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Information TOP 6 Ventriloquists WORLDWIDE on Got Talent | Got Talent Global

Title : TOP 6 Ventriloquists WORLDWIDE on Got Talent | Got Talent Global

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Frames TOP 6 Ventriloquists WORLDWIDE on Got Talent | Got Talent Global

Description TOP 6 Ventriloquists WORLDWIDE on Got Talent | Got Talent Global

TOP 6 Ventriloquists WORLDWIDE on Got Talent | Got Talent Global

TOP 6 Ventriloquists WORLDWIDE on Got Talent | Got Talent Global

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davina gurl
davina gurl 2 months ago

The itlatian one, is crap compared to the rest.

Logan 3346
Logan 3346 2 months ago

The girl in the pink dress and the small puppet moved her lips

Heather Rittenhouse
Heather Rittenhouse 2 months ago

Why is Jeff Dunham not here exactly?

dolores umbridge is da worst

Me sees baby for no. 6
a DOlL WoRtHY oF SacREd riAnA!

Master Puppet
Master Puppet 2 months ago


Edward Bungert
Edward Bungert 2 months ago

That was great. Thank you for showing us. Here is a current ventriloquist masterfully executing the craft in his award-winning comedy series.

Simon Wang
Simon Wang 2 months ago

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Ruby -Chan
Ruby -Chan 2 months ago

The girl with Rosie is moving her mouth-

Haley Houck
Haley Houck 2 months ago

Nobody can beat Jeff Dunham

Abdulrahman & Toto
Abdulrahman & Toto 2 months ago

tom ten
tom ten 2 months ago

It's obvious Darcy is the best, hands down.

Shah6190 2 months ago

I saw the top5 mouth move

Ryan Little Eagle Music

#5 wasn't that great

Samantha Fariester
Samantha Fariester 2 months ago

Samantha cll me David Williams. Love you too 💕 David William's. 4423072296. David Williams. Samantha Fariester

Three angel Of my life


Joe Burton
Joe Burton 2 months ago

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Drkinjal Dave
Drkinjal Dave 2 months ago


Taker2K20 2 months ago

second one isnt good at all !

Dudley McStache
Dudley McStache 2 months ago

#5 was horrible, she doesn't deserve to be in this list

Mr JoshyboyYt
Mr JoshyboyYt 2 months ago

Girl in the pink moves her

Macey Enright
Macey Enright 2 months ago

13:06 Simon has almost gone as red as his puppet version XD

Rhyleigh Mackenzie
Rhyleigh Mackenzie 2 months ago

I noticed Geri Halliwell looked super uncomfortable

CCS 91
CCS 91 2 months ago

Terry make 100milion dollar in one year in Las Vegas more then me make in 100 years..

ZoneFighter1 2 months ago

Terry Fator is the best, no one else even vlose.

james robertson
james robertson 2 months ago

Darci's duet w/ Oscar & Petunia was phenomenal! I never get tired of watching that, or any of her other performances!

Yousuf Bin Masna
Yousuf Bin Masna 2 months ago

Darren Carr was the real funny one🤣

Dhãn Yèll
Dhãn Yèll 2 months ago

Darci Lynne, incredible talent 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Dhãn Yèll
Dhãn Yèll 2 months ago

Very very good 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

BRIAN PETERS 2 months ago

Terry always seems to have his mouth partially covered by the microphone. Jeff Dunham awesome and as for the 12 year old, iconic, amazing

Noah Jean m
Noah Jean m 2 months ago

The bird is funny

illsaint7777x storm2
illsaint7777x storm2 2 months ago


Greame Lerner
Greame Lerner 2 months ago


Bhumit Vyas
Bhumit Vyas 2 months ago

on no 5 she says a fresh judge his lip clearly moves . lips shouldn't be moved

Hithesh Poovann
Hithesh Poovann 2 months ago

Paul and darci were very nice

Sylvia Street
Sylvia Street 2 months ago

Arthur Hager is pretty good too,.

Sylvia Street
Sylvia Street 2 months ago

Terry Fator made it big time!

