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Dutch "Christmas" Tradition - Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet

Dutch "Christmas" Tradition - Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet

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Therzino 2 months ago

Kinda annoying that people think that Sinterklaas is a "rip-off" Santa Claus but it's just the other way around....l

James Wiliams
James Wiliams 2 months ago

From Cyprus the island of the Saints Acts 13:4:5-6
Merry Christmas beloved...a very special message from Santa
Bishop Saint Nicolaos of Myra the second greatest miracle worker ever lived was demoted by the history of man to a “Santa”!
Saint Nicholas the Bishop of Myra, took part in the I st Ecumenical Synod of the Christian Church where the Bishops gathered in order to describe the Holy Trinity. The Creed was named The Symbol Of Faith and this took place in Nikea the year 325 A.D
THE SYMBOL OF FAITH (of the Orthodox)
Saint Nicolas is the greatest miracle making Saint in the history of man after Moses!
In early Christianity 3rd century, there was a very well known Church Bishop who was a member of the 1st Ecumenical Synod of the Christian Church (Greek Orthodox today) who became world known not only because he was a Great Wonder Worker (miracle maker) but because he had the reputation for ~secret gift-giving~, such as putting coins in the shoes to anyone leaving them out for him to see, or by giving money to pour families who had daughters with out dowry in order for them to be able to marry and not to be send away to become prostitutes. Before joining the Church and becoming Bishop he gave all of his personal property (he came from a rich family) to the poor. He wanted to travel one time to the Holy Land and on the way a great storm broke out and the ship was to be taken apart so the crew asked the priest to pray for he was a man of God…and the storm immediately stopped. One of the sailors, who climbed up to fix the sails slipped and fell to his death. Immediately the holy Bishop approached him and said: Christ my God who has authority over life and death resurrect this man…and he was resurrected. The miracles were not only countless, they were great and this is why he got the fame of being a Great Wonder worker. After the schism of the Church in 1054AC this great Saint of God that became renown all over the world was “set on the side” not to be known in a convenient way. His very famous name of Saint Nic olas and his gift making virtues were kept in secret , and he was replaced being the Bishop of Myra with a red costume, a sleigh and some reindeer! All of this was done because by being Bishop of the first Church that was the ONLY Church in the world for the first 1054 years of Christianity he was standing as ~a lighthouse in the dark unfriendly night~ where Christians could be guided safely to the Truth the Light of the world Lord Jesus. Saint Nicolas is the the second greatest miracle making Saint ever lived, and his personal life is the greatest of testimonies of the Salvation Truth and validity of the Church He served as a Bishop and the relationship he had with God when attracting His Grace for the abundance of his miracles.
Being disguised by history as a Santa Claus bearing gifts on a sleigh, deprives all those who love Lord Jesus of the Church he served as a Bishop and everything delivered the day of Pentecost by the Holy Spirit for the Salvation of man!
The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates his memory 6 December each year.
Ierotheos Metropolitan of Naupaktos about Greek Orthodox Baptism
“Through the "rite of birth in God", holy baptism, man's nous (mind) is illuminated, freed from slavery to sin and the devil, and it is united with God.
How/why did this the second greatest miracle maker of man kind after Moses became Santa Claus?
Saint Nicholas to Santa Claus
St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and Archbishop of Myra in Lycia
The Lives of the Saints - St Nicholas
A welcome ceremony of his Miracle making Holy Remains in Pereas. Right click to English please.
What Is the Orthodox Church? – Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick
Luke 14:26 “If anyone comes to me to be my follower, he does not deny his father and his mother and his wife and his children and his brothers and sisters, as long as they are his. an obstacle to his new life, he still does not renounce his life, when the need forced him to sacrifice, he can not be my student.
God bless

Humanoid Vacuum
Humanoid Vacuum 2 months ago


J. Ui Riagain
J. Ui Riagain 2 months ago

We do Sinterklaas on the 5th and Santa on the 25th lifes too short to not celebrate when you have an even half decent reasoñ, im Irish and we live in Ireland my girlfriend is Dutch and our daughter is...spoilt rotten in December by the looks of things.

Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese 2 months ago

Black piet...
Sounds wierd...
And he takes bad kids whit him

Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese 2 months ago

I can talked dutch
Ik praat nederlands wanner ik het wi maar ik praat mestal english
(Im a bid bad at my own laugis so i mlved to english)

Chabelita Pitufina
Chabelita Pitufina 2 months ago

Maar Sinterklaas avond is ook pakjes avond genoemd tog?

Hassan TheCool
Hassan TheCool 2 months ago

sinterklaas is er bijna

Juan Moreno
Juan Moreno 2 months ago

Why are moor's black in paintings when they were mostly Arab or berbers why isn't there skin color orange but they are always black in paintings for me it makes no sense

Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido 2 months ago

Sinterklaas is echt een bae

Remco van Loenen
Remco van Loenen 2 months ago

9:25 lol :))

J⃣a⃣k⃣e⃣, E⃣v⃣e⃣l⃣y⃣n⃣ & C⃣l⃣o⃣u⃣d⃣z⃣

Im Dutch and I hope Santa see’s this C:<

F4PTR 2 months ago

I grew up in the netherlands, sinterklaas creeped me out but zwarte piet was my favorite part of the holidays, i remember seeing sinterklaas coming back from holiday on a cruise ship, them coming to my school and zwarte piet handing out pepernoten!

Having lived in America, yeah.. I think we all know how americans would react to zwarte piet.

Doc 2 months ago

Sintrekkast is niet kerst

Nily Pilly
Nily Pilly 2 months ago

the horse in belgium is called slechtweervandaag

Therzino 2 months ago

Iedereen denkt dat sinterklaas genakt is van de kerstman!

Samiya Awad
Samiya Awad 2 months ago

Fucking racist who ever celebrates this is fucking racist too idiots

Niels Bakker
Niels Bakker 2 months ago

hoe wist je dat ik mijn hoofd aan het bewegen was

Lil Darney
Lil Darney 2 months ago

I’m Dutch and Sinterklaas sounds so much like Santa Claus

Snakesborough 2 months ago

Saint Nicholas did NOT live in Turkey, he lived in the Eastern Roman Empire. The Turks arrived hundreds and hundreds of years later after the battle of Manzikert.

Shaye Pley
Shaye Pley 2 months ago

Sinteklaas is a better Santa you will see

Matt Hamman
Matt Hamman 2 months ago

Güten Lied

Aimen Darhrums
Aimen Darhrums 2 months ago

Hij is en blijft Slecht weer vandaag voor mij!!!
En niemand kan mijn mening veranderen!!

Lisa Dixon
Lisa Dixon 2 months ago

Thank you for this. My aunt is German and we celebrated this in the states in pretty much exactly the way you say.
I grew up Catholic and coming back I struggle with things like saints- I know St Nick is an "easier" one but this reminds me of my childhood and folklore and that these are important things.
(And yes, sure, there's the pagan aspect... and? ;) lol)

AudieHolland 2 months ago

Actually, if you look up "oud hollandse pepernoten" they're not round but more like blocks. Rectangular blocks. Not unlike the runes picture.

Ronald de Rooij
Ronald de Rooij 2 months ago

We call the horse Amerigo and the Belgians may call it something wrong. Haha, geweldig.

Fardin Air hey I like your video

Sinterklaas is the best i is beter than the Kerstman I will love sinterklaas he all ways give presents to children but are sinterklaas died at age that’s made me sad but a nieuw sinterklaas but he looks brown face he all ways give to the brown children but not white children this made sad more I am heart broken and the nieuw sint make a rock song I don’t like that he is evil he bring only present to brown child but not white children I will wish he will come I will want sinterklaas come back I am will sad but thank you for your videos but I must go bye bye oh no my heart is broken

J. R.
J. R. 2 months ago

Had je dit in november geüpload dan was dit trending

Never Alone
Never Alone 2 months ago


Martijn vd .k
Martijn vd .k 2 months ago

And we don't wear clogs!!!

