A look at Edinburgh Christmas 2020


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Information A look at Edinburgh Christmas 2020

Title : A look at Edinburgh Christmas 2020

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Frames A look at Edinburgh Christmas 2020

Description A look at Edinburgh Christmas 2020

A look at Edinburgh Christmas 2020

A look at Edinburgh Christmas 2020

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BC Dude
BC Dude 2 months ago

This brings back memories of visting Edinburgh just before Christmas and getting stranded during a snow storm. People were running around putting newspapers under car tyres (tires?) for traction. I remember having to spend the rest of the day at Carfraemill until the road was clear enough to travel back home to Gordon. Fifty years later and I still haven't forgotten the experience -- thanks Tony for bringing back the memories. I hope you and your family had a good Christmas and New Year.

Heidi Arndt
Heidi Arndt 2 months ago

We got there on Boxing Day 2019 and stayed through January 9th 2020. Simpler times, eh? Strange seeing the city so bare compared to last year.

PJ Leary
PJ Leary 2 months ago

On the positive side...Maybe Christmas and Hogmanay in an old personal way with more reflection. 2021 will be better for it.

Bethanie Hestelow
Bethanie Hestelow 2 months ago

My boyfriend and I were very lucky to visit Edinburgh for the first time in December of 2019 and it is so heartbreaking to see the difference in what the city looked at that time compared to this video. I hope everyone is able to still enjoy Christmas with family and hold out hope that this can only get better. Merry Christmas to you and the family xx

Camelia 2 months ago

This is the 'new normal'. Pre-pandemic days are fading memories.

Sheila B
Sheila B 2 months ago

First time viewer and I enjoyed your vlog very much!

AmyBEgirl 2 months ago

It is very sad that you have search fro Christmas.

Selma McGhee
Selma McGhee 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Happy New Year!! See you in the new year. I hope its better than this year has been.

Kay S Ridgedell
Kay S Ridgedell 2 months ago

Thanks for your cheerful face & videos. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Robert Seifert
Robert Seifert 2 months ago

🎄Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🎉

Lewis Watson
Lewis Watson 2 months ago

Could you do a video on record shops in Edinburgh? Would be hugely appreciated!

MrNutz52 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

MrNutz52 2 months ago

So sad..I have been there the last 2 Christmas.. I'm from Toronto. Sad not to be there this year but would of been worse for me to see everything missing

Fiona Brooks
Fiona Brooks 2 months ago

Just watch Edinburgh thank you for doing this for us I live in Florida and I have family in England I miss then very much Edinburgh is where my heart is Thank you for everything you do God bless you and your wee family and the dogs you have a bonnie wee lassie take care and be safe

Stacey Strugnell
Stacey Strugnell 2 months ago

First time viewing your vlog - loved it .Especially the Seattle Kraken hat - our new team ! Makes us feel that you are destined to be our new tour guide - Visiting July 22 . Congrats on the new wee one and Merry Christmas.

Becky Schroeder
Becky Schroeder 2 months ago

Happy Christmas Tony and family! 💕

That's What
That's What "i" Said 2 months ago

Lovely. Thank you for showing us what it looks like there in Edinburgh. Was there a year ago, and miss it! Happy Christmas to you and your family, and here's to a shiny NEW year...

Inger Schmidt
Inger Schmidt 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Tony and the Family. Thanks for the great videos. Love from INGER and Sweden

Dan Montondo
Dan Montondo 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

Doug Murphy
Doug Murphy 2 months ago

I didn’t realize you were a hockey fan! Merry Christmas!

MayChifres UK Vlog
MayChifres UK Vlog 2 months ago

I love Edinburgh and yesterday I visited those places there and it was beautiful!

Catherine myles
Catherine myles 2 months ago

Merry christmas to you and Kirsten and Lillian

TheIdahogrl 2 months ago

It is the same here on the others side of the pond. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I live in the state of Idaho in the Northwestern part of the United States. Our Covid19 numbers are rising, and there just isn't much joy I would normally see and feel during the holidays. I have two family members the are sick with Covid19. My sister in law and her dad whom I adore. None of us are getting together, & that makes me sad.

