Christmas Cake /Wedding Cake (Sri Lankan Style)



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Information Christmas Cake /Wedding Cake (Sri Lankan Style)

Title : Christmas Cake /Wedding Cake (Sri Lankan Style)

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Frames Christmas Cake /Wedding Cake (Sri Lankan Style)

Description Christmas Cake /Wedding Cake (Sri Lankan Style)

Christmas Cake /Wedding Cake (Sri Lankan Style)

Christmas Cake /Wedding Cake (Sri Lankan Style)

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Cecilia 2 months ago

Hi I chanced upon your channel and your recipe is unique and would like to try out but do have a few questions .(1) Notice that u only uses 3 whites in the video and 6 yolks whereas recipe called for 6 eggs? (2) You mentioned that beat till the egg whites form soft peaks , is that possible when added into the creamed butter which is oily ? (3) Lastly can I use whisky (Johnny Walker Double Black Whisky) instead of brandy? Hope to hear from you. Tks!

Claudia Balakumar
Claudia Balakumar 2 months ago

Very nice rich cake 🧁

Hena Syed
Hena Syed 2 months ago

Are you using 9” round pan?

Smitha Thomas
Smitha Thomas 2 months ago

Best cake ever! Thank you.

Anushka Wijesooriya
Anushka Wijesooriya 2 months ago

Can I use all purpose flour for semolina flour?

Audrey Jacob
Audrey Jacob 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing. Please tell me what is Chow Chow? Do I buy it from bakery shops?

Kumutha Kuhan
Kumutha Kuhan 2 months ago

Thank you sister

Mya Mya
Mya Mya 2 months ago

Can you please tell me why cutting the cake is difficult due to crispness on top? Sometimes the cake breaks during cutting into pieces. Hoping for tips from you.Thanks.

Ananthy Thana
Ananthy Thana 2 months ago

How many months we r waiting for rapping ior if I rapping early as possible

Adrian Deutrom
Adrian Deutrom 2 months ago

This is NOT THE original Xmas cake ingredients to make a Sri Lankan cake. The original recipe belongs to the Dutch burghers bit somehow it appears that this cake ingredients have been watered down along with its method.

Akhter Stephen
Akhter Stephen 2 months ago

Hello mam , if we don't get chow chow, can we make it at home (plz give the recipie

Lawrence alex
Lawrence alex 2 months ago

Thanks again sister u are GREAT Pastry chef God blessing to u....

Lawrence alex
Lawrence alex 2 months ago

Thanks again sister u are GREAT Pastry chef God blessing to u....

Jezza W.
Jezza W. 2 months ago

Thank you for another fruit cake recipe you have so many different ones since I love fruitcake and it can last forever it's a must have in my books and a great gift people appreciate something like this not just at Christmas but through the year showers birthdays don't forget your elderly people who no longer can do much make one and divide amongst friends it's all the giving and sharing that makes a person truly happy inside I'm old enough to know that God bless you and your family ❤️😍

andrianna de silva
andrianna de silva 2 months ago

Hi can I get the receipe in grams please, any link or website? Also can I know know the baking times & temperature and when I should check with toothpick?
Thank you

Happiness is Homemade

hi, can I use roasted semolina for this cake

J M 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing this video. May I know if the semolina needs to be dry roasted before using in this recipe?

angela trek
angela trek 2 months ago

how many pieces can we cut from this quantity

akbar khan fasmiya begum

This is golden wedding cake pieces recipe?

Raj Iswari Nirthanakumaran

Hi, you explained everything step by step. Thank you. If I want to do eggless cake how to do? Can I use condensed milk instead of egg. could you please tell me the measurement. Thank you.

Cecilia Banda
Cecilia Banda 2 months ago

tanx chefs for good Recipes

Prabavi 78
Prabavi 78 2 months ago

I made this and it became so delicious . Everyone appreciated. Thank u so much madam

Safra Mohinudeen
Safra Mohinudeen 2 months ago

Hi menaka can u show us how to make ginger preserve and chow chow like the ones u get in srilanka as we can't find these in aussie

Ranusha Ranusha
Ranusha Ranusha 2 months ago

I made this cake again..2nd time..really delicious

sreya Sreya
sreya Sreya 2 months ago

without brandi can we make this cake or not ?

