macbook organization + customization tips/tricks! *MUST DO!!*


julia k crist

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Information macbook organization + customization tips/tricks! *MUST DO!!*

Title : macbook organization + customization tips/tricks! *MUST DO!!*

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Frames macbook organization + customization tips/tricks! *MUST DO!!*

Description macbook organization + customization tips/tricks! *MUST DO!!*

macbook organization + customization tips/tricks! *MUST DO!!*

macbook organization + customization tips/tricks! *MUST DO!!*

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julia k crist
julia k crist 2 months ago

~~PART 2 t !!!!!!!! ~~
hope you all enjoy these free tips! don't forget to check out my new website!!
i am no longer going to be screensaver commissions, im sorry!!
--also yes i realize that it’s a digital clock not an analog clock haha
love you all, have an ammaaaazing day!!

Jossy B.
Jossy B. 2 months ago

Ahhh thank you so much for making this video!! My MacBook looks so cute and organized now <3

Yasmine Fields
Yasmine Fields 2 months ago

I know this is old but how do you keep the sticky note on the desktop without keeping the app open?

aunah leigha
aunah leigha 2 months ago

click on the picture you want and click, control-C, then click on the blue folder after you click get info or whatever and click, control, V

Ashley Carter
Ashley Carter 2 months ago

I search for white butterfly png transparent and it doesn’t make the background disappear. Do you know why that is? I’m currently using the one you made but I would like for it be a solid white please help and thank you

Laura Ali
Laura Ali 2 months ago

thx for the tipsss

Kylie Leedom
Kylie Leedom 2 months ago

Thank you so much it helped a lot!

King Suk
King Suk 2 months ago

I got my first Mac and I was wondering

TheSweetPinkBerry 2 months ago

Hi, I have a question. Can I just delete the fliqlo item off my desktop? Or will that remove my screensaver altogether?

SHOUGe ALGHAWi 2 months ago

Can you make a tutorial how to download the sims 4 .

Ananya Jain
Ananya Jain 2 months ago

thank you sooooo much !!! loved it !!!!

Caitlyn Tyrrell
Caitlyn Tyrrell 2 months ago

How do you download youtube?

edits help
edits help 2 months ago

thank you so much! im getting my MacBook Air soon

trixipixi 3
trixipixi 3 2 months ago

when I open google I don't see the drawing too to change the background how do I see it?

Kathy Patterson
Kathy Patterson 2 months ago

awesome tips, thank you!

Kimberly Evans
Kimberly Evans 2 months ago

Why are people pronouncing "button" as buh-en? No "t's." So weird, like we are Scotland. Bu-en. Give me a hand.

Mojes 2 months ago

Love the tips thank you! you really out here making so much content I see you great work girrrll

PRINCESS MAIAH 2 months ago

i just got a macbook pro like last year and it was plain😂 so now it’s black and white aesthetic looking.

Marcela Luisa Amanda Salini Medina

I just bought my first macbook after saving money for two years and this video appear on my recomendations just in the perfect time

Aisha Odor
Aisha Odor 2 months ago

Thank you Supremehack4 via IG for a great work

Victoria Pollock
Victoria Pollock 2 months ago

Could you make a youtube video on how you made those freebee icons you created for the folders??? Thank you!!

SHREYA SHARMA 2 months ago

How can I put my own canva design as my desktop wallpaper

Monique BlackBlue
Monique BlackBlue 2 months ago

Thank you very much for all I really learned loads of new things with you in this video XXX

AlexWasTakenSadly 2 months ago

folder icons dont work

charlotte wakaka
charlotte wakaka 2 months ago

really love your ideas which make me more productive haha (and of course make my money well spent 🤣)

Grace M
Grace M 2 months ago

Your room is so beautiful!!! Love ur vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait till I'm done rasing for my MacBook pro :D

Karl Cyril Laguyo
Karl Cyril Laguyo 2 months ago

Me watching this but I don't have any Mac book 🙃

Who's here in 2021?

