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Title : Cobra Kai S3E9 - Sam \u0026 Daniel talk about Miguel

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Frames Cobra Kai S3E9 - Sam \u0026 Daniel talk about Miguel

Description Cobra Kai S3E9 - Sam \u0026 Daniel talk about Miguel

Cobra Kai S3E9 - Sam \u0026 Daniel talk about Miguel

Cobra Kai S3E9 - Sam \u0026 Daniel talk about Miguel

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Jon Cheung
Jon Cheung 2 months ago

She's got a point. Daniel met Carmen, Miguel's mother, before this scene. He knows what Carmen is like. That should be enough proof for him that Miguel is a good person.

It should have been evident to Daniel even back in season 2

Tadele Edits
Tadele Edits 2 months ago

Really Daniel? What about Judy, Ali, Kumiko, and Jessica?

blazer 500
blazer 500 2 months ago

I dislike how she described Miguel saying he was “Cobra Kai’s top bully” when he was a good person who just got exposed to the mentality of Cobra Kai.

Harsha Sankar
Harsha Sankar 2 months ago

When Robby ran away, he ran away from Sam, his responsibility, and everything else. Even Sam expressed doubt as to whether Robby's crippling of Miguel was an accident. Sam is naturally questioning Robby's character and integrity.
He has yet to apologize for what he did to Miguel. While it is true kicking Miguel over the rail was an accident, kicking Miguel after Miguel chose not to break Robby's arm was not an accident. Robby's measure cast doubt in Sam's mind about his morals.

If Daniel had not tricked Robby, who knows where Robby would be and/or what he would have done? Being a fugitive and not accepting responsibility obviously caused Sam's opinion of him to sour. Love itself is not enough to maintain a relationship.

Sam always harbored affection for Miguel. Seeing Miguel progress during his plight was enough to rekindle her lost flames for him. This was only natural. Sam told her father that Miguel was a good person and since he is no longer affiliated with CK, he will remain that way.

Last but not least, Robby's attempted attack against Miguel did not sit well with Sam. The following morning, she chose to commit to Miguel.

Brody The Brick Builder

“If you’re gonna bring boys over to the dojo, leave the door open.”

Memerzer 2 months ago

0:48 he was the same beforeeee

tamikyuu 2 months ago

They can't do my boy miguel like that :(

Lethu Mthiyane
Lethu Mthiyane 2 months ago


Judy, Ali, Kumiko, Jessica

A Z 2 months ago

Sam looks great in those pants!

Malcolm Doherty
Malcolm Doherty 2 months ago

Daniel and Miguel= Just a Sansei
Johnny and Miguel= Father figure and sensai

Gurmit Kler
Gurmit Kler 2 months ago

There so cute🥰😘

ReduxEditor335 2 months ago

0:17 Pretty sure Daniel just called his daughter a thot 😆

Viceregal Dust 31
Viceregal Dust 31 2 months ago

Daniel: In this past year, there's been Kyler, Miguel, Robby, now back to Miguel.
This coming from a guy who dated Judy, Ali, Kumiko, and Jessica in the same year.

Nina Carmosino
Nina Carmosino 2 months ago

Miguel & Daniel were the most alike. When Daniel first moved to the Vally he was being bullied and so was Miguel and they both used the same kick in the all Vally tournament.

King Foltest
King Foltest 2 months ago

Daniel: Kyler, Miguel, Robby and Miguel again?

Sam: Judy, Ali, Kumiko and Jessica in one year, Dad?

Daniel: 🗿
Sam: 🗿

Idek 2 months ago

him and miguel are literally the same person except daniel kinds had it worse with bullies

assyrianprincess 2 months ago

Daniels calling his daughter a whore without calling his daughter a whore 😂😂😂

Froot Gaming
Froot Gaming 2 months ago

Ok people yes Sam was a hoe in Cobra Kai Season 1 and Season 2, Daniel did make her realize that she was, But now she is learning better and I hope her character is hopefully gonna improve in Season 4.