Carebear Sangakkara
Carebear Sangakkara 2 months ago

Hello! Can u pls say how many tsp to add from all spice, Ginger and Cinnamon powders?

jenifer lopez
jenifer lopez 2 months ago

can you explain in grams and ml.please

Cs W
Cs W 2 months ago

I made this cake together with the cashew paste you have uploaded, and it came really nice. Thank you for sharing.

youT785 2 months ago

I made this cake today and it is delicious... the perfect taste i ever wanted when it comes to wedding cakes. Thank you so much madam for your guidance! You are a great teacher and i am a big fan of you. I have two questions; 1. Can I use one cup of flour instead of semolina? The cake is more tastier with semolina but just want to know this as a fact. 2. Do we have to apply anything on the cake before layering the almond or cashew nut paste on top? Thank you again for this yummy recipe :) :)

Ranusha Ranusha
Ranusha Ranusha 2 months ago

I made this cake today.,,It came out perfectly & really delicious,,,Awesome recipe,,Thanksss

Daya Silva
Daya Silva 2 months ago

Thanks. My wife wants to try it as preparatory measure before make a cake for a next year wedding. Your guidance are very clear. Thanks again.

Inshira Sharaz
Inshira Sharaz 2 months ago

Can u please tell me wt can i use instead of brandy n whr can i get chow chow wt is it thanks

xlNavinalx Roblox
xlNavinalx Roblox 2 months ago

In from sri lanka

Shyamali George
Shyamali George 2 months ago

Hi there,just wanna clarify about the wedding cake.when we make the srilankan wedding cake to make the pieces what should we put and make the pieces.i mean do we need to put after we make the cake smashing the cake and adding something to make the mixture little wet to make cake pieces right.may I know please what should we put and make the pieces?thank you

Bella Tipan
Bella Tipan 2 months ago

Hi, I live in Canada. I'm posting this comment on behalf of my husband. He recently took interest in cooking all because of your videos. He is not a professional cook but he has mastered cake making by learning from your videos. Thank you for your amazing detailed descriptions and step by step guild lines. Everyone loves his cakes at his work place.

lakshi jayasekera
lakshi jayasekera 2 months ago

I made this cake and it was superb. thanks a lot for sharing this.

Kanniyappen Jeyatheeswaren

instead of cups can you explain how much brown sugar ( in grams ) brandy and syrups ( in ML)

lakshi jayasekera
lakshi jayasekera 2 months ago

thank you very much.:)

lakshi jayasekera
lakshi jayasekera 2 months ago

instead of Brown suger, can't we use white suger?

Cooking with Amma & Duu

christmas cake is awesome soo eazy tks dear its yummy

Anita Mohan
Anita Mohan 2 months ago

If using apple juice instead of brandy, how long can I leave the cake to mature

Nasriya Naffin
Nasriya Naffin 2 months ago

if we are using apple juice for soaking the cut fruits do we have to hat it up ? after baking also do we have use heated up apple juice for soaking it?

Romel Barnett
Romel Barnett 2 months ago

Hi chef... Can u pls give me the recipe of the x ma's cake for 1kg.

Shami K
Shami K 2 months ago

Hi I have marinate the fruits put into a container and covered it with a foil paper and left in the fridge with a lid on and my plan is to leave it for a week. Is it ok to leave the fruit to marinate like that in the fridge? Or does it have to be outside. Also, I have read somewhere that after baking SL Xmas / wedding cake, you have to sort of pull it apart and mix it again ( like crumble it ) and re arrange (or press) into a pan again and then Leave it to cool! (Does that makes sense? ) :/ I'm so excited to try few of your recipes for this Xmas, NY times and I have started my first one today with this :D ....thanks so much 😀

nilu perera
nilu perera 2 months ago

Thanks for the recipe.... where do u store this till it matures. in the refrigerator?

nilu perera
nilu perera 2 months ago

thank you. i love your recipe. I will try it

Carebear Sangakkara
Carebear Sangakkara 2 months ago

would it be ok to leave the cake in the tin for several months? or do i have to transfer it into a different container?

Sutharshani Syam
Sutharshani Syam 2 months ago

Can I use tutty frutty?

Nabeel Mohamed
Nabeel Mohamed 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing the recipe.
my question is before applying the marzipan to the cake should I apply something?
after applying the marzipan for how long can I keep that should I store in a refrigerator ....
I want know this bcoz I am going to make this as wedding cake slices for the gift box

Gem Stone
Gem Stone 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing can I add dates for this instead of chow chow

Sheenaandp 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing your recipe :)

dinesha gamage
dinesha gamage 2 months ago

Thank you very much for this .And can i know how to make Almond paste to wedding cakes?

