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Tara Michelle's OLD VLOGS

THIS VLOG IS FROM SATURDAY NOVEMBER 26TH, i messed up the date in the corner! just thought i would clarify! :)

Molly Loucks
Molly Loucks 2 months ago

He Parents look really young haha

O Ryan Gaming
O Ryan Gaming 2 months ago

what intro music do you use???? I am dying to know!

Holisticmel 2 months ago

Omg I get to go to New York for Christmas to visit my family can’t wait

lee sungjong
lee sungjong 2 months ago

I hope I have a relationship like this with my daughter if/when I have one one day 😁

Keera Ashton
Keera Ashton 2 months ago

Your a gawjus family & yes your dad is very attractive seems like all the ladies have posted similar on here but also your mum is stunning too I think we can all agree on that & you look so much like her

Beautiful family !!

Author Keera Ashton

Kay Chanel
Kay Chanel 2 months ago

What hotel did you guys stay at in this vlog ?

Shearon Beatòn
Shearon Beatòn 2 months ago

New York is the best place to celebrate Christmas because it's magical, the winter are much cooler, the holiday are festive and the day's are fresher. XD wish me luck next year by God grace I'd be in New York

Joanne Maher
Joanne Maher 2 months ago

Hey, just wondering what hotel you stayed in?😊I've just booked New York for Christmas and trying to find a nice hotel, so hard!😭love you channel!😊X

preppychrisbou 2 months ago

I love TAO

Lala Gm
Lala Gm 2 months ago

What is the name of the hotel where you stayed?

Cuzins Cove
Cuzins Cove 2 months ago

5:29 is the song for my dance routine!

Danielle R
Danielle R 2 months ago

Wow hottest parents award!!!! Lol

Nik Camelia Al Haded
Nik Camelia Al Haded 2 months ago

hey. Im new. i search for new york vlog and here I am. U are so pretty and ur dad is indeed a very good looking man, ur mom too, well your mom is pwetty, thats why you have tht face. hehe. new subscriber and I just wanna ask, how is the boxing day shopping in new york, was it hectic or not? How often do u see muslim around new york. I wanna go but Im scared with all these Islamophobia . ><

Consistent Determiner



loll, so I was looking at the corner date and I was like why is this posted after december. They wouldn't shop for christmas in NYC after christmas, duhhhh. But, then I forgot that christmas is December 25th, not November 25th haahhahhaha

Kathryn Alog
Kathryn Alog 2 months ago

Your dad looks like George Clooney and your mom looks like Sandra Bullock lol

fran guajardo
fran guajardo 2 months ago

no entendi todo😅 trato de aprender ingles, pero eres muy simpatica!😀y yo tambien amo la navidad! i love christmas❤

Lindsey Hernandez
Lindsey Hernandez 2 months ago

Does anyone know where taras mom got her jacket from

Jessica Haley
Jessica Haley 2 months ago

so glad Mitch and Marcy are back 🤗 missed them in the vlog

Liliana Jobity
Liliana Jobity 2 months ago

I'm BINGING your vlogs all day because I've been so busy lately and I love it!!!

asia walker
asia walker 2 months ago

I miss New York I'd love to go again 😍

ckkhoo 2 months ago


d lew
d lew 2 months ago

Your parents are honestly so attractive!

Victoria Styles
Victoria Styles 2 months ago

I saw the title of the video and was about to skip but then I saw it was you who uploaded so here I am bc I love you

beyondstars 2 months ago

Your skin looks amazing

Shadys 2 months ago

please do a video challenge of you doing your mom's makeup lol 😄😄

Arianna Zampella
Arianna Zampella 2 months ago

Snafu is a mishap or mistake. It's WWII slang.


nyc looks so magical now, great atmosphere must go there soon as now i am not so far away, around 4 hours by car

Matilde Jardim
Matilde Jardim 2 months ago

ur mum is GOALSSSS

Bekka Dowland
Bekka Dowland 2 months ago

New York is so beautiful, I love it there.

lovely s
lovely s 2 months ago

her dad is hot 😹😹

Kiara Madisen
Kiara Madisen 2 months ago

Loved the vlog! Where did you get your bomber jacket? I have been looking for a good one forever!!

Kennedy Smith
Kennedy Smith 2 months ago

Your dad thou! Good looking man! 😍 lol

Leslie Taylor
Leslie Taylor 2 months ago

Hi Tara! I am going to to NYC Soon and I'm trying to figure out the best hotel to go to, what's the hotel called that your staying at in this vlog?

Valerie Gisselle
Valerie Gisselle 2 months ago

New York is sooo pretty!!!! Hopefully I can visit one day 😭

Maddie Weir
Maddie Weir 2 months ago

What song did you use around 6 minutes

Grace 2 months ago

Are you doin vlogmas this year?? btw ur awesome and ur mom is super cute

Anna B
Anna B 2 months ago

Tara I want to meet you! I'm going to be in LA this weekend!

Astrid 2 months ago

Oh my gosh I am soooooo in love with your mama!!! she is the best!!!

Monica Navs
Monica Navs 2 months ago

your mom is so cute!!

Life of Wendy
Life of Wendy 2 months ago

your dad is so funny

Rachel 2 months ago

What was that guy trying to sell you in the Apple Store??