David Garratt
David Garratt 2 months ago

It is heartbreaking seeing Edinburgh look like this at Christmas. Hopefully all will be back to normal next year.
May I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

simar manchanda
simar manchanda 2 months ago

Thank you for posting such a positive and vibrant video! Brought a smile on my face :)

Gilbert Moyes
Gilbert Moyes 2 months ago

To the city of my birth, the city of my youth, to all of you, stay safe. To you all have a Merry Christmas, I miss you.

Mariel Calder
Mariel Calder 2 months ago

Ta muchly Tony 🙂🤶🎄

Allyson Rollitt
Allyson Rollitt 2 months ago

It's been a very strange year but thanks to you you've brightened everyones lives with your fantastic vlogs. Christmas greetings to you, Kristen and Lillian and all the best for 2021 Xx

JJ McAuliffe
JJ McAuliffe 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Tony and the Family. Thank you for these video's, what a escape they are. I long for my return to Edinburgh, watching these videos just absolutely make me so happy as I know many of these places well and it brings back memories. When the pandemic is over and hopefully we get back to some sort of norm, A video on Edinburgh's music venues would be great. So many in the entertainment industry are struggling right now. Again thank you and Happy Holidays, Cheers.

Diane Laidlaw
Diane Laidlaw 2 months ago

Hello Broonfords! Just want to let you know that now, more than ever, we appreciate you taking the time to show us around Edinburgh. It is one of the few moments in our week that we look forward to. Walking about with you gives us hope that one day things will open up and we will be able to visit beautiful Scotland again!Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sue B
Sue B 2 months ago

I hope you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas! We just got 3 ft of snow and temp is about 0°F. No it doesn't feel like the holidays. But learning to make the best of it. Stay safe to all! ❤️

Jeanne Cyrus
Jeanne Cyrus 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to all in Edinburgh from us in South Africa! 🌟

Twhiteford 851
Twhiteford 851 2 months ago

From an Edinburgh youtuber its great to see Lovely footage with some Lights in the Gardens and st Andrews Square even well the markets are not there hopefully next year they will return. - Thanks for the great footage of the Christmas lights

Russ Means
Russ Means 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to you Tony and family! A stupid question maybe, do Scots not decorate their homes with lights, etc. It is subdued where we are at for 2020, but people still have decorated some.

Philip Ryan
Philip Ryan 2 months ago

Marry Christmas to you and the family. Thanks for all the videos though out the year loved watching all of them. Can't wait for all 2021 videos

Karen White
Karen White 2 months ago

Happy holidays to you and your family😀🎄🎄

Brian Mowers
Brian Mowers 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to you, Tony, and the whole Broonford clan!

Kevin McChord
Kevin McChord 2 months ago

Thank you Tony for your cheerful and upbeat videos throughout this difficult year. Hogmanay will most certainly be a subdued affair this year. Looking forward to a future return to Edinburgh in a post-pandemic world. From our home in Kentucky, health and peace to you and your family this Christmas season, and best wishes for a prosperous New Year!

Matt Miller
Matt Miller 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Tony, even though the decorations were less this year they still looked beautiful! All the best to you and your family and thank you

Irene Arseneault
Irene Arseneault 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family, Tony. It’ll get better, hopefully for all of us, in the new year. Take care.

LynnS. 2 months ago

I found myself getting upset watching the video. I love your videos especially the Christmas ones. I guess the contrast between this year and last year and the fact that I’ve been too emotional lately was what made me emotional. This has been a hard year! I pray next year will be better. Thank you for all the videos you make. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!!

John Donaldson
John Donaldson 2 months ago

Thanks for your inspiring words Tony and keep deep frying those mars bars LOL
Best wishes to you and your family

Linda Hart
Linda Hart 2 months ago

Thanks for taking us along on your Christmas decorations walk. Really enjoyed the lights and your thoughts and observations. Happy Christmas!

Scottish 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and happy new year
When it all comes for yous all .

