DEPT 56 Christmas in the City 2018


Mary Frendo

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DEPT 56 Christmas in the City 2018

DEPT 56 Christmas in the City 2018

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PETER DEVINE 2 months ago

Beautiful well done

Anthony Coppola
Anthony Coppola 2 months ago

It's really fun to watch. I look for my pieces I have, the pieces I don't want, and the pieces I do want in the future. Thank you.

GloryHasNoHonor 2 months ago

I love how Mulberry gets a pass in every CIC collector's heart. it really should have been a CIC piece.

Diecast Collector
Diecast Collector 2 months ago

Christmas in the City 2019/2020??😀

Diana Ricart
Diana Ricart 2 months ago

Mary, since you are such an expert at setting this wonderful city up, could you share some advice about how you set it up, where your chords go, how you hide them, etc?

mosenex YT
mosenex YT 2 months ago


Diana Ricart
Diana Ricart 2 months ago

WONDERFUL!!!! Such inspiration for my Christmas in the City display this year!

Jay Lindley
Jay Lindley 2 months ago

Love this, and you have inspired me to work on building a NYC with Lionel set up... Where did you get the backdrop of building silhouettes ? Thank you.

DeAngela H
DeAngela H 2 months ago

Very nice. When do you start putting up your village?

VillageCollector 2 months ago

Awesome village and video. It has been chosen as a "Village Video of the Week" selection for the week starting Friday, August 7, 2020. We've put a link to it on and it could be in the running for the 2020 Hall of Fame. Check it out on the "Village Videos" page of the website. Congratulations!

Sue Mileti
Sue Mileti 2 months ago

beautiful!! I am curious which statue of liberty building did you use? looking to add one to my village and see there are two available. also the backdrop of the silhouette buildings is fabulous, it offers depth..

Silverstone 2 months ago

Am wondering how long it takes to put it together and to put it back in boxes when xmas is finished

Nicole Kubick
Nicole Kubick 2 months ago


LizWarren4CA 2 months ago

This layout is super cool! What's the square footage of the area used for the village? I'm curious, as we have many of the same buildings as well as several trains (including a subway) and can't seem to find enough space for everything despite giving an entire room to it. Would love any tips for maximizing space that you or anyone can offer! Thanks!

Pete Linster
Pete Linster 2 months ago

I really love your village Mary. Put together so well. Your back drop of building silhouettes are outstanding. Very cool. I have previously liked and subscribed. Today is a second peek. See Linsterville this year for more village fun. TFS

Joe Magarelli
Joe Magarelli 2 months ago

Excellent job. I can’t really appreciate the time and effort you put into your display.

Ted Jarosz
Ted Jarosz 2 months ago

This is really what I call a Topselve display...belongs in the top five of 2018/19....

Tyler Lastname
Tyler Lastname 2 months ago

VERY good job. Easily my favorite I’ve found on YouTube!

john smith
john smith 2 months ago

Best Christmas in the city village I've seen. AWESOME!