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Jonathan Antoine - How Great Thou Art

Jonathan Antoine - How Great Thou Art

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Michelle Dicken
Michelle Dicken 2 months ago

Hands down FAVORITE version of this powerful song. What a FABULOUS gift this man has. Absolutely beautiful!!

Juanc dnava
Juanc dnava 2 months ago


maria belan-crawford
maria belan-crawford 2 months ago

This man is a treasure

cheryl spencer
cheryl spencer 2 months ago

I felt this in my soul when he sang

Marie Carr
Marie Carr 2 months ago

Your voice is superb..... your voice reminds me of elvis 🥰

M. Cristina F.
M. Cristina F. 2 months ago

Então minhalma canta a ti Senhor, quão grande és Tu, quão grande és Tu!! Aleluia!
Assistindo dia 13/03/2021

Liza Wake
Liza Wake 2 months ago

I am so happy for him..saw him and his companion Charlotte on BGT...I hoped for him.

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Gave me Chills

Adriana Vozzi
Adriana Vozzi 2 months ago

Hermoso escucharte. Gracias.

Diane Svec
Diane Svec 2 months ago

I love listening to Jonathan , he moves my heart and soul, but the furry cape detracts from his fabulous voice. I will always enjoy his voice but, be real.

mary furnier
mary furnier 2 months ago

jonathan please come to boston!!

mary furnier
mary furnier 2 months ago

that is just stunning

Anneke Dam
Anneke Dam 2 months ago

Wonderfull voice Jonathan !!

Lautaro Kaufmann
Lautaro Kaufmann 2 months ago

Guau 👏👏👏👏👏

Steve Lora
Steve Lora 2 months ago


patricia sherman
patricia sherman 2 months ago

i like the stylization and this is my all-time favorite hymn. thank you, jonathan!

SABaruj 2 months ago

im hearing this song while im doing another stuff.. when u found that kind of songs.. magic

Ezra Mantini
Ezra Mantini 2 months ago

Elvis much.

tambrosia 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing
BRAVO young man what a wonderful talent from GOD you have, never abuse it and keep singing praise unto OUR LORD
Be well, be safe folks and knows HE is always with us, in a moment of time HE is always here to listen to us, cry with us, comfort us and help us to do wonderful works, small and great for HIM, HIS animal friends and our neighbors.
May you receive HIS bounty and blessings now and until we all see HIM in Paradise.
How Great THOU Art is correct in summing it up.
And remember dear people the words of CHRIST OUR LORD and Savior before HE went to rejoin OUR FATHER.....for lo...I....shall be with you even unto the end of the world (time).

Janice Green
Janice Green 2 months ago

Dang, I melt each time I hear this young man sing. He just touches a person's soul.

adriana colaço melgarejo


Mary Cook
Mary Cook 2 months ago

🕊 So beautifully performed Jonathan !! It brings me back to being at the Billy Graham Crusades where this song was always performed ! Thanks and BLESSINGS from California. 🎶🦋

Rick Bunch
Rick Bunch 2 months ago

Absolutely wonderful. I can see the angels level of praise increase as he sang this. Jonathan your voice and career will be one that shows others God places His hand on those who use their talent for His glory. May you receive blessings 100 fold.

suzz 2 months ago

wow. just amazingly woowwww.

Betty Bert
Betty Bert 2 months ago

Such a grand, powerful sound. Bravo, Jonathan!

Minecraft One
Minecraft One 2 months ago


Good Shepherd
Good Shepherd 2 months ago

@Jonathan you have a gorgeous voice. You are beautiful all round
I love to hear you sing❤

Funny Lady
Funny Lady 2 months ago

OMG! Your voice is sooooo AMAZING

Roy Hewes
Roy Hewes 2 months ago

I had a Vision that you sang for the Nation in a National-Celebration. Surely an MBE, Johnathon Antoine, congratulations.

Marti Green
Marti Green 2 months ago

Keep singing, my god you get better.... you are gods blessings to us with your voice.