Summer Sonic
Summer Sonic 2 months ago

Thank you Tony! Happy New Year!!!

Olga Schmidt
Olga Schmidt 2 months ago

Happy Christmas to you! Even though there may not be the number of lights you are accustomed to having... They are even more dramatic with the contrast the darkness brings. Thank you & thanks to all the shopkeepers.

Davey Palmer
Davey Palmer 2 months ago

Thanks for this lovely video Tony. This is the first year we have missed the Christmas Market in I don't know how many years so at least you have given us a glimpse of Edinburgh at Christmas. Thanks for another great year following Clan Broonford and hope you, Kirsten, little Lilian and of course your two little pooches have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Hogmanay. Looking forward to seeing you videos in the New Year. Cheers! 🥃

william muir
william muir 2 months ago

Nollaig chridheil dhut fhèin agus do theaghlach

Jane Grost
Jane Grost 2 months ago

Thank you Tony, even though there is less Edinburgh at Christmas still looks beautiful. Thank you too for bringing Edinburgh to us in this strange year, have a wonderful Christmas and Hognansy. Much love to you, Kirsten and baby Lillian xx

alanco 2 months ago

It's been a strange year that's for sure....From the video's you did of the first lockdown....to my own personal visit back in July when i saw first hand, a quiet and subdued Edinburgh, to now, a still quiet Edinburgh at Christmas, one thing has stood out, your excellent videos, which never fail to give me that buzz when i see my favourite city.....and it's thanks to you that each video always captures this beautiful city, whether good or bad and makes me wish i was there once again. Your videos have given us more pleasure than you will ever know, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Clan Broonford is strong...we will get through this !! Edinburgh will be back....and back, stronger and better than ever...Merry Christmas Tony...and to the lovely Kirsten and baby Lillian. Enjoy Christmas with a well earned break, you've certainly earned it my friend. Clan Broonford Forever !!

Ken Fowler
Ken Fowler 2 months ago

Nice video thanks! Don’t forget to visit the old Dryborough brewery yard at 146 Duddingston road west, gorgeous old buildings run down and not long before it gets developed. Tun rooms, brew house, huge chimney and the amazing blue bridge

Maria Cândida Albuquerque

It has been 2 years since i have been watching your vids 🌈 Merry Christmas ☃️🌟☃️ For the record things aren t all bad. U were blessed with wee Lillien🧸♥️♥️♥️

Diane Jamieson
Diane Jamieson 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all

alice lopes
alice lopes 2 months ago

Thank you for the wonderful video, which is independent of everything, reports to Christmas, always so expected !!! Happy holidays and may 2021 bring a lot of health, happiness and prosperity to you, your family and all your followers!

Dmoney Honey
Dmoney Honey 2 months ago

Beautiful✨ Merry Christmas to you and yours❤️🎄

Joyce Smythe-Stearns
Joyce Smythe-Stearns 2 months ago

Have a very Merry Christmas! You & Kristen will love your 1st Christmas with the baby! Finally a lovely memory from this year to cherrish! God bless you & yours!

choccyfrolick 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to you, Kirsten & Lillian! Have a lovely, relaxing family time. The lights were lovely.

Tami Croft
Tami Croft 2 months ago

This was a beautiful video Tony. All the sweeter that you did find some lights and made them really special. Loved the music too. It was sad and yet very sweet. Definitely set the mood. Great editing by you (or Kirsten). Thanks for sharing Christmas in Edinburgh. Merry Christmas to the Broonford Chieftan and his family.

Square Penny
Square Penny 2 months ago

Thank-you for the beautiful tour. People like you really help us get through the pandemic. I have an ongoing illness, so I'm inside a lot, so seeing the views you show us on your videos is so great for me to see. Thank-you so much for your generosity. We can be thankful for life and health. It's ok, even if a huge Christmas display would turn into a single candle, this year...it would actually have more meaning. In this tough year for businesses, to see any display...to see any attempt by the business owners is very wonderful. And...to pray for the people who've lost their businesses...and for those who've lost loved ones. God bless you, your wife, and your baby. A special family. Simple, yet wonderful love. You are blessed.