Kix & Tatz
Kix & Tatz 2 months ago

#5 shouldnt be here

Mr Wise
Mr Wise 2 months ago

Darci not that great his mouth not normal when she act. Paul very funny and original

ALVALYNN CRISP 2 months ago


ALVALYNN CRISP 2 months ago

Arthur: So your a hypnotist?
Steve: No a hypnotist put's people to sleep
Arthur: XD

Holly Davis
Holly Davis 2 months ago

14:53 this guy is handsome and talented!

The Time Is Now
The Time Is Now 2 months ago

The female judges disgust look when the bird said “I’ll be her daddy”. She does not like fat ventriloquist men haha

Otaku Viper
Otaku Viper 2 months ago

For me Paul Zerdin is the best

ejjk ejjejej
ejjk ejjejej 2 months ago

God bless everyone..

Shannon Seymour
Shannon Seymour 2 months ago

2nd one was bad, could see her mouth moving the whole way through, she didn't even try to hide it lol xx

Rant Doom Things Ph
Rant Doom Things Ph 2 months ago

For me is jeff Dunham

FaZe Esports
FaZe Esports 2 months ago

what did the baby say??? 1:58

Plz answer

Lily Valley
Lily Valley 2 months ago

Wow 1st guy with parrot & baby like remote puppetry women he is good. Lol. Lmbo. I love #6, which was shown 1st. With A voice like that the pretty #5 Operatic should stick to that not puppetry or both maybe. Kind of annoying screaming puppet not really funny. If I had that voice I would give all the work to that career. Omg. Absolutely amazing. So pretty, etc. Reuse the same hand to count. lol wth is the black puppet gal. Lol british brown guy is so funny. Wth is that puppet wearing ? Practically naked. The baby one after. Lol He is original, creative, different, all the judges said. I want to see more on him & his othe tdd puppets. Darci really outdid herself with that song. Omg.

mike carr
mike carr 2 months ago

No5 Isabella Jane has to be the worst ventriloquist I’ve ever seen! Great voice but her lips move all the time. Stick to singing!!

Mitch Vigeveno
Mitch Vigeveno 2 months ago

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trungbingchienthenghuy trungbingchienthenghuy

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Obey Gambizah
Obey Gambizah 2 months ago

Jeff Dunham should've been on the list in second place bcz damn that girl is good

Randall Hutchcraft
Randall Hutchcraft 2 months ago

Well I believe the guy with the cowboy is the best, better than the golden buzzer 12/09/20

harveyuu 2 months ago

That last girl is amazing...

Dr Z. Smith
Dr Z. Smith 2 months ago

The young girl is crystal clear and can not see her lips moving. The girl & Terry Fator are both No.1. In fact all are brilliant and are stand outs hands down.

Samuel il Ventriloquo


Stephen Hosler
Stephen Hosler 2 months ago

Let it be known terry fator is a ventriloquist that can yodel

Shyra Pedro
Shyra Pedro 2 months ago

I love Paul and Darci♥️♥️

CottonBelly Raymond
CottonBelly Raymond 2 months ago

Where is the greatest of all time jeff Dunham

Short Movies Republic

There's no jeff dunham...

T C 2 months ago

First 3 weren't that great but the last three were pretty good

Champsy 2004
Champsy 2004 2 months ago

Terry fator is a absolute legendary ventriloquist

Neil Caress
Neil Caress 2 months ago

Where's Nina Conti?

Ljiljana P.R.
Ljiljana P.R. 2 months ago

The second one was kind of bad. She moved her lips too much it was too visible. I tried that infront of a mirror and I can do it as well when I move my lips like she does.

Popflower 2 months ago

I do like Darci Lynne but I very like Paul

Dimension Exo
Dimension Exo 2 months ago

Shhh, don't tell anyone :
Some of those so called :
Dummies are actual living beings : /

Kelly Black
Kelly Black 2 months ago




Awesome gaming
Awesome gaming 2 months ago

My favorites are Darcy Terry and Paul

Warrior 1992
Warrior 1992 2 months ago

Ventriloquism kinda has demonic origins!