Martijn vd .k
Martijn vd .k 2 months ago

You can't sing! And Sinterklaas is nicer than christmas. At me best english😁 not

de YouTube Masters
de YouTube Masters 2 months ago

Sinterklaas is beter dan de kerstman

S_B 2 months ago



Bram Van Hooydonck
Bram Van Hooydonck 2 months ago

In Flanders the horse is called "Slecht weer vandaag" which means "Bad weather today".
I don't know why, I just think it's odd for a name.

Semmie Tesselaar
Semmie Tesselaar 2 months ago

Dan de mensen die denken dat sinterklaas je eten afpakt ;-;

Hassan Mohammad
Hassan Mohammad 2 months ago

It's racist

Mr. de Vries
Mr. de Vries 2 months ago

the sinterklaas in the book of jan schenkman was partly based on the very popular book "der struwelpeter". That was the big hit in the Netherlands when he wrote his book. This book (translates as "piet de smeerpoets") In this book sinterklaas punishes piet(de smeerpoets) by blackening him up with ink. This punishment was for mocking "moriaantje zwart als roet". So the popular black piet in schenkmans hit childrens book actually was a boy punished for racism......And schenkman based him on a moor. "mooriaan". As the dutch were traditionally scaring their kids with moors. Few people know that untill the USA, just a few years before, successfully fought the corsairs.(barbary wars 1815. Actually the first usa navy wars) "Black" Moorish troops had enslaved Europeans as far as vissingen and Ireland ever since the Romans left. The popular misconception that zwarte piet "must be a slave" is wrong and exactly the opposite. As the nineteenth century version moor is a slave-raider. In the schenkman book zwarte piet actually was depicted in clothes we would now link to disneys alladin. Not to a slave in the Americans. All in all the basis of sint and piet is far older then the dutch slavetrade or even the catholics. Every old folktale on the planet knows yin&yang like black and white mythical figures. But for more on this, please search for the movie "wild santa"

AnthroTsuneon 2 months ago

Huh, mijn familie uit Brabant viert het altijd op de avond van 5 december, en noemt het 'pakjes avond'. Daarnaast zou het wel mooi geweest zijn als je had genoemd Hoe de Sint uit Spanje komt, maar verder, wel leuk om dit soort dingen te horen in het Engels.

Edit: Laat maar, de stoomboot kwam een beetje later in de video aan :P

MrWambimba 2 months ago

6:57 ik moest echt mee zingen

Hellen Marquesini Gonzales

From Spain? Not the north pole? Huh... I'm lost here.

D BW 2 months ago

Hey op simige eilanden in indonesie word er ook nog sinterklaas gvierd

Antonio Pellegrino
Antonio Pellegrino 2 months ago

The best part of the video was when Suzie was allowed to scratch.

Fenno Graas
Fenno Graas 2 months ago

Turks? Die mag er niet in van geert wilders :'(

Elgene Studio
Elgene Studio 2 months ago


Charles13000 2 months ago

alsjeblieft zing nooit meer

Berten 2 months ago

In Belgium Sinterklaas' horse is called Slechtweervandaag

Adam Croes
Adam Croes 2 months ago

I thought the horse was called Slechtweervandaag.

tibe Adriaens
tibe Adriaens 2 months ago

In België word het paard slecht weer genoemd.

Dutch Man
Dutch Man 2 months ago

Er zijn minimaal drie belangrijke verhalen over deze Sint Nicolaas.
1 De bruidsschatten in de vorm van zakjes munten, anoniem door het open raam binnen gegooid.
(Beschermer van maagden.)
2 Drie scholieren werden vermoord en in stukken gehakt teruggevonden in een pekelton. (Jouw plaatje)
Hij bracht ze terug tot leven. (Beschermer van kinderen.)
3 Hij was een zoon van een rijke handelaar die veel schepen had. Zijn geërfde vermogen besteedde hij aan vrijgevigheid.
(Beschermer van handel over zee, en dus ook van Amsterdam.)