Evita Geerds
Evita Geerds 2 months ago

can i add the icing and keep it for another 4 months?

koshila Fernando
koshila Fernando 2 months ago

I made this Christmas cake.The taste of the cake is really good.I finished it with icing also.But the problem is the fruit pieces of my cake are easily falling.I think it is not set properly.can u pls tell me any tips to make it properly? So i can make it again.Thank you

Chamara Dharmasena
Chamara Dharmasena 2 months ago

i made this recipe and it came really good .. thank you for the recipe .. everyone at home said its better than the last year cake .. so thank you so much again for sharing this .. the cake came out moist and delicious .. 

Manjula Ekanayake
Manjula Ekanayake 2 months ago

Can I know how much sugar & semolina that you meant by one cup?Thanks in advance..

Chrishanthi Perera
Chrishanthi Perera 2 months ago

Thank u!

Sutharshani Syam
Sutharshani Syam 2 months ago

Can I use Rum instead of brandy ?

koshila Fernando
koshila Fernando 2 months ago

I love your family enjoy those foods very well.I'm going to make this today.Thanks

koshila Fernando
koshila Fernando 2 months ago

I'm using nonstick baking tray.should I cover it with baking papers.

koshila Fernando
koshila Fernando 2 months ago

can i make this without preserved chow chow.I searched it everywhere,but I didn't found.If you can pls tell me how to make it at home or is it okay to make this cake without chow chow. 

Josefina Yoshida
Josefina Yoshida 2 months ago

I can't wait for the Xmas it looks like a fruit cake that always serve for Xmas on a very easy way I wish I could make it in my own way cozy bday is also coming next month dec 18 I'm looking on your recipes whichbis easier for me yo cook . Have a nice cooking all day

Samali Kiriwella
Samali Kiriwella 2 months ago

I like very much this program . I improve my knowledge

Ashra Wazeer
Ashra Wazeer 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing but have one question,if not using alcohol what would be the best substitute and will the cake keep as long as it does when using alcohol?

Jenat Gabriel
Jenat Gabriel 2 months ago

It remind's me how my Mommy had a hard time hiding the Christmas cake from me. I ate them all the mint that i could find the cake,The happiest night was the Christmas night, because I know there will be Christmas cake on the table,In Sri-Lanka the Christmas cake are made specially for Christmas visitors.   

Mohamed Naafeel
Mohamed Naafeel 2 months ago

we can make without brandy?

Abirami Arunthavarajah

After vanilla, you pointed to a container and mentioned ginger. Is that ginger powder? and how much do you add? Can I put cardamon powder instead of ginger and all spice?

shamina noor
shamina noor 2 months ago

Any substitute for brandy

Thusitha Ariyaratne
Thusitha Ariyaratne 2 months ago

Hi, If I make wedding cakes out of this recipe, do I have to make any changes? How many pieces Can I make out of this recipe?

Piramila Ramesh
Piramila Ramesh 2 months ago

Thank you for the recipe. The only Problem is  that I used way more brandy, two Cups. What should I do? Is it too late to take the remaining liquid? It's the first time that I am making rich cake. I also used pumpkin preserve, dates and macadamia and almonds nuts besides the ingredients that you've mentioned. Furthermore, I used 75 gram more cherries. That's why I used more brandy but I think that I've used too much,

Gishan Pematilake
Gishan Pematilake 2 months ago

how much of cake pieces  will this make...i mean if wedding cake pieces ....

mesumie 2 months ago

No baking powder needed ?

Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson 2 months ago

Hi, all the Christmas cakes we have cooked over the years have been so much more runny as a result a slow bake brings out the flavours. Made mine to another recipe and its fab!

M K T 2 months ago

Mt x,mas cake comes out dry  not sure why any tips.I made it last year and it was a bit dry to start with but after 4 week it was really hard. I am going to attempt it again next week .I have already marinated all the stuff for 2 weeks .Am i correct to say if I have used 400g then i use 400 g butter and semolina and 10egg yorks and 5 egg whites.Would like you help before i start it next week.Thank you in advance for your help.

TheCulinarycorner 2 months ago

Sorry I always forget to tell this. Its 9X3. If you use a square tin it should be 9x5 and should be deeper.

fish2fish1981 2 months ago

Hi how big is the cake tin ? height in inches? diameter in inches ? thank you

TheCulinarycorner 2 months ago

No in an air tight container in a cool dark place.

erandhi555 2 months ago

Thanks for the recipe.... where do u store this till it matures... in the refrigerator????