Dobrinka Miteva
Dobrinka Miteva 2 months ago

Incredible voice and singing!

Pedro Luiz
Pedro Luiz 2 months ago

Você é o máximo 🎼🎶🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

ana maria serafim
ana maria serafim 2 months ago

Que lindo Jonathan,seja mto abençoado 🙌🏽🌹

Susie Crews
Susie Crews 2 months ago


rclingin 2 months ago

Good job Johnathon, but as a kiwi i instantly wanted to hear Sir Howard Morrison's version. Just a cultural thing, no offense.

Michael Goodman
Michael Goodman 2 months ago

Whatever happened to the girl that sang with him?

LourdesE Salvador
LourdesE Salvador 2 months ago


daniel Sadler
daniel Sadler 2 months ago

I can't explain how much we love to hear jonathan sing he could rock row row row your boat thanks for your gift to us

Mark 2 months ago

Hi Jonathan . WOW you have an incredible voice . You sing with amazing emotion . Thank you for sharing your gift with the world . Much love to you . God bless . Mark (Toronto)

James Clifton
James Clifton 2 months ago

Absolutely amazing voice, he is gifted for sure ❤️

Sebastian Readhead
Sebastian Readhead 2 months ago

Have you thought about singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square in Utah? It should be on your list and they would love to have you in sure, either as a Christmas special guest or something similar. Your singing has been a part of my renewed faith and return to Christ. You have been blessed and you are scattering hope and empathy as you sing, please keep doing what you're doing and one day there will be people who have never heard or seen you but know your name for your good works

Judith Norfolk
Judith Norfolk 2 months ago

Truly wonderful. Brings shivers and tears every time I listen. I am not religious at all but love this so much. Thankyou Jonathon

Splad YT
Splad YT 2 months ago

Wow. What a voice. Thank you lord for this great singer

Ben Odama
Ben Odama 2 months ago

I hear Elvis Presley in him

Nehe Miah
Nehe Miah 2 months ago

Let such powerful voice talent give praises to our God and savior Jesus Christ. Hallelujah.

Elle Jae
Elle Jae 2 months ago

I'm such a fan. Would travel to go see him. : ) Go away, covid! ; )

L. Jamila Fleming
L. Jamila Fleming 2 months ago


Puppy Gamer
Puppy Gamer 2 months ago


Susan Brumbaugh
Susan Brumbaugh 2 months ago

Unbelievable - he just keeps getting better and better and better!! Awesome performance.

GFW777 2 months ago

A definite wonderful gift from the Creator !

BoB the Budgie
BoB the Budgie 2 months ago

WOW I hear Elvis !

Janet G
Janet G 2 months ago


Malu Caldas
Malu Caldas 2 months ago


Michelle andrade
Michelle andrade 2 months ago

Linda voz vc canta muito sinto DEUS mais perto de mim ouvindo vc cantar 🤩

Seniorita H
Seniorita H 2 months ago


tracey yeoman
tracey yeoman 2 months ago

OMG you truly an incredible human being, you are celestial, you bought the spirit of Elvis back how is that possible your range is awesome,

Gina Haydon
Gina Haydon 2 months ago

Jonathan you sent chills down my spine. I love this song. Your voice is AMAZING. Thank you for sharing it with us.

char green
char green 2 months ago


Roger Britton
Roger Britton 2 months ago

Fantastic,, what more can you say..

joie 2 months ago

Get rid of the cape! it takes away from your beautiful! majestic! unbelievable, gift.

Kevin Vang
Kevin Vang 2 months ago

This song and voice is SOOO good for the end of the world scene in some movie.

Rebecca Lockhart
Rebecca Lockhart 2 months ago

My favorite gym, and you sung it so beautifully! Thank you! Your voice is a gift from God! Take care and stay safe!

Donna SR
Donna SR 2 months ago

All can say is Wow!!! Love you Jonathan.

