I’d Rather Go Blind (Buddy Guy Tribute) - Beth Hart and Jeff Beck - 2012 Kennedy Center Honors


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Information I’d Rather Go Blind (Buddy Guy Tribute) - Beth Hart and Jeff Beck - 2012 Kennedy Center Honors

Title : I’d Rather Go Blind (Buddy Guy Tribute) - Beth Hart and Jeff Beck - 2012 Kennedy Center Honors

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Frames I’d Rather Go Blind (Buddy Guy Tribute) - Beth Hart and Jeff Beck - 2012 Kennedy Center Honors

Description I’d Rather Go Blind (Buddy Guy Tribute) - Beth Hart and Jeff Beck - 2012 Kennedy Center Honors

I’d Rather Go Blind (Buddy Guy Tribute) - Beth Hart and Jeff Beck - 2012 Kennedy Center Honors

I’d Rather Go Blind (Buddy Guy Tribute) - Beth Hart and Jeff Beck - 2012 Kennedy Center Honors

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Maria Aparecida da Silva cruz


Maria Aparecida da Silva cruz

Maravilhosa Beth .

Ilse Ilse
Ilse Ilse 2 months ago

Thankyou for the music and shere with us😘

Roberto Macedo
Roberto Macedo 2 months ago

Que responsa...tem talento e performance para dar e vender.....

Christoph Meirich
Christoph Meirich 2 months ago

The band don't fit to Bethl 🤔😒😏

Eddie Jones
Eddie Jones 2 months ago

beth you have the best and strongest voice out there i love ya

Hans Lauterbach
Hans Lauterbach 2 months ago

Beautiful and wonderful. Brillant !

Zbigniew Szafraniec
Zbigniew Szafraniec 2 months ago

Cudu perfekcja wykonania

Lily Gonzalez
Lily Gonzalez 2 months ago

What a gorgeous voice. The look in buddys eyes is priceless. ❤🙏

Pynk Floyd
Pynk Floyd 2 months ago

Watching Buddy, Beth, Jeff and Obama's was such serenity!

Karine Elizbaryan
Karine Elizbaryan 2 months ago

Best performance 💓💓💓💓💓🌹✨✨✨✨✨

Christophe Bigot
Christophe Bigot 2 months ago

Excellent Jeff👍

1020 1020
1020 1020 2 months ago

* Beth is my FAVORITE VOCALIST... *She gives me chills... ♥️🙏♥️

cristian morales
cristian morales 2 months ago

Jeff Beck, let her sing dude and just play chords.

Marc lancelle
Marc lancelle 2 months ago


1966Thor1966 2 months ago


Dirk Krueger
Dirk Krueger 2 months ago


Belinda Burks
Belinda Burks 2 months ago

Man this was the year for the Kennedy Center... Beth, Heart, Jeff Beck! I wish i could have been there that night! What a party!

Teresa Polson
Teresa Polson 2 months ago

This women here, is ABSOLUTELY amazing! Love her VOICE. She's got SOUL, LIKE NO OTHER...

Eric G
Eric G 2 months ago

Ok, this performance is awesome...Beth Hart is amazing and Jeff Beck is a master. Not sure if anyone else noticed, but loved seeing the reaction of David Letterman's wife in the background, she seems to truly be a fan. Watch the Heart tribute to Led Zeppelin and she reacts so genuinely when the choir joins in, it's so cool to see.

alba farias
alba farias 2 months ago


Jackie Weiss
Jackie Weiss 2 months ago


Martha Kluin
Martha Kluin 2 months ago

Beth is great

Monica Stordeur
Monica Stordeur 2 months ago

Top flight

Reg bowes
Reg bowes 2 months ago

Beth looks good!

но нейм
но нейм 2 months ago


Robert de jong
Robert de jong 2 months ago


Emanuela Zanini
Emanuela Zanini 2 months ago


M D 2 months ago

Magnifique 🤩❤️🙏

Jeremiah Smith
Jeremiah Smith 2 months ago

Fine, I’ll be the guy that admits her and bonamassa live is way better.

