Michael Buble Greatest Hits (Full Album) - The Best Songs of Michael Buble 2020


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Information Michael Buble Greatest Hits (Full Album) - The Best Songs of Michael Buble 2020

Title : Michael Buble Greatest Hits (Full Album) - The Best Songs of Michael Buble 2020

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Frames Michael Buble Greatest Hits (Full Album) - The Best Songs of Michael Buble 2020

Description Michael Buble Greatest Hits (Full Album) - The Best Songs of Michael Buble 2020

Michael Buble Greatest Hits (Full Album) - The Best Songs of Michael Buble 2020

Michael Buble Greatest Hits (Full Album) - The Best Songs of Michael Buble 2020

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Lakita 2 months ago

Half this shit aint buble

Lisa Keefe
Lisa Keefe 2 months ago

The closest I can get to the music of my childhood when the men were so classy.

ITCHYBOY MARS 2 months ago

The playlist is not accurate

Gerard Freixas Matas
Gerard Freixas Matas 2 months ago

I love you michael

Emiliano Itria
Emiliano Itria 2 months ago

Great singer ..good ☺

Michaella Seale
Michaella Seale 2 months ago

Why the heck did the songs change cuz after "Love you Anymore" that ain't Buble

Canal joinha da clara e alicinha OFC_youtub vieira

Amo ouvir Micheal Bublé

Drelezar 2 months ago

This guy is the reason jazz is my third favorite genre

Robert booker
Robert booker 2 months ago

Is anybody going to mention its only Michael buble for the first 25 minutes

Karil Sweetwood
Karil Sweetwood 2 months ago

Note... Michael is spelled incorrectly in the graphics hmmmmm...??

Dewi Josephine
Dewi Josephine 2 months ago

God bless you Michael Buble amin

Gordon Davis
Gordon Davis 2 months ago

Michael Buble is an excellent singer and brought back the old school music that makes me think back on better days! Thank you Michael!!

Fábio Gomes
Fábio Gomes 2 months ago

What's up with those other songs by the end of the video? They are not Michael Buble.

Steve Gant
Steve Gant 2 months ago

Michael Bublé is old school with his own sound, singers like him will rescue the old classics!

TuTi DBrito
TuTi DBrito 2 months ago

i love all your songs

Matheuzinho Streit
Matheuzinho Streit 2 months ago

Simplesmente de mais.

Hans Braukmann
Hans Braukmann 2 months ago


joel vitor
joel vitor 2 months ago

32:03 name of the song?

ana oxenti
ana oxenti 2 months ago


Aldiano 2 months ago

I clicked this to listen to Michael and 30 minutes in it turned into random covers.... wtf

J.K 2 months ago

omg his voice😍😍😍😍😍

Javier Pizarro
Javier Pizarro 2 months ago

una mierda, dice Michael Buble y ponen un monton de canciones de mierda desde el minuto 25:46

Wendy Beard
Wendy Beard 2 months ago

Love you keep making music you make my day

Joel 2 months ago

No metan canciones que no son del artista 😡😡

Velimatti Ranta
Velimatti Ranta 2 months ago

Yes. Ilove you.

Nelpa Capio
Nelpa Capio 2 months ago

With the WAP and UP songs of Cardi B this is so refreshing.

yaslngs 2 months ago

I was working very good with Buble songs!!! 🙄 Why suddenly change to Maroon 5 or whatever?

katia castanheira
katia castanheira 2 months ago

Amei 💖

Marcia Humphreys
Marcia Humphreys 2 months ago

Girls like You took me by surprise

Kelly de Macedo
Kelly de Macedo 2 months ago

Já faz parte da minha playlist...love Michael Buble 💕! 21/03/2021

Gabriel Gomes Maverick

Melhores músicas para ao lado da namorada! Eu acabei de mandar para a minha! E vamos fazer love com elas! Eu te amo namorada!


I like them all but the one I like the most is feeling good

(alguien español)

Jessy lin
Jessy lin 2 months ago

aku lebih suka lagu ini di nyanyiin sama shahnaz ichwanul pahlevi.. 🥰 .. i love him when he sing this song..

Levy Mendonça
Levy Mendonça 2 months ago


Carlos Ocano
Carlos Ocano 2 months ago

Bears making love anyone?

Pamela Finney
Pamela Finney 2 months ago

YOUR MUSIC TOO!!!;❤❤❤❤❤🤗

Anny Liz
Anny Liz 2 months ago

A lot of thes songs aren't michael buble's but it's still a good playlist 👍👍

FoxYoutube 2 months ago


FoxYoutube 2 months ago


Elizabeth Ezell
Elizabeth Ezell 2 months ago

I for one could have gone the rest of my life NOT hearing I don’t give a f——-k in a song ,I mean really she thought hard and long for that song 🤨

GraceEngineering 2 months ago

Thanks for the click bait. Losers.

POSEIDON 983 2 months ago

Lyrics : "And I took your hands , and we started dance.." who knows this song?

Eg0thic Girl
Eg0thic Girl 2 months ago


Siti Nur Asha
Siti Nur Asha 2 months ago

can someone recommend me songs like feeling good?? I love this kind of genre

Lucas Calil Fessel
Lucas Calil Fessel 2 months ago

8 Michael buble songs then it changes. Really disappointing. Could at least change the name of the playlist

chloeeeee. 2 months ago

why are there songs from other artists?? bruh.

anna hoffman
anna hoffman 2 months ago

why would you think it's a good idea to change the songs?? I was really jamming out the Buble but then it changed. Bruh

Claudineli Traldi
Claudineli Traldi 2 months ago

Minhas musicas preferidas 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Hadayah Hoffman
Hadayah Hoffman 2 months ago


Rima Coates
Rima Coates 2 months ago

love his voice!

