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Potato Al Forno | Jamie Oliver

Potato Al Forno | Jamie Oliver

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Mary Pascale
Mary Pascale 2 months ago

My cream separated, what went wrong, I followed the directions, hmmm🤔

DobeshDobesh 2 months ago

Hi, I would like to ask what "a maurish" means. At 00:12 Jamie says: it's gonna be so delicious, ??A MAURISH??, brilliant...

Dawn Deany
Dawn Deany 2 months ago

Yummy good

Agnes Kunze
Agnes Kunze 2 months ago

Why I cannot post pictures of the food I made from your recipe?

josie g
josie g 2 months ago

I do like Jamie’s recipes, I just made this but it wasn’t cooked enough after 40 minutes uncovered, I have tasted better

Cigdem Cayhan
Cigdem Cayhan 2 months ago

Tesekurler cok cok guzel oldu 😘

Ann Maskery
Ann Maskery 2 months ago

So delicious.

Nour El Houda
Nour El Houda 2 months ago


Texan Football Houston

Cool dude

Tintifax06 2 months ago

Gonna make this today... again... because you didn't promise too much. Wonderful- much love from Austria

Ada 2 months ago

I skip the fennel ... it’s horrible !!!

Hans Aldrin
Hans Aldrin 2 months ago

PoTite Al Porno

tony m
tony m 2 months ago

I have made this before and it is divine. Im watching again as I plan to make for Christmas Dinner at my mother-in-laws. I cant get passed 3:12 without losing it. Love your enthusiasm for good food Jamie. You are a riot on top of other things!

Amy Connolly
Amy Connolly 2 months ago

This tasted amazing but it split on me coming out of the oven, anyone know why??

Dona Harrell
Dona Harrell 2 months ago

For dinner tonite!!

E.M. Stonestreet
E.M. Stonestreet 2 months ago

Made this for Thanksgiving -- let the top get really dark and gnarly before removing it (I removed it a bit too early the first time). For an optional topping, in a separate pan, I cooked some thinly sliced and finely diced ham with Worcestershire (also anchovy based) and orange juice. Paired with creamed spinach, stuffing, etc. Thanks, Jamie.

Margitta Brammertz
Margitta Brammertz 2 months ago

Please,,in German???!!

Simple Italian Cooking

Looks delish! I also recently did rosemary potatoes roasted in oven, have a look!

Rosilda Brito
Rosilda Brito 2 months ago

Tradução por favor ❤️ legenda👍

Adam Crossley
Adam Crossley 2 months ago

I made this but the sauce curdled in the oven. Any ideas?

TheCharmIsGlobal 2 months ago

He put the rubber band around the herbs in the milk?

Vince 2 months ago

Thanks for mentioning substitutions for the fennel.

Claudia Patricia
Claudia Patricia 2 months ago

Still a mystery how some people go to one of your videos and just ”Oh, I’m gonna press the unlike button”... Amazing job, Jamie, as always. Cheers from Sweden!

maria fenella galagar

I love potatoes....💓

nikoli barashnikov
nikoli barashnikov 2 months ago

Potato Al Porno

salima manji
salima manji 2 months ago

I don’t like fennel, and I prefer the French dauphinois potatoes better!!!

Robert Farnsworth
Robert Farnsworth 2 months ago

Man, Jamie loves fennel. I just don't like it. Sorry. Like everything else mind.

Just a sec
Just a sec 2 months ago

Sauce appears way to liquidy ...but overall dish must have an interesting taste

Sally Smith
Sally Smith 2 months ago

Nest se . Com.

Sally Smith
Sally Smith 2 months ago

This Queen is looking 5.

Sally Smith
Sally Smith 2 months ago

This Queen is lookin& 4

Diane Richards
Diane Richards 2 months ago

Every time I look for a printed copy of these recipes, they never show. I need printed copies, not the video so I can take it in to the kitchen and read it as I go along.

Peak201 2 months ago

Why am I watching this at midnight.? I want to go and make it right now. Home that thought .... I'll be back in an hour 🤣

Donna Loughran
Donna Loughran 2 months ago

I’ve cooked this and it’s amazing - but word of warning, if you follow Jamie’s advice and prep the day before - my potatoes turned black overnight 😞

Guto Mattos
Guto Mattos 2 months ago

Jamie, I will cook this side!