Anita Thompson
Anita Thompson 2 months ago

Everytime I see this, wow! Anyone who was there couldn't have left feeling that they just witnessed history, have to see the whole night!! She's a force to be reckoned with, and heart too with stairway to heaven

Pam R Johnson
Pam R Johnson 2 months ago

She sings and gives me goose bumps. Love it. Love that song

Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins 2 months ago

Good guitar but her singing is raucous, rambling and wailing

El Man
El Man 2 months ago

I hate to be this guy but... nobody doesn't like Etta... nobody

Tatu Shka
Tatu Shka 2 months ago

I Love You Beth

L. E.
L. E. 2 months ago

Beths voice is golden. Buddy was close to tears at the end. That’s huge compliment for a difficult emotional song of true heartbreak, written by Tina Turner.

Ron Price
Ron Price 2 months ago

That was great except the shot of obama and big mike .

Cliff Collin
Cliff Collin 2 months ago

I could've done without having to see mike and Barry obummer

Age Of
Age Of 2 months ago

Beth, you’re all SOUL! I love you, Aquarius soul, I feel you....

Swapnil S
Swapnil S 2 months ago


Woody Guthrie
Woody Guthrie 2 months ago

1) Absolutely amazing performance.
2) This was when the White House respected great art and had class.
3) Nuf sed!!!!!

Rejean Beauchamp
Rejean Beauchamp 2 months ago

Je viens de découvrir cette très jolie chanteuse à la voix absolument envoûtante. Je suis aussi ému que Buddy Guy. La guitare de Beck est discrète et aussi chargée d'émotion. Un superbe chimie compatible entre Beth et Jeff. Merci pour avoir publié ce cadeau sans prix !

Andy 2 months ago

That drum break is a good idea but maybe they can rehearse a bit more. The bass player comes back in on an A instead of Bm seriously wtf, an extra bar of A. Buddy Guy is thinking let me get the fck out of here with my award while this band keeps rushing this beautiful song. Obama still doesn't get how he slighted Etta with Beyonce and now with Beth Hart. A bunch of outta touch rich folks, no wonder a bunch of misguided white supremacists that just need a little healthcare come and invade the capitol.

S.E.M. 2 months ago

Amazing Beth!

John John
John John 2 months ago

I love you Beth

Danielle Capwell
Danielle Capwell 2 months ago

Beth Hart is the most underrated vocalist of all time. her voice is perfection.

Tina Stanley
Tina Stanley 2 months ago

Doesn't get any better than this!!!

Chacha Worsley
Chacha Worsley 2 months ago

Who s the black man??

Casey KOD
Casey KOD 2 months ago

Damn right, you stand up, Alec Baldwin!

twist of -faith
twist of -faith 2 months ago

Too much embellishment,, .

Florian Wolf
Florian Wolf 2 months ago

A wonderful voice and a stunning performance !

Andrzej Watkowski
Andrzej Watkowski 2 months ago

Utwór o niesamowitej energii

Anita Thompson
Anita Thompson 2 months ago

Absolutely, the. W hole package, that s a fact, see the feelings and tear in eye that is legendary feels good with all the negative in the world

Ильфар Галимов

Не приедается, класика

PeaceFan1 2 months ago

DAMN, Beth can SANG!!!! She SOOO Should have been a MUCH MUCH Huger STAR!!!!!

SHYBA 2 months ago

My favorite version of this song is the one with Joe bonamassa. This is good to.

Patricia Ciliento
Patricia Ciliento 2 months ago


robertdegiro 2 months ago

i think she is hurrying her self while singing and i dont think is necesary most of all when the song has a cool rhythm isnt it shyba

allan hughes
allan hughes 2 months ago

Nothing more to be said true true legends are both !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ирина Чумак

Супер блюз!!!