Blue Moon Kitchen
Blue Moon Kitchen 2 months ago

This is like bait and switch, the first few songs are Micheal Buble then its definitely not Micheal Buble

Mamá Sin Azucar
Mamá Sin Azucar 2 months ago

I think you miss all, only the first are Michael Buble...really bad

Juls R
Juls R 2 months ago

so happy i kept listening after Buble - beautiful music girl 👏🤟✨🎤🎵🎧🎈❣

Deny Channel
Deny Channel 2 months ago

The angel voice...

Avian Emelle
Avian Emelle 2 months ago

Who's that other person singing covers?

anonymous shirt
anonymous shirt 2 months ago

wait... girls like you is michael buble song?

Luis Samuel
Luis Samuel 2 months ago

Fail 😪

David Changet
David Changet 2 months ago

this is not michael buble. about 23 minutes in it turns to some crappy stuff

Claudia Carballeda
Claudia Carballeda 2 months ago

Muero de Amor!! Tema espectacular!! Dedicado a su Mujer Divina Reina Luciana Argentina!!🇦🇷👏👏👍💕💕💕💕💕

Eero Raninen
Eero Raninen 2 months ago

Great singer! 🤗🙏👌👍

Mystic Sinner
Mystic Sinner 2 months ago

His songs make me cry for good reasons. Thank you Micheal Bublé

Etsegenet Haileloul
Etsegenet Haileloul 2 months ago

Always my favorite michael buble

Edson Costa N
Edson Costa N 2 months ago

tudo justin biber?! kkkkk

Phil Escayola
Phil Escayola 2 months ago

First 5 songs are Buble, then the rest are NOT.

Nancie Davis-Herrera Preza


IM_GOING_TO_EAT_YOU 2 months ago


click sang
click sang 2 months ago

첫 곡에서 이미 끝 ㅡ

HONGJAE JI 2 months ago

Quando, Quando, Quando 11:20

carmineannunziato 2 months ago

I ❤ Kelly too!

Daniel Coombe
Daniel Coombe 2 months ago

Next, I really use to be all Michael Buble in my early twenties. I had a starched suit for work with a beautiful girlfriend in a beachfront apartment. Moreover, during these wonderful years I had three watches and two bathrooms. A New car. It was a perfect life really. Later, I left the career in my late twenties and my life turned out not so perfect. However, I like to listen to Michel Buble from time to time because it reminds me of those wonderful years.

Destiny Nichole
Destiny Nichole 2 months ago

In love with his voice like yessss baby sing ur heart ooooout

Spicyscouser 2 months ago

You missed number 4 “everything”

Aaron Elder
Aaron Elder 2 months ago


lety camarce
lety camarce 2 months ago

I so love your music so much

Amber Strawser
Amber Strawser 2 months ago

Love his voice and style .So relaxing to listen to

David Nava
David Nava 2 months ago

Kelly Lynn Wilson Thank you for all your love!!!

Clen Trinidad
Clen Trinidad 2 months ago


Barbara Lebrun
Barbara Lebrun 2 months ago

I'm Feeling Good too, when you sing for me. Keep going Michael, and take care of you
Lots of love

shacog 2 months ago

not really sure why gary barlow isn't on this

Tina Marshall
Tina Marshall 2 months ago

So "who" is singing after song #8 I Love You Anymore...???

Carlos Aguiar Herrera, MD

Aparte de que las canciones no concuerdan con los títulos que aparecen en la portada (sin contar que el nombre está mal escrito -no es MICHEAL sino MICHAEL), quien hizo esta "recopilación" lo que hizo fue mezclar canciones de otros artistas (como Justin Biber) y subirlas acá. Por mí le recomiendo a Youtube que dé de baja a esta porquería, porque del gran Michael Bublé no son ni la mitad de las canciones. Qué basura!

Macarena Bernal de los Santos

Min 37 work fifth harmony

Macarena Bernal de los Santos

Min 35 somenthing to like this

Macarena Bernal de los Santos

Min 33 es i dont care

Macarena Bernal de los Santos

Pones canciones que no son de michael bublé, un gran dislike por no poner lo que es exactamete.

Macarena Bernal de los Santos

Minute 26 is for Maroon 5 (girls like you)

Dawn stewart
Dawn stewart 2 months ago

Listen to this nearly every day ❤️

Aldrin Arandia
Aldrin Arandia 2 months ago

One of my favorite and loved artists ❤️

hasteningmelon 2 months ago

Song at 31:00 is "Someone You Loved" by Lewis Capaldi

nancy bennett
nancy bennett 2 months ago

Have you thought about recording When I get low, I get high?

SilverGram 2 months ago

Just about the middle it is someone else singing.

Carla Wanessa Clemente

Eu amo ❤ Nelson Junior 😘

Frena Mekonen
Frena Mekonen 2 months ago

You only got Michael Buble's songs playin for 20 min and yet you titled it Michael Buble greatest hits???? Shame😞

J. T
J. T 2 months ago


Rafael de Sousa
Rafael de Sousa 2 months ago

Michael Bublé.... He has the gift of God, his songs are comforting and calm the soul. Excellent, deep songs! 🎶🇧🇷👏🏻

sonny vince
sonny vince 2 months ago

Je découvre et je kiff!

Fred O.
Fred O. 2 months ago

Michael's voice and style is unique and exceptional. Lovely playlist except it is missing Me and Mrs. Jones, That's life and other hits

Lillian Vergin
Lillian Vergin 2 months ago

Your always my favorite, lovely music that gives me smile peace and makes my day complete! Declaring to watch you live one day! Continue your music especially this Pandemic World, you voice is love and hope!

dark orange
dark orange 2 months ago

its Michael Buble, but I know you made the mistake accidentally. Happened to me as well.