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New coronavirus restrictions set around the world as COVID-19 surges

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Information New coronavirus restrictions set around the world as COVID-19 surges

Title :  New coronavirus restrictions set around the world as COVID-19 surges
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Frames New coronavirus restrictions set around the world as COVID-19 surges

Description New coronavirus restrictions set around the world as COVID-19 surges

Comments New coronavirus restrictions set around the world as COVID-19 surges

They dumb they said truth you also not survived from Covid
Comment from : Ellie

Kathy Guevarra
Jesus coming soon!!! Bride of Christ let’s get ready for our bridegroom. It’s time to read his word like it’s our daily bread and fast & pray like never before . Remember those who endure till the End shall be saved
Comment from : Kathy Guevarra

Let them die.
Comment from : Everything

I’ll protest with these people. I had Covid and it was nothing. My 60 year old parents had the same reaction. Mild.
Let’s do this thing! This is war against the NWO!!!

Comment from : Lindstheteacher

Sai Lin
The world's top CoVid-19 virus epidemic prevention is where foreigners want to go (paradise Taiwan), and it is also the place where presidents and leaders and CEOs of the world will take refuge.
Comment from : Sai Lin

marlaine maree
Covit THE BIG political tool
Comment from : marlaine maree

Gustav Struwig
Tje greatest disaster is hours minutes away, a global natural disaster that will show humanity thier mortality, EARTHQUAKE'S
Comment from : Gustav Struwig

Keeping It Real
Picture this.. a small 2 bedroom apartment. 14 people in front room -dinning room. A 6 month old, 9 yr old, 14, 16, 23, 24, 25, 32, 33, 35, 27, 43, 49, 69 years old. MULTIPLE AGE GROUPS. A couple with Diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Imagine all these people there together for 4+ hours for thanksgiving dinner. The morning after one person had symptoms and got the fast test. ( she works at a hospital) and she tested positive. NO ONE HAD A MASK ON. AND NO ONE TESTED POSITIVE EXCEPT THE NURSE THAT HAD SYMPTOMS THE NEXT MORNING. ( Including her live in boyfriend) 🤔 One of the things I got from this was that this Covid crap is not as contagious as they say. This was my personal experience this past Thanksgiving.
Comment from : Keeping It Real

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
Comment from : youmakerandom

Abner Hayes
Comment from : Abner Hayes

Ronald Poor
Has anyone noticed only demo run states that are masked and locked down, and other cities with no masks and no lockdowns do not have deaths?? A positive test does No mean death or even sickness, its no effect at all.
Comment from : Ronald Poor

edward thompson
Fake fukn news pushing a globalist agenda..there is no pandemic useful idiots
Comment from : edward thompson

China sucks
Comment from : AngrysWorldCartoon

Darshana Shah
Yes, knowing it earlier would have made a big difference all over the world, except the US. Why? Because during the time that Trump was being informed of what's been going on in Hunan, China, he downplayed and even sided with Xi that it was being controlled there, and then here in the US he said that the virus will disappear on its own. He reiterated that we have nothing to worry about it here in the US. You'll see, he said on a briefing. And what now! There are over two hundred seventy-nine thousand (279,000) deaths in the US. He's still the President, and what does he really do about it? Literally, "NOTHING." And Trump's follower still says, "it's really not that deadly." Total stupid idiots!
Comment from : Darshana Shah

Soledad Chamberlin
My aunt was one of these people and sadly she passed away from coronavirus! Please use common sense
Comment from : Soledad Chamberlin

No Justice For Me
Sure more covid more death... in December January And February... whether you liked it or not....
Comment from : No Justice For Me

Tonya Reddinger
Question for you please bring back the virus down here seriously
Comment from : Tonya Reddinger

Tonya Reddinger
If you have a virus then don't wear face mask doing the virus seriously go ahead go visit Joe Biden doing the virus down there seriously
Comment from : Tonya Reddinger

COVID-19 FAKEE!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Alberto

Tonya Reddinger
Then don't wear your face mask take it off now inmently seriously and question please bring back the virus down here seriously and don't have any vaccine it's poison
Comment from : Tonya Reddinger

Margaret MacPherson
Boris Johnson is nothing but a corrupt liar !!!!! There’s no infection!!!!
Comment from : Margaret MacPherson

Georg Wilde
Don't think that objective facts about covid-19 exist.
Comment from : Georg Wilde