Osman Yousif
Osman Yousif 2 months ago

0:43 "You can trust me?"

Like how you started all the conflict when you liked about the car in episode 1?

Nina Carmosino
Nina Carmosino 2 months ago

Daniel really needs to trust Sam more, but Miguel & Daniel were the most alike because Daniel was being bullied and so was Miguel. They also won the all Vally tournament.

J 2 months ago

Did anyone else get the 1984 reference?

Michael Bermudez
Michael Bermudez 2 months ago

Damn, even Daniel called Sam out, for dating Kyler, Miguel, Robby, and now back to Miguel. And the shows timeline is STILL 2018. Lmao

Cenaforever1028 2 months ago

Daniel is such a hypocrite for getting on Sam about dating. In one year he had Judy, Ali, Kumiko and Jessica

itsdavid225 2 months ago

Ngl I was pretty annoyed when Sam asked Daniel to trust her. I know she’s his daughter and if I were Daniel I would’ve reacted the same way but so far as a viewer Sam has done nothing for me to give her my trust. She caused almost all the problems in the show. If it weren’t for her Miguel and Robby wouldn’t be rivals hell they could’ve probably been friends by now

T-ZER0 2 months ago

I know we met Samantha 2 seasons ago and we’ve established that she’s Daniel’s daughter. But some part of me is always going to be shocked that the kid we knew from the original movies is now a father himself. Not a bad shock mind you.

MILUNGAO 2 months ago

Sam should have told her father Miguel has turned the Medal of Honor back. It would have convinced Daniel the fact that Miguel have genuine values.

Mateus Alves
Mateus Alves 2 months ago

miguel and sam have an amazing chemistry that in season 4 they continue together #samguel❤❤❤

TheGamer's World
TheGamer's World 2 months ago

Daniel: there’s been Kyler, Miguel, Robby now back to Miguel
Me: he honestly has a point, she def needs to stick w Miguel both of the other don’t suit her

leigha belanger
leigha belanger 2 months ago

I can't stand how she said that miguel's changed as if she's not the one causing him all this trouble

Johnny Utah
Johnny Utah 2 months ago

Daniel wasted all his efforts on Robby when he should have bestowed it on his future son-in-law.

Angela Makholwa
Angela Makholwa 2 months ago


Alexander Dragneel
Alexander Dragneel 2 months ago

Miguel was never a bully

Xmas 2 months ago

0:36 that kinda sounded wrong

Monty Lo
Monty Lo 2 months ago

1984 🤣

liam owen
liam owen 2 months ago

Even though when Miguel was in cobra kai he wasn't a bully though

star killer
star killer 2 months ago

He lowkey called her a

Razo 2 months ago

Please don’t use God’s name in vain. O

T Ahmed
T Ahmed 2 months ago

Did Sam ever find out that Miguel actually showed mercy towards Robby? Because I don't like this previous notion that she had that just because Miguel was in Cobra Kai, that made him an asshole. The fact that he showed mercy indicates that he didn't believe in their teachings and still had a heart, unlike the rest of them. It shouldn't have took him leaving them for her to think he's changed. He was never bad to begin with.

Samuraith Beyond
Samuraith Beyond 2 months ago

Sam it seems can't make up her mind. At least Allie flat left Johnny for Daniel at one point and wasn't leaving guys hanging.

zRoviiz 2 months ago

still want daniel to know miguel gave the medal of honor back and was never a bully

Karl Stewart
Karl Stewart 2 months ago

so she was hoeing lol I'm dead

20 thomas
20 thomas 2 months ago

I’m I the only one who thought Daniel called his daughter a ho?

Hallow 2 months ago

Daniel gives Miguel the Ford Super De Luxe/ The yellow car imagine

Cobra Coven
Cobra Coven 2 months ago

Sam disgusts me

bLaCjAcK Daniels
bLaCjAcK Daniels 2 months ago

If I had a daughter I’d love for her to be with a kid like Miguel.