R. L. Foster
R. L. Foster 2 months ago

Oh, my, this is my kind of dish. Put my mandoline to good use. All that cream. Would my doctor approve? Don't care. Going for it.

freudje 2 months ago

I watch these clips late at night before going to bed, keeps me away from pornhub.

The Dude
The Dude 2 months ago

JO going all shy when he tries to market his stuff hahahaah~ Good thing they stock your stuff at woolies, I'm slowly buidling my collection :D

Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson 2 months ago

Jamie Come on mate TIN foil! Why do you guys keep saying TIN foil when you know that it is ALUMINUM foil. COME ON MATE!

Greet Pipijn
Greet Pipijn 2 months ago

Super!! I use your garlic press for years now, but find it difficult to clean. Any suggestions?

Jonny Siddle
Jonny Siddle 2 months ago

Similar to potato dolhpin wars?

Beatrice Nkundwa
Beatrice Nkundwa 2 months ago

Teach us how to cook baked potatoes a Canadian recipe.

Fat Tony
Fat Tony 2 months ago

My god, he is everywhere!

angeline158 2 months ago

You always makes cooking looks effortless!

Bella Haas
Bella Haas 2 months ago

💝💝💝💝💝👍🙏👍🙏🖐👏👏👏really amazing !!!

Geordie InCA
Geordie InCA 2 months ago

Hi Jamie, I’m a Geordie living in California. Left UK in 1986, yep, to Perth, Australia, then on to Socal. Blessed but work my ass off, USA is no joke. I want to ask if you could please once in a while help the overall general public with a plant based recipe, preferably SOS free. Please for the love of God give people something tasty and healthy with no oil, sugar or salt! Everyone is overweight! Happy to post our skinny pics if needed.

Fran NSh
Fran NSh 2 months ago

As if anyone needs meals with double carbs when we are locked in our homes.. 🔐🙄

Irma Sanchez
Irma Sanchez 2 months ago

hola deliciosa comida muy buenas recetas gracias por compartir sus recetas

Violet-Sunrise 2 months ago

Isn't 8 cloves too much?

Ohui gor
Ohui gor 2 months ago

Mm just made it. Was bored not knowing what to cook for dinner came for inspiration. Didn't have double cream so replaced with evaporated milk basil and oregano and it taste so so yummy. Thanks Jamie

Shelly Stone
Shelly Stone 2 months ago

I’m making this right now, but I’m not IM NOT peeling a single potato, and sans anchovies, not because I don’t want it, but because I forgot it. It will be fine :)

Joan Howan
Joan Howan 2 months ago

I salivate every time I watch Jamie cook!! Thank you for all the inspo!
Would you consider adding a link for the Jamie cooking utensils and other items you use. Cheers and keep posting the mouth watering recipies 🤗😁😍

Dennis R.
Dennis R. 2 months ago

What is the thing after that onion in German ? 🙊

nielame keksliebe
nielame keksliebe 2 months ago

Jamie obviously never worries about calories :-)

Roger Wohlgenannt
Roger Wohlgenannt 2 months ago

´🐷älper makaronen

Roger Wohlgenannt
Roger Wohlgenannt 2 months ago

´🐷älper makaronen

Roger Wohlgenannt
Roger Wohlgenannt 2 months ago

🐷älper makaronen

Italian Food Boss
Italian Food Boss 2 months ago

Not too bad Jamie. Where is the Pecorino?????

Truman Dorn
Truman Dorn 2 months ago

So I just did this recipe and why did my milk solids sepersre from the water in my baking dish??

Boris 2 months ago

Hi Jamie, I made it as you did, bit the milk and cream-mixture has clotted. What did I do wrong?

I agree with you
I agree with you 2 months ago

Ooh, fennel. Wasn't even on my radar. Good call.

Gareth Houston
Gareth Houston 2 months ago

Does anyone else feel it might be a wee bit under seasoned? There's only a bit in the cream mixture and aside from that none. Or is that ok? Haven't tried it yet

Sadie Smith
Sadie Smith 2 months ago

Too much fennel

Tsekedi & Eva Matthew

Chef: is there a way to make this type of dish dairy free?