Steve E
Just for context millions of people did not attend any protests.
Comment from : Steve E

Fake. On any continent. In any language. You know the protests are probably more widespread but the news doesn't want their scam to crumble.
Comment from : WideAwake

Time for 1776. Worldwide.
Comment from : WideAwake

B for Thigh
Comment from : B for Thigh

Roy Schmidt
That fool should comb his hair for the first time and maybe people would listen to him.
Comment from : Roy Schmidt

Swaggy Snivy
Take notes americans
Comment from : Swaggy Snivy

Motherly Journey
At least they actually posted some protests. What about the rest of the country and the world that is protesting also. Not showing those? Fake news.
Comment from : Motherly Journey

joel wulf
Absolute nonsense from the professional disinformation society.
Perpetual spinning wheel of lies, spews forth advice on which poison to
ingest to prevent the nonsense flu... If they had an honest bone in
their body, or a brain cell in their heads they would be explaining what
percentage of three hundred million is three hundred thousand... But
they would never do that...because everybody would understand that
lock-downs, curfews, mask mandates, and vaccines are an obscene
overreaction to 1/12th of 1/12th of 1 % of a population succumbing to a
disease or dying from any one cause. Take into account that the cdcs
number includes comorbidity. The death toll from covid is minuscule and
insignificant. Unfortunately the reactions to this fraud are not
harmless. They have already destroyed the US constitution and bill of
rights, all future elections, personal property rights, and even the
right to show your face in public. You no longer even have the right to
speak out against this tyranny. Doubt me??? They will remove this
comment and ban me for exposing their fraud like they do every time I
dare speak this truth.

Comment from : joel wulf

John F. Kennedy
Tyranny is the enforcement of stupid laws
Comment from : John F. Kennedy

J. Vinton
Makes ALL TESTS FREE. If not, then you’re lying to everyone about how serious this is. Not when I have to take a test to travel for work and I shell out 240$ for it, no, that to me looks like more ways to price gouge people during a “pandemic”
Comment from : J. Vinton

We are done with the deep state PLANdemic
Comment from : USA1 TRUMP 2020

Sue V.
These people are the reason why we are where we are right now. They are their own problem and should protest against themselves 😂
Comment from : Sue V.

Mr Beast
Ya stop making up lies about Trump
Comment from : Mr Beast

Obedience Breeds Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power is Life
-Umbrella Corporation

Comment from : FrankVanDux

William Cutting
Less than one percent mortality rate
Comment from : William Cutting

Overcoming Life's Trials
Ignorance is abundant everywhere. All people had to do is listen the first time around, but oh no! People gonna do what they want anyway. They should create a database that hospitals have access to where people can go to a location, show ID, and be placed on a list that says they do not want to wear masks or participate in the lockdown and should they get sick, they will refuse all medical treatment. End of story!! They fail to see that a lot of essential places are still opened because of the willingness of employers to protect staff. If they get sick, we will be in trouble. A mask is a small price to pay TEMPORARILY to continue to move freely.
Comment from : Overcoming Life's Trials

Weaklings die. Big deal
Comment from : Onesadcatto

Ana Ferguson
WHY is shopping and going to the gym and eating at restaurants more important than people's health? Ignorant and SELFISH people wherever you go.
Comment from : Ana Ferguson

Fake disease it doesn't exist wake up ppl. They are using numbers to control us with fear. Money and power hungry rich ppl came up with it. Let's take out the new stations and take down fear mungers from their marble houses. Let's take back our lives and our freedom.
Comment from : KRIS DALE

Alice Hallam
Western countries are doing badly because their citizens are not mindful of what they touch. "Wash your hands a lot" is not a very useful instruction.
Comment from : Alice Hallam

If the people don’t believe in the virus will the non believers will even get vaccinated I’m curious 🤔
Comment from : 한경아

We could learn a thing or two from Australia .....then again they used to dealing with deadly things all the time, salt water crocodiles, poisonous snakes, poisonous spiders, poisonous scorpions, poisonous snails....poisonous....everything...you know what Australian’s are way too busy just surviving the stuff that’s already there they don’t got time to waste messing with a virus. Now if only the rest of the world could get their act together....
Comment from : 0blivionShadow

aj john
And this is how Shaun of the dead was made people
Comment from : aj john

ZaWarudo GUH
This society was in a ditch before this thing arrived but now it just made it more clearly what a failure of an social experiment this world is , truly a place I don't want to set foot ever again.
Comment from : ZaWarudo GUH

Shady Nastys
I've got my rifle loaded. How about you?
Comment from : Shady Nastys

Tiger rivers
This is bad
Comment from : Tiger rivers

Kate song
Comment from : Kate song

dj Curiosity
No matter what science say !
The deaf,dumbest and blinded in America reign supreme..

