#997 Amazing Glitter Resin Christmas Tree Ornaments From My Home Made Silicone Decoration Mold


Pouring Your Heart Out

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Information #997 Amazing Glitter Resin Christmas Tree Ornaments From My Home Made Silicone Decoration Mold

Title : #997 Amazing Glitter Resin Christmas Tree Ornaments From My Home Made Silicone Decoration Mold

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Frames #997 Amazing Glitter Resin Christmas Tree Ornaments From My Home Made Silicone Decoration Mold

Description #997 Amazing Glitter Resin Christmas Tree Ornaments From My Home Made Silicone Decoration Mold

#997 Amazing Glitter Resin Christmas Tree Ornaments From My Home Made Silicone Decoration Mold

#997 Amazing Glitter Resin Christmas Tree Ornaments From My Home Made Silicone Decoration Mold

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Pouring Your Heart Out


Stephanie Wallace
Stephanie Wallace 2 months ago

Do you make videos of you making some of your molds? Just wondering. Thank you so much for sharing your arts!

KIM MONSERRAT 2 months ago

Hi Julie
Love this so much I purchased your mould & have made about 6 sets for various family members ! They love them but 😩 on my last set mostly clear with sparkle & light tints I managed to overfill & have broken off 2 of the parts that make the holes ! Is there a way to fix them? Would appreciate any advise you could give ....

Sherry K
Sherry K 2 months ago

I love these., thanks. I just starting .

Twisted Art Lady
Twisted Art Lady 2 months ago

Aww! When I was pregnant with my youngest I was going to name the baby Gymma if it was a girl but it was a boy so he is Gavin. Lol! But my niece loved the name, so when she had a daughter a few years ago she named her baby Gymma and she is absolutely precious. ❤

Jennifer Millott
Jennifer Millott 2 months ago

absolutely beautiful!

Jennifer Millott
Jennifer Millott 2 months ago

I can't wait to get my mold! So excited!!

Arkansas Made
Arkansas Made 2 months ago

Julie: pay no mind to the mess
me: what mess? lol

Cheryl Duarte
Cheryl Duarte 2 months ago

I love these, great idea.

Cheryl Duarte
Cheryl Duarte 2 months ago

I love these, great idea.

Louise Marriott
Louise Marriott 2 months ago

Where can I get the mould from delivered to the uk xx

Cathy Clemmer
Cathy Clemmer 2 months ago

It doesn’t matter how long your videos are. I like watching you. I never fast forward.

Erin Wood
Erin Wood 2 months ago

The snowflake ❄️ is my favorite. It was so nice to see more of your beautiful property. Gorgeous!

Teresa Rodoni
Teresa Rodoni 2 months ago

How did you make this Christmas mold?

Milisa Spencer
Milisa Spencer 2 months ago

Julie wish you sold these! I would so buy your molds ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ty May
Ty May 2 months ago

Absolutely love watching your videos. Your mold is gorgeous. Hopefully it won't be too expensive for me to purchase. What I love the best about your videos is your exuberance. Your voice makes me happy.

Mary 2 months ago

Beautiful 🌟🌟🥰👍👍🌞🎁🎁Mary from Missouri USA

Mary 2 months ago

Beautiful 👍👍🌟🌟🌟🥰

Nadezda Nikolic
Nadezda Nikolic 2 months ago

Beautiful 😍

Stephanie Hancock
Stephanie Hancock 2 months ago

OMG I seriously squealed with delight numerous times throughout this video! Julie, these are so wonderful and your tree looks amazing and I can just imagine the gorgeousness of your home during the holidays. You remind me of a much younger version of my mom. Her home was always a holiday masterpiece.

Sheryl Trevino
Sheryl Trevino 2 months ago

Love, love, love the mold. The design possibilities are endless. These turned out beautiful!

Marie Karole
Marie Karole 2 months ago

Has anyone tried baking sprinkles that are in holiday shapes for resin

Amy Zakahi
Amy Zakahi 2 months ago

Your tree is decorated like my mom does! She says every limb must have an ornament! She has boxes and boxes of ornaments and buys a few more every year! lol

D Clark
D Clark 2 months ago

They are gorgeous!
I really love the white sparkle it looks amazing

Julia Richards
Julia Richards 2 months ago

Watching you do this, I am really mesmerized by the glitter and the pearl pigment. To get your ornament shapes, did you use polymer clay?

Rose Marie Diamond
Rose Marie Diamond 2 months ago

Omg. It was so much fun watching you make these and you having so much fun doing it!! They are absolutely gorgeous. I think I like the snowflake and angel best but throat all beautiful

vicki jen
vicki jen 2 months ago

u are like a kid at xmass u get so excited lol

vicki jen
vicki jen 2 months ago

are they to big to make into keychains?

vicki jen
vicki jen 2 months ago

what did u use for a template to make the molds

Marielle Halliday
Marielle Halliday 2 months ago

How can i get your xmas moulds please x

Bonnie Wyke
Bonnie Wyke 2 months ago

So pretty!

joke van de wiel
joke van de wiel 2 months ago

OMG dat is zo lovely 😍 I wish I can do dat

Michelle White
Michelle White 2 months ago

Absolutely lovely. How did you make your Christmas mold? Were they wooden blanks you used?