Fayyaz Amin
Fayyaz Amin 2 months ago

Basically Daniel is implicitly saying to her: you a hoe

Josiah 2 months ago

No one talking about how discreetly Daniel fr basically said that Samantha is a hoe wit that line with "You've gone from Kyler to Miguel to Robby now Miguel again."

The Bradenator
The Bradenator 2 months ago

He totally called her a hoe lmao

Torstein Peterson
Torstein Peterson 2 months ago

I hate the "Miguel's changed" line

3 Amigos Moto
3 Amigos Moto 2 months ago

He basically called her a hoe lol

George Fares
George Fares 2 months ago

Sam is the worst girlfriend ever

Son Goku
Son Goku 2 months ago

damn even Daniel knows Sam is a bad gf

Blue Collar Men Productions

Yea Sam is like door knob everyone has gotten a hand on it

Spenser Farthing
Spenser Farthing 2 months ago

Why would he trust her?

Gente de barrio
Gente de barrio 2 months ago

Estamos esperando la 4 temporada!! 🙇

Lyla Rajan
Lyla Rajan 2 months ago

Remember one thing Danny boy........Miguel is a cool dork. Just like u were in 1984

Leon Knight
Leon Knight 2 months ago

i like the fact the car from kk1 is back

Brianna Dudley
Brianna Dudley 2 months ago

Yup high school drama one thing I could give a crap was who to date in high school when I was but what ever glad I wont deal with kids a hell no to that.

Yusuf Elhaj
Yusuf Elhaj 2 months ago

sam moved on from Robby because he wasn't writing her back.

Skemooo 2 months ago

Just realized Sam's Hair do reminds me of Kassandra from AC odyssey

Angelis 2 months ago

0:15 is it just me or did Daniel kinda call his own daughter a ho?

Simon Jack
Simon Jack 2 months ago

Daniel bravo lol you told your daughter the truth pick someone already one minute you are with Miguel and then you are with Robby and then you are back with Miguel
Sounds like Johhny daniel and Ali all over again 😂 we all know how that ended

Simon Jack
Simon Jack 2 months ago

Not 1984 anymore 😂

]-[albarad 2 months ago

"It's not you I don't trust Sam" of course not, he just doesn't trust puberty. :D

MrBryteMC 2 months ago

Daniels voice sounds so much alike his old voice in karate kid

Hail. X
Hail. X 2 months ago

Miguel never was a bully, what is she talking about?

Pranay Jayaswal
Pranay Jayaswal 2 months ago

Finally Daniel had the talk with his daughter. "Sam, you're my daughter but you a hoe"

Magee Aaron
Magee Aaron 2 months ago

Even though Johnny is a good mentor/father figure to Miguel, I am so satisfied that Daniel and Miguel talk to each other. They have so much in common and he get to hear Daniel's side of the story. Making Miguel realized that both Daniel and Johnny are more alike than they think. Just like Ali said. 🙏🏽🙌

Trenton Williams
Trenton Williams 2 months ago

I didn't see this

The Hopper
The Hopper 2 months ago

Johnny should be worried how much Daniel and Miguel have in common once they all start training together Miguel might start drifting more towards Daniel because they have more in common causing Drama towards there new alliance.

Taheful A
Taheful A 2 months ago

lesson of they day: Dont date in highschool.

Camilla 2 months ago

I have a feeling Daniel will give that car to Miguel, like mr Miyagi did with him

Tymaine Hamilton
Tymaine Hamilton 2 months ago

I laughed so hard when Daniel said It was Kyler Miguel Robby back to Miguel

Mikael Lima
Mikael Lima 2 months ago

Samantha is the most self-righteous hypocrit is this whole show. First of all, Miguel didn't "changed". Miguel was always a good kid, who made loads of mistakes during his way up to now, like EVERYONE of the kids in this show. Second, who is she - who let Aisha get bullied by the her friends and the whole school whitout saying a word - to judge "bullies" from Cobra Kai? The girl literally only dropped the real bullies (which she only hanged around with the prospects of popularity) once they started bullying her as well. Also, lets not forget that at this point she never broke up with Robby (as far as the show has given us information) and is literally cheating on him with Miguel - again

And I don't wanna sound like a senseless hater, I wouldn't mind her making mistakes, but its this attitude of "Im such a nice person" of her that makes her such a dislikeable character to me in the past seasons.

kevlar k
kevlar k 2 months ago

Netflix is gonna make Sam and Tory next. Watch.

