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Karen Schuster
Karen Schuster 2 months ago

Only person I know who makes food sexy-even the leopard print knife!

The Woodlands
The Woodlands 2 months ago

I loveeeee Nigella!

Shirley Murphy
Shirley Murphy 2 months ago

Love her style and dishes. Blessings on her.

Mikołaj Solik
Mikołaj Solik 2 months ago

The banana tahini pudding is delicious and luscious, amazing recipe!

Jared Huang
Jared Huang 2 months ago

Wow she's a trekkie

whhuang 2 months ago

The gagh needs to be fresh otherwise it's no good.

Samantha Bermudez
Samantha Bermudez 2 months ago

very yummy

Samia Mehmood
Samia Mehmood 2 months ago

I wanna be like her when I am in my Sixties...she is 61

Mr. Mr.3
Mr. Mr.3 2 months ago

Why does her thumbnail make her look so crazy

Kim Hasan
Kim Hasan 2 months ago

I am so happy to see these episodes!! fantastic nigella😘

K M 2 months ago


Iulia Bob
Iulia Bob 2 months ago

How many bananas did she put in 2 or 3? I want to make it!

John Pinto
John Pinto 2 months ago

She's beautiful and I love her accent and her dishes.

FitAussieAngie 2 months ago

That banana and tahini pudding with tahini cream 😍😍😍👌🏼🤤

AussieAnnie62 2 months ago

she is lovely but what's with her speech? Her s , c and sh sound weird

Hall Nelson
Hall Nelson 2 months ago

She is so Beautiful elegant and very sexy with an amazing figure.

Hall Nelson
Hall Nelson 2 months ago

I love the music in the background and I love Nigella, her recipes are easy to follow even a guy like me can make them.

Gilda Pianelli
Gilda Pianelli 2 months ago

Truly magnificent...we get such an awareness of what food and cooking signifies...its just so much more than stuffing your face. Nigella shows us the art of food and our deep emotional connection to it. I appreciate your teachings...

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