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Nashville Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Nashville Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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Besi 2 months ago

I Love my City Nashville Tn 🇺🇸❤️❤️

Viggo 111
Viggo 111 2 months ago


Steven Smith
Steven Smith 2 months ago

Thanks Expedia y'all did an amazing job scraping the surface of what my beautiful city has to offer!

grantwoolard 2 months ago

1:18 Fierce winters?

Rach 2 months ago

I got booted from tootsies 😂

Crissman Theodore
Crissman Theodore 2 months ago

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ACE of SPADES! 2 months ago

i’m not Asian but please

ACE of SPADES! 2 months ago

This doesn’t have to do with anything but please stop Asian hate

Christine Rountree
Christine Rountree 2 months ago

The home of Andrew Jackson is the Hermitage ( herm- i - tij...not herm- i- taj...

Adam MacMillan
Adam MacMillan 2 months ago

Broadway is the big tourist street. But midtown is also a cool neighborhood

Manny Garcia
Manny Garcia 2 months ago

Please make a video for the Twin Cities

Anurak Wongsawang
Anurak Wongsawang 2 months ago


Super sonic Delmer
Super sonic Delmer 2 months ago

I was born in Nashville

Henx Max
Henx Max 2 months ago

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Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin 2 months ago

Honestly avoid Broadway. Its a tourist trap

Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin 2 months ago

Honestly lives here since I was born and it's not that great? Like why is everyone wanting to come here now

John Reed
John Reed 2 months ago

East Nashville has the best music and dive bars. Hands down. If you don’t want to buy $9 beers on Broadway do yourself a favor and take an Uber to the 5 Spot or the Family Wash.

Ismail Hossen
Ismail Hossen 2 months ago

so good sir . love you video.
have never heard such beautiful songs in my life. Very nice music music
Once you listen to the song, you will love it very much. 100%.
I think this song will be needed more to make a tick tock video.
Everyone can watch the video.
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Zack in a Box
Zack in a Box 2 months ago

If you go to Nashville, definitely check out Biscuit Love! Yum! See my review at @​

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Beautiful Places
Beautiful Places 2 months ago

David Israel
David Israel 2 months ago

So I went December 2019 and really enjoyed it as much as a visually impaired person can on his own. I had nobody to go with and gave up so just went.
I didn't expect it to snow on my first day I was there lol.
I didn't get to do everything I wanted due to circumstances but would certainly come back.
I came across lots of southern hospitality which was really goo.
I did get a couple of things muddled up but oh well.
Hotel I stayed at was really close to downtown so I went in to see somebody performing and enjoyed a Predators game in NHL too.
When restriction-free travel is back I'll return to go to a concert or two and another Predators game.
As it was my first trip to US I got to also taste the difference between a UK and US McDonalds.
I hear everyone is moving there.
I highly recommend Nashville.

Maskogre VGC
Maskogre VGC 2 months ago

in 2018, nashville was the host city of the pokemon worlds championships

Mohamed Hanachi
Mohamed Hanachi 2 months ago

Town of country

Kelsey K
Kelsey K 2 months ago

The way this video salivates over plantations and seems unconcerned about how horrible slavery was is pretty weird

Ebenezer Marcus
Ebenezer Marcus 2 months ago

Who are willing to go Nashville, Tennessee?

Thunderbirds & Harry Potter Fan

I might move to Nashville, Tennessee 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸I'm from New York City, New York BTW 🗽🇺🇸

Watercolour Art in Cape Town

Lovely music

Louisa Martinez
Louisa Martinez 2 months ago

MS ✈️ 🗽

Exploration 2 months ago

Well done video... I want to go now

Styles Groove
Styles Groove 2 months ago

Dance to
Dennis Callahan

Cory Francis
Cory Francis 2 months ago

Anyone still watch this video?

The Pokerheads
The Pokerheads 2 months ago

I wanna watch this video all day

laforetlong 2 months ago

0:53 What's wrong with it?

Be Rich
Be Rich 2 months ago

Discover now Best Places to Visit in Canada

Rambo Tan
Rambo Tan 2 months ago

better than cleveland

BLACK MAN 2 months ago

I heard Nashville has great nightlife.



Project 144K
Project 144K 2 months ago

This year is shaping up to be an interesting one.

Now this: A nuclear strike on Nashville on July 18???

Antoine Johnson
Antoine Johnson 2 months ago

Where The Best Place As Tourist To Visit In Nashville,TN ! A family adventure fun filled three days non stop fantastic places

Rollz 2 months ago

Great southern state👍

Ben Jones
Ben Jones 2 months ago

Is it weird that this video made me want to go to Nashville less?

