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Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 2 months ago

I am I want to request a video and I really enjoyed the video that you have shown and here is my Christmas adult coloring book in the house in the Christmas tree that will be my request video for me

Sylvie Dufour
Sylvie Dufour 2 months ago

Love the way you have color this Beautiful Garland, as usual you explain very well each step and i love coploring christmas pages, Thank You Rachel, look forward for the next video xx

Nonies Nook
Nonies Nook 2 months ago

Hi, I am really excited to start the color along with you today. Is there any way you can list the pencils you will be using for the video? I love your coloring techniques! =)

Gail 2 months ago

There you are! I've been wondering where you and your coloring have been! Missed ya!

LisaDawn 2 months ago

I am learning so much from you!

Candice’s Art Corner

Omg where have you been!!! So cool to see you back on Romantic country 😍😍

Denise Donnelly
Denise Donnelly 2 months ago

Glad your back!! Enjoy your tutorials🤗 Learn a lot!!

Fresia Trigo
Fresia Trigo 2 months ago

Yay love your videos. Glad you’re back

Kaylaz_coloring_ Place

Thanks so much for this video I miss ur tutorials ❤️

Donna Fluty
Donna Fluty 2 months ago

Welcome back stranger. All of the PencilStashers have been missing you and are anxious to see some new videos. I Hope this season of life, finds you happy and healthy and a little less stressed out!

Diane Shaw
Diane Shaw 2 months ago

Love this video! It's fun taking a portion at a time to work on with you and I look forward to seeing you next week. Really liked how you shaded the gold ribbon. Thank you!

Your Drawing and Life

Love christmas coloring~!! Cool~!

jsscraphappy 2 months ago

Good video-love all your Romantic Country series videos! And like the weekly concept to finish the page on Christmas. :-)

Kim Valentino
Kim Valentino 2 months ago

Do you stick to one brand of pencils per page or do you ever mix brands also do you ever use gel pens in on your pages

Pam Freeman
Pam Freeman 2 months ago

Love the idea

gooddollie 2 months ago

Loved the video! Super excited that u r using Polys and working in Romantic Country (I have all 3 volumes). I am a Poly girl and I can’t wait to try your combos - putting them down in my notebook because these r greens that I rarely use!

Edyta U
Edyta U 2 months ago

I have really missed your videos! Glad you are back Rachel! This sounds like a great format and I have this book!!!

Nancy Happily
Nancy Happily 2 months ago

I really like how you colored the gold ribbon. Thanks for the tutorial on the color gold. I'm so excited you used Faber Castell Polychromos pencils! I wish I could find a comparison chart to substitute Prismacolor pencils for Polychromos. pencils for

Brenda Hall
Brenda Hall 2 months ago

So nice to see you back