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Lois Leonard
Lois Leonard 2 months ago

What a great show today. We love Dr Della and Roma

Troy Shaw
Troy Shaw 2 months ago

I love Della Reece!

Marie Wood
Marie Wood 2 months ago

Della Reese a beautiful. Lady god bless you.

Teresa Chavis
Teresa Chavis 2 months ago

I still watch touch by an angel still in 2021, every day

Andrew Seifert
Andrew Seifert 2 months ago

Is that Kayleigh McEnany?!!!!

J Franco
J Franco 2 months ago

That show was a real answer to my prayers.on putting good stuff on TV.
He answered my prayers .😊💖

meg grotte
meg grotte 2 months ago

I have no doubt that this woman is standing in the presence of Jesus. Godly woman used her life to serve and her husband's a good man

Sandra Balgobin
Sandra Balgobin 2 months ago

She was an angel l love her rest in peace

Pamela Judith Rwanyarare

Is the girl in Pink Kelly Mccenany?

B 2 months ago

I can't get over this woman! I still watch touch by an angel when I want to get close to God and be on the right path.

Scribblebytes 2 months ago

You can't just cut it there at the end.

Shenequa Kimbro
Shenequa Kimbro 2 months ago

This is so lovely. I miss Della Reese so much. I would encourage all to get her book also I think is called Touched by an Angel. It's a very good book. The media should have told us about it after she died but they wouldn't in this stupid politically correct society. It talks about her childhood, her praying mother, singing with Mahalia Jackson and more.

Alicia Mouton
Alicia Mouton 2 months ago

I love the genuine dialogue between Ms. Della Reese and Roma Downey. A true family.💜

Elisa De La Torre
Elisa De La Torre 2 months ago

She inspired me to become a youth pastor #RIPREVDELLA!!!

Shawnise Hooper
Shawnise Hooper 2 months ago

Thank you everyone for showing love to my godmother I really appreciate it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

jarmelo2006 2 months ago


DraJessica Negron
DraJessica Negron 2 months ago

Roma and Della are Tess and Monica in real life!

Osito Rican
Osito Rican 2 months ago

I was needing a pick me up and I got channeled to Della Reese. While I was/am a fan, she wasn't the first person to cross my mind. While the heart knows what ot wants, the spirit knows what it needs. I needed some Della and the Holy Spirit which she was blessed in having.

Yehowa Nyankopon
Yehowa Nyankopon 2 months ago

Rest peacefully Mama Della

Robert Gray
Robert Gray 2 months ago

may be shes smiling happy in heaven...she .. a n an worried about us an comes back ..would make great film but it would be the truth ..such a nice lady

Robert Gray
Robert Gray 2 months ago

tears in my eyes did no no died .. so sad what great lady an lady is the word sad

Patrice Marie
Patrice Marie 2 months ago


barbara wright
barbara wright 2 months ago

Della Reese is amongst the legendary entertainers

barbara wright
barbara wright 2 months ago


Angela Boyd
Angela Boyd 2 months ago

Love you Mrs. Della.❤R.I.H
God finally got his Beautiful Angel..❤❤❤

Norphesia Murray
Norphesia Murray 2 months ago

Rip. Della. Reese

KetoFit For Life
KetoFit For Life 2 months ago

Rest a while Della, the gates are waiting open for you.

JulesPad 2 months ago

rip della reese. a fan from ghana

Reginald Simmons
Reginald Simmons 2 months ago

I love you DellaReese

Anita Marie
Anita Marie 2 months ago

I love Della Reece,! We need Angels 👼like her here on earth! Rest in peace!

Daphany DuBois
Daphany DuBois 2 months ago

Love, love, love Ms. Della Reese ~ ♡ ♡ ♡

Cameasha Flowers
Cameasha Flowers 2 months ago

Rip della

Simone Abundance
Simone Abundance 2 months ago

Very Lovely and beautiful!!!

Diane Milligan
Diane Milligan 2 months ago

Rest in peace, Della! You will be missed.

Desera Maxwell
Desera Maxwell 2 months ago


Michael A. Orlando
Michael A. Orlando 2 months ago

RIP Della Reese

Nonna love Priceless
Nonna love Priceless 2 months ago

I love you all totally ..lov lov lov .
Faith can move mountains .
Great loving people

millie73 2 months ago

Jose Alfredo Montas
Jose Alfredo Montas 2 months ago


Ron D'Avilar
Ron D'Avilar 2 months ago

The video is beautiful!

Chelsey Whitener
Chelsey Whitener 2 months ago


Alicia Coburg
Alicia Coburg 2 months ago

Such an inspiring lady! God bless Della Reese!

The Brave Introvert
The Brave Introvert 2 months ago

Love them!

Jack Daniels-Son
Jack Daniels-Son 2 months ago

You can feel the love that was exhibited between them

Star2bno1 2 months ago

A lovely bond between them all.

julia lee
julia lee 2 months ago

wow.... she looks gorgeous...

Billy Jackson
Billy Jackson 2 months ago

I love them too!