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Roman Echeveria
Roman Echeveria 2 months ago

I sold my jordan 11 to buy this

Markus Daniels
Markus Daniels 2 months ago

fresh fresh shoes I got those shoes

SH_1985 2 months ago

Shits are fresh I only ever where Jordan's never even continplated gettin a pair of lebrons til I see this video now I'm stuck on whether to buy these or the jordan grapes this Saturday thanks for the headache man lol

Thatdude3656 2 months ago

lmao i thought that was the old ass song white t in the intro

kevani88 2 months ago

these are sick but since i got the christmas 9s i didnt bother getting these since theyre the same color and im tryna limit getting shoes with the same color due to closet space :/

Matteo MCM
Matteo MCM 2 months ago

what size do you wear?

Ken Gomez
Ken Gomez 2 months ago

do they run small like the lebron 9's did?

Sergio Lopez
Sergio Lopez 2 months ago

Sick video homie !!!!!!

Anthony 2 months ago

Love my pair

truebajan246 2 months ago

cool man ... im not a big fan of the 10s either something about the shape of the shoe jsut seems weird to me. keep up the vids man

Duc848F250 2 months ago

Sweet looking shoes!

hey serg
hey serg 2 months ago

looks clean on feet

Dylan Leanage
Dylan Leanage 2 months ago


Poké Clubhouse
Poké Clubhouse 2 months ago

Haha thanks!

Poké Clubhouse
Poké Clubhouse 2 months ago

These are my cousin's pair.

vahn757 2 months ago

dagg those socks are tough as hell !

2Fit2Quit 2 months ago

Not feeling the LeBrons in general, but thx for the vid.

truebajan246 2 months ago

I thought you didnt like/have lebron 10s from your previous vid...... apart from that nice on feet

Anthony 2 months ago

Cant wait to get my pair tomorrow!!

FreshOutTheBoxJay 2 months ago

Man I use to fuck with that White tee song so heavy bro lol

BuffaloBisons3 2 months ago

Just coped those yesterday they legit glow

Hanif Ector
Hanif Ector 2 months ago

those socks >

Joey Larocca
Joey Larocca 2 months ago

Info on the jeans

Yosimar Madrid
Yosimar Madrid 2 months ago

Dope shoe I like it

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