Myra Parmar
Myra Parmar 2 months ago

TYSM!!! YOU HELPED SO MUCH <3 you deserve a sub

Lexi Rae Watkins
Lexi Rae Watkins 2 months ago

Thank you for the sickies and adorable clock screensaver <3

addison pauley
addison pauley 2 months ago

does this work on a acer is that a mackbook? i know nothing lol

iris 22daki
iris 22daki 2 months ago

Who else cant change their file icon 😔🤚 whenever I copy my image and then paste it on the file thing it just does not work . Pain❤️ and then when I drag the photo on the file thing it just shows a random “JPG” white photo.

toria o'keeffe
toria o'keeffe 2 months ago

adding on to the customization of google, you can also press color and theme as well as background to also match the aesthetic !!!!

taylor curry
taylor curry 2 months ago

aw omg yes u play sims 4

Char Char's Teddy's
Char Char's Teddy's 2 months ago

omg its work thank youu

park ryuwon
park ryuwon 2 months ago

I love these so much, I got inspired by your "tiktok" one on your website and decided to make my own in the same format and in pastel green and it turned out so good I am in love

park ryuwon
park ryuwon 2 months ago

I can't open the screensaver file 😭


roberto prieto
roberto prieto 2 months ago

i love your website its so well made

Erica Green
Erica Green 2 months ago

How to set the collage as desktop picture?

AnitaPedia byAO
AnitaPedia byAO 2 months ago

Hi, just got myself a macbook, yeayyy!!! Done all the customization, thanks to you😘but, my analog screensaver always goes away coz it changed to locked screen. Can you guys pls help me newbies with this?

Manish reddy
Manish reddy 2 months ago

This is everything I need... ❤️

pauli p
pauli p 2 months ago

i can copy it, i mean i cant right click

Anna Renner
Anna Renner 2 months ago

your website is so beautiful:)

Juju Plays
Juju Plays 2 months ago

do stickes stay even if u shut down ur laptop?

Layla Bulwer
Layla Bulwer 2 months ago

How do you put it on you Home Screen for the one I just made

Khiara Ali
Khiara Ali 2 months ago

what if my folders don't move across my desktop, what do I do???

aesthetic rose
aesthetic rose 2 months ago

how do u save the image? im new so thats why im late also iv sub

Aliyah Playz
Aliyah Playz 2 months ago

6.00 cant find the save button🥺

Katherine Estrada
Katherine Estrada 2 months ago

Thanks for the great tips and tricks! Just t0 know how to get the big clock on your screensaver was worth watching this video.

{*.a e s t h e d i c c l o u d.*} art

I want a MAC TO SHOW OF MY ~𝓪𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓽𝓲𝓬𝓼~

cebi burgess
cebi burgess 2 months ago

i got a macbook for christmas and i didn't know anything about customizing it. I have been customizing my computer all morning thanks to your videos!

{*.a e s t h e d i c c l o u d.*} art

This was SO useful! Thank you soooo sooo much! I really appreciate it so much thank you a billion!

Tshering Yangzom
Tshering Yangzom 2 months ago

Wow! Thanks!

Sophia Noodlesoup
Sophia Noodlesoup 2 months ago

i also do not have a check mark at the bottom of my google

Sophia Noodlesoup
Sophia Noodlesoup 2 months ago

my folders are chqnging their icon! what do i do?

xx xxiixStrawberryiix

How to put in my screen saver?

xx xxiixStrawberryiix

My icons donsent work

Serene Shen
Serene Shen 2 months ago

Your website is so adorable. Very Useful!

Endyra 2 months ago

How do I get that clock on my screen saver?

isu 2 months ago

i am getting one too, but ive been a samsung user like forever and never had apple so i am kind of scared but i think its pretty cool :D

alorxia 2 months ago

Lol I have been using your Mac book things lol for a while

Rachel Schmitzer
Rachel Schmitzer 2 months ago

it wouldn't let me download the clock it says this version of macOS doesn't support it 🥺

Nitin Chandel
Nitin Chandel 2 months ago

thx alot i've been wanting to create a custom background for ages thank you 👍

alaysia re’ana
alaysia re’ana 2 months ago

you have a new subscriber :)

Emily 2 months ago

This derserves a subsciption

bbgfleurr 2 months ago

how the hell did you right click i need help 😭

Nitya 2 months ago

for the fliqlo clock thing it says it wont't work with this version of my mac and I have to contact the vendor to get a newer version of the screen saver.

