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The First Noel (With Lyrics)

The First Noel (With Lyrics)

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and1146 2 months ago

Dear mother, I love you forever.

a G momin
a G momin 2 months ago

This is my brother name he die noel💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Amelia Weber
Amelia Weber 2 months ago

Anyone listening in May 2021?

ImNo1 2 months ago

2.2 thousand people havent accepted jesus christ as their personal lord and savior.

Jayhann Teoh
Jayhann Teoh 2 months ago

I have this song on piano!😊

Jayhann Teoh
Jayhann Teoh 2 months ago

I like this song!❤️

Jayhann Teoh
Jayhann Teoh 2 months ago

I love u sp much Jesus!❤️❤️❤️

Noel Murphy
Noel Murphy 2 months ago

I'm only here cause my name is Noel😉 just needed hype music to clean 😂😝

Op Po
Op Po 2 months ago

i hate israel

Kerben Agustin
Kerben Agustin 2 months ago


SuperTalkCam 2 months ago

This version is my favorite

Noel IZ
Noel IZ 2 months ago

yang sudah nonton

Noel IZ
Noel IZ 2 months ago

terima kasi semua

Jason Adams
Jason Adams 2 months ago

I know it’s not Christmas but I still celebrate Jesus everyday

Kylie Mcelroy
Kylie Mcelroy 2 months ago

my name is noel

Luiza Passos
Luiza Passos 2 months ago

Beautiful this Christmas song.

lovely thingzxo
lovely thingzxo 2 months ago

i miss christmas, i wish 2021 will be better we love u guys

Bryan Prime
Bryan Prime 2 months ago

February 2021 listening here

-- 2 months ago

randomly got this into my head... swear someone's playing sims with us

mikias bahiru
mikias bahiru 2 months ago

Dont forget the greatest gift that was given to us at christmas was Jesus

ミRJ 2 months ago


Noel Roblox
Noel Roblox 2 months ago

Hey guys if you didn't know my name is Noel

NEVINZZ X2✓ 2 months ago


Won Ying Ashley MAK
Won Ying Ashley MAK 2 months ago

im a really shy person but listening to this makes me feel as If a angel has rise in me

Desy C
Desy C 2 months ago

I like this song so much😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 and make me feel jesus beside me🎅🎅🎅👼👼👼💚💛💜💖💖💕💗💝💟👍👍👍👍👍

VANILA JR 2 months ago

Saya bernama Noel ulang tahun pas waktu hari natal

Cary Nail
Cary Nail 2 months ago

Am I the only one hear in January

Olubunmi Osituwo
Olubunmi Osituwo 2 months ago

Anyone in 2021?

ela pratiwi hutagaol
ela pratiwi hutagaol 2 months ago

I love Jesus🙏

rebecca wise
rebecca wise 2 months ago

spring PA system soepso

Ale Clash
Ale Clash 2 months ago

Joël Joël Dervishe

Emily Keen
Emily Keen 2 months ago

I love this song

Collin Clarke
Collin Clarke 2 months ago

Nice musical video 👌👌👌

Hartobpri Prihartob
Hartobpri Prihartob 2 months ago


5 flapjacks
5 flapjacks 2 months ago

1Peter 1 18 -19 "For as you know that you were not redeemed with corruptible things like silver and gold...but with the precious blood of Christ..." If you have not as yet been saved by Jesus, consider some of the benefits: Jesus' shed blood... 1) Precious in value. Acts 20:28 2) In rarity. Only Jesus' blood was sinless. 3) Because it saves. Nothing else does. 4) Under the blood there is no condemnation! 5) It removes your sins completely. 6) It cleanses. Rev. 1:5. 7) It replaces sin with His righteousness. 8) Your sins are in remission, as if you never committed them. Matt 26; 28. 9) Release of payment. Your sin debt is paid in full! Ephesians 1:7, Colossians 1:14 If anybody desires to further look into this matter, the bible teaching site, teachingfaith com has a fine beginners series on salvation titled, 'change of mind'..30+ free streaming videos & really helped me understand all the ins and outs of salvation in Jesus only.

TryHáRdVøZí 2 months ago

What a beautiful voice!!!! He sounds like a angel!! God bless you all

Joao corleao-gamer
Joao corleao-gamer 2 months ago

Jesus was born upon this day King of Israel his mother Mary was sleeping then she had a dream an anjel sent by God told her "you will give birth to the son of god"

Writing more later

Amber Arena
Amber Arena 2 months ago

I love this song I listen on a TV shows it is call Christmas in the city

annoncia razanabolaniaina

2020 Merry Christmas , joyeux Noël
God bless us all the time 😘🙏🙏

Yasenia 101
Yasenia 101 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

Tiamongba Lemtur
Tiamongba Lemtur 2 months ago

Wishing you all a merry christmas. May Jehovah be the with you❤️🔥. The saviour was born on this day.🔥❤️❤️❤️

JCM 2 months ago

Merry Christmas everyone

Keeva Grace
Keeva Grace 2 months ago

Pog for Jesus Christ amen 🙏

Philip Chandler Show
Philip Chandler Show 2 months ago

Merry Christmas everyone may you & your families all stay safe this year.🙏🙂

Rayno Roberts
Rayno Roberts 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to all and all and love from me and my family

Ella Z
Ella Z 2 months ago

Rich Zanolini

Ella Z
Ella Z 2 months ago

I crying 😢

Ella Z
Ella Z 2 months ago

Merry Christmas my poppy died so it reminded me of him god bless you guys and all a merry Christmas

Marisol Robles
Marisol Robles 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Eve everyone

brenda Trice
brenda Trice 2 months ago

Get redeye for sant kids

Joyson Soraisam
Joyson Soraisam 2 months ago

Who ever hearing this song may d God bless you and wish u a very happy Christmas amen

Roman A.
Roman A. 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 2020! Every year is closer to Jesus' return ❤

Sovannaro Ry
Sovannaro Ry 2 months ago

Christmas season is my favorite season of all times.

