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Bill Benton
Bill Benton 2 months ago

It looked like you we're gonna do a backflip when you got the PlayStation. Nothing like playing a new game system on Christmas day.

BTW I'm stealing your quote "Monopoly, That's gonna be good"

Jack Lee
Jack Lee 2 months ago

I felt like all video game is boring now!

Microsoft Codename hiss zone

the memories

Amin Aqif
Amin Aqif 2 months ago

In 2001 there a first Xbox console release

abadiqaisy123 2 months ago

I was crazier than that when i got psone for free

iiFinals: Playing Minecraft

subtitles going crazy lol

Arttu Mäkinen
Arttu Mäkinen 2 months ago

I remember when i got my ps2 in 2006 i was 5 and i got it for my birth day from my dad. The first game i had for it was lego Indiana Jones game and i still remember that day and it makes me so happy when i play it.

Random Rebyu
Random Rebyu 2 months ago

JP The Lost world, I had that thing as a gift from my big bro when I was a kid.

Lot Nakashole
Lot Nakashole 2 months ago

Damn! I wish I can go back I remember my mom bought a ps1 for us. In 1996
me and my older brother and my older cousin . Before Christmas day December 24th. my mom bought the console and the games . The games were crash bandicoot and gran turismo . My brother and I were crazy exited it was ps1 . My brother and I were the first one to play it . And I played it for rest of the day on Christmas day. The game I was playing was crash bandicoot. So many memories. 😍🤗🤗

Foxdie 2 months ago

My mom bought me a ps1 in 1997. It was awesome, and the next years were incredible, I miss these emotions about videogames.

Bethany Ashe
Bethany Ashe 2 months ago


Bethany Ashe
Bethany Ashe 2 months ago


Heyosixteen 2003 MLP Brony And Marcy girl

Nostalgic for 90s guys and Anyone after 1999 or 2006 who kept a PlayStation

Updated 1-15-2021

Parke 8Bits
Parke 8Bits 2 months ago

Excelente video. Comparto un video sobre la mejor forma de jugar com la ps2 fat modelo Ocean Blue

DimeBagJon 2 months ago

Mad to think I had the same experience on the exact same day but on the other side of the planet (Liverpool, UK). I was 11 at the time so possibly around the same age as you are there? Hard to tell. I am 34 now 🤣

matt k
matt k 2 months ago

The moment you unwrapped that PlayStation, the Jurassic Park VHS became non-existent, LOL. Can’t blame you either! I actually got The Lost World on video that same day for Christmas, as well as Men In Black and Mortal Kombat Annihilation!

Windows 98
Windows 98 2 months ago

When I get ps1 wow cool
Ps2 Cool
Ps3 Yay
Ps4 cool
Ps5 i guess is pretty cool

L Courduff
L Courduff 2 months ago

Crash bundicu kakakakakaka

Gabe G
Gabe G 2 months ago

i used to play tomb raider for hours back in the day

clashwithshanky 2 months ago

Waiting for PS5 unboxing

Emil Malmsten
Emil Malmsten 2 months ago

I bet that Monopoly game was really good! 😉❤

float 2 months ago

so I have had three of these surprises, first was NES, then it was Sega Genesis, then it was Xbox. all were amazing. strangely enough my parents always knew I had always been saving up for them. Now I am 32, I can repay the favor to my nephews if they are ever invested into video games. So far, they only want trucks and Legos. I surprise them usually with what they want as an uncle. I get such joy out of watching them its unreal. Now, I get to be in my parents shoes. <3 takes me back for sure.

Matthew Vien (袁子傑)

Kid: monopoly monopoly monopoly m-m-onopoly monopoly.. monopoly is good monopoly is cool

ms. pirate
ms. pirate 2 months ago

I never seen a shrink wraped game boy game, now i have

Kenny Wohl
Kenny Wohl 2 months ago

Something tells me the kid will want to do something other than watch The lost world lol

Airmailrumble 2 months ago

I swear this is the best video ever made😂

Pablo Miranda
Pablo Miranda 2 months ago

Now the ps5 came out

kevin brown
kevin brown 2 months ago


Mcdannt Gaming
Mcdannt Gaming 2 months ago

Crash bash remake

PicoRules 2 months ago


waaa weee
waaa weee 2 months ago

holy sht man hahahah you love monopoly so much! hahahaha

Allan L
Allan L 2 months ago

I Was 2 years old when your parents recorded this VHS 📼 awesome childhood Memories 👏

Ahmad Smith 1991
Ahmad Smith 1991 2 months ago

I missed 1997 I wanna go back to the 1990’s it’s the best decade of all time better than 2020

TSnintendogamer 2 months ago

good christmas gifts. Love how you also had kirby's dreamland as a kid. Wish I had it growing up. I would've been excited for a playstation as well. Bet crash must've been shocking to you considering how easy kirby was.

