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Title : La Befana in Rome - Italian Christmas Traditions by Walks of Italy

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Description La Befana in Rome - Italian Christmas Traditions by Walks of Italy

La Befana in Rome - Italian Christmas Traditions by Walks of Italy

La Befana in Rome - Italian Christmas Traditions by Walks of Italy

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sawlovesyou52 2 months ago

On Wednesday, Befana the gift-giving witch flew by the window of an Italian hospital to cheer up sick children. Hanging onto cables outside of the hospital, a member of the Italian Alpine rescue team dressed up as the Italian folklore figure for the Christian holiday Epiphany. How sick are we to put this Pagan practice in the grooming of children. Why do we lie to our children. Even the schools in the USA groomed our children with coloring of Easter bunny, bunny eggs, witches, black cats, ghosts, Santa (Satan) Claus and yet we kick God out of our schools. No wonder the USA is more corrupt than ever. Followers of the Destroyer, the Deceiver, and the Liar.

Brian Arborio
Brian Arborio 2 months ago

Thanks from America. Continuing the Tradition

Bella 2 months ago

mr parlapiano anyone?

James DeVico
James DeVico 2 months ago

here from Mr. Parlapiano lol

TTV_ Gibby
TTV_ Gibby 2 months ago

mr p anyone?

Bob da compost
Bob da compost 2 months ago

who is here from Mrs. Chiarlitti's class

why has god forsake us

who else watched this for a class? POGGERS

Maria Arzuaga
Maria Arzuaga 2 months ago

Everyone has a nice Christmas

Mason Williams
Mason Williams 2 months ago

it was so good

Lian Mung
Lian Mung 2 months ago

so boring

Denise Asaro
Denise Asaro 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing this wonderful video. I now understand that it is customary to leave red wine for Befana. I am trying to make La Befana a tradition in my home.

energyx 2 months ago

im from the us and this is 7 YEARS AGO OMFG

Eileen Riley
Eileen Riley 2 months ago

Me: La Befana.
Raphael: La Banana?
Me: No, Raphael. La Befana is an Italian Christmas witch. She delivers gifts to the good kids. She also gives every lump of coal to the bad kids. Just like Santa Claus.
Raphael: Oh, I get it. But you're an American Christmas witch who helps me with my problems

M.G vlogs
M.G vlogs 2 months ago

io italiano

Carlisle Street Sessions

Great video. I want to say that it appears as though there is an electric lamp cord running directly under the pillow and underneath the child to a bed side lamp at the end. Energized power cords create a constant low voltage electric field that projects at least 6 feet with also harmonics and transients known as dirty electricity. This is true whether or not the lamp is on. When the lamp is OFF, the magnetic field portion goes away but the other components remain. This type of phenomenon has been linked to leukemia and neurological problems.

Devansh Bhaw
Devansh Bhaw 2 months ago

So guys we did it

M ,B, A la team de Marseille

Belle glacis

James Langeard
James Langeard 2 months ago

Huh gayyyy!!!

Misx͓̽ry 2 months ago

How does the little girl understand her? Does she speak English too

Raffaele Irlanda
Raffaele Irlanda 2 months ago

Yes italian kids are fortunate they receive toys on Christmas by Kid Jesus or SantaClaus, and sweets by Befana Good Witch on Epiphany, on January the 6th! But remember that when Epiphany occurs, Befana with her broom, she wipes away all Christmas and New Year's Eve feasts and any remaining holiday! Next day you must go to school!

Signora Loredana
Signora Loredana 2 months ago

Grazie mille. I use this video each year at Christmas with my Italian students.

uni de sang et de coeur


Declan Jones
Declan Jones 2 months ago

this is a beautiful and fun video, what's the jazzy song that is played throughout it? i've replaying it over and over the past hour.. i love it!!

Linda Raymond
Linda Raymond 2 months ago

Love her ,,,,,,thanks John

M. .KELLY 2 months ago

That was so sweet!

adrishak 2 months ago

I absolutely LOVED the video.  I'm a kinder teacher and was looking for a video to show my students that talked about different  Christmas traditions.  I love the Strega Befana tradition in Italy and how it's told my the little girl.  I also like that my students will be able to see how Italy looks like and the toys and games at the piazza. Thank you so much!!!

Walks of Italy Tours
Walks of Italy Tours 2 months ago

Christmas & New Years are behind us, so children in #Italy now eagerly await the arrival of "La Befana" on January 6th. Learn more about La #Befana in this charming video featuring our favorite little Roman, Beatrice. 

Carolina Gengo
Carolina Gengo 2 months ago

Great for sharing with my Italian students. Ben fatto! Grazie!

valentina felici
valentina felici 2 months ago

dolce bea e meravigliosa moma! Valina

Kozy official
Kozy official 2 months ago

great work Beatrice!

Phabrizio Palmisano
Phabrizio Palmisano 2 months ago

(tuo cugino)

Phabrizio Palmisano
Phabrizio Palmisano 2 months ago

Bellissimo video Simo! Un abbraccio <3

Francesca Maggi BurntbytheTuscanSun

Sweet carbone? So she admits to being a naughty girl...Albeit somewhat! ;) I love that Santa gets milk & cookies & La Befana gets red wine (or whiskey)! Burnt by the Tuscan Sun

Simona Palmisano
Simona Palmisano 2 months ago

Brava Bea! - La Befana

loutiscrive 2 months ago