Rose Kimbeng
Rose Kimbeng 2 months ago

Amen 🙏 shalom Israel 🇮🇱 thanks for sharing God bless you ❤

윤태영 2 months ago

예수그리스도를 구세주로 믿고 영접하여 구원받으시길 기도드립니다

Mya Yllanes
Mya Yllanes 2 months ago

Merry Christmas! Stay safe and healthy! Don't forget to wear a mask! Good riddins 2020, hello 2021!

jeannine kiyobe
jeannine kiyobe 2 months ago


Malin Christoffersson

Å så fin låt jag heter noel 🤩🤩

Shyrel Ghulam
Shyrel Ghulam 2 months ago

For each one reading this,May this Christmas bring endless joys & blessings in your life overwhelmed by the eternal & unconditional love of our KING lord JESUS CHRIST🙏🕇❤

Andreas Maturbongs
Andreas Maturbongs 2 months ago

2020/2021 🥰💝

Kaavin Gupta
Kaavin Gupta 2 months ago

Beautifully sang bro

Beth Nyabeta
Beth Nyabeta 2 months ago

I love chrismas

Bailey 2 months ago

i love noel

ɾιƙυॐ 2 months ago

How cute. My friend's name is Noelle. My Noey.

tara Ranger
tara Ranger 2 months ago

Who here in 2020

maria maibel
maria maibel 2 months ago

💖🙏🌲🎅⚘Have A Safe Christmas To All And Prosperous New Year💖🛐🌲🤶⚘

Lucid Clieo
Lucid Clieo 2 months ago


Ywah Hay Mue
Ywah Hay Mue 2 months ago

Who is here in 2020
Happy new years and merry Christmas 🎄🎄

Matilda Maher
Matilda Maher 2 months ago

Wishing you Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year

Kaydince Wright
Kaydince Wright 2 months ago

Christmas 2020

Elena Orbes
Elena Orbes 2 months ago

Anyone just here because they love Christmas songs?

Tiki Cat
Tiki Cat 2 months ago

We sing this song on music lesson

Cole Bruen
Cole Bruen 2 months ago

Israel wasn’t a place then

Sanbahun Kurbah
Sanbahun Kurbah 2 months ago

I like it

Tenley Ostrov
Tenley Ostrov 2 months ago


Lucia Nopal
Lucia Nopal 2 months ago

There put this song in the church😍😀😇

Commander MaskedMan
Commander MaskedMan 2 months ago

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Don't forget to wear a mask!

nairud wabad
nairud wabad 2 months ago

3 days to goo... advance merry christmas

melissa conley
melissa conley 2 months ago


Krys Kroll
Krys Kroll 2 months ago

Boglárka Czeichner
Boglárka Czeichner 2 months ago

Ne brother name Noel

jomsrandom video
jomsrandom video 2 months ago

Be here in 2021

jomsrandom video
jomsrandom video 2 months ago

In covid 19 here in 2020

Hsulet Yar
Hsulet Yar 2 months ago

is that David Archuleta ????

Alayna Scott
Alayna Scott 2 months ago

READY FOR 2021!!! Yes Or No?

Jake’s Aviation
Jake’s Aviation 2 months ago

Who sings the first Noel on this version though

Chrissy Leyten
Chrissy Leyten 2 months ago

i lisend to this song and now im singing it on christmas

125 ryhab khan
125 ryhab khan 2 months ago

I'm a Muslim and I love singing Christmas carols since forever now!

Sarah Lindsey
Sarah Lindsey 2 months ago


。Lauren Souza。
。Lauren Souza。 2 months ago

Merry Christmas everyone :) Stay safe for you and your families sake :D

jose garcia
jose garcia 2 months ago

Feliz Navidad para cada uno ,i Love Christmas Time

Layla Peasha
Layla Peasha 2 months ago

I like your youtube videos songs

Auna Stacy
Auna Stacy 2 months ago

umm you did this in 2019 what

vincent otwori
vincent otwori 2 months ago

Joy to the world

Rudi Wijaya
Rudi Wijaya 2 months ago

Oh... lord thanks for my life.

ong khaa
ong khaa 2 months ago

Love you Jesus❤

Kevin Adams
Kevin Adams 2 months ago

Played this the last 2 Christmases I had with my late sister😪R.I.P Merry Christmas. Last time I ever saw her.

TOXIC GAMER 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and God bless to all

Alejendro Lafontant
Alejendro Lafontant 2 months ago

Thank you