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sn6wskinn 2 months ago

i guess i was the only one who was scared of this as a kid

Benjamin Yn
Benjamin Yn 2 months ago

I remember it

Iacon Dawnshire
Iacon Dawnshire 2 months ago

Shouldn't cat toys be exempted from that rule? Cause you know. It's a cat toy

EdwardERS 2 months ago

4:00 She's supposed to be a Heman action/sci-fi type toy.

RedZ gaming 68
RedZ gaming 68 2 months ago

I've been looking for this FOREVER, I was about to give up looking for it and just saying it was a wierd dream I had. I watched this when I was in 2nd grade , and all I remembered was the premise of the toy being frozen forever, the lion character being friends with a mouse, and the female superhero. Also, I think said female superhero is supposed to be more of a She-Ra action figure than a Barbie doll. I used to think it was a darker take on Toy-Story, only to recently hear that it came first, and it isn't nearly as dark as I seem to remember it being.

TheOneWithDoggo //Duanesil2 dua

The frozen toy clown slightly terrified me when i was younger

Desiree Quinn
Desiree Quinn 2 months ago

Sooo no one’s going to mention that toy story has a very similar plot? I realized that a couple years ago (because I watch the Christmas toy every year and have since I was able to beg my mom to put in the VHS that we taped it on)

Mark Senior
Mark Senior 2 months ago

Loved this back in 1986. Only just watched it again with my daughter in 2019 and she loved it too. Pure nostalgia

ManMonkey600 2 months ago

Great video. This was a favorite christmas special of mine as a kid. I always thought the toys "dying" thing basically was if any human saw the toys outside of the toy room they were frozen. But I haven't seen it in quite a while.

MelancoliaI 2 months ago

1:00 that tiger's got game

tHE qUEEF m0NKe 2 months ago

The true meaning of Christmas is not kindness and family it’s about the birth of Jesus

Shenruss 2 months ago

lol.... you were actually a fun watch. My first video for you, but this was awesome. Happy Holidays, doll

Bubba Deeks
Bubba Deeks 2 months ago

7:01 Its the power of loveee how could u ever understaaand

Bubba Deeks
Bubba Deeks 2 months ago

I will never forget this and the velveteen rabbit
One of my very first memories was crying while seeing these because my heart broke for the toys
If i hadnt seen these i wouldnt be the person i am today

Jason Daigle
Jason Daigle 2 months ago

I remember when this first came out and remember the whole movie. I still love it.

only257 2 months ago

Never heard of this special looks cute😊

Megan Bean
Megan Bean 2 months ago

I've never seen this special! Am I missing out?

Author7 2 months ago

I love the christmas toy :) I think this was the best christmas special ever. I have seen it sense I was a child. But I remeber that the movie felt longer than how it actally is.

RAZVIEL RAMOS 2 months ago

love it were i was a kids do u remember the show that came after this called

the secret life of toys

Lil Javi Pulliam
Lil Javi Pulliam 2 months ago

I remember the tiger didn’t they make a show out of it

Rougegirl Is Here
Rougegirl Is Here 2 months ago

I remember this!!! I just never knew what it was called.

TAFKAN74 2 months ago

The Christmas Toy is pure greatness... if you remember it from childhood. So much love and messages... a wonderful masterpiece!

Miss Amanda's world
Miss Amanda's world 2 months ago

It is explained but it's easy to miss love brought the toys back to life though the ending was kind of cheap it's mentioned for little kids and they wanted happy ending.

Meghan O'Brien
Meghan O'Brien 2 months ago

I think meteora was meant to be She-Ra

Candace Cherry
Candace Cherry 2 months ago


crazedfangurl074 2 months ago

I really wonder if the version with Kermit is actually available on physical copies of the movie. I borrowed this from a public library and watched it a few days ago, and they cut his scenes. I don't mind so much about the intro (they put in a scene with a few other toys and Rugby skateboarding to introduce the title) but I am a little upset that they couldn't show all of the toys together at the end.

CaliToys 2 months ago

More Vid Please🐵 🙊 🙉 🙊

Miss Amanda's world
Miss Amanda's world 2 months ago

Good girl for calling out Pixar. Remember it was the 80's and they only had an hour long special. And love brought them back.

Fox Populi
Fox Populi 2 months ago

As a matter of fact, I DO remember this special ,though my little sister had to remind me of it for the recollection to return. After a couple minutes of mulling I actually recalled the name "Meteora", to my own surprise.
Sis told me she's getting the movie for her kids this year, and to be honest I'm sort of looking forward to singing those songs with my nieces.
You're quite right that they stayed far away from the typical Christmas fare and I have a feeling that was done on purpose, to keep the special as secular and inclusive as possible (an idea that was really starting to take root in '87).

Eric krouse
Eric krouse 2 months ago

1:07-1:15 Even though that was cut in later versions.

Mississippi Muse
Mississippi Muse 2 months ago

Seems like Toy Story ripped this idea off.