Graciela Cantú Lozano


Dina Cotten
Dina Cotten 2 months ago

Wonderful. Especially the Angel and the snowflake!!

Touchstone Jean
Touchstone Jean 2 months ago

I wanna come and visit your beautiful home!

Karen Roberts
Karen Roberts 2 months ago

I love this mold. I really want one. They turned out beautiful

Sharron Sanders
Sharron Sanders 2 months ago

OMG Julie I want that mold now can hardly wait for it its great luv luv luv the ornaments⛄❄🎄🎀🔔👼

Marielle Halliday
Marielle Halliday 2 months ago

Can i purchase those mould from you? Thanks

Kris Shelledy
Kris Shelledy 2 months ago

Oh Julie, these are simply gorgeous! I think the snowflake has a frosted look! You should have a second tree for the other colors you want to make! ♡♡♡

Tracey Platt
Tracey Platt 2 months ago

Wow how did you get Xmas moulds like that?

Sanne Visser
Sanne Visser 2 months ago

I like all of them! They are soooo pretty and you are such a talented woman! 😍

Gayle Osornio
Gayle Osornio 2 months ago

They all look good!!!

Josephine Miller
Josephine Miller 2 months ago

Wow love your property!! It’s so peaceful so you can listen to all the wildlife. Can you adopt me please?
Your ornaments turned out really nice! I love the snowflake, snowman, and the bell.

Julie Donovan
Julie Donovan 2 months ago

These are awesome, well done

Irina Grmanova
Irina Grmanova 2 months ago

WOW! Super diy ornaments, Julie! You can also draw the edge with different contour markers. I think it will be even better!

Tanja Tuijnman
Tanja Tuijnman 2 months ago

Oh Julie I love what you've made! Great fun to see where you live. What a space you have seems wonderful! Thank you for showing how to make beautiful Christmas decorations with resin. I follow you every day. When I get up it's coffee and Julie 🥰😁

basia ptk
basia ptk 2 months ago

sweet and pretty

Colleen Levy
Colleen Levy 2 months ago

Your ornaments turned out so cute!! Great Christmas mold and so many options for colors when you are making your own ornaments :-)

Tami Felthager
Tami Felthager 2 months ago

I have to have that mold!!!!😍

Meg Kinney
Meg Kinney 2 months ago


Pam Miller
Pam Miller 2 months ago

Always coming up with something, aren't you? Delicious! That's why we love you,dear girl! It looks like you could even use some of these inside a coaster! Also happened to think that you could make these look like cookies with a darker brown rim and lighter brown middle. Then you could decorate when cured with paint, and clear coat.

Susan Daniels
Susan Daniels 2 months ago

Wow.. thanks for sharing your video. I 💜 the ornaments.

anne newcombe
anne newcombe 2 months ago

Hi. I’m addicted to your videos. They have taught me a lot. Please can you let me know if I can purchase your Christmas ornament mould.. I can’t find anything like it. Thanks, Anne (UK)

Jan Lawson
Jan Lawson 2 months ago

Oh I love these Julie, your very talented I would love a mold like that

Karen Strong
Karen Strong 2 months ago

Pretty. My tree was green Ans was only allowed to have lights, red or gold on it. I drove my kids nuts. So about 8 years ago I found an 8’ topiary Christmas tree that when halfway up my stairs. I decorated it in pale pink, baby blue, lavender and silver. They thought I had lost it but they loved it. Every year we got 3 new ornaments from Myer. No more Christmas now. ❤️

AB epoxy resin UKYT
AB epoxy resin UKYT 2 months ago

Stunning work......can i pick your brains if you don't mind...what resin do you use

Jane Taylor
Jane Taylor 2 months ago

gorgeous molds and decorations, I fear to get this all the way to England would cost a fortune !

mrsbrown817 2 months ago


Chris Vicente
Chris Vicente 2 months ago


KIM VEAZEY 2 months ago

Love the long videos! Don't worry so much about that. Enjoying yourself should be the point. Otherwise why video?

Diane Burnett Pookie123

Love them!!! Your molds look so pretty and nice and thick. I hope to be able to buy them soon. You should make more, I think any you make would sell.

Christina Collins
Christina Collins 2 months ago

Do you have a video of how you make your molds? I'm hoping to find a resin that doesn't make me sick and do more resin work.

KIM VEAZEY 2 months ago

Christmas is my favorite time of the year! I wish you would have filmed making that mold. Where did you get the blanks? Kind of feels like you skipped half the process by not posting that part. If you filmed it can you post?

Kim Wells
Kim Wells 2 months ago

Oh i love love love these, great mould. X

Sandy Websdale
Sandy Websdale 2 months ago

Happy birthday to your daughter, hope she had a great day?
Love how the Christmas decorations turned out, so pretty.

Monique Oberholzer
Monique Oberholzer 2 months ago

I am in love with the Christmas tree!