Mace Windu
Mace Windu 2 months ago

3 years later Sony released the PlayStation 2

Anything and Everything Animations

"May I see it?"
"You want to see everything"
My mom every Christmas with every tiny present

Anything and Everything Animations

I laughed so hard from your sarcastic "That's going to be good." And you did a sarcastic look 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

feminist cunt
feminist cunt 2 months ago

I remember getting mine back in Christmas day in 1998, I was 6 years old.

Gavin Williams
Gavin Williams 2 months ago

How much would a brand new unopened ps1 sell for in 2020?

LetsPlayClassicGames 2 months ago

I believe I got my PS1 Christmas of 1997 myself, along with Crash Bandicoot too. Soon after would come Spyro, Gran Turismo, Cool Boarders, and THPS and Driver towards the end of the PS1 era. My first console had been a yardsale special NES which was kind of a test to see how serious about games I would be that previous year. Man, those were some great times. Pre 9/11 was just such a different time, I was always jealous of my Father growing up in the 60 's but looking back now I am perfectly content to have had my childhood before the takeover of computers and cell phones.


my first console was stolen when i was 5

AUSTON SPLATPOO 2 months ago

For the record he has still never watched the lost world

RDMANGLE 2 months ago

kid: gets excited getting crash on Christmas
the kid after playing it: why is this so hard!!!!!!!!

Eric Warner
Eric Warner 2 months ago

Nice gameboy

Eric Warner
Eric Warner 2 months ago

Wow so cool crash banicoot

Armando Torres
Armando Torres 2 months ago

Awesome video thanks for sharing your family memories! I remember the NES in the late 80's for us! It came with Mario Bros and DuckHunt

Mr. Papaveraceae
Mr. Papaveraceae 2 months ago

"It's a family game." I heard that one before. Then the console gets moved to a game room and I'd be the only one on it, all the time.

Mr. Papaveraceae
Mr. Papaveraceae 2 months ago

I would so love to relive the Christmas when I got consoles. Everything felt perfect then.

Joonesky 2 months ago

The Lost World!!!!

quezcatol 2 months ago

christmas 1997 - best christmas ever!
I got final fantasy 7, crash bandicoot 2 and nhl 98- then suddenly before bed time my mom says I forgot a present downstairs- so I run down, its a n64, mario 64, lylat wars (star fox in europe) and top gear rally. !!!!!

Ben Smith
Ben Smith 2 months ago

I got the same PS1 with Crash for xmas.. No memory card though so either had to leave it switched on for hours or restart every time I played! 😅

Aaron Ferguson
Aaron Ferguson 2 months ago


Pulsar 2 months ago

Corona was already there

Brandon Harris
Brandon Harris 2 months ago


Mart Tull
Mart Tull 2 months ago

Ah 97 when VHS was still a thing.

Syed Ahmed
Syed Ahmed 2 months ago

God bless your soul. You really did love Monopoly.

MrDewd 2 months ago

fuck the playstation I wanna see more monopoly

cool Wow
cool Wow 2 months ago

I got a ps5 ad

Arn does
Arn does 2 months ago

I was 16 or 17 in 97 high-school

JT TUNAGE 2 months ago

Haha your brother looked so unsuprised

JT TUNAGE 2 months ago

Yo wth is the subtittles saying tho

Ahmad Smith 1991
Ahmad Smith 1991 2 months ago

I remember when I first got my PS1 back in 1998 those were the good old times

Ahmad Smith 1991
Ahmad Smith 1991 2 months ago

I love the 90’s

Jacy Light
Jacy Light 2 months ago

Ya sure the look on his face said its all mine lol

m hall
m hall 2 months ago

The indian in the cubbard lmaoooo

Jordan Childs
Jordan Childs 2 months ago

Haha “crash bandicoot, he is coooool”

Mr M Hunter
Mr M Hunter 2 months ago

Feel like throwing them a PS5 through the screen and seeing the reaction

Potato 2 months ago

I remember when my dad brought back MGS from Japan before the UK release. I absolutely lost my sh**.