Dutch Man
Dutch Man 2 months ago

Nieuwste regel in de Geschiedeniscanon:
In 2017 werd Sint Nicolaas niet te Dokkum vermoord omdat de Friezen de zeurpieten wisten te stoppen op de snelweg.

-Lore- 2 months ago

"-and the Dutch speakers to stop headbanging" oh wow

A.N.M. Baltus
A.N.M. Baltus 2 months ago

5th of december is PAKJESAVOND

A.N.M. Baltus
A.N.M. Baltus 2 months ago


D1 Flip
D1 Flip 2 months ago

Christmas is Total different thing then then Sinterklaas

MR Mar'Mellow
MR Mar'Mellow 2 months ago

Loven the Silvern Beard Dude!

danny schaap
danny schaap 2 months ago

First you got sinterklaas. And the people take it to america. And there it is santaklaus.

JWvdv 2 months ago

Ffs ik zat te headbangen op sinterklaas gedeelte schrok me de pleurus toen je dat zei

Kris Baeyens
Kris Baeyens 2 months ago

In Flanders, Belgium the horse of Sinterklaas is called "Mooi weer vandaag" or Nice weather today. And it's a white horse.

Samuel McKittrick
Samuel McKittrick 2 months ago

Santa Claus is a sort of New World combination of old World figures including the Dutch Saint Nicholas, British Father Christmas and the more Germanic Chris Kringle into one super character. While the mishmash has replaced many of the old world figures (in the UK for example Father Christmas has been completely replaced with Santa Clause although he is still sometimes called Father Christmas and many Britons don't even know they used to be different characters) the Dutch Saint Nicholas seems to be holding his own.

Sije van der Veen
Sije van der Veen 2 months ago

Jim Hollonders en Butenlanders kin prate wot jim wolle, Mar in Fryslan halden wy Swarte Piet, SWART!!

Pastafarian 2 months ago

There are millions of Black people who celebrate it just like the Dutch. They even paint them self's and put on lipstick to look like black Pete or paint them self's like a white person to look like Sinterklaas.


This is why the whole discussion is stupid, black people celebrate it just as much and have no problem with black Pete.
If anything most kids don't like the old creepy white guy who judges them for their behavior and love the funny black guy who gives them sweets.

Just because a insignificant group of idiots are complaining doesn't mean millions have to change this tradition

J vH
J vH 2 months ago

netherlands fuck yeah

The Keksadler
The Keksadler 2 months ago

The St. Nick tradition in the US is basically dead, since Santa Claus/Christmas basically superseded the St. Nick's Day tradition. From what I remember from my childhood, the day isn't really anything special, but as kids, we'd leave our shoes out by the fireplace on the night of the 5th and then we'd get a bag of candy in them in the morning. Out of Curiosity, How is Christmas celebrated in the Netherlands/Dutch-speaking areas?

Emily Rose Burnett
Emily Rose Burnett 2 months ago

“RIP headphone viewers” at least he knows what he’s good at

tom slagter
tom slagter 2 months ago

sinterklaas wie kent hem niet la la la

Ton St
Ton St 2 months ago

Sint Niklas is not from Turkey. It was in that time east roman byzantium so stop with that nonsens of turkey

KommandoCraft 2 months ago

Sankt Nikolaus is also celebrated in Germany but only with relative small presents like sweets and candies. On the fifth of december the kids clean a boot and put it outside over night and on the sixth the little gifts are inside the boot so the kids can take them. Sankt Nikolaus also has a compagnion called Knecht Ruprecht who would hit the bad kids...

Pim Koch
Pim Koch 2 months ago

Sinterklaasavond = pakjesavond

tim1996 2 months ago

my ears they where just sand blasted....

