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Creative Chica Hauls
Creative Chica Hauls 2 months ago

Wow you scored!!! 😃❤️❤️❤️❤️

macelli usa
macelli usa 2 months ago

Great finds! How much was that last wooden tree?

Janet 2 months ago

I can't believe all your fantastic finds I don't have time to go shopping this week but maybe soon have a Happy New Year 🎊

ann marie ramos
ann marie ramos 2 months ago

Wow! You did amazing on your finds! Happy New Year!❤️❤️

Ana Mercado
Ana Mercado 2 months ago

great haul

Home With Casey
Home With Casey 2 months ago

So many great finds! Can’t beat the sales 😃

Bargain Budgeter
Bargain Budgeter 2 months ago

Wow!!! So many great finds!!!

Debbie M
Debbie M 2 months ago

Those food ornaments are going to be soo cool in the kitchen next year! You always find the BEST stuff! Great deal on the trees.

Donna Platt
Donna Platt 2 months ago

Girl, our Hobby Lobby was wiped out at 66 percent.

Debbie Clark
Debbie Clark 2 months ago

Lots of good stuff. TFS. God bless.

K. L.
K. L. 2 months ago

Excellent Haul ,awesome prices.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Marsha’s Mush & Stuff

Love the trees so adorable 🥰

Marsha’s Mush & Stuff

Wow amazing clearance!!!

Karen DeSimone
Karen DeSimone 2 months ago

Wow what a haul great stuff! 👏😊 Happy New Year 🍾🎉

jannette vazquez
jannette vazquez 2 months ago

Wow, great finds. I never get so lucky.

Becky Thompson
Becky Thompson 2 months ago

Great haul tfs have a great evening💗💗💗

Barbara A
Barbara A 2 months ago

Sure got in a nice sale. Love what you bought.

Irene Simpson
Irene Simpson 2 months ago

Wow girly amazing on those tree's