Vaibhav Yadav
Vaibhav Yadav 2 months ago

It's more like a history lesson... To me

Srinivas Radhe
Srinivas Radhe 2 months ago


Hongzhi Fubu
Hongzhi Fubu 2 months ago

Nashville seems to have various ways to enjoy. I want to visit it.

Ian Burke
Ian Burke 2 months ago

I had a friend that lived here. I still hope to visit Nashville just to say I did

Susan McKinney
Susan McKinney 2 months ago

My hubby is working there and I can't wait to go visit this fall. I always say I have some beautiful neighbors ( I'm from SC).

P Val
P Val 2 months ago

The r $

Kim Gilliam
Kim Gilliam 2 months ago

Can this video be used for promotional purposes - our association is hosting a meeting in Nashville. Thanks!

MrAJWorks 2 months ago


John Young
John Young 2 months ago

4K!! Quality One of My Favorite THINGS to DO in Nashville,TN on lower Broadway street!!

Carlisha Ivy
Carlisha Ivy 2 months ago

I am 1 hour away from Nashville and I been to Nashville and Kentucky and Dickson

Stompin' Grounds
Stompin' Grounds 2 months ago

This town is always fun. Let loose and go crazy. You have bars, shops, culture, and Line Dancing. That's what we do. Love this video!

Francesco Bellati
Francesco Bellati 2 months ago

Please, make a Twin Cities Travel Guide!

Francesco Bellati
Francesco Bellati 2 months ago

Please, make a Minneapolis Travel Guide!

Bhaskar Jetla
Bhaskar Jetla 2 months ago

I love Expedia ❤

David Israel
David Israel 2 months ago

Not too sure why I never considered Nashvlle before, especially as I really like country music. Very helpful video, thanks

50StatesTraveler 2 months ago

We had a great time in Nashville too. So many things to do and see.

Mahammad Ismayilov
Mahammad Ismayilov 2 months ago

Hey! Expedia
Come to Caucasus Mountain countries please (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia)

A typical white man
A typical white man 2 months ago

You need to start doing other places in the world.

Travel TV
Travel TV 2 months ago

As always, great video!

Tyler Ruhe
Tyler Ruhe 2 months ago

Pretty please do Savannah GA next its beautiful there

saleh bin abdullah
saleh bin abdullah 2 months ago

we want germany vacation travel guide

Vikki G
Vikki G 2 months ago

I plz request to everyone round the globe...please Subscribe to this channel and watch its extraordinary videos...they are so relaxing and peaceful to our mind...Expedia people are really working hard to show us the whole world and we could see the world by sitting at one place...their picturization and music for each and every video is something extraordinary, beautiful, excellent, amazing and awesome.

Gazetteer 1001
Gazetteer 1001 2 months ago

I've been watching this video and speaking of country music, Taylor Swift comes to mind!😅

Hi How are you
Hi How are you 2 months ago


Alan Muñoz
Alan Muñoz 2 months ago

I love Nashville

Shekhar Biswas
Shekhar Biswas 2 months ago

wow grate cranti

De U
De U 2 months ago

city of music

MM MP 2 months ago

Please making video from Heidelberg, Triberg and Como Lake and Alsace Villages

Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green 2 months ago

Looking at doing a road trip in the US so will definitely be adding Nashville to the list!

Le Champion
Le Champion 2 months ago

Well that's settled: I'm going to Nashville.

Ben Odlin
Ben Odlin 2 months ago

You guys always make me smile, making these videos to show the whole world. My personal favourite was Edinburgh because I was born there.Brilliant Channel!!!

Young Republican
Young Republican 2 months ago

Do Tucson Arizona!

markus hagen
markus hagen 2 months ago

Great video,😀😀 can you make a video on Stockholm. I love your videos

frawldog 2 months ago

Love Nashville

A-Train Travels
A-Train Travels 2 months ago

Awesome video! Hope bbq is right

Daniel Le
Daniel Le 2 months ago


Ian _
Ian _ 2 months ago

Make a video about silicon valley please.

Bhavna Singh
Bhavna Singh 2 months ago

Expedia 😍😍😍 my favourite channel to travel any country 😊

세계를 여행하는 '오늘, 우리'

Great cinematography expedia, keep it up 👍

TheUndertaker9008 2 months ago

Very Nice Expedia


Awesome video 👍❤️💐

Anthony Incandela
Anthony Incandela 2 months ago

I wanna go here

Frosty 2 months ago

This town is on my list of fun and interesting places I want visit in the US, no doubt 👍