Ateeq Khan
Ateeq Khan 2 months ago

Potato al porno...goes great with meat

Sanna Hellström
Sanna Hellström 2 months ago

Jamie, I am going to buy this greater!

Elena RJ
Elena RJ 2 months ago

Best potatoes ever, although we don't like much fennel, just with onions and the rest of things are so good :-))

ali king
ali king 2 months ago

I am from iraq I don't stand English please are you speak arbic in iraq ? Thank you شكراً

Moritz Siegmund
Moritz Siegmund 2 months ago

Can't recommend it. Made in myself and it was incredibly tasteless...

Mia Rocks
Mia Rocks 2 months ago

is there a vegetarian alternative to anchovies?

Holly Grail
Holly Grail 2 months ago

Umm what’s with the darker hairJames Oliver!?? You look like Vince Vaughn 😖

Ozland 2 months ago

made the sauce with coconut cream and turmeric & Hungarian smoked paprika instead of milk cream.. it was amazing.. highly recommend!

Inspiration Saveur Culinaire

Hummm hummm trop bon yummy

Milada Syerik
Milada Syerik 2 months ago

This is unbelievably great 👍
Thank you

Reuben Walker
Reuben Walker 2 months ago

I cooked this last night and use the exact ingredients and method yet the cream and milk curdled. Has anybody else had this problem?

amisdame 2 months ago

I’m making a lighter and lacto version.
Milk + corn starch + a small piece of butter
Miso (japanese soy paste) +
galic powder +
nutritional yeast

Joy Flor
Joy Flor 2 months ago

Thank you Jamie!!! You are amazing.

O m a r
O m a r 2 months ago

02:28 staring into ma soul

Yvonne Lozana
Yvonne Lozana 2 months ago

Wow ur the best cook ever..... God bless

danerodevils 2 months ago

Jamie rocksss!!!🤘🤘🤘

Aiden 2 months ago

Fotato Al Porno!

Barbara Valente
Barbara Valente 2 months ago

Jamie ... I can’t help but loving you 😍😍

jana mahmoud
jana mahmoud 2 months ago

Wow !🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤❤

Paul Gibbons
Paul Gibbons 2 months ago

4:56 portions in his restaurant 🍴.

Dave Wygonowski
Dave Wygonowski 2 months ago

That's the bomb!!!

Leon Samuel
Leon Samuel 2 months ago

I used to work for Jamie Oliver and well hmm let’s just say I find it hard to watch him without wanting to stab myself in the eye with a rusty tent peg

Peter Werker
Peter Werker 2 months ago

He loves coocking, loves food....he's one of the best! ;)

Candie Disilvio
Candie Disilvio 2 months ago

What would be considered double cream in the USA? Would it be heavy cream

Angela Berni
Angela Berni 2 months ago

Jamie Oliver? He is the best of them all !!!!

Aritz Gareg
Aritz Gareg 2 months ago

Buen trabajo Jamie se te echa de menos 👍👏🏻👏🏻

Dominic Manansala
Dominic Manansala 2 months ago

how does it differ from a potato dauphinoise?

Anna Wessman
Anna Wessman 2 months ago

Very similar to a Swedish classical after party dish called "Janssons frestelse". I made it vegan though, haaaahahaha! XD It's a joy to see you cook like this! Northern soul comin' through! <3

2ddada 이따다 Korean food recipe

진짜 맛있겠다

Empowered Crystals
Empowered Crystals 2 months ago

Omg! That looks soooooo good!

Paul 2 months ago

I bet the camera crew love their jobs..

Serhii Kozak
Serhii Kozak 2 months ago

Is it just me or anchovies becomes one of the favorite Jamie's ingredients?

Darren McLellan
Darren McLellan 2 months ago

Too many product plugs and noit enuff cooking. Unsubscribed.

honeyteddi 2 months ago

The Italians do this dish which I have savored a few times, delizioso!🍲

Darth Coco
Darth Coco 2 months ago

Who makes this.........1:44

Mimi Bedane
Mimi Bedane 2 months ago

I love your kitchen.