Kate Southworth
Kate Southworth 2 months ago

So so sad to see Edinburgh like this at Christmas! 🙁🙁
Hopefully next year will bigger and better tho!
Thanks for all your great videos Tony, wishing you all a great 1st Christmas with your beautiful daughter!

Michael Rae
Michael Rae 2 months ago

"That doesn't mean there's nothin'" is the right phrase. Amidst the lack of celebration is hope for the coming year. We get to do double celebrations in 2021, so let's look forward to that.

Zandain 2 months ago

Edinburgh does look dampened and very subdued (but that is how it is most places, this season 😯)
A very Happy Hogmanay to you and your's, Tony
Many greetings to the ladies of the house & Merry 1st Yuletide to Lillian ♡
See you in 2021, Tony
- love from Denmark 🌸 💕 🌲☃️

Donald Perry
Donald Perry 2 months ago

Thank you, Tony. Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄 and Happy New Year to you and your family. Thanks for the great videos. Praying all is back to normal soon.

Angie 2 months ago

Thank you for all the work you put into doing these videos. Merry Christmas to you, Kirsten and the little one.

Gary Johnstone
Gary Johnstone 2 months ago

From me n mine to you n yours ,Merry Christmas.

Karin Carter
Karin Carter 2 months ago

Of course it is different than what we are used to. And exactly there we could stop and look at the situation from a different point if view! We are too used to all this, - the hustling and bustling around the Christmas time, the thousands and thousands of lights that light up every city around the world..... well, hurray for all the creatures who have suffered from our light-pollution for so many years. Yes, of course it is very pretty to look at. But wouldn't less be just a festive and special? By all means, I don't want to be negative about all the overflow, - I'd rather see this situation as a chance for all humans to re-think and evaluate the list of things we truly need. I am sure, many will think about this time when all is normal again. Nevertheless, - thank you so much for taking us along, it was, as always, a treat! I wish you and your wee family a very wonderful and special Christmas, a Happy New Year and most of all: Health and Happiness! :) Greetings from Bavaria!

Christine Duddleston
Christine Duddleston 2 months ago

Thank you Tony! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy Lillian's first Christmas. Stay healthy, happy and safe. See you next year!

Desire Treski
Desire Treski 2 months ago

I was hoping you would do a vlog like this! I miss Edinburgh so much! I’m usually there for the Christmas market each year! Thank you for this!

Braveheart 80
Braveheart 80 2 months ago

Thanks very much have loverly Xmas 🎄🎅🦌

ja stoddart
ja stoddart 2 months ago

Peace and Health to you and yours

melissa jones
melissa jones 2 months ago

Even though Edinburgh is not all dressed as it typically us for the holiday, it's still stunning ❤️. I have friends that live and always share pictures of the Christmas Markets. You are so right when you say it's a shame as it that way all over. Maybe this year instead of the material things of Christmas we need to focus on the real reason for the season.Merry Christmas to you and your family and a very safe ,healthy and Happy New Year!

PS3GamingScotland 2 months ago

It's not officially Christmas until The Snowman advert comes on and The Dome put on their Christmas lights. This is a real shame to see Edinburgh like this but we'll eventually get through it. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes! Great video as always! :)

Gordon Warlow
Gordon Warlow 2 months ago

All the best to you and yours over the holiday season and beyond! Thanks for sharing your world with the rest of us. Take care.

Juan Aguir
Juan Aguir 2 months ago

Maybe in this situation we can to think about the real essence of the Christmas wich it's the Jesus born. Merry Christmas man!!

Inga Borlowski
Inga Borlowski 2 months ago

Merry Christmas & Happy Hogmanay to you, Kirsten and Lillian. Thank you for the joy you bring to your viewers. See you in the new year for more adventures 🙋‍♀️

The Danish Viking
The Danish Viking 2 months ago

Dear Broonfords - thanks for all the great videos, keep them coming. Maby show us around in Leith, it's also a beautiful place.