G0dzilla Gaming
G0dzilla Gaming 2 months ago

Anyone got any master balls

AlexCarrillo 2 months ago

Okay, so when I was little I had this special on VHS, it was kind of a tradition every year, my mom my big sister and I would seat on the floor in front of the tv, with some hot cocoa and Christmas cookies just beacuase I LOVED that special. We watched it every time even though it was in English and nether of us spoke English (now I do) lol. Still I loved it every time. I was devastated when we moved and my mom noticed she had thrown my childhood favorite special with all the garbage...
Now that I come across this review (Please, this is from my perspective) I kinda feel personally attacked. As you said at the beginning of the video: you just watched it recently... so I kinda feel you don't get the point of it like you would if you had watch it when you we're little. You're reacting like this is all BS and you don't give a crap about this special. Anyway, good job on bringing this memory back to those who liked this special.

Brianna Chiavetta
Brianna Chiavetta 2 months ago

I remember when the little clown toy was frozen forever because of the mom finding them, it traumatized me as a kid for some reason. And even if I forgot the majority of the special since I was real little, I still remember that scene quite clearly. The only other scene that I remembered was the beginning with Kermit.

hurricanebtvs 2 months ago

You really should do a review for A Muppets Family Christmas!

9ansean 2 months ago

Just a few more things to share:
My only guess to what Meteora is based was She-Ra Princess of Power the sister of He-Man. She about the only lady action figure that was really big in the 80s. Check out either of their cartoons or the Christmas special they did together is you're ever in the mood for something delightfully campy.
If you look on google book for The Wonderful World of Jim Henson, you'll find a really good essay about how this special suggest subtle themes of death and prejudice similar to Fraggle Rock that was airing at the same time. Not all the pages are there, but enough to get the jest of why the author think this special endures despite not being one of the Muppet strongest holiday offerings.
Happy Holidays and New Year from one loving Muppet fan to another!

9ansean 2 months ago

I have kind of a funny back and forth history with this special. When I saw it as a kid a love, but only saw it a few time and didn't think much about it. Skip ahead many years watching with adult eyes for the first time...well I still found it enjoyable, but noticed some of the same problems you did. Now after watching again a year or two later...I'm close to loving again. Sort of.

What I've really come to admire about The Christmas Toy is how it seamlessly shifts between childhood innocence and the basic unfairness of the real world. The music and lighting in the toy room is warm and welcoming, while the hallway and down stairs without the kids to look after them has a dark or foreboding feel. There's some genuine tension there, even when you know it's all going work out in the end.

Operatic Mickey
Operatic Mickey 2 months ago

Hello,i've just randomly found u while watching a video showing selection sidebar clicked/watched your review of muppet caper & Christmas carol just yesterday. for i grew watching the Christmas toy in the 90's when i was a little kid. loved your review but i have one negative & should be addresss your recommendation for people buy the dvd to amazon at 9:04. Because heavily edited along with muppet family Christmas(if u do review on it that one would so cool! it's an awesome special.) i even did a review on it telling people where to buy the uncut version. it's a two disc set having muppet Christmas & double feature with Christmas toy. here's the link to it Happy holidays and new years to u from another diehard muppet fan:)

Rufus Herrick
Rufus Herrick 2 months ago

This is awesome Rachel's father

HYSTERICK 2 months ago

lol great comedy and I love these kinds of videos, new viewer here, I like your content! keep it up (:

xSunnyEclipse 2 months ago

Always love your Muppet Reviews!

antsamthompson9 2 months ago

I've seen this special a few times as a kid in the mid-90s and didn't really see it again until I saw it on YT.

rocketdave 2 months ago

I have a poster for that special. It's a painting of the characters from The Christmas Toy with a photo of Kermit in a Santa hat superimposed over the bottom half. I believe my Mom obtained it by sending in proofs of purchase to Kraft or something. It had Kermit in it, so that was good enough for me to hang it up in my bedroom, but because I hadn't heard of The Christmas Toy, I had no clue what, if anything, the artwork had to do with the Muppets, so I was a little nonplussed by it, frankly. It was like someone had just decided to slap Kermit's image over a random picture. It wasn't until at least a couple years later that I finally caught The Christmas Toy on TV and connected the dots.

I can't say I disliked the special, but it didn't turn into a perennial holiday classic for me either. I may have only watched it that one time. In hindsight, the thing about the toys freezing forever is pretty dark. Some kid who watched that could find one of their toys out of place and think they killed it.

Chris Stulz
Chris Stulz 2 months ago

Loved this special as a kid. I even wanted a Rugby Tiger plush. The first time I saw Toy Story I was kind of taken aback by the similarities.

Robert King
Robert King 2 months ago

until a few days ago I've never seen or heard about this special. after watching it I got to say it's not that bad.

William Dodson
William Dodson 2 months ago

I LOVED this when I was a kid

Dillon Ohlemiller
Dillon Ohlemiller 2 months ago

Review It's A Very Merry Muppet Christmas. It's actually a very clever satire of well known Christmas specials. You thought it was stupid?? It's one of my favorite holiday specials!

GC Kids Ohio
GC Kids Ohio 2 months ago

I always thought Emit otter was a better Jim Henson Christmas special

SEGASister 2 months ago

I first watched it when I was sixteen when it aired on The Hub, and it didn't have Kermit at all XD
I remember having a decently entertaining time watching it.

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