Comment from : dj Curiosity

australia is really impressive to say kudos
Comment from : Han

Kaleo Y
At this point, let this virus weed out the gene pool.
Comment from : Kaleo Y

Jon Peacock
No one can set a restriction on you. We are all sovereign beings. The first step in awakening is understanding your sovereignty.
Comment from : Jon Peacock

Comment from : 2ladybughippies

The Watchman
Go to Anthony Patch and YouTube for the breakdown of the Covid Vaccine which also will change your DNA..
Comment from : The Watchman

Francis Musaraca
She said mostly young but I saw a bunch of middle aged and older folks in that crowd
Comment from : Francis Musaraca

Sweet Jones
Stop lying to us
Comment from : Sweet Jones

Chris White
Of course stores would be open for Christmas and after covid will surge again and why because it's a tool of fear and can be used at any point so the elite can control the mass.
If you fear death to the point of not living then you already died, even worse is the fact that this is propaganda not a pandemic but a plandemic.
A new world is the goal and we are being herded to the places it's leading.
I've fought this since day 1 and will not accept fear to rule my life, fear is in fear itself.

Comment from : Chris White

Hopefully they all get infected after the protest and let them deal with the virus themselves. Stupidity can't be fixed.
Comment from : alexleanh

Angela Hdez
Comment from : Angela Hdez

crazy tegly
Seriously?! Because of these stinkin people COVID MIGHT GO ON FOR YEARS
Comment from : crazy tegly

People now a days are so incredibly stupid.. It's unreal.. People still don't understand why they are doing this.. Has anyone been to the hospital or a walkin clinic lately? LOL Hope you like waiting HOURS! without enforcing mask it would be DAYS! To many people, not enough medical.. This is the ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : SgtPickledic

Valentina Corredor
It’s about time
Comment from : Valentina Corredor

God I wish the people who dont follow logic or science get sick, but I guess somethings never get cured like stupid
Comment from : ct0760

Comment from : Jezidca

ecce lux
99.7% survivability.
This is stupid.

Comment from : ecce lux

Ki-Pat Tao
Is that a good news or a bad news?
Comment from : Ki-Pat Tao

Maria Magdalena
F*ck your useless masks and lockdowns!
Comment from : Maria Magdalena

The young spread the virus with the highest rate of infection being between the ages of 20 to 24. Unfortunately, the fallout from this behavior will be high unemployment for years and the needless deaths of its to many victims. The Covid generation will go down in history as the worst generation.
Comment from : M B

Mark Raleigh
Yet another alphabet propaganda machine spewing George Soros rhetoric... maybe we should build more hospitals, maybe this is all a lie... maybe you should reconsider how you work for your money versus the suffering of millions for globalist agendas and corruptions.
Comment from : Mark Raleigh

Bill Boyd
Plastics industry killing it right now while we happily, frivolously use plastic and dump and burn it. I thought lefties and globalists cared about the planet.
Comment from : Bill Boyd

Bill Boyd
We need these restrictions. Governments know what’s best for us. Take your medicine and play with your cards.
Comment from : Bill Boyd

brian meek
Good thing these idiots weren't around during the blitz protesting the black outs
Comment from : brian meek

Elliott Brent
Comment from : Elliott Brent

Control people... AGENDA
Comment from : KT

This comment section shows exactly how stupid westerners are........
Comment from : bluLemon

Chris Sanchez
Comment from : Chris Sanchez

Jules M
It’s going to shut down more businesses as owners and employees lose their lives... wear the mask and save people from dying!
Comment from : Jules M

Lima Cardinio
You guys still gather ings
Covids everywhere

Comment from : Lima Cardinio

Lima Cardinio
There's still more hiding covid wear masks
Comment from : Lima Cardinio

Idk Who I Am Anymore
Covid may not be a lie...but id definently say its exaggerated just a tiny bit.
Comment from : Idk Who I Am Anymore

Everyone_Knows_It's ButtersThatsMe!
Masks don’t work we demand to see the science and study’s. This is about control of the people by dark force’s welcome to agenda 21/2030.
Comment from : Everyone_Knows_It's ButtersThatsMe!