お百姓Japan 2 months ago

Thank you for buying a Japanese game

desuslut 2 months ago

nostalgia is such a powerful drug :/

biadrum 2 months ago

Were you sarcastic when you said monopoly was gonna be good? Lmao

MISSION PASSED 2 months ago

2:03 lol you cannot hide your disappointment from me, board games on any consoles back then were terrible, even now, why play a board game on a video games console lol 3:18 now that's true happiness right there.

chiefmegadeth 2 months ago

haha awesome! loved the PS1

GamerGhost14 2 months ago

“Seems like it’s so unreal” that’s true because 3D was a new thing at the time for people.

Chris L
Chris L 2 months ago

I got my Playstation for Xmas in 1998 with Final Fantasy 7.

Daymares27 2 months ago

So Cute

Drew Truesdell
Drew Truesdell 2 months ago

"Is that a two player game?"

"...It has to be"

Lea the long Run
Lea the long Run 2 months ago

VHS, I remember you.
"The indian in the cupboard" with Little Bear, I remember you too!!
Ps: And of course, Crash Bandicut

Daniel Lopes Padilha
Daniel Lopes Padilha 2 months ago

I was born on December 25, 1997!

ERT_Chimpanzee 2 months ago

Great video mate! I subscribed your channel. Could you do me a favor back please? Thanks!

Eleven 2 months ago

Man I got that same box when I got my playstation! So nostalgic!

Wolfgang Puff
Wolfgang Puff 2 months ago

Cross Chop looks like you got the model that was released right before the Dual Shock system was earlier that year. You got gypped out of getting a dual shock controller. Hopefully your parents only payed $150 for it.
I myself went through 3 playstations from 95(launch system) to early 97. The first 2 started skipping and had a hard time reading discs. Between me and my little brother it got a lot of use(the fact that we used the swap trick for Japanese games probably didn’t help). I owned the third one up until 2008(I had that one modded). It was the last model before they removed the rca outputs.

Sgt Budz
Sgt Budz 2 months ago

Ahhhh the good ol days.... when you could get your little boys a PlayStation, and get your little girl a mop and not be subjected to being a sexist asshole

LCD63 LCD63 2 months ago


Indo FourTwenty
Indo FourTwenty 2 months ago


KEN tv TURBO 2 months ago


FrikiRoom 2 months ago

Great childhood moments. Will we ever recover that illusion? Or will we transfer it to our children?

Mexican Yoda
Mexican Yoda 2 months ago

Man I still have my PlayStation from my 10th bday with wcw vs nwo thunder and doom.

E ._.
E ._. 2 months ago

I think now if only I had the Adult bank account as a kid forget about it.

*Moro *
*Moro * 2 months ago

IDK I think iam late but are you the nintendo 64 kid too because you look like him

rodzandz 2 months ago

"Monopoly is gooood"... Sarcasm Level 10!

Soundwave 2 months ago

I’m pretty sure I reacted the same way when my grandmother bought me a PlayStation in 96

Beau Chambers
Beau Chambers 2 months ago

So brilliant! Sounds like you were playing Kirby at the end, there 🤘

Itchy. Tasty.
Itchy. Tasty. 2 months ago

* Attending my first (of many) Prodigy gig.
* My first Metallica gig.
* First time kissing a girl.
* The day I met the girl of my dreams.
*Getting the PSX back in the day.

Yeah, gotta be the top 5 moments ever fo me (so far).

Retro Cysper
Retro Cysper 2 months ago

I'm 16 and I got my own PS1 and I'm happy for myself lol

Actually that's the only console I own right now.

Lennzon Descafeinado
Lennzon Descafeinado 2 months ago

que emocion jajaj suertudos yankees ajajaja
altas navidades
muy buen video!
ya con solo la pelicula de JP ya esyoy hecho jaja

Atrotixzy 2 months ago

My dad still has a ps1 and 2 and 3 but the 1 is my favorite

LukaGamer96 2 months ago

Ah Playstation one wow like for You when you were play with your gameboy jajaja.

Victor Hernandez cadena

Pobre niña ; , n

samudra musik chanel
samudra musik chanel 2 months ago