SHIV 2244
SHIV 2244 2 months ago

Fun fact when Sam said “it’s not 1984”. That’s the same year the first karate kid movie came out

nsampone3 2 months ago

Again and again, Daniel is a prick to everyone. How the fuck was he ever the "hero" of a film series?

flor de primavera
flor de primavera 2 months ago

"Miguel changed"?...uhmm Nope, Miguel always has been a GOOD boy since he was in cobra kai, he never let Kreese twisted his spirit and mind, the kid always was loyal to Johnny and what his sensei taught him about having mercy.

tommieboi707 2 months ago

Something tells me daniel is going to gift a car to miguel in the future.

Antonio Negron
Antonio Negron 2 months ago

Damn good series man!! Kudos to everyone involved in creating this

Negative 2 months ago

Funny, in 3 seasons Sam had 3 boyfriends and in 3 movies Daniel had 3 girlfriends. Like father like daughter

miguel angel david guerrero casas

If Sam slept with Robbie, Miguel should get someone else. This hoe ain’t good for our boy Miguel

Alejandro C
Alejandro C 2 months ago

is anyone gonna mention that sam cheated on robby and doesn't even seem sorry she is the reason for all the drama that is going on a least break up with robby instead of giving him a reason to join cobra kai

JENDALL714 2 months ago

Miguel got moves, definitely!

RZA Gaming
RZA Gaming 2 months ago

I really do hate sam

Michael Dawodu
Michael Dawodu 2 months ago

I’m so happy that they discussed this and she finally realized she’s been thotin around being messy cause she was so in-denial of it and that was annoying hopefully she’s stay with Miguel from now own

Fat Pizza
Fat Pizza 2 months ago

Leaves the door open....gets ambushed by Kreese standing behind a cardboard cutout.

Dane Marais
Dane Marais 2 months ago

Gosh I hate Sam. Jumping between guys. Her character needs to be run Out. Of. Commission.

Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 2 months ago

0:37 why she acting so innocent? Kinda acting whorish lately

Samuel Washington
Samuel Washington 2 months ago

I wonder how Miguel is gonna react to Johnny dating his mom.

gran almirante thrawn

0:20 Daniel is so right, this girl needs to take a break, she's had too many romances, and some of them have causes troubles. I'm glad she is with Miguel but I hope that last.

SupremPixel3dgamer Ayal

I love sam and miguel 😳😳😳

KyngTrashmouth YT
KyngTrashmouth YT 2 months ago

I understand where where Daniel is coming from but come on man YOUR STUDENT LITERALLY KICKED HIS ASS OFF A LEDGE. Give him a break

kloaken 2 months ago

Miguel has that aztec warrior blood. Something gringo robbie will never measure up to

Johnny Gonzalez
Johnny Gonzalez 2 months ago

Sam is the town Dojo. Everyone gets a Spar.

Nathaniel Lee
Nathaniel Lee 2 months ago

While I like Miguel and Sam together, I think the problem is neither of them moved on from each other when they got with Tory and Robbie respectively. But I still like them together the most because Tory's kinda psycho and toxic and Robbie's still pretty angry (and he lied to Sam about the Medal of Honor)

Rock R
Rock R 2 months ago

Sam should really take her dad's advice.

Super_B 2 months ago

I enjoy seeing the natural curves of her body.

Cascade 2 months ago

FUN FACT: Sam said 1984 mentioning when The Karate Kid came out! im smart

fu40000 2 months ago

Finally somebody pointes it out to her🙄