But most importantly, yeah most importantly may you guys have a Marry Christmas and a Happy New year. 🇩🇰☀️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Yours sincerely
The Danish Viking 🇩🇰 ☀️ 😎

Obi don
Obi don 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to The Broonfords 🎁🎉

Slyder Martin
Slyder Martin 2 months ago

Merry Christmas from New Hampshire Tony, Kirsten and Lillian. Thank you for a wonderful year of videos around and about Edinburgh and Scottish Memories.'
Catch you on the Flip Side.

Glenda Park
Glenda Park 2 months ago

Merry Christmas from Newfoundland! I hope you and your family have a beautiful holiday season. May 2021 bring you much success, happiness and continued good health 🎄

BroadSword 66
BroadSword 66 2 months ago

This year is a reminder to never take the Christmas season for granted or regard it as a burden or obligation. Make it something relevant to you and enjoy it however you want.
This year is one for the ages, one we’ll look back on when times are better.
A merry little Christmas to all!

Wendy Hewlett
Wendy Hewlett 2 months ago

It’s sad not to see the Christmas market and the downplayed decorations. It will only make its return (hopefully next year) all the sweeter.
I went to see the lights at the Royal Botanic Gardens this week and it was spectacular. At least there are little bits of Christmas here and there. 😊
Wishing you and Kirsten a wonderful first Christmas with your darling girl.

cha lun
cha lun 2 months ago

Merry Christmas.

Alana Fahy
Alana Fahy 2 months ago

Still beautiful. Old Edinburgh has seen many good and bad times, we will get through this. Merry Christmas and tnank you for making this strange year a bit better. Onwards and upwards to next year 😊

Cherie Snodgrass
Cherie Snodgrass 2 months ago

I see this as a reminder to, on a personal level, not let the virus steal our Christmas. Merry Christmas, Tony, to you and your family.

Debbie Hummel
Debbie Hummel 2 months ago

Kind of a hard candy Christmas isn’t it...
Thank you for the walk, I did enjoy it.
Merry Christmas from our house to yours.

Loz InOzz
Loz InOzz 2 months ago

Merry Xmas from Australia x

Ronnie Jonasson
Ronnie Jonasson 2 months ago

I wish you a merry christmas.
We can only hope that it will be normal for all of us soon.

Graeme Brett
Graeme Brett 2 months ago

As someone who was able to visit Edinburgh, several years ago, for the Christmas / Hogmanay festivities, I do find the lack of activities is disconcerting... no Big Wheel, or German market, no skating rink, etc. is sad enough, but it's the lack of the people that I found most noticeable. No crowds of shoppers, no one just wandering about, enjoying the atmosphere. I guess it's just how quiet the city seems to be. Hopefully next year we'll all see the return of the Edinburgh, that I have so enjoyed in both summer & winter. Merry Christmas Clan Broonford.

john smith
john smith 2 months ago

Merry Christmas from Lincolnshire, we have family in Edinburgh and Danderhall and never miss the fringe or Christmas markets now all we have is FaceTime.

Carl-Olof Felt
Carl-Olof Felt 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Saturn Designz
Saturn Designz 2 months ago

My husband and I love the Edinburgh german market at our first we found out how we felt about one & other sixteen years later to the day we are celebrating your 12th wedding anniversary ( my husband was taken to Frankfurt german market as kid his dad was stationed in germany)

J Beattie
J Beattie 2 months ago

Ur vlogs are a day starter for me ...I have started on Instagram doing daily vlogs an was thinking of starting up a you tube vlog in 2021 any tips would be appreciated

Happy covid an prosperous new year 2021 to u an ur clan

Ashley Sims
Ashley Sims 2 months ago

Thank you Tony , Merry Christmas from us here in Adelaide looking forward to getting back there as soon as we can

KirstenMarie Official

This is so nostalgic for me!!!! For the past 2 years I've been to Edinburgh for Christmas. With the pandemic, I havent gone this year or seen my boyfriend that I go with for a few months now. It's so sad but I thank you for all your hard work on this video! Really made me feel at home.