Melissa Crocker
Melissa Crocker 2 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I’m so amazed at some of the things u do!!! They always turn out stunning!!!

Stacey Cordell
Stacey Cordell 2 months ago

You are so talented. I love your molds I think my favorite are the angel and the snowflake.

Sharon 2 months ago

I love the ornaments. They’re so pretty. I enjoy your videos so much, Julie. It was great fun taking us to the “man cave.” You should see my husband’s cave. I don’t dare go in for fear something might fall on my head!

JoAnn Parker
JoAnn Parker 2 months ago

Everyone of these I love! You’re making me want it to be Christmas season already!!!!
So, it’s me, JoAnn from Austin, TX. Please tell me what it’s like to have Christmas in the middle of summer. I just cannot imagine it! I really, really enjoy your resin videos. ❤️🤍💚

Art by Ella
Art by Ella 2 months ago

Super! 👍

Angelique Runnalls-Bould

Please could you show us how you made that fabulous mould. It’s so beautiful 😍 xxx

Vickie Stevens
Vickie Stevens 2 months ago

Thanks for taking us on the trip to the shed. It’s nice to see where you live. . Loved the photo shoot. You always do a lovely presentation.

Jill Aarts
Jill Aarts 2 months ago

They turned out awesome. I love the angel and the snowflake.

Wanda Hamm
Wanda Hamm 2 months ago

I love this mold. Please let us know when it’s up for pre-orders.

Petra Gerbracht
Petra Gerbracht 2 months ago

Julie you did it woohoo ❤️
I love them all but my fav ones are the Xmas tree 🌲 & the snow flake ❄️

Vickie Stevens
Vickie Stevens 2 months ago

Julie, I’m so impressed with your molds. These came out so beautifully. The ornaments are fantastic. Congrats. You could sell a ton of these. ❤️❤️❤️

Donna DeCicco
Donna DeCicco 2 months ago

I forgot to say how much I love the red glitter, it looks like rubies, what is it called, here did you get it? It was all mesmerizing!

Jo Jo
Jo Jo 2 months ago

Love these...I cant pick a favorite...but I would be up to watching you make another batch...they will be great gifts for co workers or teachers or stocking stuffers ... would love to see other colors.Thank you for sharing

Donna DeCicco
Donna DeCicco 2 months ago

They all look beautiful, my absolute favorite is the angel, I love the shape and wings, you did a wonderful job on the mold!

Anne Hayward
Anne Hayward 2 months ago

They really turned out lovely I think I liked the front of the tree I loved the effects fascinating how the glitter dropped to the back will really look amazing on your tree xx

Jo Costelow
Jo Costelow 2 months ago

Would love this mould Julie and they look beautiful

Joalla Westervelt
Joalla Westervelt 2 months ago

Love them all but favs are the front of the tree and the angel.

Deborah Moore
Deborah Moore 2 months ago

I love, love these! How did you make your molds? I want to try this. It'll be a fun project to do with the grandkids.

Anna Berg
Anna Berg 2 months ago

I like it all so much 😍

Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker 2 months ago

Will love to get a mould from you ,do yo know how much .? Love the red glitter ✨ and the angel 👼 is fabulous.

Cathleen Burgess
Cathleen Burgess 2 months ago

Those are nice. Thank you for giving me the Christmas spirit! 🎄❄️⭐☃️🎅

Amanda Mitcham mannion

Beautiful Julie, I was also thinking of do a mould like that, don’t think it would be as lovely as yours tho, well done, I love it x

Libby Bowman
Libby Bowman 2 months ago

Oh what a wonderful video. Thanks Julie. Yes, the angel is perfect. I loved all your decorations. And, I’m with you on the whole OCD for Christmas Tree decorating. Hahaha. We’re a funny bunch aren’t we! Gorgeous grounds too by the way. Stunning. 🌴🌺

Margaret Lynch
Margaret Lynch 2 months ago

Just what I was hoping for! I love them all. The silver star turned out so well! It really surprised me...

Pat Gregorowicz
Pat Gregorowicz 2 months ago

They all turned out beautiful Julie! 😊
Yes try a practice on the small snowflake. Use an interference or a color shift mica then pour the clear. Good luck!

Candace Downey
Candace Downey 2 months ago

Love the ornaments

Maddie Adams
Maddie Adams 2 months ago

Great ornaments, perfect size for adorning ❤️

Buddha Babe Designs
Buddha Babe Designs 2 months ago

Bloody love watching you! Always entertaining. And talented...

Kathi Kai
Kathi Kai 2 months ago

My Christmas Tree rules are blues, silvers and white!

Suzanne Malouna Destiny Larsen

So so beautiful 😍😍

Vicki Flaws
Vicki Flaws 2 months ago

These are soooooooo awesome!!!!

Jane Rexroad
Jane Rexroad 2 months ago

Very pretty! That star came out a more clear then i thought it would.

Debra Yanke Art
Debra Yanke Art 2 months ago

Hello, I was wanting to know what you charge for a mold like you have in this video, plus cost to ship to USA? Thank you, love all you make!