Stoner Chick
Hahahaha. Looks at the like/dislike ratio!!!!
Comment from : Stoner Chick

Joseph Macias
How can Australia have it under control if there are crowds? But when that happens in the US we get like a thousand of cases every day!
Comment from : Joseph Macias

Cat G


Comment from : Cat G

Mary Porter
Comment from : Mary Porter

s west
it is to those who do not understand
Comment from : s west

Victoria Harris
Comment from : Victoria Harris

Me Hung Lo
I challenge anyone who thinks that covid-19 is a hoax and not that dangerous, to go and help out at a hospital with the infected patients. The only catch is, you get no PPE! None!!! No masks, gloves, face Shields, or gowns! Why not? If you think it's not that bad, what do you have to lose?
Comment from : Me Hung Lo

Pisces Chaos
The Media has become the boy who called wolf. Now the wolf is really here and people are having a hard time believing y'all
Comment from : Pisces Chaos

No captions available is a big fail here
Comment from : saulite991

Fabled Apocalypse
Idiot humans...
Comment from : Fabled Apocalypse

I pray that one person can see this! That YOU CAN SEE THIS! Today is the day for your salvation! Don’t wait no longer! If this was the sign/message you were thinking about, listen to the Good News! You CAN be saved! What do you have to do to be saved? In Ephesians @1:13, Apostle Paul says, “In him you also were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit when you heard the word of the truth, and when you believed.” That is the gospel of your salvation=that you’re putting your faith and trust in Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross. Jesus took all sins on the cross, died, was buried, and on the 3rd day He rose again! That is your gospel of salvation! It’s in the Scripture. Jesus paid all of your sin debt on that cross, taking your place so that you can be forgiven and be reunited with Him forever! Jesus is the ONLY one who can save you from everything in this world and beyond!

After you have put your faith and trust in the gospel of your salvation and believed in Jesus, you have been sealed by the Holy Spirit ~ (Ephesians @1:13). You are sealed by the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption! Nobody can take that away from you! I encourage you to accept this free gift of salvation from God through His Son Jesus Christ, the true Lord and Savior of the world! Please, give Jesus a chance to be with you! Don’t be left astray, reconnect with God through Jesus! Nobody can go to God before going through Jesus! GOD CARES ABOUT YOU SO MUCH that He gave His ONLY SON to us! JESUS LOVES YOU SO MUCH! ❤️✨

Comment from : Ashley

meli ,
We are sick of all these satanic freaks creating false flags. We are on to you evil facks!!
Comment from : meli ,

Shadow Man
This virus so deadly you need to be tested to know you have it! 😭😭😭
Comment from : Shadow Man

John Horton
Biden cheated
Comment from : John Horton

Quit telling these grown people what to do. Let them catch it & spread it to their people & those who are so-called skeptical about taking the vaccine simply said, “don’t take it” the vaccine
Comment from : M L

Mr. Security Guy
License to carry course
Located in Houston Texas

There is 2 parts.

First part is the classroom.

Second part is the gun range.

At the gun range you will need a handgun, 50 bullets.

If you Don't have a gun you can rent one from the range. Also if you need bullets the range has plenty.

The class fee for my class is $50 plus $16 for the range fee. The range fee includes the paper target, ear and eye protection.

Classes are held everyday 9am-1pm

All paperwork will be done in class. (Application, schedule fingerprints, ect.)

If you are ready to sign up text or inbox me what day you want and your name. If multiple people are joining each person has to send their name and the day they want separately and I'll send the link to register for that day.

Rent a gun $10-30

Dps application fee is $40

Fingerprint fee is $10

Location 440 Benmar Drive

Must be 21 years old or older

Class hours

4 hours inside the classroom then we go to the gunrange to finish the shooting portion.

Comment from : Mr. Security Guy

Banjo Danko
It's more like the Beast has its foot on our f**** throats f*** Authority it will lead you into ruin it's an Abomination do not trust any government because they are not there for the people they are there to control and instill fear into the people so they can control control is not Freedom it is slavery we need a revolution if it needed to be a war go to war with the Beast system
Comment from : Banjo Danko

DID they clap for the returning shoppers OR for THEIR returning "money"??..

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