Star Baby
Star Baby 2 months ago

The most beautiful love song ever

Stephen Ord
Stephen Ord 2 months ago

Little mix or Beth?

HEIKO PAGEL 2 months ago

B.B.King hat es nun endlich verstanden!!!!!!! Die beste Stimme der Welt erklingt aus einer weissen Frau.

Adriana Carvalho
Adriana Carvalho 2 months ago


pitmar1958 2 months ago

Fantastic singer - Jeff Beck's guitar speaks for itself...

Игорь Лугин

Бэт Харт это супер голос. Класс.

Daniel Brooks
Daniel Brooks 2 months ago

Back when we could all sit in one big room and celebrate great music and culture, without thinking about....the elephant in the room.

Gheorghe Mihai
Gheorghe Mihai 2 months ago

Rste superb

magentalady 2 months ago

She does the best version outside of the original IMO. Her version with Joe Bonamassa is perfection.

Ronald Deeble
Ronald Deeble 2 months ago

Been a Beth fan since s

Man The Lighthouse
Man The Lighthouse 2 months ago

Something deep down in my soul.........

jimmystixxjs 2 months ago

Janice Joplin reincarnated

repack much e.U.
repack much e.U. 2 months ago

beth hart is black

Stanley Chounard
Stanley Chounard 2 months ago

I love ❤️ her. Her voice touches my soul.

green323turbo 2 months ago

I bet Buddy wishes he had been playing the guitar.

владимир душаков


Deborah Mazza
Deborah Mazza 2 months ago

Beth is simply the best.

Don Don
Don Don 2 months ago

this is the first time ive heard this song. im still sitting here trying to hold it together. there is a kind of blues that drags you to the level where the heart was when it was made...and i believe this is that song. Now im kind of stuck here. this was totally moving.

אדיק אשורוב


Evelyn Drottshage
Evelyn Drottshage 2 months ago


Viviana Beatriz Peralta


Dawn Gay
Dawn Gay 2 months ago

Good God, man...first time hearing Beth Hart .. ..WOW !!
And much respect for Jeff Beck, haven't seen him in years.

андрей смирнов

Уникальный голос!!! Спасибо Бет!!!

ZABALETA Za 2 months ago

Emocionante canción!!!! 💯

Lisa Martin
Lisa Martin 2 months ago

Have played this tribute numerous times and its very evident that Buddy was really choked up,. You knocked it out out of the park, Beth!! One of your best performances ever!!

Sanjay Pradhan
Sanjay Pradhan 2 months ago

Jeff and Beth gave an awesome tribute to buddy....take a bow buddy

Cheryl Davidson
Cheryl Davidson 2 months ago

And Buddy Guy is always
Buddy Guy great!

Cheryl Davidson
Cheryl Davidson 2 months ago

I always loved Jeff Beck!

Dick van Wieringen
Dick van Wieringen 2 months ago

Obama had another privat concert?

vicki yoder
vicki yoder 2 months ago


valley echos
valley echos 2 months ago

💞 🎶🔥🌾

Krzysztof Brzegowy
Krzysztof Brzegowy 2 months ago

JEDYNY pREZYDENT USA kochający muzykę

Patsy Hughes
Patsy Hughes 2 months ago

Beth you are fabulous truly can throw down and I myself love Buddy Guy!!!

astokes747 2 months ago

A beautiful lady and a beautiful voice thank you Beth x

Pele Petrovic
Pele Petrovic 2 months ago

That's time when masterpiece become Song over songs...
Beth is gift from heaven...

alla burtayeva
alla burtayeva 2 months ago

Моя несравненная и потрясающая!!!!

daniel souza
daniel souza 2 months ago

Beth, eu ti amo!

Bruno bagrowski
Bruno bagrowski 2 months ago

I should have prefer not to see the Hobama 'faces.
Gilets-jaunes Cannes France 🇫🇷