Jim Soede
Jim Soede 2 months ago

Sinterklaasje bone bone bone gooi wat in me lege lege tone gooi wat in me laarsje danku sinterklaasje

Jim Soede
Jim Soede 2 months ago

Sinterklaas kapoentje gooi wat in me schoentje gooi wat in me laarsje danku Sinterklaasje

Jim Soede
Jim Soede 2 months ago

You can very good speak Nederlands in dont can speak engels

Filipus Andika
Filipus Andika 2 months ago

Fun fact: The Indonesian and Javanese (probably as well as the other Indonesian regional languages) word for Santa Claus is also Sinterklas~

Ratchet4647 2 months ago

The inspiration of Santa Claus is a mix of sinterclaas, Odin and a British figure whose name i can't recall

lanner95 2 months ago

Greek Anatolia would have been more fitting rather than Turkey.

Dineen Serpa
Dineen Serpa 2 months ago

"First of all Santa Claus didn't used to do anything...and he didn't eat tapas" _David Sedaris' short story "Six to Eight Black Men"

Rob van den Berg
Rob van den Berg 2 months ago

Came here because you got recommended on Shadiversity's channel, had to see the video about Sinterklaas. Your comment about New York becoming New Amsterdam once more has got you a subscription, looking forward to the video about Zwarte Piet.

Esther the ForestSmurf

Here from shads channel!

Corny 2 months ago

Good video

H S 2 months ago

That 9th limb isn't a leg you know.

Marcel berry
Marcel berry 2 months ago

it's really weird to hear you speak dutch, i expected it from the title (and profile pic). because i need to kind of recalibrate to dutch if i come from an english video. (shad's video ofsmaller channels he recommends)

yes i am dutch.

David Dylan
David Dylan 2 months ago

The purported links with Germanic religion is tenuous at best. Seems like 'looks like, so is'. Pretty much first year history stuff to not fall for that kind of thing. The whole connection appears entirely made up and recent, in a bid to create the even more tenuous connection between Black Pete and the black ravens.

I will be on the lookout for your follow up video, but given the dodgy scholarship and juvinile imagery in this one, I'm not holding out hope it will be anything but yet again another justification for an entirely modern blackface practice.

Wojszach 2 months ago

Greatings from Shad

Kerstkrans Ya-Mian
Kerstkrans Ya-Mian 2 months ago

here in Indonesia the word "sinterklas" basically used to mean Santa Claus (yes, tied to christmas and yes, with presents opened on the 25th. We do have Zwarte piet though - in the old punishy-putty-childy-in-sacky form. And no plural, for there's only one :p (if he appears at all that is, nowadays he usually doesn't))

(and "Santa Klaus dan Zwarte Piet" wouldn't actually be a very strange phrase here)

SilentNoise103 2 months ago

vunter slash?

Anthony Small
Anthony Small 2 months ago

I Always thought you were from the UK but i guess im wrong ;-;

savioblanc 2 months ago

He wasn't a Greek Bishop in Turkey - He was a Greek Bishop in either the Byzantine Empire or say a Greek Bishop in Anatolia or Asia Minor

Cris 2 months ago

A good informative video once again, Hilbert. St. Nicholas is probably one of the most popular patron saints of them all - the St. Nicholas center ( www.stnicholascenter.org/pages/people/) lists more than 100 different groups of people he is supposed to be the patron saint for, although many are repeats with a slightly different term - for example merchants as well as linen merchants, seed merchants, timber merchants - it is still a lot! It includes children (of course) and sailors (damp ship connection there) - and obviously also thieves, murders and embalmers etc.

Nikolaus is also celebrated in North Germany right to the Danish border, but not here in Scandinavia. This may be because we have always had the jul-tradition. The emphasis has always been towards the end of December, closer to when the original jul was.

I noticed one little “mistake” in your video, that no one else has seemed to pick up on so far. Slejpner (at least in Scandinavian tradition - i.e. the best surviving tradition) only has 8 legs, not 9, as for example can be seen on various Gotlandic picture stones such as the Tjängvidesten. Any last appendage the steed might have had probably wasn’t a leg 😉

Turbo Bus
Turbo Bus 2 months ago

Krampus isn't based in St. Nicholas. He is St. Nicholas' companion, essentially Santa's Little Helper demon.

