bought five of the trees at Target. The last 5 in the bin!
Merry Christmas from Boston, MA

Katrina Verschoor
Katrina Verschoor 2 months ago

Talk to me about that tree skirt , boy!

Brooke Kraeszig
Brooke Kraeszig 2 months ago

Drew losing it over the bulldog cookie jar is a mood

Suzanne Marie
Suzanne Marie 2 months ago

Love it!!!

Jessica Anne
Jessica Anne 2 months ago

You have the best diys. Omg. How did I just find this channel.

Susan Hull
Susan Hull 2 months ago

Absolutely adorable! That is the most darling tree skirt I have ever seen. I love your taste. So quirky; so fun. ❤️

Kathleen Small town girl

I’ve watched a few of your videos recently, I love them! Your very talented!!
In my crazy mind I’m thinking your blow dryer must be as powerful as a tornado 🌪 how do you get your hair like that?

Haru chan
Haru chan 2 months ago

Super cute... thank you for sharing ... i will make this one! Exciting... I 🥰🥰🥰🥰