Kimberly Caldwell
Kimberly Caldwell 2 months ago

Don't know why you were in my feed, but you sang this beautifully. I have to say though, a 2 year old could sing this song off key, and I'd still love it, because the words in this song are just that beautiful and amazing.

joshua daniel
joshua daniel 2 months ago

Such a unique and gifted man

Бибигуль Осанова


Sarala Narayanan
Sarala Narayanan 2 months ago

Exceptional singer..great

Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez 2 months ago

Jonathan .felicitaciones, ha crecido muchísimo,está en las grandes ligas.interpretación maravillosa. cuán grande es él

Spicy Punk Rocker
Spicy Punk Rocker 2 months ago


Jackie O Connor
Jackie O Connor 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful ♥️❤️

Daisy Blaser
Daisy Blaser 2 months ago

Pure joy seeing you performing all this beautiful songs

Brick WALL
Brick WALL 2 months ago

Amen!!!!!!!!! Bravo!!!!!!!

Moodaymoo M
Moodaymoo M 2 months ago

Fantastic. Listened to this so many times now.

collette nolan
collette nolan 2 months ago

Such a brilliant are soooo you Jonathan xxx

N Makarova
N Makarova 2 months ago

I cannot tell you how much I love this hymn. It is probably one of the most dearest songs in the world to me, Ans to hear you sing it blesses me immensely. Thank you for being brave enough to take that risk on Got Talent , Ans sharing your gift with us all.

el david
el david 2 months ago

voz perfecta el piano no estudio el tema!

Claudio Oliveira
Claudio Oliveira 2 months ago

Excepcional. Só Jonathan pode ser Jonathan.

Chris Young
Chris Young 2 months ago

When I listen to Johnathan sing for some reason I feel that God our father is singing to me and that I can feel his great love carrying me high on the notes of the song. I feel this way on many of Jonathan ‘s songs. I think God for the gift of Johnathan and his voice to plant such a wonderful image in my mind.

beaches sandfire
beaches sandfire 2 months ago

Magnificent as always , your voice is like a good wine . Gets better with age .

Captain Tim
Captain Tim 2 months ago

I dunno what to say, just wanna say thank you for doing this cover. It made my day a lot better. Thank you !!!

A B 2 months ago

Bravo 👏

sila 2 months ago

Wooaaaw!!is so beatiful!!

Billsfan2012 2 months ago

Bravo Johnathon. One of my favourite hymns.

Deborah Dodge
Deborah Dodge 2 months ago

One of the greatest voices in our world’s history. What a truly gifted young man.

Arnie 2 months ago

I am not crying, someone is just chopping onions

golfgranny58 2 months ago

How his voice has matured since I first saw him on AGT!! Jonathan, you are magnificent!!!!

colleen ambrose
colleen ambrose 2 months ago


David Giles
David Giles 2 months ago

Hearing you sing this with great power I feel you must have a relateion with God wot a voice

Cheryl Hurd Preyer
Cheryl Hurd Preyer 2 months ago


I'm on the winning side

Many blessings to the girl who convinced him to sing on stage. Imagine her reward in heaven. 😇

Brenda Martin
Brenda Martin 2 months ago

Wow! Beautiful!

Sharon Stanley
Sharon Stanley 2 months ago


Crystal Monaco
Crystal Monaco 2 months ago

Exquisite voice❣️❤️❤️❤️💫💫💫

Saturn3 2 months ago

Beautiful voice and I love the cape.

woinblue8 2 months ago

Wasn't he on AGT? Such talent. He was singing with a girl. The judges were shocked. TRINITY TRINITY 2 months ago

I did not expect that level of professional Praise

Cindy Camalieri
Cindy Camalieri 2 months ago

Beautiful, I loved when Elvis sung this song too.

gilberto santiago
gilberto santiago 2 months ago

Hope to see you in concert here in Florida USA

gilberto santiago
gilberto santiago 2 months ago

Your voice is so powerful, you must be an ANGEL FROM HEAVEN . I have been fallowing your career since you started.