SMALL BUSINESS GIFT GUIDE 2020 | Sarah Brithinee


Sarah Brithinee

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Information SMALL BUSINESS GIFT GUIDE 2020 | Sarah Brithinee

Title : SMALL BUSINESS GIFT GUIDE 2020 | Sarah Brithinee

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Frames SMALL BUSINESS GIFT GUIDE 2020 | Sarah Brithinee

Description SMALL BUSINESS GIFT GUIDE 2020 | Sarah Brithinee

SMALL BUSINESS GIFT GUIDE 2020 | Sarah Brithinee

SMALL BUSINESS GIFT GUIDE 2020 | Sarah Brithinee

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Vyna Truong
Vyna Truong 2 months ago

Hiii Sarah! i would love if you could check out my small business <3 I am selling handmade standard scrunchies and pocket scrunchies so you can store your key, lipstick and more! Thank you so much for everything and helping small businesses <3 I love you so so so muchh, youre the sweetest.

JilliA T-Bell
JilliA T-Bell 2 months ago

Very Nice Sarah ♡

Joy T.
Joy T. 2 months ago

That velvet bow spoke to me. I bought it & don’t even care that I’m probably too old for it. 🤦🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

Pauline Potts
Pauline Potts 2 months ago

My little brother is a small business owner. He owns a gaming store that sells the coolest games. My favorite game that I have bought from him is the Timeline games. It’s a card game with different categories that makes you construct the correct timeline. It is not only fun, but educational. His website is

Angela Kauffman
Angela Kauffman 2 months ago

I am obsessed with this tree tho!

julie trudgeon
julie trudgeon 2 months ago

Just ordered the sherpa headband. So stinkin cute.

Elizabeth Westra
Elizabeth Westra 2 months ago

Love this, Sarah! Thanks for including Holidayzical. So important to support small businesses!

Cathy Dezorzi
Cathy Dezorzi 2 months ago

Great video! Love supporting small businesses. And thank you for mentioning FASTer Way!

Linda Morgan
Linda Morgan 2 months ago

My daughter in law has a boutique called Miss Trends Boutique that she runs out of her home. She would appreciate anyone giving her shop a look. Thanks!

Ashley Shelly
Ashley Shelly 2 months ago

Thank you SO much, Sarah!! This was so fun to watch and I’m truly thankful to be included among so many amazing small businesses 💕😍🎉

Beauty Has Been
Beauty Has Been 2 months ago

Great video supporting small businesses, really enjoyed this ❤️❤️

Lauren Anderson
Lauren Anderson 2 months ago

YESSSS small business guilt guide! Thank you!

Najette Roberts
Najette Roberts 2 months ago

This is awesome ❣️. Love smaller businesses! I have a question, how are the huggies for super sensitive ears? I usually can only wear real gold or they get irritated. How are these if you know?? Thanks.❤️ happy Thanksgiving!!

Tiffany Rodriguez
Tiffany Rodriguez 2 months ago

What a wonderful video. I love supporting small businesses. All of these look great and at some point I will be buying somethings. But right now the struggle is real. Having trouble making rent. No birthday gifts for my mom. Which is the 28th. Nothing for me Dec.17th and Christmas. No big dinner with family but the 6 of us will be together with hot dogs a chips 😋. Thats all that matters. Im just so greatful to have my family together this year. I know it is a very hard time for others and I'm so sorry for that. I pray for each and every one of you and your families. Big air hug to all of you.

Leah Wilda
Leah Wilda 2 months ago

Loved this, Sarah! Such great recommendations and SO glad you featured The Sister Market. Your business and their’s are my two very favorites!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Adam♥️

April Bailey
April Bailey 2 months ago

I love shopping small businesses!!

Watermelon Gal
Watermelon Gal 2 months ago

Hi Sarah! This is such a great idea! I am glad you've mentioned small businesses. I will definitely take a look at the websites! I am very intrigued! Thank you so much! 💕You're so thoughtful!

LittleMakeupChannel 2 months ago

These are great and different from what everyone else is doing. 👍🏻