Rekel 2 months ago

Headbanging still continues... on my desk... with my face...
._. cringe

flyingkoopa45 2 months ago

God I forgot most of your commenters write in Dutch, the weirdest looking Germanic language from an English perspective. (Seriously what's with all the 'J's

Sinnermatic 2 months ago

@History With Hilbert Please watch the video "Het geheim van de zwarte sinterklazen" before you post anything about zwarte Piet, pretty please. www.youtube.com/watch?v=LK3t2nO4TBo&t=62s The uploader did a lot of research.

Shan Piercy
Shan Piercy 2 months ago

That's actually all really cool. As my family is from German descent, I also knew the connection between Sant Nikolaus and Santa Claus, but it is interesting to see how other countries and nationalities experienced similar traditions!

gamiezion 2 months ago

i'm calling horse shit on presents being openend on the 6th in the south of the netherlands. my family and i always celebrated it on the night of the 5th... i can trace said family back 5 centuries with 1 simple google search.

Marc Scholtemeijer
Marc Scholtemeijer 2 months ago

How about a "Historic holidays with Hilbert" singalong CD?

Marc Scholtemeijer
Marc Scholtemeijer 2 months ago

... bring the controversy! :)

H 2 months ago

Hilbert, I want to learn dutch as a fluent english speaker, and someone with a rudimentary grasp on german, how easy will it be?

Nielsly 2 months ago

I’m from North Brabant and as far as I know everyone here opens their presents on the eve of the 5th, not the 6th.

Mobutu Obama
Mobutu Obama 2 months ago

Dat gedicht was kut

That poem was cunt

Batavosphere 2 months ago

Wat mijn opvalt is dat de voorstanders van de huidige vorm van Zwarte Piet altijd met dezelfde, allang verworpen, kromme argumenten komen.

"1. Het zijn altijd 'buitenlanders' die tegen zijn. "

In de eerste plaats ben ik blank, etnisch Nederlands en tegenstanders en ik ben ver van de enige. Er zijn talloze Nederlanders zoals ik, die om een hervorming vragen van dit kontoversiele figuur. Zelfs al in de jaren vijftig werd dit gedebateerd, dus voordat immigratie op gang kwam.

In de tweede plaats is dit argument discriminerend op twee manieren:
A. Mensen die hier geboren en getogen zijn worden beschouwd als 'buitenlanders' alleen maar op hun uiterlijk en cultuur thuis. Het spijt me, maar deze mensen zijn net zozeer Nederlandse staatsburgers als jij en ik.
B. Er wordt direct gesteld, dat deze mensen geen zeggenschap zouden mogen hebben over zaken die gebeuren in hun land, waar zij wonen, werken en leven. Is dat nou rechtvaardig?

"2. Ik ervaar Zwarte Piet niet als discriminerend. "

Het gaat niet alleen om JOUW ervaring, maar om de ervaringen van mensen die NIET jouw huidskleur hebben! Men houdt de oren dicht en luistert niet naar mensen die luid en duidelijk VERTELLEN over episodes waarin zij racistische opmerkingen kregen in verband met zwarte piet.

"3. Het is niet racistisch bedoeld."

Dat wil niet zeggen dat het niet racistisch is. De moderne Zwarte Piet is ontwikkelt in een racistisch era. Dat mensen dat zijn vergeten is 1 ding, maar de racistische kenmerken zoals dikke rode lippen, kroeshaar en oorbellen zijn gebleven.

"4. Het is slechts een klein groepje fanatiekelingen"

Onzin. Als dat waar zou zijn, waarom zouden winkelketens en televiebedrijven zich aansluiten bij het aanpassen van zwarte piet? Of ben je zo naief te denken dat deze bedrijven niet voornamelijk aan geld denken? Duidelijk is het een brede beweging in de bevolking. De tegenstand is zeker niet minder fanatiek, mogelijkerwijs fel fanatieker.

Overigens is het in de grondwet geschreven dat minderheden beschermd moeten worden, dus alleen maar omdat een minderheid in de knel zou komen, wil nog niet zeggen dat we niet verplicht zijn om iets te doen.