Alejandra González
Alejandra González 2 months ago

I LOVE THIS VIDEO i get a new mac book thank you soo much i love you

kenne, 2 months ago

i dont know why but the folder icon thingy is not working for me- it changes back

Kayleigh-Ann W
Kayleigh-Ann W 2 months ago

Loved the video, Mac Newbie!!
Impressed with your profile lovely, social media platforms, and website!
Well done you x

Beatrice Redi
Beatrice Redi 2 months ago

Thanks for this really cute way to learn new tips and tricks!

Anita k.
Anita k. 2 months ago

What font is that in the thumbnail? I’ve been looking everywhere for it!

marco B
marco B 2 months ago

talk way. tooo fast

sophia chua
sophia chua 2 months ago

The icons dint work for me 🤨

seriously annie
seriously annie 2 months ago

Ahh thank you so much i just started watching your videos and i cant wait to customise my macbook! I’m still waiting for it to come hahaha

zobia 2 months ago


Carolina Torres
Carolina Torres 2 months ago

i can't change my google backround, that little edit pensil doesnt show up?!

Cassiandra 2 months ago

Hey! I just this MacBook and did the clock thing.... I love it! But now the folder is on the desktop and it's not giving me an option to remove it or hide it.....any help??? :)

Shaniqua Hill
Shaniqua Hill 2 months ago

I can’t figure out how to save it to my iMac desktop

superbowserlogan 2 months ago

get a newer laptop

superbowserlogan 2 months ago

how do you get the laptop screen on 0:29 to look like that

Thisandi W
Thisandi W 2 months ago

This is so darn amazing! thank you so so so so so much!!!!!!

Rachel Weasley
Rachel Weasley 2 months ago

The Icon of the folder, my MAcbook won't do it and I'm doing properly. Does someone know why? or another way? Thanks

Sadia Islam
Sadia Islam 2 months ago

checkboard of png items are not disappearing , what do i do ?

carito5417 2 months ago

how can you put your YouTube and other apps in the folders?

jenna 2 months ago

Watching this because my dads old MacBook is musty

xxroses1x 2 months ago

Got a new subscriber!

The Sophia Abney Show

I'm getting a MacBook for my birthday coming up soon and I am so excited to customize :D

Natalie v
Natalie v 2 months ago

I tried both ways and they both showed up as a white paper that says "PNG"

Kassie Doreen
Kassie Doreen 2 months ago

It still won’t let me you type it for me

Chloe Dalia
Chloe Dalia 2 months ago

I was always trying to figure o to how to get my dock out of the way

{•Clouds_ X _Dreams•}

The transparent background won’t go away for the folder thing ;-;

Amelia Gawlowski
Amelia Gawlowski 2 months ago

How do you make your messages bubble colorful?

Jen 2 months ago

christian girl autumn

Denise Paljusevic
Denise Paljusevic 2 months ago

When I pressed on my folder it wouldnt show what it showed you Can you try and find another way to do it. and yes i have a mackbook.

luv 2 months ago

when you don't have the customise bruhs on google

Sayanth Anantharajah
Sayanth Anantharajah 2 months ago


Rosemary Conant
Rosemary Conant 2 months ago

When I make the folders icons, the image shows up as a PNG logo. What can i do?

zeo seen
zeo seen 2 months ago

Should mb always be pluged in??🤕idont know is it good or bad

leo_bommel 2 months ago

Brooo you are tooooo fast!<3

Art Hacks
Art Hacks 2 months ago

it dosn't work for me either
same Mac I just got it today I love it!