Caroline Dean
Caroline Dean 2 months ago

I was baptized at the church that she shows at 2:27!!!! I lived in NYC for 8 years and i miss it;(

Renee Douglas
Renee Douglas 2 months ago


Celia Banbahji
Celia Banbahji 2 months ago

tess that isn't fair i was there a day before u. like the exact area

Addison 2 months ago

thank you for everything!! love u!!
XOXO, Addie😋😁❤

Mariah Lin
Mariah Lin 2 months ago

Okay I have no idea if you said it in the vlog but was this on the 26th or 25th? Lol random question but I just got confused for a sec

Khiana 2 months ago

There's one right in times square

Khiana 2 months ago

Pret a manger is my favorite place to go when I go to NYC

stefachrkisztti 2 months ago

tu papi es super sexy

Kari_klove O_O
Kari_klove O_O 2 months ago

You look so much like your mom now !!!❤️

Sara Baud
Sara Baud 2 months ago

I can't wait for my trip to New York next September

Vanessa Cruz
Vanessa Cruz 2 months ago

I feel like your dad doesn't like it when you vlog around him

Martina 2 months ago

Where did you get your black jacket from?

Rikke Andreasen
Rikke Andreasen 2 months ago

You should visit Denmark sometime :)) x

Diavian J.
Diavian J. 2 months ago

What hotel is she staying at?

deadsoulofagirl 2 months ago

your dad is so cool !!

G_ micky_d
G_ micky_d 2 months ago

i hate it when i'm watching your vlogs and your shopping and i see so many cute things but i'm not physically there i wish i could transport lol anyone feel? i love you tara

Lay xo
Lay xo 2 months ago

tara!!!! 20 years from now you can watch these videos

The GLS family
The GLS family 2 months ago

Some angles your dad looks like THEO JAMES from divergent 😩😍😂

Alexia Salas
Alexia Salas 2 months ago

Are we just going to ignore the fact that her dad is SOOOO HANDSOME!

Crystal Ramos
Crystal Ramos 2 months ago

Wow your dad is A DADDDDD

lifexobservatory 2 months ago

Her makeup is on point

Real Sylvia
Real Sylvia 2 months ago

With all do respect Tara, your dad is handsome! This is a compliment, not trying to be a creepster!

Sara Muharremi
Sara Muharremi 2 months ago

Am I the only one who thinks Tara's dad is fucking hotttt

Caitlin Rene
Caitlin Rene 2 months ago

Your parents look so young !

francesca 2 months ago

i hope this doesnt sound creepy, but your parents look so good!

Elena Chowdhury
Elena Chowdhury 2 months ago

Where is your puffer coat from?? I love it!

Solène Ross
Solène Ross 2 months ago

I love NY Vlogs so fucking much! Big kiss from France! Love u Tara :)

Amber Rose
Amber Rose 2 months ago

lmao. the ending part was everything , my mom is like that too lol. your family is so adorable. your mom and dad are soooo cute. lol. enjoy tara. 💕💕💕

Sandra Chajon
Sandra Chajon 2 months ago

I miss New York!! My brother propose to his girlfriend at the Rockefeller exactly a month ago we were just there. I want to go back 😩❤️

Kelly Jane
Kelly Jane 2 months ago

Tara, you're vlogs give me so much joy! love you hope you had a great time in NYC

The noob youtuber
The noob youtuber 2 months ago

ur dad is handsome ; what does he work?

The noob youtuber
The noob youtuber 2 months ago


Rukije Rexhepi
Rukije Rexhepi 2 months ago

love you tara

Sin Loo
Sin Loo 2 months ago

is it just me? your dad reminds me of philf < dk how to spell his name

Kalina Kostova
Kalina Kostova 2 months ago

i love your dad😂

Elaina Kate
Elaina Kate 2 months ago

I love that you have Christmas music in your vlog!!🎄💞

MusingsofaJay♡ 2 months ago

DAYUM... your dad tho..

JustmeNC 2 months ago

So jealous, I wish I was in NYC at this time ! Its absolutely beautiful and just puts the whole holiday to life!

Grace Julia Mozitis
Grace Julia Mozitis 2 months ago

Where is your moms coat from??

sarah kim
sarah kim 2 months ago

I love ur NY Vlogs!!! OMG ur dad is so handsome!! He looks like Theo James!! :)

Ofir Brand
Ofir Brand 2 months ago

Exactly in the place you are

Ofir Brand
Ofir Brand 2 months ago

I was in New York one mouth ago, so sad I missed you❣️

Βιβή Κ.
Βιβή Κ. 2 months ago

5:49 Huang Zi Tao.........I'm ok

Tiffany Cheri
Tiffany Cheri 2 months ago

Glad I'm not the only one that finds your Dad ridiculously attractive lol.

miraclesxo 2 months ago

If her father is that hot at his age, imagine how hot he was when he married her mother 😂 lmao all these comments about Tara's dad is probably making her uncomfortable.

Tricia heart
Tricia heart 2 months ago

NYC is lit✨

Emma Woods
Emma Woods 2 months ago

Christmas in New York! 😍😍

A.N. S
A.N. S 2 months ago

i cant get over how hot her father is

Valentsya Joe
Valentsya Joe 2 months ago

arrghhh you guys are sooo cuteeee

Izzy & Allie
Izzy & Allie 2 months ago

I sayed at this same hotel last year on that same day! Omg this is weird

Waikiki Tube
Waikiki Tube 2 months ago


Jasmine 2 months ago

Where are you guys staying at? What was happening with the neighbours?

Faye Retiro
Faye Retiro 2 months ago

I've been to these places just this year and ahhh I miss NYC and the cold cold cold weather! Love your vlogs btw yay!

Keeping Up Court
Keeping Up Court 2 months ago

I originally found your channel through your family New York vlogs so this made me so excited!

littlerebelle 2 months ago


Victoria 2 months ago


BreeDrizzy 2 months ago

Your dad if a DILF