_FuZe_Glow_ YT
_FuZe_Glow_ YT 2 months ago

Just watched this to the end The 12 y/o has some amazing talent 😲😲

Скеллиге WoodCraft

Даже не знал , что такое бывает , первый раз смотрю это, и скажу, что самый шикарный был Terry, просто профи )

simon lloyd
simon lloyd 2 months ago

Terry makes everyone else look like an he has the best material, the broadest range of characters, is an excellent singer, and a superb impressionist.

devil rages22
devil rages22 2 months ago

This is a stupid list if terry isn’t the first.

Ann Caine
Ann Caine 2 months ago

They were all good and funny but that baby’s one is a bit creepy The woman in the pink dress is a good singer
The girl with the bunny is really good at singing

Keshin Chang
Keshin Chang 2 months ago

Darcy takes it to a different level👍👍👍

Vanlal Tlana
Vanlal Tlana 2 months ago

The baby at the first one was surely creepy like if u agree

notfiveo 2 months ago

Judge with beard is a dullard.

Soccour p
Soccour p 2 months ago


Je rry
Je rry 2 months ago

I like the 1st gut

syariful alam
syariful alam 2 months ago

Hebat keren 👍

neo 2 months ago

Just so so puppet shows...I've seen much better right here in America...

Sheryl Morgan
Sheryl Morgan 2 months ago

Terry Fator! Then Paul Zerdin, and Darci Lynn. I don't even know how the other two can be put in the same class as those three.

Joanna Thomas
Joanna Thomas 2 months ago


Dan McAleer
Dan McAleer 2 months ago

I still follow Darci on YouTube but my favorite is still Jeff Dunham....he has been around for nearly 40 years and was truly the first and I think still the best. In fact I just watched Jeff's Halloween special for this year and Darci was brought her group of 4 characters who each went to the Dunham front door separately, and was confronted by one of Jeff's main puppets. It was pretty good, especially when Darci's old lady started hitting on was priceless. Anyway, I am glad ventriloquism is going strong. The other AGT winner I follow is Grace Vanderwaal, the young ukulele player of 12 who has gone from an amazing cute kid singing all her own original songs to a very pretty and smart young woman who still constantly writes new songs. Her family still travels with her all over the continent doing concerts. She is now 16, and some of her updates are precious.....she went to her grandma's and took 2 of her best school friends to have a weekend sleepover. She is just like any other kid except she has loads of talent. She is even trying to break into the movie business although with COVID everything is on hold. Sorry about this diverging topic but I love Grace just as Howie does right from the start (Golden Buzzer).

Grace Harkin
Grace Harkin 2 months ago

Howard: “… that doesn’t believe that you”re not going to in the top spot”

Me: that doesn’t believe that you’re going to be in the top spot you mean?

Rob Marrin
Rob Marrin 2 months ago

Last one mind blowing,, absolutely fantastic ❤️👍

Robert the Infernape
Robert the Infernape 2 months ago

I think Paul should've been 1st

The Pleasure Dome
The Pleasure Dome 2 months ago

Se volete info del Master Ventriloquo Samuel Barletti ecco i suoi link :

Along Yuti
Along Yuti 2 months ago

Maaf l

Deeptansh 2O356
Deeptansh 2O356 2 months ago

How easy would it be for a ventriloquist to cheat in exams 😆😆

Perchas Perez
Perchas Perez 2 months ago


Slowmotion Sounds
Slowmotion Sounds 2 months ago

I did Like #5 but darci Lynne is the best

James Butler
James Butler 2 months ago

Number 5 was terrible, boring and wanted to showcase her singing more than her ventriloquism. Awful act.

zoltan lajos varga
zoltan lajos varga 2 months ago

The Blue Planet Lajos Varga

Clint Tapper
Clint Tapper 2 months ago

Darci only won because she was a young girl. Paul Zerdin was clearly the best.

fillie_inspiration 2 months ago

Number 5s lips were moving a lot

NASA HALL 2 months ago

Titlé "real exploited!" Yoodool vookoo freaking out new mom

Flávia Aguiar
Flávia Aguiar 2 months ago

srry but number 5 was awful, i could see her lips moving ALL the time. i really hope she keeps just as a singer. she can be beautiful but that does'nt make her a good ventriloquist

sarah imran
sarah imran 2 months ago

this ranking is really accurate I LOVE DARCI LYNE